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Love Affair


Gen. James Green

At least it should be!

F OR TOO LONG have the peoples of this nation—USA—given glory, honor, and love to America, and not to God—the Creator of nations. This is called "Nation Worship," or what the Bible calls "Idolatry."


O.T. / N.T. Idolatry

THE LORD made it clear to His ancient people by stating: "You shall have no other gods before or besides Me…you shall not bow down yourself to them (or it) or serve them…" (Exodus 20:2-5).

Jesus made it clear that we are to worship God and to serve Him ONLY (Mt. 4:10). Yet, both "Christian" and non-Christian alike are "worshippers" of America (some more than others).

The Words of God the Father, and God the Son, are trenchant (forceful!); why do we not listen? Rebellion! dear ones, rebellion. By playing Patriot, "Christians" believe this gives them the "extra" with God. NO! This is rebellion/idolatry. Nowhere in His Word are we told to worship any nation or any leader of any nation. This whole "Patriot Movement": "let's take America back for God"—is religious flesh at work. Not that we shouldn't stand up for God/Christ, point out the SIN/sins of this nation, but first and foremost is that we maintain a right relationship with God and His purposes.

Churches are full of curmudgeon men and women who spend more time in politics than with God. I know this offends you "God and Country" folks, but this uncomfortable truth is the truth nonetheless. If we would spend more time "WITH GOD" and not just "for God," things would turn around. The church is guilty of idolatry; this offends God.


Sad Truths

THE TRUTH OF the matter is this: the people calling themselves "Christian" have left off loving God long ago, and have fallen in love with America—the things that it offers (which are not always clean and right). GOD IS DECLARING REPENTANCE REVOLUTION NOWrepent of your adulteries, idolatries…your LOVE AFFAIR with America.

Stop chasing the god of money, of fame, of comfort. These things are "pagan," not Christian. This whole nation has backslid on God. It worships SEX, MONEY, COMFORT, EDUCATION, ENTERTAINMENT, ETC. This has caused the great decline in morality—the thing that we are all disgusted with.


Death of America

THE DEATH OF American sensibility and taste has reached high Heaven—the STENCH!! To make matters worse, we have "Christian" leaders (reptilian in nature!) who preach and teach what offends God, and which can't be backed by Scripture. These odious, repugnant, abhorrent leaders are servants of Satan, not God. Hubris, abysmally deceitful, they preach "another Jesus," "another gospel" (Gal. 1:8, 9).

One secular author wrote: "We are living in a moment teeming with raucously overvalued emptiness and trash." How true. This writer has more insight than most "ministers." He writes: "A thing that is palpably bad doesn't stay bad very long before someone praises it and thus elevates it to BAD, and soon it is celebrated everywhere as highly desirable." This reminds me of the Homosexual Movement—BAD in every way, condemned by God in both Testaments, yet PRAISED NOW by many "Christian" churches (write for our Gay Way series). This sick, mentally ill practice (gay, lesbians, bisexual, transgender, queer) is being pushed by the president of this (fallen) nation as respectable, graceful, and GOOD! This man (and his wife, who some believe to be a "trans") has convinced many church leaders to elevate/celebrate this ABOMINATION. And so this nation celebrates.

These misguided (reprobate!) church men/women have become champions for what is KILLING America, yet this ABOMINATION (Homo Movement) has as its anthem "Ode to me; we celebrate ourselves!" This idolatry has essentially become American. This shrewd publicity is eaten up like candy by church members.

Do they ever read their Bibles? Nope! Do they ever pray? Nope! Do they ever seek righteousness? Nope! They just follow their Political Correct (national) leaders who reassure them that “God is ‘Gay,’ so ‘Gayness’ is of God!”

So, society deems precious what God deems putrid.

In order to make something the law of the land one has to sell it by hyperbole inflation, clothed in deceit and fraud…hoping (as prez Obama now hopes) that "Gayness” will become the WONDER of an admiring world. But all these well-meaning people, swindled by their own credulity, are awakening to the sad fact that their "pink sex pleasures" are a force. The Judgment of God is included in this manipulation. REPENT or PERISH!

The amount of disillusion coming forth from every state is amazing. I think, "How could all these people have been so STUPID as to believe in political/religious leaders?” Well, better late than never (discovering their mistake only after they've arrived at the conclusion—"I've been defrauded!!").


“You Can Trust Uncle Sam!”

WE'VE ALL BEEN BRAINWASHED to believe this (starting in preschool). Some of us actually believed in America. Grant you, it has not always been so deceitful (it has been done in small doses over the years though). Old "scams" still persist, like when America wants to go into another war, she always plays up the "patriotic" role to the hilt—"You're doing this for freedom!" Or, "This war will save America!" (from what?). Just about every war this nation has engaged in has been STARTED by America's hidden leaders—for political and monetary reasons, not for GOD!!

STOP believing those politicians. STOP pledging allegiance to the flag (now fag!!). America's flagpoles testify to the fact (?) that America is unimpeachable, no matter how-in-the-Hell she acts. Pay no attention to all those pseudo-patriotic slogans which spew forth from LYING red-white-blue lips.

When America wants to "go to war," she demonizes her opponent or opponents. She lets us good patriot Christians know that it is our DUTY to protect our borders (from what or whom?). This ensures national security, blah, blah, blah. The upshot is to SAVE the U.S.—keeping it safe and free for future generations. What? So our children can become part of the GLBTQ camp? Sure! So they can be the next generation of assassins, liars, and thieves!

But an even more egregious sin is to say God is behind all this deceit and murder.


Alleviation from Sanity

THE BIBLE—God’s Eternal Word, has been removed from this nation (secular) in order to keep the people believing in government. Oh, miracle! It really works. We can thank the U.S. government for taking that burden away from us. All we need is "love;" love of country, that is. Now America is FREE to proceed without restraint (especially sexually!), and most Americans are unashamed. You have become the recipients of DUMBNESS.

Being anti-Christ is acceptable behavior; you now have the right to HATE godly morality. You have a special right to act like a real ASS in public—obstruct and disturb those who love God and Jesus. This, according to PCism, is self-congratulatory. This is supposed to cause spontaneous enthusiasm and much, MUCH happiness/gayness.


Big Brother is Watching!

ALL THIS DUMBING DOWN has placed America in total bondage. Americans are fooled into counting on their Mr./ Mrs. America along with the blurred, ambiguous lines for tolerance. Obama is hoping that you are willing to ignore the distinction between right and wrong.

The "cultural experience/experiment" is working like a charm…dumb, diseased, and nearly dead.

So what makes Americans more credulous than other nations? I would say the collapse of God's people who are supposed to be salt and light. Their adulterous affair with the world/their idolatry, has left this nation Christless (with a few exceptions).

When any nation sets its goal on being happy (the things that bring forth this utopia), at the cost of being holy, they have missed the mark. When any nation dodges obedience to God's Word in order to be happy/prosperous, they will end in unhappiness and bankruptcy.




IS THERE a conspiracy here? What do you think? Quite predictable, considering the way America has programmatically EXCLUDED God, prayer, the name of Jesus etc. from both government, and the American classroom—we can rightly call it CONSPIRACY (read 2 Sam. 15:12; 2 Kgs. 12:20; 14:19; 15:15, 30; 17:4; 2 Chron. 25:27; Jer. 11:9; Ezek. 22:25; Acts 23:13. Look up the word "conspired" also).

The U.S. government has now become so anti-Christ that it no longer needs COVER. It has gone so far as to call Bible-believing Christians "terrorists!" and "neurotics."

A long American cultural continuity is the "screw-the-suckers," "use the useful idiots"…and so, Americans are being USED.

Well, all this doesn't really matter, for America has become irrelevant, you know. All America's past—its heros/its noble, magnanimous past, has been swallowed up in Political Correctness/critical theory. Now we idolize popular ERROR/popular elitists with their madness to re-make the world. All this REPENTANCE stuff is beneath them. The Bible containing the Words of Life has become “too remote/too outdated” to be useful for the New World Order. Old-fashioned ideas about sex, family, and morality are just that: "old-fashioned." [OLD FASHIONED?!? What happened to the mentality that seems to be omnipresent nowadays of “respect culture, heritage, and especially tradition”? I guess this DOES NOT apply when it comes to true Christianity!]

But, dear readers, we're not dealing with people with a full deck, no, these infantile "smarts" are virtually VOID of any real intellectual content, let alone any real spirituality.

If any of you have an instinct for truth, you know what I write is true.


ONE DOESN'T have to go but outside your home to find much. America is up to its mouth in it, ready to die any day from filth. Habituated to MUCK, America has become MUCK-boasters—damned donors of vileness. The floodgates have been thrown open decades ago; USA sewage stinks up the entire globe. NOW THE INTERNET HAS BECOME THE MAIN SOURCE OF SEWAGE FOR EMBELLISHING DAMNATION.

The Bible says: "Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners" (1 Cor. 15:33). That is, do not be led astray by such a false philosophy of life, for EVIL company will corrupt. When we partake of the world, we are bound to get defiled in one way or the other.

The Greatest Commandment

WHEN THE "RELIGIOUS" Pharisees asked Jesus: "Master, which is the great[est] commandment in the law?," Jesus replied, "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart…soul…mind" (Mt. 22:36, 37).

Let me ask you, my readers, do you love God with all your being? This leaves NO room for country first, nor any thing, or any body either.

If all of us professors of Christianity would really love God/Jesus FIRST, this fallen nation could rise again without an internal war!

What the Scriptures ask of all those who believe in Christ, and receive His salvation, is devoted love…this in turn will cause devoted revolution. A revolution, an internal CHANGE, a profound OVERTHROWING of the existing selfish, fleshly, carnal, anti-Christ life. We don't need weapons for this WAR/REVOLUTION; we only need DEVOTED LOVE FOR GOD.

This devoted love will cause us to desire to share His love and promote His Kingdom, His Holy Tribal Nation.

By loving God/Jesus first, this will cause us to WANT TO LIVE for Their Honor, Their Standards, and not to fit into the PC mold. Have you noticed how many churches/organizations/denominations/ colleges/etc. have and are bowing to the Political Correct agenda?, even violating the Word of God, plus their consciences, yet are AFRAID of losing their 501c3 status? YES!! Hey! better worry about losing your soul.

Radical Honesty

ALONG WITH this "Devoted Love" comes "RADICAL HONESTY"—no more game-playing, dear Christian. This radical honesty causes a "Dominating Love" effect, a love inspired by Their love. You see, all this I write about cannot become a living reality in one's life, except one gets RADICAL/REVOLUTIONARY—throwing ALL into the cause of Christ, and for Christ. We must STOP this "I love America" stuff. AMERICA IS PAGAN!! STOP PLAYING THE WHORE ON GOD.

When you "pledge allegiance to the flag" (now "fag" included), you offend God. What you are actually doing is pledging allegiance to Political Correctness, which is totally anti-Christ.

Love to God and love for God includes:

1)  a personal attachment of allegiance and loyalty to Him (or Them);

2)  faith as a firm, unswerving adherence to the One to whom we are united by sonship;

3)  faithfulness to our pledge and commitment to Him (Them);

4)  heartfelt, radical devotion, expressed in our dedication to Their righteous standards (in conduct and thought), in the midst of a God/Christ/Christian-rejecting nation (and world); and

5)  a desire for Their presence, which includes their commandship over our lives.

Are you ready for "REVOLUTION"?

Needed: Collaboration

THIS IS WHAT is missing among the body of Christ: collaborative love and fellowship. We MUST not play into the PC camp’s hands—"gender distinction" (accept the male/male - female/female transgender LIE)! God's Word only recognizes male/female PERIOD!! Don't fear these PC, HOSTILE TERRORIST "interest groups."

When one lets his/her "fire" go out (or burn extremely low), inevitably the enemies of the Gospel will gain the upper hand. This is WHY America is in the state of LOSTNESS right now. Speaking about our Constitutional Rights, our individual grievances, political antagonisms, blah, blah, blah, won't bring America up out of the state I've described.

ONLY when God's people REPENT and re-arm against themselves and do battle against the anti-Christ forces that hold this nation in the death grip, will America rise. But, the scars of the nation's whoredoms will remain. America will never be the same because of her shame.

This constant agitation toward the ungodly elements within America (by "Christians") must be replaced with trust and faith towards God, for what He is able to do—IF we DO what we know to do.

There is no doubt that the current state of affairs in America is anti-Christian. But, the non-Christians have their "rights," their dreams, broken by the very same government. Friends, we can't live exclusively on personal rights/dreams. Don't forget, the hidden elite of America also have their DREAMS: a One-World-Government (a real nightmare for any sane person).


IN ORDER to get Americans "in church," the "church" has to cosmeticize the Gospel—make it look pretty/inviting (I call it "whoring"). Do away with that ol’ bully God, stern Jesus, wrathful Holy Spirit; and make church FUN (this "fun stuff" has gone into the vulgar realm—see our Youtube videos/enhanced visions). All this commercializing and cosmeticizing may be convenient for the church slob, but God WILL NOT accept it. The Sword that Cuts and the Fire that Burns is the only thing acceptable. This PHONY churchianity is what brought in the fatal sickness that America is currently in. As long as church is visually 'perfect,' to Hell with inner perfection!!

The American insistence that the church be prettied up, phonied up, and fancied up, is the vogue. Oh, make sure the guys’ pants hang below their cracks, the gals look like sluts, the youth pastor looking like he just rolled out of bed from a night of orgies (with men or women). Make sure they have their piercings and tattoos and smell like fornications. Hey, we wouldn't want the world to be ashamed of us, would we??

Make sure your effeminate (male) pastor, or bullish (female) pastor sweetens up their mini-sermons. Make sure the congregations are cozy (as if living in a perpetual nursery=baby boy Joel Osteen's babies). You see, the much-treasured childish devotion to worldly leadership is in, lest church babies recoil and throw a baby fit. So, BABY-FIED Churchianity has become a religious American product. Doing Church Scripturally is labeled "puritanical"…and we just can't have that.

The pretentiousness there [supposedly] provides all the Churchites need to make Heaven.

But, hasn't this always been America? Alexis de Tocqueville once said, "Nowhere do citizens appear so insignificant as in a democratic nation." RIGHT. America's grandiose pride knows no bounds, yet she is so insignificant. No matter, Americans seem happy…as long as they have Walmart, McDonalds, lottery tickets, computers, cable TV, cell phones, christmas, easter, gas, food, and credit, as our Westbrook, Maine friend wrote. I might add to this list, WAR and condoms.


SO, AS FAR AS I can determine, elaborate and unremitting publicity is required to sustain the reputations of vile and dishonest leadership. Obama=an active homosexual; Billy Graham=a compromising, popularity-seeking (old man) pervert; the pope=an imposter.

Today's church and state embodies the whole idea of BAD, because they are empty of real value at the core (heart) and depends entirely on worldly publicity (TBN is a good case-in-point). But from God's (and my) observation, today, the church/state=comic strips. Some of the "Christian" movies (Left Behind 1, 2) are an embarrassment. Not only are they false in doctrine, but they are also BAD all the way around. Little wonder, then, that the movies are as empty of Spirit as light beer is of alcohol. Now, acting has come to the church stage. It is called stagecraft. Vulgar dancing, loud rock/rap music, and everything else demeaning Christ and His Word (see our 6 discs, Christ vs. Satan's Revolution for details).

In Closing

GOD IS TELLING us unequivocally that America MUST REPENT in order to stay His Wrath—plethora of it.

As has surely become clear by now, most common, pretentious worship and Christian service is NOT acceptable. Neither can we "improve" on God's eternal Word. If we try, we merely impose what ends up killing us. But the "mega church" pastors (and "mini church") is busy—very busy, contriving and mass-merchandising their brand of churchianity. They do so in a gingerly and an oh so polite way, so as not to offend the potential buyer (you PAY for their shows and wares). It is the sellers and advertisers pretense that their leader’s shows/goods are "spiritual," yea, even divine. You give glory and honor to them, you are part of an "exclusive" move of God: "Become partners with God's anointed," they tell us. This type of BULL rings of SNOBBERY. This was done when I was part of the "inner circle" of my Pentecostal denomination back in the 1970s. It is WORSE now. This is done to make you feel some sort of pathos for, even part of, a spiritual organism, to make you feel as if the Holy Spirit dove has come to your home/your ministry.

This nation is full of sick and sleazy genres: Politically, Spiritually, and Socially!

Remember when you celebrate the fourth of July or any other "warm-and-fuzzy" holiday, that most of America's history (and the world's) is built upon deceit and falsification. WE'RE SAFE BY TRUSTING IN GOD AND HIS WORD.

If "Christians" would spend ½ the time in prayer/The Word, than in prime-time sitcom crap, America would rise. In earlier days in America, men/women were filled with the Holy Spirit, and the gifts of God were active in their personal lives, and [even] in churches. They didn't have a church where services were either sentimentalized or melodramaticized (because of what they saw on the tube)! NO! They weren't adapted to commercialized, homo-ized events for getting a "spiritual rush." NO! IT WAS THE HOLY SPIRIT THAT GAVE THEM ALL THEY NEEDED. They didn't expect their pastors to use a set of religious personality clichés and ad hominem ideological conventions to bring in the sheaves/sheep. They didn't have their pastor telling them "have your best life now," or "I have a lot of homosexual friends," or "I don't care what the Bible says, I believe such and such" stuff. This CRAP has elevated banality and deception to fit in with the times.

America, as great as it WAS, is now addicted to self-love and complacency…addicted to violence (we have a romantically-sick love of firearms)…megalomania narcissism ad nauseam. We MUST abandon all remnants of the love of the world, for the Bible says, "Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh…eyes…pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world" (1 Jn. 2:15, 16).


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