“And another horse came out, flaming red. And its rider was empowered to take the peace from the earth, so that men slaughtered one another; and he was given a huge sword.” Rev. 6:4

W hen John penned what is now called “Revelation,” he expected that not only his writing would be read aloud in the seven Ekklesias to which it was addressed (1:3), and possibly in others as well, but that it would also be accepted as “prophecy.” We know it today as the “apocalypse” (eschatological), which is always concerned with last things, with death and the END of this present age. I’m not going to even try to interpret—there are plenty of experts that will do this for us all!

My point of this article is to get you readers to THINK. What the Bible (as a whole) clearly distinguishes is that there are TWO FORCES at work in earth: God’s and Satan’s. God’s Holy Force is unlimited; Satan’s unholy force is evil, temporal, limited, and irredeemable in character. In direct contrast the one to come, under God’s immediate direction, will be perfectly righteous, timeless, and eternal. But let us deal with the NOW!!

Are we living in the apocalypticism John wrote about? If so, we can expect HELL on earth! We will witness a terrific struggle, marked by cosmic disturbances and terrestrial disasters, and thank God, supernatural miracles from God for the righteous.


The main body of John’s writings (Rev. 6:1-21:4) is composed of seven groups of visions, each one of which comprises seven visions or tableoux, with a few interludes interrupting the scheme now and then.

I only want to deal here with Rev. 6:4 (And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.)

This second seal—the red horse and its rider (3,4)—where power was given to the rider to TAKE PEACE FROM THE EARTH, and that men should KILL ONE ANOTHER (by a great sword). I think we all know that the “sword” represents WARFARE. . . .a terrible reign of bloodshed. The world has certainly witnessed “the sword” for many, many years now, without hardly any let up in sight. When peace is taken away, war presides—blood flows!

The rider on the red horse releases, at God’s command of course, the terrible (as in TERRORISM) forces of DESTRUCTION inherent in ALL EVIL. . . . allowing evils to express their FULL nature as they will set about DESTROYING one another (all this is presided over by the Holy Spirit. God allows evil to become super evil).


Unwillingly WICKEDNESS holds its own judgment day and executes sentence upon itself . . . and all this is presided over by the Red Horse rider.


For several decades now, American, Israeli, and other odious reptillian forces have created world problems (CIA-M16-Mossad), meant to incite reactions, and then propose the solution (war/revolution etc.). The “Elite” or “Hidden Ones” are behind all their warmongering (we can rightly call them the “rich men” of the world or the “powerful men” of this world).

So, the power of EVIL for DESTRUCTION deserves our serious and thoughtful consideration. The DARKER and SINISTER problems of life are in our face. The “horseman” of man’s inhumanity to man overrules all this for the purposes of the administration of God’s Divine justice.

The “rider” was armed with a “great sword” and his mission was armed conflict, taking peace from the earth and causing men to SLAY/SLAUGHTER one another.

We would place John’s letter in the time frame of the first century, or in the End Time (which may or may not be NOW!) The Bible does have levels, or times (see Isa. 15:2; Zech. 14:13; and other sources: Enoch 100:12; 4 Ezra 5:9, 6:24; 2 Baruch 70:2-8, 48:37). But John’s vision of the END was a vision of a time when all human relationships would be destroyed and the world would become a seething cauldron of embittered HATE!!! Thus as it now stands, nations are set against nations....hastening to their END.

N.W.O. / N.W.D.

Some have, in times gone bye, predicted a New World Order, i.e., New Word Disorder. One editor of Mondo, a New Edge/New Age mag-rag, wrote in the late 1990's, commenting on the end of the cold war, “I warned of a legalistic, mega-corporate, one-world, peace-on-earth.” What he meant by peace-on-earth was that the NWO/NWD would be totally in charge, hence establishing peace (after killing/subjugating all resistance)!

Well, I was warning about all this way back in the early 1980s. With the help of a few friends, i.e. Big Hollywood mercenary entertainments (preparing the masses for what lies ahead via movies/T.V./music —ad nauseam. Others have predicted all this way before the above dates.

Mondo writes in their “Rants” section “. . . all glitter on the edges and profoundly stupid in the middle. How can we RESIST the NWO, irresistible or it is??”

Many believe that the NWO is the 1,000 year Reich of the international well-behaved center, with a small sexually/demonically pent-up macho American adolescent core of N.W. police, protectors, and deranged mercenaries. To RESIST this BEAST is to call down HELL upon your heads!

Be, as ACMTC is: mercilessly “politically incorrect”. . . be passive-aggressive and offensive. Be NWO-loathing as much as possible—ad hoc.


American politicians, over the decades, instituted a high level of deceit that’s going to be a long-term part of the American psyche. You see, WAR SELLS! It is especially profitable for those who manufacture and sell weapons. And, for the record, ISIS/ISIL etc. were created by the USA & Israel (and others) to cause Hell-on-Earth. . . .tens of thousands killed, hundreds of thousands wounded, and millions of homeless, devastated refugees. Thanks guys! And you servicemen/women helped in all this warmongering. Does the average American benefit from all this? NO! But a small group does prosper, raking in megabucks. . . . all the while playing Rock/Rap and avant-garde music. This makes the killing/murder more FUN you see. The old hippie Frank Zappa (who satirized the 60's culture) made an album called “We’re Only in it For The Money” which could very well describe today’s culture—the CULTure of greed and murder. Today’s sick and drug-addicted culture far exceeds the Jungian-Freudian model of yesteryear.


Oh, yes, we can’t have all the above without good old American propaganda. Propaganda amasses a most powerful PUNCH thru using appropriation of high-tech special effects. Morphing, it is said, is disturbingly powerful. . .it is blatantly propagandistic. The “World Controllers,” using propaganda blast away at the collective psyche of good ol’ USA. The OBSCENE, the MURDEROUS, the TECHNICALLY DAZZLING are all employed by these psychopaths that want to rule the WHOLE WORLD.

Many have forseen an era when these demons-in-human-bodies would stop at nothing in order to reorder things. They don’t even bother these days to use cryptic language, no sir, they BRAG about “living laboratories” whereby man/women/boys/girls are under their satanic control. The internment camps of tomorrow are being beefed-up for occupation as I write.


Control, dear ones, is their program, coupled with endless wars/revolutions ‘till ALL are either dead or brain-dead. One visionary uses words like benign, paternalistic, and avuncular. It all boils down to US or THEM! Mind control/out of control/under control, depends which side you’re on.

Well, to forge a NWO, a world leader requires a global PR campaign, hence a universal icon in order to amalgamate all races, genders, religions, etc. etc. Some see all this as the Beast and False Prophet (of the Bible). To reach into the religious, the myth needs to amalgamate messianic traditions (like John the Baptist and Jesus the Christ). If religion can’t do the job then use the occult. If this fails then us plain old force. Ever since I’ve been a Christian (since 1971) I’ve heard of all these wild things. No, I’m not neoparanoid. For sure, evil forces plan on global enslavement in one form or another. I’ll trust in the Lord Jesus to see me thru.


There is not a doubt in my mind that the U.S. government (and most of the church) is run by traitors. When Bush one and two invoked millions to JOIN the military (in order to keep America safe from terrorism!!) they were (and now Obama is) supplying the “enemy” with $$$ and weapons. This shadow government operates because the American people are so STUPID! The Skull and Bones (whom Bush #2 belongs to) are responsible for endless death and destruction. . . .all in the name of God and freedom. God? He has no part in this MURDER. And I need to add, the Vietnam war was also created by politicians and the Hidden Ones. . . .which was also run by drug money, just as the current war is.

I don’t want to bore you with all the facts I could write about, but one thing is for sure—nothing is for sure! One thing we can count on—we can count on nothing (except God and His Word. I do entrust my life to them).


You may want to view/hear the prophetic Words of the Spirit we post daily. God has started His WAR. Call it WW3 or whatever, just take in what the Spirit is saying. Get prepared. Resist the Evil Empire, the blood-sucking vampire. Sorry to relate all this, but we live in a country (USA) that is TOXIC, DELIRIOUS, MANIC, HUBRIS to the extent of being ABOMINATION! To make matters worse, most, and I do mean MOST!, ministers in America are liars, deceivers, and pleasure seekers who have turned pearls into swine, turned the seeing into the blind! Big ministries are in reality homunculus (a little person); a homunculus is the real you. Their spirituality is a mile wide and an inch deep.


What the heck? William Gibson, a cyberpunk, claims that neuromancer is about the present, not really about the future—real or imagined. That’s ok I guess. We all must deal with the NOW (Neuromancer is the cyberpunk novel which came out in 1984, won several awards etc.). A lot of stuff was written back in the 80's about terrorism, endless war and the END. I read plenty of this kinda stuff when the U.S. was meddling in foreign affairs (CIA stuff). Of course hundreds of authors/speakers/ seekers got ahold of this megalomanic fantasy (that is what most it amounted to). Well, at the end of Neuromancer, the entire matrix is sentient.


As time elapsed, the U.S. CULTure, including the Church, has been redefining itself. Now we have to deal with all the redefinition. . .the power that be are at the helm of this stinking, sinking ship redirecting its course. Christianity and the Bible once played a big role in America, but now evil men/women have taken over the “internals,” causing plenty of pain for us all. But there are those with good intentions that are at work to soften the existentia AGONY. America is sick and growing sicker every year. Repentance is the answer. One person suggested a national colonoscopic examination, a sort of introspective view of America’s condition.


There has evolved over the years, with newer and better technology, billions, now trillions, of bits of info. (pan-globally) information, misinformation, disinformation. . . .all designed to deceive, manipulate, and of course to guide in a positive way; Psychotic invective in a negative way, and “we the people” are the target of this massive “spy ring.” Although being spied upon may not cause physical hurt, one’s freedom is certainly being brutalized. But info. gathered by these psychopaths can become a virtual mother lode of pain and destruction (ask those living in the middle East). The “info.” gathered by the powers that be was false (the weapons of mass destruction), but that didn’t matter, Bush rushed into Iraq, guns blazing, bombs falling, blood flowing. This was TERROR on the desktop. . . all done in the name of “democracy,” all calculated to lead America into the second Gulf War: cyberslime! cybermurder! cruel, heartless, and unforgiving! This new paradigm of pain, digital abuse, a new crescendo of anguish and terror! . . . from a political/military desktop into a country that had NOTHING to do with 9/11 (which was an inside job by the USA/Israel and a few others. Write for our DVD on the 9/11 Deception—FREE). All the false info. presented in order to attack Iraq was, as one critic wrote, “. . .repugnant and disgusting yet oddly compelling that it virtually reeks of a dysfunctional competing and revolting table manners.”


I wish I didn’t have to write about all this. But psycho-weirdness has proliferated to such a degree of revulsion—going against American tradition—one is forced to define in terms this odious phenomenon. This relentless psychotic doings has become public enemy #1. And if one refuses to agree with this nutty-stuff, one is labeled as UNAmerican. The people behind this Red Horse agenda have maggots on the brain. This radical ideal that one is supposed to turn a blind eye to what is SINFUL and SINISTER is real scary indeed. “Cry aloud, spare not!” (Isa. 58:1).


Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980) was a writer and professor from Canada. He had, as one observed, and instinct for the vital nerve of western cultural pretensions. “ The western psyche is a fragile, specialized product of the phonetic alphabet, which stands in terror of my snooping around for its credentials,” wrote McLuhan. The “Hidden Ones” also stand in terror of my snooping around and uncovering what they are up to.

In some cases anarchy is the only remedy for sanity. After all, Americans eat from the media menu of illusions and delusions. God’s Word tells us, “I will choose their delusions and mockings, their calamities and afflictions, and I will bring their fears (terrors) upon them. . .” (Isaiah 66:4). You see, while men think they are in charge of things, God is way ahead of them. While the media meat grinder eats up the minds of the listeners/viewers/readers, God has a people who will not be taken in by their dreams and schemes, their illusions and delusions.


America needs to break through America. The people that reside in the 50 states are literally living in a STUPOR of STUPIDITY. There’s this equation of passivity with eagerness. In virtual reality there’s no question that your “reality” is created by and for you. You don’t need God—you are your own god! Our “freedom’s” have, I believe, now virtually enslaved us as a nation. Americans have become sponges for fantasy. And it’s asymmetrical. To be honest, America has literally become a FANTASY concentration camp. Most people can’t even relate to each other—the created Global Village has become a created Garbage Village. Denatured and dehumanized.

The “solution to the war pollution is bloody REVOLUTION!” The blood of Jesus cleanses us from ALL sin. Amen.