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Most beloved Generals James and Deborah,

Greetings in the name of our war captain and Saviour Jesus Christ. I’m very much surprised in receiving a mail package addressing a new rank: Major Dr. T. Aonok. I salute you and obediently accept it, not because of my good deeds, but because of the Love of God. Again, I salute you once more and say thank you and may the good Lord extend our fields of harvest.

Since 2007 our team stationed here at Dimapur, Nagaland, has been asked by a person who came from Mon (Nagaland frontlines) to give the Word of God in 5-6 villages. These villages have no proper roads to reach them, and one shall have to walk on foot up and down from one mountain range to the next—mountains where the Mayanmar Junta and other deadly political factions are known to occupy. Yes, this time the calling is before the rainy season, so we replied yes. Amen! Seven of us are prayerfully getting ready to march onward to meet with the believers over there who shall be anxiously awaiting our team.

DO UPHOLD OUR ACMTC BRETHREN in unceasing prayer over here. My team friends are worried about taking a person like me, now running 79 years, through such thickly overgrown forests and mountains. I just told them I am not yet 85! Yes, the Lord will walk for me!! Till then our crusade team sends their love. Amen.

Major Dr. T. Aonok

Nagaland, INDIA


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