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Dear Brethren,

My name is Mario Salkovic. I am one believer who lives in Croatia. I heard of you from my friend and brother Desire Ahola. He gave me some of your tracts that deal with Islam and Roman Catholicism. As you probably know, the country that is neighbor to Croatia is mainly Muslim, and my country is more than 70% Roman Catholic.

I am very sad because daily I see my friends, neighbors, members of my family and others going into wrong direction. I already have the tract "Roman Catholicism against itself" and the book named, "The Gospel according to Rome". Yet I would like to have more material that clearly proves this "church" doesn't serve the Lord.

So, according to your call to contact you, I would like you to send me some materials that you offer to those who are willing to proclaim the truth of the Gospel. If it is possible, and if you are willing, could you send to me some of following tracts: Queen of Heaven, Perpetual virginity, Divine maternity. The reason why I want to posses these materials lies in the fact that my nation is incredibly deeply involved in Mariolatry. So, I think that it would be very helpful and I think that many people would cease their idolatry and start worshiping the True God.

Also, I would like to have some strong proof that opposes the theory of Peter's primacy. Plus I would like to have some materials that deal with Satanism in the Vatican. After all, I would like to receive some materials that deal with subject of The Holy Spirit and also with Spiritual Warfare and holiness.

Thank you very much, whether you send it to me or not. May Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ give you His blessings.

Mario Salkovic



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