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Megalomania Idiocrasy

General James Green


[Megalomania—delusions of grandeur]

[Idiocrasy — peculiar to one's self, a mixed temperament]


The apostle Paul writes: "I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith" (Rom. 12:1-3).

How is it, dear "Christian" Church, that you no longer present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God? Why, one would think that Paul was demanding something unattainable in presenting that to his readers / hearers. Jesus put forth the CALL for SEPARATION —CONSECRATION—DEDICATION long before apostle Paul (and all the N.T. writers).

How is it, "Christian" Church, that you both love and are conformed to this present world? Not only has your holy fire gone OUT, but you've also become very puke / lukewarm...apparently not serious enough to be recaptured.

In gaining your "freedoms" / "liberties" you've lost your sense of direction→the straight and narrow. In allowing the world to transform your minds, you may think you have become a better "Christian," even a megalomania one, acceptable unto God. But I'll tell you the truth, you are on your way to Hell's fire!!

The Bible—from Genesis to Revelation—tells us that we men / women of God must have our minds conformed to God's way of thinking and acting (esp. the N.T. makes this clear, 1 Cor. 2:16; Phil. 2:5). We are told in 1 John 2:15, 16, “LOVE NOT THE WORLD, neither the things that are in the world...” Yet, in sheer rebellion, you LOVE THE WORLD!


High Thoughts

PAUL GOES ON to write, “...not to think of himself (or herself) more HIGHLY than he (she) ought to think...” (Rom. 12:3). So, in gaining "self-reliance," the Church has lost its unity of community. But this isn't new, from the beginning men sought out new ways, new inventions to get out from under the loving dictates of their Creator (Romans one is a history of this). From Adam and Eve till the end of the end (Rev. 22:19), men have rebelled like Hell. John ends this Revelation of Christ by WARNING about the terrible possibility of LOSING one's share in the tree of life and the holy city—yet, ministers rebelliously teach / preach the false gospel message, "once saved, always saved."


In The Beginning—

As at the very beginning of the sojourn of the human race (a fallen race now), failure to take God's Word with ABSOLUTE seriousness became a matter of life and death (see Gen. 3:3-4).

Look at America, once relied upon God and His Word (to a degree, but not ABSOLUTELY so), now has departed to a point of no return (almost).

History is replete with such megalomania idiocrasy, both men and nations / races!

It seems, "almost overnight," wrote Prof. Karl Adam (Univ. of Tubingen), "Whole ranges of human civilizations arose, profaned and separated from the jurisdiction of God and Christ." What caused this? How did they so easily lose their inner nobility, their relation to the Logos, and therewith, their Christian soul? In turn, as we see here in America, they lost their intimate unity of love with and for each other.

The government of America today is cold, hard-hearted, ruthless and deceptive, even murderous.

Inevitably these sub-Christian, even non-Christian, products of "culture" isolated themselves from each other, fought each other, became idolized as ends in themselves, and ended by tyrannizing our humankind like a cruel Moloch.


Ecclesiastical Megalomania

AH, HERE WE HAVE this to deal with. I'm not just speaking of the Roman Catholic Church (RCC), but also the "Christian" Protestant Church (PC). Both have become political and powerful (in their own spheres), yet disgraceful in the eyes of God.

Protestantism has backslid to the point of permitting their intellect to be devoted to secular, e.g., "worldly" pursuits, not just Christian. Nowadays, to speak out against this "grandeur of worldly success," is to invite trouble.

The abject fear of God and loathing of life that characterized the Middle Ages was swept away by the "Good News" of Jesus' Gospel: The reverential fear of God and loving of the Christian life has now been swept away by the "Bad News" of the false gospel of backslidden / apostate men (e.g., the Emergent Church).

So, dear ones, the revolutionary good news was not the RCC, which had suppressed the Gospel for a thousand years; the source was Jesus Christ and His Word. At last!

Sadly, this "liberating" effect is now being replaced by the concept of a One World Government / Order. Protestantism was the axiom of Christianity. Today, in America, the mind-set, the peculiar characteristic of a backslidden nation, is placing our confidence in state and not God.


Where Are We Heading?

TO HELL IF WE DON'T CHANGE OUR SINFUL WAYS! To Hell! Christian, do you really want to submit yourself to man and God will flee from you? Do you really want to be self-complacent, soulless like the thing we call the State? If so, you will, WILL become a slave of these new absolute entities. Being a state-slave means being under executive power rather than God's power.

State-totalitarianism means thought control, coerced adherence to the Party line, domestic espionage, denunciation of Christ (unless under a state-Church), censorship, worship of an infallible leader / leaders, party, war of aggression / extermination, secular / devilish / homosexual propaganda.

Moreover, whoever is opposed to vice and sin, will be persecuted and prosecuted.


Where Do We Go From Here?

DEEPER IN GOD OF COURSE! Come out of the world! Come out of Babylonian churchianity! Allow the Holy Spirit to BURN the HELL out of you!

The megalomania idiocrasy of today is so thoroughgoing and pervasive that even the "Remnant" is affected by it. We deal with many "come-outers" and they are really a mess spiritually—they left the world's system, left churchianity, and have classified themselves as "remnant"—yet, they still are full of worldliness and Babylon garbage. Nevertheless, God will have mercy—He will have a REMNANT people.

Actually, in many "come-out" circles, their ecclesiastical megalomania equals Babylon itself. They live the paradox-contradiction life, refusing any kind of godly authority at all. Some swallow churchy absurdities without even knowing it. I have found among and in their ranks heretics, schismatics, and antinomy—yet they claim to be God's End Time Remnant.

Opposite of this, we have the misologist—the haters of God and His Word who construct intricate anti-Christ arguments to prove there is no God, or that God is responsible for all the horrors in the world, not man.


Nonsense Is Here!

IT HAS COME! Since this nation has divorced itself from Biblical Truth (most Churches retain some sort of marriage certificate but, in reality, are guilty of spiritual idolatry / adultery).

There can be NO national revival / Church revival, no reformation (even revolution) until this nation recognizes her dire need for real "change;" not the Obama type. And, the Church, especially, must wage the WAR against the WORLD that she has so lovingly invited into her ranks.

Church leaders / spokesmen / women have been fatally infected with the MI disease. They see themselves as God's "elect" who are on the cutting edge. HA! They are on the slab—cold and dead! Of course this has flummoxed both Church and state. All their verbiage cannot make up for "living-the-life." This fascination with soulless religion has become the enigma of the Church. All this endless chatter about "we're God's elect," this is sheer pious nonsense in light of the sinfulness found in her ranks. All this watered-down Gospel teaching and preaching that is purveyed in the name of "God" and "Christ" is truly sickening. Away with all this warmed over, bastardized, fireless, soulless philosophy called "Christian.” Away with all this Westminster Confession of Faith that no one dares to believe in, yet live.

The presentation of Truth, Biblical Truth, necessitates the rejection and damnation of error. Away with these degreed professors of Reformed theology. Away with these Charismatic show-offs (like Benny Hinn and dozens of others) and Prosperity perverts (like Ken Copeland and dozens of others) who teach and practice what can't be found in the Bible. Away with these reprobate Emergent Churchites (like Brian McLaren and gang) who literally mock God's Word. Away with all the religious funsters who use worldly fads / fashions (like tattoos / piercings / rock-rap crap music etc.) to DRAW the SINNERS to Christ (?).


Wake Up People!!

HOW LONG WILL YOU PEOPLE called "Christian" defy God? How long will you continue to bastardize / secularize the Christian faith? How long will you play the harlot? How long will you allow your morals to fall below the threshold of consciousness?...and not yet clearly grasp with emphasis and insistence that you will be punished sooner or later?

It is time to WAKE UP, you've been off guard long enough. From a very noble objective vision, the Church rebelled, now turning inwards upon itself. The same is said of this nation as a whole unit. Both Church and State have passed from being needy of God to a rich and luxuriant verbosity—playing word games with God. Listen to politicians, how they spew forth such high-sounding phrases! Listen to preachers, how they spew forth high sounding praises. All just meaningless to God. Like God said of the "religious" of His day, men draw near with their mouths, but their hearts are far from Him.


Jesus, a Philanthropist?

YES! according to the mind-set of today's backslidden Church. Jesus died for all in order to redeem them from the slavery of sin and death, not to give out stuff and things in abundance. Jesus was no philanthropist with an enthusiasm for the cult of the merely human. Fairly, God gives out rewards and punishments.

Actually, men reap what they sow multiplied. But men expect Jesus to be some sort of a mystical-gift-giver, giving but never expecting anything in return. This is the kind of God / Jesus both Church and State have created. Jesus did not go around passing out gifts in order to have a following. NO! He made it clear—then and now—that we must eat His flesh and drink His blood; we must pick up our cross and follow Him daily. He never used beguilements of a cheap and easy optimism which is all too common in our Western lands. But to hear the Church tell it, Christ died in order to make us happy and prosperous. The ultimate fact of His death was for the glory of man, so they tell us.


The End

WELL, we are faced with two alternatives—Heaven or Hell; eternal life or eternal death. This thing of idealism of fancy without dire consequences is damning this whole nation. It is a dark night of America's soul we are experiencing. Just as Noah and his family were sandwiched between God's judgments—rains from above, foundations of the deep broken up—he and his family were safe, but they went through the angry Wrath of God upon the unbelievers. So it is today, as His judgments fall upon this nation, we who have separated ourselves from the God-haters and Christ-deniers, also have to go through this great tribulation, not for our destruction, but theirs.

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