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God uses women to do “MANLY exploits”

“WE KNOW MANY among ourselves [i.e., Christians] who have given themselves up to bonds, in order that they might ransom others. Many, too, have surrendered themselves to slavery, that with the price[1] which they received for themselves, they might provide food for others. Many women also, being strengthened by the grace of God, have performed numerous MANLY exploits. The blessed Judith, when her city was besieged, asked of the elders permission to go forth into the camp of the strangers; and, exposing herself to danger, she went out for the love which she bare to her country and people then besieged; and the Lord delivered Holofernes into the hands of a woman.[2] Esther also, being perfect in faith, exposed herself to no less danger, in order to deliver the twelve tribes of Israel from impending destruction. For with fasting and humiliation she entreated the everlasting God, who seeth all things; and He, perceiving the humility of her spirit, delivered the people for whose sake she had encountered peril.”[3]

The First Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians (c. AD 68-97), Chapter 55

ENDNOTES: [1] Literally, “and having received their prices, fed others.” [Comp. Rom. 16:3-4 and Phil. 2:30.] [2] Judith 8:30. [3] Esther 7, 8.

* * *

WOMEN CAN DO MANLY exploits! They always have done such things, and they always will, as God empowers them. This is not a promotion of feminism, but a statement of reality that must be considered. For the early Christians knew that women were capable of doing things that many people would consider only feasible for a man, but as God empowered the women, they did many—that’s MANY MANLY exploits. Who is to say that women cannot do what men can? Who is to say that a man is greater than a woman? Who is to say that God cannot empower a woman to do even MANLY exploits—and not just once, but many times.

  It is the Lord who empowers a vessel, be it man or woman. God may even have a woman to do a manly exploit just to show that He can have a woman do it!

  And so we have the question of women in the ministry. Well, is ministry a manly exploit in your eyes? Then I say that God can have a woman do it! Just because something is a “manly exploit” doesn’t mean that a woman cannot do it, for God can enable a woman to do it.

  Judith and Esther and others—the text says “Many women...”—were used of God when and where no man was, and were used to free and bring victory to men.

  So, men, better reconsider your position on women! God has used women throughout history, and are you ready to say that God cannot do the same today? Are you more wise than God to think that you believe something better than what God believes? God believes He can use women, and so He has used them for whatsoever He will, and will continue to do so, even while you sit back and criticize. Amen.