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New Breed of Believers
Gen. James Green

“And Jesus answering them began to say, Take heed lest any man deceive you: For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many” (Mk. 13:5, 6).

T AKE HEED! They’ll DECEIVE you!, and they’ll DECEIVE MANY! The olivet discourse of Jesus the Christ contains REPEATED WARNINGS that we, His believers, must be ALERT TO WAKE UP the sleeping church! You're being DECEIVED MORE THAN YOU REALIZE. Religious DECEPTION has become a perpetual curse worldwide. Jesus WARNS, "TAKE HEED" (v 5), "TAKE HEED TO YOURSELVES" (v. 9), "BUT TAKE HEED" (v. 23), "TAKE YE HEED, WATCH" (v. 33), “WATCH YE THEREFORE” (v. 35), "WATCH" (v. 37). Was Jesus trying to tell His listeners something about the future or the present? His WARNINGS indicate that many unBiblical and unethical teachings will be prominent among His believers. Therefore, the believer, more than ever, must know and adhere to His Words and those of His anointed, appointed leaders.

Well, His Words apparently fell upon deaf ears—then, and for CERTAIN today!! Today's "Church" is FAT, SICK, and nearly DEAD!! Too much garbage eating, leisure, and sleep!

Never before have so MANY "religious" movements, teachings, and programs appeared claiming to be "OF CHRIST!": cunning works of demons, convincing philosophies, and so many "holy slogans." It is difficult, almost dangerous!, to denounce such "going ons" without being labeled as a "cult," "unity disrupter," "an enemy of the church," "heretic," "trouble maker" blah, blah, blah!

Nevertheless, someone has to say NO! to all this religious deception and play acting. The "Ecumenical Movement" and the "Emergent church of Christ" (cousins) both claim to be "of Christ." Yet, both their teachings and works bear the stamp of ‘DEVIL’ on them. But, God is NOW raising up a new breed of believers out of these magnificent whorehouses. Away with these hard-hearted pimps and working prostitutes! To Hell with apostate Protestantism and witchcraft/priestcraft Roman Catholicism (and all their sodomite, adulterous, fornicating, incestuous, child-molesting perverts).

THE SOLUTION IS REPENTANCE REVOLUTION. We’re tired of all this degeneration, schisms, demonic fanaticism, endless heresies, and money-making. TO HELL WITH IT ALL!!

Deficient Ecclesiology

What took over was “Churchianity,” leaving “Biblical Christianity” to wane. WHILE CHURCHIANITY GREW FAT, CHRISTIANITY GREW LEAN. The church, moving totally away from the straight and narrow (Mt. 7:14), settled down FOREVER on the broadway—where she now enjoys the sights, the sounds, the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah. But this was predicted by Jesus (Mt. 7:13, 14). Few would ever enter the humble gate of true Biblical repentance. No! Most would remain sinners, acting like “Christians.”

Jesus goes from the “strait gate” subject to the “false prophets” (teachers too) warning (v. 15-20) to the “not every one that saith, ‘Lord, Lord’ shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven; but he that doeth the Will of My Father...” (v. 21).

Today’s deficient and defunct church does not fit the profile of doing God’s will. Oh, no, today’s church professes Christ, but lives like the devil.

Even if one is Biblically saved (by and through faith and repentance), even if salvation is a free gift (and it is), God’s gift of grace does not annul human responsibilities to put away sin. While it is true that the new believer remains free, we must not use our freedom to sin. Now, the “sin issue” is downplayed in today’s ecclesiastical setting. What started out as “don’t put me in bondage” (I’ve heard this all my Christian life) has literally put MOST church-goers into bondage—in one form or another. IDOLATRY AND ADULTERY HAVE BECOME ORTHODOX!!

The Word

Most do not even read God’s Holy Word today, let alone obey it. Mega pastors like Joel Osteen and Rick Warren tell us that what the Bible states (in many places), but that they do not agree with it. But, dear ones, God’s Word speaks to us just as clearly and profoundly today as it did in the beginning—the very same WARNINGS and MESSAGES. While false pastors like Osteen and Warren (and thousands of others) perform their duties with the highest degree of imprudence, they are literally DAMNING their members, but they think they are in the “Spirit.” In such a “churchy” atmosphere, souls get diseased...and die! This humanistic/demonic behavior has become so fashionable, that to BE and ACT otherwise seems cultic.

Separation of Christianity from Church

While the word “Christian”/“Christianity” is Biblically right, these two words have been so used and abused by religious bastards that I even hate to use them. What started out as pure and clean has ended up representing religious whoredoms.

Biblical Christianity is not some sort of abstract teaching void of ethical behavior. Christianity is a WAY of LIFE in Christ. Christ did not go about using and abusing His followers; He set forth an example of purity in both thought and action—unlike MOST “Christian” leaders of today. The difference between a New Breed of Believers and Churchites is OBEDIENCE!

Christ did not come, suffer, and die in order to build churches, but Ekklesias (aka communities of “believers” living, working, WORSHIPING etc. in UNITY). He did not create the Church as a means of guarding human egoism, but as a means of its COMPLETE DESTRUCTION!! By and through, the means of the Holy Spirit (or Holy Ghost), we, His believers, are to “Mortify (put to death!) therefore your members which are upon the earth; fornication (which includes ALL unlawful sex acts), uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil concupiscence, covetousness (idolatry), anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication...” (Col. 3:5, 8). Paul the apostle exclaimed: “I am crucified (put to death!) with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me...” (Gal. 2:20). Paul didn’t rely upon his personal salvation—“once saved, always saved” stuff—but he made it a way of life to DIE DAILY (1 Cor. 15:31).

Yet, we find MOST churchites “living it up!” daily.

New Beginning

In its “new beginning,” the Ekklesia unity created an organic unity (out of love), but over the centuries, men and women left this Christ-centered Ekklesia and formed up churches, resulting in the establishment of the Roman Catholic church—with its “Grand Ego” system of hierarchy.

This man-made (demon-inspired) mechanical unification/slavery puts people in bondage, not freedom in Christ—to Christ. Then came the reformation—a breaking away. I dare say that we need, must have, another reformation, yea, a REVOLUTION!! We must get back to the basics—love God and Jesus FIRST. We must allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us, not our personal egos. We must believe His Word and obey it, once again. We must have a moral re-birth.

Biblical Christianity

True Biblical Christianity (the kind Jesus introduced) is not concerned with man’s personal interests or reasons, but with God and His Son’s Will, interests, and reasons. We’re not to merely “dress up” the “old man,” but we’re to live in the “new man” which is created by and for Christ Jesus the Lord (Master and ruler). Now, the church is ruled by heretics and schismatics, pimps and gold-diggers. The “new man” is locked in some dark closet—away from the “beautiful people” who go to church.

Biblical Christianity is not in the “talk-the-talk” club, but in the grandeur of the deed. Today’s church lives like Hell, but proclaims Heaven.

Instead of the reformers (and those following) re-establishing ancient Christianity, it merely replaced some of its tenets etc. Sadly, today, many, many “Protestants” are fornicating with (committing incest with is a better way of describing it) Rome.

One can hardly find genuine salvation in today’s church—they are substituting faith with ‘reason,’ substituting salvation with a “dreamy” confidence in egotistic consciousness. The days of REPENTANCE (turning FROM SIN, and to the SAVIOR) are disappearing. Many mega churches see no need for such an “ancient” practice. “Just join the church, don’t worry about those damnable SINS, pay your 10 percent, worship with Rock N Roll/Rap/Pop music, and all will go well.”

This, my dear readers, is religious anarchy!, not pure Christianity.

Actually, modern Protestantism is no better than Roman Catholicism (or Mormonism, J.W.ism, and even Eastern Orthodoxism etc.). Some are more “pagan” oriented than others, but they are still far from ancient Christianity.

Today’s church (a breeding ground of luxuriously fashionable philosophies, vile singers and swingers, tattooed, pierced, and unkept religious pagans) is near to satan and far from God. Baal worship, noble sin, self-assertion, and disobedience=imaginary “Evangelical Christianity.” Some churches= Nietzchianism!


My question is this: “How long are you Churchites going to tolerate such anti-Christ behaviors and doctrines of devils?” Putting perfume on a pig does not make it anything else but a PIG!! Imagining a whore to be virtuous is just that—an imagination.

In order to creep undetected among the innocent sheep, the wolves hide their wolves’ appearance (Ministers of the devil can transform themselves into an angel of light, the Bible states). These sly wolves clothe themselves with Biblical sayings (with a humanistic twist of course!)—like the fleece of sheep—so that, feeling the softness of the wool, the sheep will not fear their teeth; and don’t we see the lamentable result of such deception?

Jesus taught to


He said in Mt. 16:24, “If any man will come after me, let him DENY himself, take up his cross and follow Me” (see Mark 8:34 also. The “cross” is a symbol of suffering and death. Jesus did not teach “self-love,” or “self esteem”. He taught “self-denial” and “war against sin and satan”). These Biblical principles have nearly vanished from today’s church, being replaced with the apostate ‘principles’. What do we have now? A Church that is FAT, FULL, and FOUL!!


Biblical principles and commandments have been replaced with “nice” humanistic philosophies and religious nuances.

New Breed of Believer

Ah! Finally! The NBB (New Breed of Believer) will be and IS the bearer of the FULLY REALIZED SALVATION OF MAN, OF HIS/HER FULL RE-BIRTH, RENEWAL, RE-CREATION, SPIRIT-BAPTISM THAT WILL PRODUCE SPIRITUAL FRUITFULNESS, AND PERFECTION (AKA MATURITY). Living the “crucified life” of God is ABSOLUTELY essential for heavenship.

Away with “ease and sleaze,” “Babylonian myths,” and “blab it and grab it stuff.”

God’s Call

He is even calling those out of quasi-Christianity—to go ALL THE WAY!

Stop eating of that “beautiful apple”, dear people. What did it do for Adam and Eve? That “paradise apple” (or whatever kind of fruit they ate) looks good, but poisons the soul—it always contains a caricature that is lifeless.

He is calling any and all who will hear His voice to EXIT Babylonian/Roman Churchianity (aka starvation camps). The insolvency of today’s Christ-less Churchianity is evident from the endless scandals (usually money and sex).

God is calling together a new breed of believers that will be of one heart and one soul, not Christless, Spiritless colonies.

PRIDE AND REBELLION HAS ALL BUT KILLED THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTIANITY. The Reformation is almost forgotten or is held in contempt. Now we have these incestuous going-ons with Rome—the very wicked power that MURDERED millions of believers in times past.

God is calling those who are on the verge of complete spiritual death and decay to come unto Him through RENEWED REPENTANCE.

He is calling to those who still have a heart for Him, but have grown stagnated and stiff, unable to move (His Spirit causes us to move if we will yield!).

The “true” and “ideal” that Jesus taught is depreciated, and its essence is distorted, even discarded, yet the name “Christ,” or “Christianity” is retained (this is in vain).

Some, too many, are waiting for some (FAIRY TALE) RAPTURE to take them up, up, and away (with all their unconfessed/unrepented of sins), escaping all the misery down below.

Inward vs Outward

Jesus points out that the scribes and Pharisees (hypocrites!) made clean the outward, but within, they were FULL of extortion and excess (filth!) (See Mt. 23:25, 26). He went to say, “Even so, ye outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are FULL of hypocrisy and iniquity” (Mt. 23:28). In verse 29, He likens them to painted sepulchers—clean, white, beautiful, and attractive to others (like Joel Osteen and his wife) yet with foulness, pride, and rebellion, and corruption hidden within.

Virtue in general is substituted with nice clothes, external prosperity, and even “decency.” Not a week goes by that a church leader (male or female) isn’t caught in some vice/sin/etc. Their conscience IS NOT TROUBLED by such things as “MORTIFY,” “CRUCIFY,” “DENY,” or “ABSTAIN.” Oh, no, these Biblical principles and commands are merely inconveniences—the sheep are eaten, the wolves are fed.

These “progressive,” “hubristic,” “reptilian,” “bastards/dastards” are very busy building up their personal kingdoms/queendoms, earning their lavish-living almost exclusively from being anti-Christ. These RICH pimps have a profitable business going—all in the name of God/Christ Jesus. Sadly, and I do mean SADLY, many hurry to believe these odious fools without second thought, feasting upon their falsehood, lies, and perversions with relish.

Church or No Church

These above described churchites warn any and all not to leave the church. When ancient Israel went a whoring from God, He punished them. Are we to stay in any of the houses of ill-repute, aka backslidden churches, and be punished too? NO! Even the Bible tells us to: “come out of her, My people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues” (Rev. 18:4).

We’re called out of political Babylon (the world) and, if needs be, we’re called out of religious Babylon.

The CALL to be SEPARATE from the world and false religious institutions has been an essential aspect of salvation throughout redemptive history (see also Isa. 52:11; Jer. 51:45; 1 Cor. 11:32 etc.).

Don’t wait to be excommunicated (for your disdain for all the worldliness within the church). EXIT TODAY!!! You owe that sin-ridden system nothing, but YOU OWE CHRIST ALL YOUR LIFE.

Animosity towards what God/Jesus/Holy Spirit hates is right and sane. When the church accepts practicing sex-perverts, liars, thieves, murderers (abortion—ladies!), prideful rebels etc., it is time to GO! When just about everything (sin-wise) becomes the “norm,” it is time to GO! When there are no rules or regulations for decency, when everything has become non-obligatory for both clergy and laity, it is time to get the Hades out of there. No prayer, no confession, no repentance, no seeking holiness: it is time to take the message of “life” to a culture of “death!”

Friends, there is no intermediate stage between the church and the world, and there is no longer that clear separation: the world and the church are NOW MARRIED. Cheers! Gone are the days when Christians sought to be married (forever) to Christ. Why? Too many believe that the arduous pleasing God is just too HARD. Sin, dear ones, is HARD! It will lead you straight into the eternal flames of Gehenna.

Virtue and faithfulness becomes comprehensible when you adopt them. But, don’t you ask, we need “reviving?” We don’t need to revive religious flesh; we need Repentance Revolution. It is not the insufficiency of the church; it is the INSUFFICIENCY OF WILLINGNESS TO GO ALL THE WAY FOR GOD. We don’t need to “revive” the church. We need a spiritual revolution—the complete overthrowing of it—getting back to primitive Ekklesia living.

God is waiting to illuminate any and all who have grown wearisome on their Christian journey. I realize


that MOST will never CHANGE, but the FEW who are wise will.

And So...

God is giving the call for Repentance Revolution before the ferocious storm breaks upon the world. Don’t delay; REPENT. The Spirit of Grace is hovering, so grab hold of it. The Holy Spirit is calling for a harmonious and unanimous community, not more churches. Christ COMMANDED that we, His “BELIEVERS”, persevere, inviolably and firmly, the bond of affection and love (agape). Will YOU be part of this New Breed of Believers?


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