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On Track for Change

General James Green, June 10, 2011

“THE LORD’S voice crieth unto the city, and the man of wisdom shall see Thy name; hear ye the rod, and who hath appointed it” — Micah 6:9.

THESE ARE THE WORDS of the prophet introducing the LORD, Who speaks in verses 10-16. The first clause simply points out that the utterance of the Deity is to follow. The expression “crieth unto the city” signifies alarm in the face of impending disaster…but God's WARNING had not been heeded. Now He is about to issue the FINAL ONE!

     The appeal is to the people of Jerusalem to listen to the Divine message (given thru a human messenger). Verse 13 says, “Therefore also will I make thee sick in smiting thee, in making thee desolate because of your sins” (KJV). Jump ahead to 2011, in America, we can relate to this. The crowning SIN of ancient Israel—as is America’s—was (is!) IDOLATRY, which led to apostasy.

     AMERICA HAS FORSAKEN THE GOD OF THE SACRED SCRIPTURES, AS DID ISRAEL. And because of this He has sent the rod to correct/punish this backslid, God-hating nation….as your president has been appointed, by God, to smite you!


Agent of Change

AS ONE WISE observer commented, “Obama was never intended to be the actual next President of the U.S. He was intended to SCREW things up. And he’s DONE THAT!” Couldn’t have said it better.

     You see, because America wanted evil, God will now stuff it down America’s throat. At the end of this article I have reprinted for you the Word of the Lord given a day after your “messiah” was elected (or so you think) by you. There were several other Words given to us along these same lines before he was elected (appointed by God!) by you dupes!


God Appoints Enemies

THE BIBLE GIVES us many instances whereby the LORD APPOINTS pagans to be a weapon against His own people (Israel) for their idolatry/adultery etc. God does this, not the devil (write for my 6 part “Fatted for Slaughter” teachings).

     You see, Obama, as much as I detest him and his filthy agendas, was set in office, not to rule for the better, but to tear down! Why? Because God has warned this rebellious and prideful nation till He is weary of it, yet to NO AVAIL!! Even the Church is REBELLIOUS AS HELL!

     Read this judgment Word carefully, dear people: God speaks of the WEAPONS of MASS DESTRUCTION (others who work with your Prez).

Go here to read the prophecy.


Too Rank?

ONE AUTHOR/SPEAKER stated, “…He (Obama) is not fit to be President of the U.S....he’s like toilet paper! He’s used and disposed of.” This speaker is not a Christian, but he certainly is speaking of Biblical principles: God raises up weapons/rods to punish His erring people, then He disposes of them likewiseit is in your Bible folks.

     Many people in power are literally unsalvageable (for salvation), therefore they perish. I’ve written about all this before so I don’t have to be redundant, you go thru God's Word and see for yourself.


Deep Sense of Betrayal!

ONE OBAMA BACKER, also a Hillary Clinton backer, bemoans: “none of us anticipated what we’ve seen....He’s doing things now, that he is not under any pressure to do! And those things are serving to completely alienate the base that has supported him from the start, leaving them with a very DEEP SENSE of BETRAYAL!” There you have it! “What, Gen. Jim, do we have?” You have God performing one of His principles: AMERICANS BETRAY GOD, GOD USES OTHERS TO BETRAY THEM.

     Americans wanted a real live “messiah,” a darling that would “fix things up.” HA! You’ve got a loser that is breaking things up! You folks who voted for this guy (who is not even a U.S. citizen!) thought that he would do better for the nation rather than Biblical repentance / national repentance.

     There have been some pretty BAD presidents in the past (don’t get me started here!), but I know that the Holy Spirit told us that this “Weapon of mass destruction” He put in office to be a rod upon America’s back….and the stripes will be deep and painful. Whether you like this or not, or if you never voted for him, he is in power and he (is using and) will use that power to tear this already fragmented nation apart. You might think that all America’s troubles are the result of past politicians. True, but this guy tops them all—totally committed to the homosexual (ABOMINATION!) agenda, the Socialist / One World Government agenda, and on and on it goes.

     America, from “superpower” to “STUPERpower”! I mean this nation is a breeding ground for dumb-dumbs!! She has become a dumping ground for garbage, which she repackages and adds a bit more filth to, then sells it on the world’s market.

     Then we have, as one person described, Facebook / My Space and similar kinds of “ghettos of stupidity and degradation”...PORN CITES ARE IN THE THOUSANDS! Killer games, mass killing!, suicide killings, etc….ALL THESE FOR YOUR KIDS. The SINS of America are GREAT….and why be shocked if God is fed up with it all and anoints and appoints a person like your Prez to be a rod on your backs?

     While it is true that he (Mr. Prez) takes an EXPENSIVE vacation about every 6 weeks and finds ways to spend up the little remaining $$ in America, HAVE NOT AMERICANS THEMSELVES TAKEN AN EXTENDED VACATION FROM GOD, HIS WORD, HIS LAWS, ETC.? Have not Americans even spent up their children’s inheritance? Do not they lie like devils one to another, even to God? Are they not so very much UNCONCERNED about living upright?....stooping lower than animals, doing animalistic things (like what we find in the GLBTQ camp). Is it any wonder that you now have a national leader who gives glowing speeches while at the same time is stabbing you in the back?

     “CHANGE”? Why yes, exactly that!....from being a human being to becoming whores, whoremongers, GLBTQs, liars, cheats, frauds, murderers, drunks, druggies, satanists, New Age freaks, hypocritical “Christians,” thieves,...losing everything that resembles a creation of God...losing moral values of being human.

     Hey, America, look in the mirror and then look at your spend-thrift Prez and gang….he is the SPITTING IMAGE of YOU!! WHAT YOU’VE DONE TO GOD, GOD IS ALLOWING THIS TO BE DONE TO YOU. Do you like it? Neither does God.


Courting Disaster

NOW YOUR “WONDERFUL” Prez courts terrorists and is even considering Islamic Sharia Law—how nice of him. And he’s promoting “gays” in the military, to demasculinate it, so “gays” can wear evening gowns and high-heels into combat? Better make them pink too!


The Foolish Are Fooled by Fools!

HAVING A PRESIDENT like Obama is a chastisement. God not only oversees the events of men in power—for good or evil—he also oversees evil (Heb. ra): e.g., misfortunes in the physical world—earthquakes, storms, floods, volcanoes, tornadoes etc.; these in themselves are neither good nor evil, but God, when necessary, uses such natural forces as chastisements. The same principle holds true when He uses men as weapons/rods for punishment.


In the Beginning—

“I WILL GREATLY multiply thy sorrow and thy conception….” (Gen 3:16)…..“in sorrow shalt thou eat of it (the ground)….” (Gen 3:17). These words were spoken to Adam and Eve after they sinned. Note the word “sorrow.” Sorrow/sufferings were given to man/woman as a means of chastisement.

     Punishments are meant, in the big picture, “to cut off the growth of sin.” The Bible gives us plenty of examples of the tie between sufferings and sin. Consider Psalm 2:12 in one translation: “Lay hold of chastisement, lest at any time the Lord be angry.” Look at Psalm 119:71: “It is good for me that thou hast humbled me, that I might learn Thy statutes.”

     This nation, this world, is full of pain, sorrow, sufferings, diseases, death; and in the overwhelming majority of cases, SIN is the cause of these things—these JUDGMENTS are the direct result of REBELLION against God's Word.


The “Blame Game”

MEN WHO won’t admit their guilt, blame God for all the above. But God is not to be blamed.

     By nature, God is a loving God; however, His love requires punishment. Therefore it is not He who is the cause of moral evil; rather, it proceeds from his created creatures themselves, for they have rebelled and deviated from what is good, moral and upright to what is bad, evil and unrighteous. “The essence of evil consists in the violation of God's will, His eternal commandments and His moral law which is written in the human conscience—this violation is called SIN!


“...That Defileth the Man...”

“AND HE SAID, That which cometh out of the man, THAT DEFILETH THE MAN. For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness: ALL THESE EVIL THINGS COME FROM WITHIN, AND DEFILE THE MAN (Mark 7:20-23).

     These things come not out of the heart of God, but out of the heart of men. I might add also, evil spirits are constantly attracting people to evil and to do evil. Even satan tried to tempt our Lord Christ. We also know that Jesus “cast out demons” (see Matt 12:43-45).

     So, evil spirits and the rebellious/evil wills of men work together. There are principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, etc. (see Eph 6:2) that are involved in the world’s operation: satan, being the prince of the power of the spirit world (Eph 2:2), is allowed, by God, to rule over evil men—IF they refuse to be ruled over by God.



WE SHOULD NOT be shocked at all the hideous things that transpire day by day; this is monos tis amortias, “the law of sin” at work.

     REBELLION AND PRIDE are “chief rulers in the depths of man’s impulses to activity in life.” This is why the LORD/Lord executes His judgments upon the sons of men. If He did not judge, I grant you, this world would be HELL-on-EARTH!! We better thank our loving God for His intervention in the affairs of men.

     Because of sin, men and women, boys and girls, have become subject to the corrupt elements of the world in which dissolution and death are manifested. With sin, “death” entered into the human race. Wisdom 1:13 states, “God did not make death.” Death is the ugly side of things, but John 3:16 gives us the solution.



AS MUCH AS the world and the “Politically Correct” Church hates what I write, it nevertheless is true. Punishments are given as a means of preventing man from a further and final fall, death and hell!

     Sometimes God orders death of individuals, groups of individuals in order to STOP the spread of sin. You might consider this to be “cruel and unloving,” but think about what would happen if sin unchecked would be allowed. HA! Men would cry out for some sort of intervention.


God Loves/Hates

WE CAN’T JUST keep the “love” Scriptures as fetishes or charms, quoting them as magical words for personal protection against evil, even against the evil God sends in the way of punishment. But the contemporary Church is doing this very thing, even calling God the “Bully God!”

     While it is true “God loves,” it is also true “God hates.” We know that God desires sinful men to repent of their sins, to turn their hearts toward Him (the first time or again), for He is gracious and merciful, not wanting ANY to perish (see Joel 2:12-14); but unless the sinner repents they will perish (Lk 13:3; Acts 3:19). Sinful men must call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation (see Acts 4:12).


“Why Will You Die?”

THIS QUESTION WAS asked Israel (Ezek 18:31). He was WARNING Israel of His approaching judgment; it was His love that He put forth His warnings, so they could escape punishment.

     The axe is being laid unto the root of the trees NOW! (see Matt 3:10). This is what John the Baptist said to the generation of vipers, the religious Pharisees and Sadducees of his day. They were WARNED “to flee from the WRATH to come” (Matt 3:7). They way of escape was heart repentance (v. 8).

     John was no church sissy-la-la, like these sorry effeminate men called “pastors,” “evangelists” and “teachers” today. NO! He told the proud and rebellious vipers that “therefore every tree which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down and CAST INTO THE FIRE” (v. 10).

     John would be hated today as much as he was then. These soft, sin-loving ministers of today would certainly brand John as a “hate messenger.”



BOTH JOHN AND Jesus spoke about it; it came in 70 A.D. in the form of the mighty pagan army of Rome. Even Malachi 4:6 spoke of this dreadful event: “And he [John the Baptist—Lk 1:17] shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and SMITE the earth with a CURSE.”

     There are three remarkable predictions in this chapter (Mal 4): #1) The advent of John the Baptist, in the spirit and authority of Elijah. #2) The manifestation of Christ in the flesh under the emblem “Sun of Righteousness.” #3) The final DESTRUCTION of Jerusalem, represented under the emblem of a “burning over,” consuming everything cast into it (read the account by Josephus). And I might add these predictions were given nearly 400 years before their occurrence.

     Why get mad (our e-mail got clogged with letters despising the Japan prophecy that was given 16 YEARS IN ADVANCE about her destruction)?

     Actually John and Jesus both fulfilled the Elijah description.


Does God Cut Off?

YES! THIS IS the meaning of verse 10. Even though many in the Jewish nation became Christian, the WRATH/CURSE came as Malachi, John the Baptist, and Jesus predicted (see Matt 24).

     When the Baptist put forth his timely warning (“There is not a moment to spare! God is about to CUT OFF every impenitent soul! Turn to your God/Messiah/Christ, or be utterly ruined!”), that nation did not take it seriously. And neither is America.

     It was customary with the prophets (in Biblical language) to represent the kingdoms, nations, and individuals, whose RUIN they predicted, using forests and trees, doomed to be CUT DOWN! (see Jer 46:22, 23; Ezek 31:3, 11-12 for starters).

     The nation of Israel fit into this metaphor; the Romans as the axe. Now tell me, you critics, did this happen or not?

     Also there is an allusion here to a wood-man, who, “having marked a tree for excision, lays his axe at its root, and strips off his outer garment, that he may wield his blows more powerfully, and that his work may be speedily done.”

     You see, about 60 years before Christ, this axe had been lying at the root of the Jewish nation-tree, Judea having been made a Roman province, from the time that the great Pompey took the city of Jerusalem (this was during the time of Hyrcanas and Aristobulus, about 63 years before Christ). You might want to check this out in Antiq. 1. xiv.c. 1-5 of Josephus.

     Even when Jesus predicted the fall of the Jews’ beloved city in Matthew 24, it wasn’t’ until 70 A.D. this came to pass. So, from the time of Pompey until Titus, NO fruit was produced worthy to avert that Roman invasion….the Romans chopped and chopped at the root till the nation-tree fell.


“You Were Unwilling”

READ MATTHEW 23:37-39. In a style similar to Jeremiah in Lamentations, Jesus laments the impending judgment destined for Jerusalem.

     Likewise, how many men/women of God have and are weeping over the coming destruction of America? I know we have been faithful to warn this nation since the 1970’s. Will America see a great holocaust as have other nations of this world?


Smiley-Wiley Jesus?

I DON’T think so. Check out Jesus’ strong language in Matthew 23. Why, this is enough to make the Church liberals PUKE! Too bad! That language is a divine warning and condemnation. You sissy-la-las make Christ very sick, therefore you too will receive God's sore displeasure.

     Jesus carefully choose the words “great distress” (Lk 21:23) and “great tribulation” (Mt 24:21), for they appear in contexts dealing with the total dismantling of the first-century temple (Mt 24:1, 2; Lk 21:5, 6) and confined to that generation, not to a supposed future generation when a 3rd temple is built and destroyed (see our Pre-trib Rapture teachings—against such folly!). I totally agree with those who believe that “this generation” was not a “future generation” (like LaHaye, Ice, Hagee etc.) for the texts provides a linguistically sound, morally relevant, and historically dramatic fit; what Jesus spoke does not require a reinterpretation of “this generation” between Matthew 23:36 and Matthew 23:34 the time-frame language requires no 2,000-plus-year gap!


And So...

I’LL CLOSE FOR now. All I can say is God is slow to anger! He is unwilling that any should perish, for judgment is not His first choice! BUT...PUSH HIS PATIENCE TOO FAR AND HE WILL “RAIN SNARES, FIRE AND BRIMSTONE, AND AN HORRIBLE TEMPEST” UPON THE WICKED (see Psa 11:6). I’ll say what Psalm 66:5 says: “Come and see the works of God: He is terrible (a TERRORIST?) in His doing toward the children of men.” WHEN GOD TERRORIZES, NO MAN CAN STOP HIM—NO AMERICAN GOVERNMENT, NO UNITED NATIONS, NO ONE! He can be terrible against our enemies (as Psa 66:3 and 5 states), or He can become our enemy: “Thou shalt be visited of the LORD of hosts with thunder, and with earthquake, and great noise, with storm and tempest, and the flame of devouring fire” (Isa 29:6).

     Japan is but the latest nation (besides the USA!) to be visited by the LORD of hosts in such a way. Now, take heed to the following Word that was given (April 5, 2011):


God Is Bringing Down The

Proud Giant Of Japan


I speak forth and I say this day that it is me the Living God, it is me the Living God who is able to bring down the proud, who is able to bring down the haughty, who is able to bring down the giants. I say that it is me the Living God who is well able to humble even those who think they remain forever. I say so it is even now that I have begun and I will continue the humbling.

Therefore I say pray regularly that she would be brought low. That is the proud giant, Japan is her name that she would be humbled, that she would be brought low. I say that it is my time, it is my doing, and I say there are captives who need to be freed. That is there are those who have been in slavery to false gods, to demon forces, to iniquities they are bound. I say that I have heard the groans, the moans of their hearts and I say they have reached unto me. I say that it is me the Living God who will humble and humble and humble until they are reduced to crawl upon the earth. That is till they are reduced to fall upon their faces and cry out unto me.

I say that I know the ones who need to be set free, to be set free from the wall of pride. That is the ones who need to be delivered of the massive force of darkness that engulfs that land.

I say therefore continue to believe, continue to pray, that those who are bound in that nation will be freed by me. I say that it is me the Living God who is bringing the humbling, the devastation, the despair to set the captives free. That is the ones who cry out for righteousness, for truth but cannot be delivered. I say when I pull down the wall of pride then shall they be free, to come unto me, to serve me, to obey, to walk in my light. I say that the work has started, it is not finished and it will be completed by me. I say give thanks, give praise.


     You see, God wants people to be free to serve Him, even if He has to destroy life and property to see it come to pass. Japan is a very oppressive and sinful nation, world power economically, but watch and see her get humbled down.

     When she received her first blow and such destruction occurred, the Spirit of the Lord told us that He was NOT FINISHED with Japan. Wait and see how He executes the rest of His wrath, fury, and indignation against her.

     Watch and see how He humbles America, the magnificent whore she is. Watch and see how He uses this current president as a weapon/rod in His hand.

    Repent and pray for others to repent. Amen.

[Study material was adapted from its original sources.]


Carefully consider the following quote:

“[Communism] didn’t fade away to the ash heap. Instead, international Communists refused to hang their heads in defeat and leave the world stage. Rather, with the ‘death’ of Communism, they were now freed from its negative baggage. They could begin a new movement able to reach across national boundaries—even into the West. As long as the title ‘Communist’ was not hung around their necks to raise Western fears, the ideologues of international Socialism could move forward unhindered. The world has responded in almost thunderous support. Thus, Common-ism was born.

     The distinctive feature of Common-ism is its intention to transform private intellectual property, privately owned land and sovereign nations’ natural resources into common property in the name of the ‘common heritage of mankind.’ The UN’s Commission on Global Governance refers to the Earth and all of its natural resources—seas, air, and space—as the ‘Global Commons.’ The ideology of Common-ism is based on political concepts and New Age spiritual values, such as the global commons, global village, global spirituality, equalitarianism, social democracy, disarmament, environmentalism, interdependence, interconnectedness, and participation in world peace.

     Common-ism is a political ideology containing both a doctrine and a device for its expansion. Common-ism advances on the idea that problems cross local and national boundaries. Using this rationalization, natural and political boundaries are conveniently traversed via treaties, legislation, and policy statements, all under the guise of improving the global common good.

     ...One world, one media, one authority for development, one source of wealth. One international army. Envisioned was the construction of a ‘just society’ with political and social equality—rather than a free society with the individual as the sole possessor of rights. It’s all wrapped up in nothing more than Orwellian single-think and double-talk—exclusive and universal power in the newly reformed United Nations. Welcome to the world of Common-ism.”