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For too long the cultural subversion of America’s institutions (church, family, state) has gone on unchecked. “Political correctness” has all but destroyed this nation. Both secular and “Christian” (or religious) universities/colleges etc. have been in the sights of these leftist psychos. Elite colleges and universities (secular) are fundamentally AMORAL institutions. Aside from issuing formal condemnations of cheating, plagiarism, and academic fraud, they make almost NO effort to give their students any moral guidance. In fact, many of these now secular institutions were once Christian. I know many of these institutions of learning had fallen from grace before PCism helped seal them into hardcore anti-Christ centers of failure. They scream out LOUD and CLEAR that the separation between intellectual and moral purpose must be kept; naturally, the former is pursued and the latter ignored.

Now this plague - PCism /Wokeism - has captured more and more of the Christian institutions. “Pink” subversion from the LGBTQ+ crowd is working overtime to overtake, overrun, any and all things that are moral. This is inescapable these days with the current Prez administration—which is rabidly pro LGBTQ+!


There are more and more street preachers that are making their appearance on campuses these days (see our web/DVDs). The present development of “anti-Christian religion” is being challenged. This is old for ACMTC. We were going to campuses way back in the early 1980s in California. We were assaulted, had property destroyed, called names, written up in both secular and college/Univ. papers.


We also have storm-troopers going outside (inside if permitted) backslidden churches protesting over how the ethical/moral/Biblical values of the Kingdom of God are being replaced with PC /humanist (demonic!) values. There are hardly any distinctive Christian doctrines left. These apostate houses of ill repute are becoming more and more like shrines of prostitution.


It is HERE. Not the perverted kind Obama had been spouting, but godly change. I believe (now is the time) that God’s Spirit is going to deal with multitudes of people to REPENT.

Those who claim to be Christian have, over the years, become PROUD of their apathy. Participatory Christianity has become languid, even moribund. In short, church people have become stiffs (stiff-necked as in Exodus 32:9; 33:3; 34:9; Deut. 9:6; 10:16; 2 Chron. 30:8, and Acts 7:51), DEAD in trespasses & sins again (Eph. 2:1,2).

In Jesus’ day things weren’t any better. The religious were hateful and murderous! (see Acts 7) Stephen’s defense, verse 51 says, “Ye stiffnecked and uncircumcised in heart and ears, ye do always RESIST the Holy Ghost: as your fathers did, so do ye.” Well, we all know the outcome of this bit of REBUKE: THE DEATH OF STEPHEN!!


I’m writing this a few days after Queen Jezebel (Hillary Clinton) was defeated by Donald Trump, both of whom were running for President of the (fallen) USA. When some of the street preachers we know tried to preach repentance to the ANGRY soreheads (Democrats), the crowds attacked (see report at end of article). Before this, over the years, many preachers (outside of any denomination) have been attacked, cursed, and the police called upon to harass them. We’ve been no exception either. We’ve been attacked for years for telling “Christians” to REPENT! We’ve been slandered many times by both the secular and religious media. We’ve received numerous death threats by both pagan and Christian—all because of the Jezebel “spirit” that covers their minds.


Because these ones I refer to do not want to get it right with God, they lash out at God’s messengers. In short, these stiff-necked “Christians” and hard-hearted pagans are deeply committed to REVOLUTION. . .revolution against God. The very intensity of their hateful imperatives suggests the magnitude of their HATEFULNESS, SHUT UP THE VOICE OF GOD!!

But things will change. Trust me, the time is NOW for God’s REVOLUTION against the world. He is going to pull down, cast down, the high and mighty. This is His WAR (see our many DVDs/publications on this). As far as you dumbed-down, dewey eyed, churchites are concerned, you will not hide any longer in your putrid religion—Babylon Churchianity. (See Ps.34:15-19)


As I said, this is God’s time for the tearing down of the House of Ahab (who was the King of Israel that allowed Queen Jezebel to usurp his/God’s authority).

Over the last, say, 70 plus years, there have been two revolutions going on: a religious revolution and a cultural (pagan) revolution—both working together to make the Church, State, and Family amoral. The “religious” have created their own WAY and the pagan has refused to go God’s way. Both have redefined Biblical truth. Both have deligitimized God’s authority, wrecked the family, undermined godly standards of morality, and, in short, have taken America into the realm of nihilism. The humility which Jesus taught and practiced, is now considered passé, and church folks (for the most part) are seen as self-serving retards that are NAKED! . . .no “glory” covering from living close to God.


Liberals (under the banner of PCism/Wokeism) deplore godly instruction, in the Church and in the state. A morally lax attitude is doomed to FAIL in the end. The END is here and it is QUEER! The “Pink Stink” revolution is now in the streets, in the state, in the Church. What we have, because of a great falling away, is an army of lecherous sleazeballs that think they are RIGHT, but in reality, are WRONG!

BUT. . . .MAGA

With the current election of a new President, America has proved to these sleazeballs that it is FED UP with their chicannery, FED UP with the left’s Elysium (so-called), now the osmosis begins. Even pagans are FED UP with paganism, and some churches are FED UP with “Churchism.” It is time to REBEL AGAINST HELL!

The country has moved, politically speaking, rightwards . . .much to be done my friends. Healthy politics, in the Church and in the politics themselves, requires a perceptible distinction between right and wrong, something that for too long has been clouded. May I suggest READING the Bible. The distinction is there, but most have not taken note.


The move is necessary. The move away from the Emergent Church; move away from the Alinsky Model of politics. Keep praying for a total transformation of America—family, church, and state. Those of the E.C. and the A.M. are not happy about this CHANGE, this MOVE. It is God’s time for change under the Biden Regime.

Both the E.C./A.M. do not have a fixed standard of truth (what they call “truth”)—truth to them is relative and changing. On the other hand, God does not change, nor do His moral laws: “For I am the LORD, I CHANGE NOT. . .” (Malachi 3:6).

While both the Church and state have tried to camouflage their agendas as “good” and “noble”, the truth is they are demonic. Call it “popular front” or “progressive,” Satan has been behind this liberal revolution for decades now.

No longer (at least for now) do the “new left” sleazeballs believe in what their models spouted—“political power grows out of the barrel of a gun” (a favorite slogan during the 1960s revolution, used by the Black Panthers and other crazies who looked to Fidel Castro, Mao Zedong, and others, as “heros”). The idea that “Power Comes From Words” (or, if you will, nomenclature) has been the weapon of choice in the battle to impose PCism/socialism on America. Yet they no longer use the term “socialism,” but instead “progressivism”—what Queen Jezebel Hillary Clinton claims to be—a “progressive.” There are several terms that the left uses such as: “economic democracy” and “social justice.” The silly Church uses terms like: “the new way forward” and “emergent.”


This is what America’s first black/queer/ Pro Islam/progressive/one-worlder President has been spouting—and look at the god-awful mess we’ve got on our hands: Obamanation, Abomination. . . .a queer nation! Sell the dupes (called Americans) on CHANGE itself; if this doesn’t work, then force your way by Executive Order!! This has worked to make political pollution/pentagon pollution the law of the land: sadly a familiar genre in Biden’s Regime!


Yes We Can!” The Bible tells us in Romans 13 to be subject unto authorities, BUT, when those authorities themselves break God’s higher laws, we DO NOT HAVE TO OBEY THEM! When the state abandons its proper function—punishing the evil doers etc.—God does not expect us to obey laws that oppose His laws (see Acts 5:29; Daniel 3:16-18; 6:6-10 etc.)

The Apostle Peter, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, said, “. . .We ought to obey God rather than men.” (Acts 5:29). Think about it Mr./Mrs. Christian. The great question before us right now—with Biden in the “Pink House” (till Jan. 2024)—is not what is expedient, safe, pleasurable, or popular among men, but what is RIGHT in the sight of our Holy God? (see also Gal. 3:10).


Christians (so called) are slow to open their eyes to the cultural subversion/perversion. Both spiritual and political blindness have crippled this nation. . . demons working in plain sight and Americans can’t even see them. The silence of most churches has been “loud and clear.”

Why have Christians (so called) been so dilatory in the exercise of watching (like watchmen on the wall)? COLDNESS! Coldness towards God and His requirements. Sickening indeed. Blindness! False distinctions between what is sacred and what is secular (satanic). But will this be acceptable to God? NO!


Biblical Christianity has been the main target of these political/religious sickos for a long, long time. The Church has been in their sights, under pressure to sustain that optimism (to think PC/positively) and to REFRAIN from any word or action that condemns this nest of demons, create any doubts about the benevolent character of their “progress.”

To HELL with their “progress”! To HELL with effeminate pacifism, up with militant/radical/aggressive Christianity. To HELL with “unity in diversity.” Up with separation: “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing. . .” (2 Cor. 6:17. The “unclean” thing belongs to the unbelievers, unrighteous, darkness, the infidel, Belial, vv. 14, 15).


Oh, this darling is really deceiving. In this optimistic religion/political camp, so supportive of “progress/prosperity,” is found seeds of betrayal. In truth, a form of “moral idealism” (like all this Pink Stink abomination, unity in diversity BULL, endless warmongering blah, blah, blah) is a poisonous mixture of the satanic and (false) saintliness, just the right mixture to kill you.

Moral idealism is theologically a legalism only slightly concealed. Moral idealism (the religious Babylon Jesus type) allows its followers to congratulate that what they have is superior to that of mere Bible morality.

Funny, the word “ideal” never occurs in Scripture. Why? Because God’s Word never encourages such illusions about the SELF. In fact, the SELF is equated with SATAN. The Word of God tells us to humble, deny, even mortify the SELF. Selfesteem is not in any way Biblical. Yet this is what Pcism/Emergent Church bull teaches.

Sex perversion may be “idealistic” to the LGBTQ+ camp, but NOWHERE does the Bible support/honor such perversions.


The cross was (is) the product of human blindness and evil. Jesus, the Lamb of God, was crucified thereon. Sure, Jesus laid down His earthly life (for man’s salvation) but evil men crucified Him.

Today, there are rabid Caiaphases, Pilates (who under pressure, gave way to the evil Jews), even Judases, in Church, in politics. Actually, a nasty revolution may be in the making after Queen Jezebel Clinton was thrown down from her perch. This in no wise secures a peaceful reign for the President elect. Her rabid army of perverts are still out there.

Are you ready to contend for the faith? The cross may become a reality to some of you reading this. It is time to choose between following God and following god. Yes I know, most would be more comfortable with a civil religion that provides us with fancy (but FALSE) ideals about liberty and justice for all.


They are MAD as HELL! Bigotry and ethnic tensions are mounting. These dogs (See Deut. 23:18; Rev. 22:15) not only bark, but they bite! (It is a fact that some homos dying of HIV/AIDS literally bite people in order to infect them.) Pray for their Salvation.


It has been said that what makes radical politics go to war is the existence of an enemy who must be eliminated: Biblical Christians are the ENEMY of the far left. The Bible and prayer have long been a no-no in the nation. Sure, its OK to pray to Allah (Islam’s false god), but don’t mention Jesus’ name on gov. ground. It is OK to teach from Islam’s Qu’ran but don’t use the Bible on gov. ground. It is ok to have “Drag Queens” but do not allow the Christian to teach morality!

The Jezebel “spirit” must be broken over America (which political correctness is part of). Under this reign of terror—Bush 1 & 2, Clinton, Obama—POWER in their hands will not allow true justice to be realized. This reign of terror has been going on for decades now. Expect more TERROR to come.

The WAR is on! Join God’s militant/aggressive ranks . . . fight the good fight of faith, war a good warfare, “Endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ” (see 1 & 2 Timothy). God Speed. By: General James Green


(The following was posted on Facebook)

EXCLUSIVE: A group of Christian Trump voters were brutally beaten and wounded by a gang of several hundred Anti-Trump protesters Thursday night. The events unfolded at Holiday Park during one of the now infamous #NotMYPresident protests in Portland Oregon. The Anti-Trump protests have been sweeping the nation as of late and often entail large amounts of vandalism and physical violence. Moments after the attack, the Portland Police department officially declared the protest a riot. The small group of (3) Christian evangelicals, referring to themselves as the Hell Shaking Street Preachers, sustained several major and minor injuries, including head wounds (see picture below). The anarchists were said to be armed with a cache of different weapons including baseball bats, knives, and hand guns. One of the Christian protestors was thrown from a ledge and suffered major injuries including a fractured hand. Law enforcement officials have yet to announce any arrests being made for these crimes.

(The following report was sent to ACMTC)

Dear General Jim,

Thank you for the encouragement. It’s always a blessing to receive communication from the faithful family of saints. There are so few. Anyhow, the battle for souls continues abroad and on the home front. I just returned from a sortie to PHX where we preached non-stop for 4 days. Many were led to the Lord, but most rejected Him, and some were very violent, which led to assaults and several police interventions.

I was able to deliver a couple stacks of ammo in PHX before my departure. We suffered only a few bumps and bruises, but it’s all worth it for Jesus and attempting to snatch lost souls from the fire. Also, on elderly lady who was pierced by the preaching confessed her sin and pledged her life to Jesus recently as well, praise the Lord. We continue to get messages frequently on Facebook, YouTube, and social media from people coming to Jesus and being liberated from the bondage of sin. PRAISE GOD!

P.S. We’re investigating #pizzagate diligently through Militant Christian Media. If your team hasn’t looked into this (#pizzagate, Podesta, Spirit Cooking, Comet Ping Pong, Clinton Human Trafficking, James Alefantis, DC Elite Sex Ring) I suggest you do so. It’s in line with your publication “Pedophilia/Pedphiles Playground.” It’s right up your alley.

On the frontlines, exposing darkness and revealing Truth,

Sgt. Joe Justice