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Plundering HELL

to Populate HEAVEN!

General James Green, June 3, 2011


MOST CHRISTIAN BELIEVERS dislike the subject of HELL, although Jesus Himself spoke more about this awful place than He did HEAVEN. WE CANNOT MAGNIFY THE TRUE LOVE OF GOD BY MINIMIZING HIS HOLY WRATH AGAINST SIN. Some of the most tender pleadings in the Holy Bible are from Jesus’ warnings to the LOST sinners (and backslid people of Israel) in danger of being punished by the wrath of His Father. Therefore it is only in this context that salvation from HELL can be really understood and appreciated.

     My topic in this lesson is not HELL itself but salvation from it.

     WE HEAR it all the time from our very liberal, backslid, HELLBOUND churchfolks (especially from the Emergents), that we do not need to instill fear in the lost in order to get them saved. One minister writes: “The warnings have been sounded, and like many before me, I have been called ‘paranoid,’ ‘uptight,’ ‘reactionary,’ ‘close-minded,’ all for insisting that everything that claims to be ‘Christian’ or that is purported to be compatible with our faith must be tested and inspected under the unfailing microscope that is the Bible.” What this minister is referring to is the advancement of PAGANISM inside the Church. I’ve been crying out against this ever since I left the organized denomination (Pentecostal) in which I served from 1971-1977. Not that it was all that bad, but as I visited many denominations and ministries before we actually started this missionary corps, I (we—my wife and I) witnessed a blending of Christian faith with paganism. The Roman Catholic Church of course had been doing this for centuries already.

     BUT AS THE YEARS slipped on by, this synthesis grew larger and bolder—here we are today with same-sex marriage and every other sin, right in the Church.

     AS THE BIBLE doctrines grew less and less taught, the holy standards of Christian living/practice were lowered; HELL was one of those doctrines that was put before the liberal firing squad and was BLOWN AWAY! I’m not teaching on all this for I have 4 booklets in print and number 5 on the way. What I do want to say is that there is no way we can populate Heaven unless we plunder HELL.

     ABANDONING God’s clear and inspired Scriptures on this subject has build up the liberal inclusiveness, that is, the lost (as the Bible calls them) can get to heaven “their way” without the blood atonement of Jesus Christ. Even the so-called Evangelicals are now teaching this LIE! This will not go unnoticed by God, the author of eternal salvation. Is there such a thing as pagan Christians? That is oxymoronic, yet the feral teaches of this damnable recreant doctrine see nothing wrong with it. You might consider our free booklet Recreant Philosophers for a background on all this. Over a period of several decades this Emergent Church Movement (ECM) has come to symbolize a BLATANT APOSTATE RELIGION that claims to have replace authentic, genuine Biblical Christianity. All I can say is TO HELL with that! The ECM is from the pit of HELL— the very HELL they deny. But HELL will not be extinguished and all who are not with God will be with Satan, his demons, and all ungodly persons ETERNALLY!



IF MEN REFUSE to fear God (in reverence) they will be counted as the “fearful”—“But the FEARFUL, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have THEIR part in the lake which burneth with FIRE and BRIMSTONE...” (Rev. 21:8).

     MAKE NO MISTAKE: All those who lie, murder (the Truth!) disbelieve, and are abominable WILL BE CAST INTO THE LAKE of FIRE!

     TAKE WARNING: God is not mocked! When we mock and scoff the reality of HELL we will reap the same; God will mock us! All one has to do is read the ECMs writings: “Truth is relative; sin is sin if you believe it to be sin.” And for the EC folks, sin is not believing in their un-Biblical, anti-Christ, anti-God, anti-Christian, anti-Word BALONEY! These people are demonized. And God will judge them and punish them—count on this!


Happy Heretics?

THEY MAY SEEM to be happy but I can assure you, the ones who willfully abandoned Bible Truth for this EC LIE HAVE TORMENT. No one will get by when they willfully abandon Biblical authority and truth and redefine them in order to be “nice,” “loving” and “fair”—attempting to make their views “equal” with God’s Word.


Pagan Churchianity!

THIS IS WHAT WE’RE dealing with—a Socialistic, pagan religion that is ruled by religious demons. To these happy heretics, especially Brian McLaren, salvation is not about saving souls or populating Heaven, but about humans saving the planet. This religious pervert went so far as to say, “Jesus’ use of the phrase ‘the world’ was actually referring to the earth and not to lost humanity” (McLaren, Generous Orthodoxy, pp. 65-66). Here is a man who is not only BACKSLID! but is REPROBATE, APOSTATE! Romans one speaks of such persons.


“Anything Goes” Theology

THIS PRETTY WELL sums up the ECM’s theology....anything EXCEPT Biblical Truth. That is, “Truth” to these demonized folks is simply situational, not ABSOLUTE.

     The “love affair” between the ECM and paganism is a “passionate one.” I believe these folks would readily murder a brother/sister in the Christian faith because of this affair. It can be rightly stated that they (though not all) are character assassins. They could also be called “Churchianity Ecclesiastical Tyrants and Terrorists.”

     All one has to do is study their teachings/beliefs—their psychological and sociological unrealities—to see what I’m dealing with.


Memorize Proverbs 17:4

“AN EVILDOER listens to wicked lips, a liar pays attention to a destructive tongue.” Did you hear that? Why do so many listen to the EC LIARS? Because they have falsehood within them also.


Memorize Proverbs 12:17 Also

“HE WHO SPEAKS Truth tells what is right, but a false witness, deceit.” THE EC IS A CHURCH OF LIARS AND DECEIVERS. Truth in this context is a communicable attribute with God (i.e., something that we share with Him) and IF WE LOVE GOD, THEN WE HAVE TO LOVE HIS TRUTH (Jn. 4:24). Reverse this and we have the Emergent Church Movement.

     We cannot water down, degrade, or change God’s Truth to fit into our modern world, heavily influenced by ungodly philosophical presuppositions. NO! Let every man be a LIAR but God be TRUE.

     Don’t be fooled by all this “They are so sincere!” stuff. Satan is very sincere at working to take you to HELL forever. SINCERITY IS GOOD BUT CAN NEVER REPLACE BIBLICAL TRUTH. McLaren is sincere in his ruthless attacks on God’s Holy Word—sincerity does not prove one is right.


The Redefining Business

THIS IS WHAT the ECM is all about: REDEFINING God’s Word, His intentions, His purposes. The root, the core and heart of this evil movement is to “redefine sin” to “justify themselves.” Read their writings for yourselves and see if I’m misjudging them; read Proverbs 6:12-15 for your information. Note: “Calamity will come suddenly; instantly he (they) will be broken, and there will be no healing.” There is no healing for those who have crossed over the line—they shall PERISH!


Contemplative Spirituality

THOSE WHO review the EC’s teachings “see the connection between,” as the minister I mentioned beforehand writes, “New Age philosophy and the EC is exploration into experiential mysticism.” I can see why, because the Holy Spirit has vacated their lives so they must seek “spiritual” from the world. Even the occult is used, cloaked in “Christian terminologies” of course. Seeking spiritual experiences will lead one down the “Yellow Brick Road” to HELL if one departs from the Christian faith. Does this upset you? It ought to. I believe in spiritual experiences as long as they are within godliness.


Without God?

“RELIGIOUS” MEN in this generation run here, run there, looking for utopia....without God and without His Holy Spirit and without His Holy Word and without Jesus Christ the Lord of Glory. What these “seekers” will find is DECEIT, DELUSION, and DEVILS! Apart from the Father, Son, Holy Ghost (Spirit), one will merely build his/her utopias upon sinking, stinking, sand; THOSE WHO BUILD UPON THE ROCK OF AGES, THIS UTOPIA WILL STAND FOREVER, FOR ITS BUILDER AND MAKER IS THE GOD OF HEAVEN.


Assimilation — Elimination

EITHER WE ACCEPT God’s ONE and ONLY WAY (Jn. 14:6) and be assimilated into His many-membered body (of Christ), or we will be “cut off” (see Matt. 3:10; 7:17-19 etc.), eliminated from God’s presence forever.

     All this EC junk reeks of falsehoods, ROTTENNESS! EITHER WE TURN FROM SIN AND TURN TO GOD IN REPENTANCE, OR WE, YOU, THEY WILL END UP IN HELL FOREVER. I realize that is not “Emergent-Church Correct” nor “Politically Correct,” but it is BIBLICALLY CORRECT.


The Bible

IT WAS ASKED, “Is the Holy Bible man’s guide?” An EC spokesman answered thus: “The Bible is a very holy and sacred book.....one can make the Bible say anything she or he wants it to.....an accurate guideline to assist you in your interpretation is to ask yourself for the meaning.....” (Rev. Duke Tufty responding to the Kansas City Star in 1998).

     What about seeking The Holy Ghost for interpretation of God’s Word? Doesn’t the Bible tell us that the Spirit IS our Leader/Guide/Truth? Yes! Why ask ourselves? Tufty actually let us know how the ECites get all their funny ideas out of the Bible—they use eisegesis, not exegesis.


“All Paths Lead to God!”

REALLY? This is new to me! But this is oh, so true to the ECites. Again, Tufty was asked about the relationship of UNITY with other religious books, like the bloody/militant Islamic Qur’an, the Jewish Torah (which we use, but points us towards Jesus Christ’s eternal Kingdom, the very thing the Jews reject!), the Bhagavad-Gita (that “holy” book of Hinduism, which is demonic—Hindus hold to over 360 million gods!), the Tao, the Dhammapada, etc. Tufty believes “....Each holy book provides a uniquely different spiritual path, but ALL PATHS move in the same direction and have an identical destination.” HA! What a LIE! This, dear ones, is the stupid mind-set of the ECM. The only truth Tufty spoke is that ALL PATHS do lead to God...BUT ONLY FOR JUDGMENT!!—for ALL must give an account to Him for what they did and did not do. YET THE BIBLE NEVER SPEAKS OF SUCH A THING AS ALL HAVE THE SAME DESTINATION: JESUS STATES THAT NATIONS/INDIVIDUALS THAT DO NOT KNOW GOD WILL BE CAST INTO HELL. Jesus states this. There is no other way one can interpret His Words. The goats and sheep are separated; the bad and good fish are separated; the fruitful and unfruitful are separated; the wheat and tares are separated. These EC liars know what the Bible—the Holy Bible mind you—says on this matter.

     What these liars teach is Universalism, which the Bible in no wise teaches. I have already written about all this.

     “UNIVERSAL RECONCILIATION” IS FROM SATAN, NOT GOD. This can be, if you permit me to use the word, “annihilated.” This sounds good to those who make it in, but it certainly is not Biblical. I challenge anyone to prove it to me.


What’s The Problem?

REBELLION! This is their problem. They do not want to go God’s Way. Frankly, these ECites make up their own religious rules and doctrines. These petulant, misotheists, flagitious ECites make up their own “heaven”/“hell”, how nice of them. These perverts scoff at those of us who are concerned with the state of the lost. True, we are concerned. God is concerned. Seeking compassion for those lost souls whom Jesus died for should be top priority for the redeemed, not feeling sorry for their earthly state. A bleeding heart of liberals/apostates will never cover their sins—THE BLEEDING BODY AND BROKEN HEART OF CHRIST HAS ALREADY PAID THE PRICE OF REDEMPTION—JUST ACCEPT IT. Unless one completely changes God’s Word, it still requires REPENTANCE OF THE SINNER AND WALKING UPRIGHTLY FOR THE REDEEMED.