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Propagation of an Epidemic

General James Green, Sept. 19, 2011


YOU KNOW, THERE IS A VERSE in Psalms which reads thus: “Their eyes stand out (pooched out) with fatness, they have more than heart could wish, and the imaginations of their minds overflow (with follies)”—Ps. 73:7.

This Psalm deals with the man, his confidence in his God was firmly established ONLY AFTER his experience of life had almost cost him his faith.

     What was that experience that almost cost this man his faith? The chief culprit was “I was envious at the foolish, when I saw the prosperity of the wicked” (v. 3). Ah! This demon has literally ruined millions of believers—multitudes in the world (non-Christian) are also VEXED by this demon to their ruin also. (You might want to look up Ps. 17:14; 37:1, 35; 92:7; Job 12:6; 21:7; Eccl. 8:14; Jer. 12:1-3; Hab. 1:13; Mal. 3:15.)

     Scripture warns us, urges us not to be envious of the wicked (see also Prov. 3:31; 23:17; 24:1, 19).


The Epidemic

STUFF and THINGS—THIS IS AMERICA’S EPIDEMIC, for both the “Christian” and non-Christian. You know, the Puritans of yesterday found it necessary to FLEE from the proud, greedy, envious Churchmen, who, in their day, had falsified true, genuine, authentic Christianity by their moral defections; the Puritans talked much of their contemporary 7 deadly sins in the effort to sensitize moral obtuseness: greed, gluttony, pride, anger, lust, envy, and sloth. HA! The modern Church of today literally embraces these 7 sins PLUS dozens of others!

     These sins were not exclusively the pitfalls of the opulent; a pauper (bum of today) could indulge them all, save perhaps gluttony (but even this sin is bypassed with all the “Bleeding Hearts Feeding Programs”). One pastor once said, “Anyone consistently abjuring them (7 sins) would have been regarded as an aberrant specimen of the privileged class, and not seldom was indulgence adduced by an insolent profligate to prove God's favor.”


Antedated Puritanism

THIS TAKES US BACK some 25 centuries, Ps. 73 describes (in sarcastic phrases) the 7 deadly sins of his day—pride, violence, gluttony, wanton folly, humorless malice, boasting, and arrogant impiety, vv. 6-9.

     Is it any wonder that God is ANGRY with America for propagating this epidemic of selfishness?


The Solution to the Pollution

ONE REVOLUTIONARY HAS WRITTEN: “A revolutionary movement does not expand by contamination but by resonance. Something emerging here resonates with the shockwave emitted by something emerging out there” (Alain Badiour Le Monde). Well, Churchianity’s revolution against God's Word/Will/Way breaks all rules! Churchianity, i.e., men using God's/Jesus’ name, but doing their own thing, their own way, has contaminated and continues to contaminate any and all who are STUPID enough to listen to and obey the resonance of their worldliness.


Prospering in the World

WHOLE MINISTRIES HAVE BEEN IMPREGNATED by demon seed (described in 1 John 2:15, 16: #1—“Lust of the flesh (craving for sensual gratification); #2—“lust of the eyes” (greedy longing of the mind) and #3—“pride of life” (assurance in one’s own resources or in the stability of earthly / worldly things). Verse 12 (Psa. 73) describes those who prosper in the world / increase in riches.

     There is little, if NO moral revulsion among Church folks today. The composite portrait of Ps. 73 and 1 Jn. 2 is there…giving WARNING, dear one, these sins establish false moral standards. Will we, like the psalmist, confess our private, hidden sins? The psalmist confesses, “So foolish was I, and ignorant: I was as a beast before thee” (v. 22); Giving himself over to his base / beastly nature, his flesh and heart failed him (v. 26).

     Of course “sucking after the world” opens us a myriad of new possibilities, which is otherwise closed because of God's prohibitions. But, you see, these prohibitions are for our health, spiritually, mentally, and physically.


Good Management?

SINCE WHEN ARE WE, who rely upon and believe in God, look to the world for our welfare? Psalm 73:18 tells us that God “didst set them (the world’s people) in slippery places: thou castedst them down into destruction”. Well, now, take your pick—God or the world. The psalmist, against this panorama of history, became aware, perhaps as never before, of the fleeting characters of human achievements (get rich etc.) and especially of the success of all the world’s people. Why does the Church of America COPY the world? How much longer will the silly Church follow the “masters” of the world, heeding “good management” and “behavior”? How long will the Church continue in its slobbering love affair with “democracy” and not with “theocracy.” Given the miserable political combustible situation that America is experiencing, isn’t it obvious that America/Americans are under God's judgment? Yes Sir! The “Christians” have become humiliatingly the vassals of Political Correctness. Has the Church lost the centrality of the Christ, the Cross? Yes Sir!


Bye! Bye!

TODAY BOTH CHURCH and State are disintegrating. Although they appear to be chic, they are bilious, querulous, depraved, reticent to change their ways. Materialism REIGNS SUPREME…peoples are imprisoned by their lust for “stuff and things”…America has become a land of LOSS of SOUL, where the masses violate God's laws and principles every second…drifting here and there without deeper norms and higher values…a desolate land…a land of loss of love and true feelings, where carnal appetites are the norm, and the people fall victim to every lust known to man. No dignity, no destiny, a land with a value system based on the 7 deadly sins, a land where you “do unto others before they do it unto you”! Selfishness rules…people aggressively exploit each other…a land of spiritual alienation and LOSS of God…a land of adultery and idolatry…a land of sex-perverts (of the “pink” camp), with no sorrow for spreading STDs / HIV / AIDS / etc., in fact, finding it honorable to do so. Poor souls!


Draw Near to God

The psalmist states, “It is good for me to draw near to God” (v. 28), if only America would come to this conclusion. The barbarianism would take a back seat.



THIS SIN HAS BECOME American FETISH—the worship of “stuff and things”. Has America (and the world in general) forgot what it means to be human, created in God's image? Yes sir! Americans have no clue to who and what they are…what they are supposed to do. Human life is no longer a value, but a vacuum…a place for demons to roost, fornicate, and produce bastards. The American way of life has become a road leading nowhere but to HELL!



WE COULD SAY THAT AMERICA has created her very own apocalypse…sinking into the stinking abyss of its very own making.

     From the beginning of time men have feared the “A” word. Today there are dozens to choose from, some real, some imagined. But no matter, the REAL will finally come, judgment day will arrive. Are you ready? .PROBABLY NOT

     The end of the world? Yes, this will eventually come to pass—but your END could come at any moment. Are you prepared to meet God? PROBABLY NOT. Don’t be fooled by all these current catastrophic buzz words. We are living in the END TIMES but no one really knows when the world will end. I don’t!

     People “out there” fear ecocide and genocide, but refuse to fear God. For those of us who know and believe in God, we can identify with Ps. 73:26: “My flesh and my heart faileth: but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion forever.” This is the antithesis of today’s world—they trust in governments of men. Poor souls!

     Verse 26 is a fair exchange for the enervating and ephemeral portion of those who wore “violence…as a garment” (v. 6).


Possessed by our Possessions

PSALM 73 DEALS WITH AN OLD PROBLEM. The things we possess are a part of the life we live. Very easily they can become the WHOLE of the life we live. The old saying “Take the Cash, and let the Credit go” applied to modern America. This is frighteningly plausible for all who lust for the things of the world. This nation has a preoccupation with the occupation of getting “stuff and things”, which dulls the edge of one’s moral sense, blinds one to the values that truly satisfy, and confuses one’s ideas about God's Will, ways, and Word.


Here Begins Elsewhere

AMERICA HAS NOT ONLY SOLD ITS SOUL for fame and fortune, it has exported the same; what began here has been transported elsewhere. Not that other nations haven't these same sins, but America has put the “shine” on things.

     The verse I quoted at the beginning, “Their eyes swell out with fatness” (RSV), reminds me of the opulent excess of fat, obesity so widespread in our society—too much, too much! Food-Food-Food. Eat-eat-eat. Ads-ads-ads…in magazines, on TV, on billboards, in newspapers, on online, on radio, etc. This compulsive consumerist society truly is sickening. Consume - consume - consume. The opulent / obesity cult! Lavish fatness is worshiped. The advertising system LOVES it. The manufactures love it. The consumers love it! From the kind of shoes / clothes one wears to the amount of food one eats, America has become a CULTure, a way-of-life, a habit, a behavior…called “the good life”…and this “good life” is KILLING the masses. The sicknesses / diseases connected with food and drink (not to mention legalized drugs) makes the medical system RICH!! But to mention (as we dare do!) lowering the standard of living or reducing consumption, get ready for World War III.

     Gadgetry has become another obsession—the latest “thing” from China / Japan / Germany (forget America)—buy-buy-buy. The bombastic and persistent advertising for “stuff and things” never ends. But, you see, advertising is an essential religion in the “infernal neoliberal / capitalist spiral of ever increasing, ever expanding production / consumption / accumulation—that spiral that is driving the degradation, increasing at a geometric role, of the environment—degradation that leads us by means of climate change, to a catastrophe without precedent in human history” (excerpted from Advertising is a Serious Health Threat). What do you think, Americans?


Where Are We?

FOR SURE, WE ARE IN A TIME OF GOD'S DISPLEASURE; His blessings, by and large, are no longer upon this nation. We definitely are at the threshold of a new epoch. God is waiting to see which way America responds to His chastisements. The economic turbulence is troubling to many, but it is all for our good. Stuff and things are killing us.

     The new epoch, which some believe to be that of globalization into a One World Government, will make or break nations. One thing is true, if America refuses to repent and turn away from the many sins that God detests (sodomy being one of them), He may allow this nation to be ruled by a less-than-loving power. Independent nations / nation-states will be swallowed up forever. All this HFT (high frequency trading), where black pools of $$ roam the financial ecosystem looking for “quick kills”, will fall into the hands of less-than-lovable peoples. Money begets money, the same way sin begets sin (self-evident).


Same ol’ SH T?

SOME THINK SO. But let’s not forget that it is God who is in charge, even though He allows men to rule. Some things will come to an end (what about all these civilizations dug up? Who were they, where did they go and why? Some peoples discovered buried under the earth have never yet been identified—but God knew who they were and why they disappeared.


Great America

YES! WE’VE ALL GROWN UP HEARING THIS. Still America is great—IN SINFULNESS! One disgruntled writer has this to say: “At this historic moment, as climate-change-induced resource wars appear imminent and spontaneous revolutionary fervor is erupting around the world, it would be good for the people of America, and those who want to be America, to do a bit of soul searching. It would be wise to take this opportunity to ask some fundamental questions about US foreign policy which are continually ignored. Why do we maintain an all-but-irreversible worldwide system of over 1,000 military bases, stations and outposts? Why do our troops serve on the soil of 175 of the 192 member states of the United Nations? And why, at a time when our national debt is spiraling ominously out of control, are we spending more on our military than all the rest of the nations of the world combined?

     Of course, the deeper psychological question at the heart of all this is: What are we so afraid of? Why are we trying so hard to control everything? Why can’t we relax and be less fearful of the other?

     And then, finally, there is this inspiring and uplifting question to ponder: Can we rediscover our ideals as a nation and learn once again how to cast that magical soft-power spell which so enthralled most of humanity in the decades after World War II?”


Connect the Dots, Stupid!

IN HIS BOOK, Atomised, French writer Michel Houellebecq used a metaphor from quantum physics to describe people as being either “waves”—movements outside of themselves—or “particles,” where the same isolation that makes them “free” makes them “apathetic” and “lonely” and unable to form connections. In commenting on Houellebecq’s metaphor, Brett Stevens (Can Life Prevail?) wrote: “In our time it is not only unfashionable but inconceivable to think outside of the method of preserving individual autonomy. We worship ‘freedom’—a negative definition focused not on what we can do but on what we cannot be obligated to do. Our civilization understands itself not as a product of history and maker of future history but as a facilitation—like a big shopping mall with a legal system—of individuals doing what pleases them so long as they do not interrupt others doing the same and disturb the peace.

     This condition has not made us happy. While we agree that liberty, equality, fraternity and open economies are noble methods, the goal of these—having a better civilization and individual lives—has not manifested itself through these methods. By basing our ideal on freedom, we have closed ourselves off to obligations outside of ourselves, which coincidentally are the things that make us feel most alive. We are prisoners of the self and it is no surprise we act selfishly as a result.”


Natural / Spiritual

AMERICA, FAT, YET LEAN! She and her children have grown fat and nasty, yet lean and starved for lack of genuine spiritual food. The non-Christians feed on junk food and filth, transcending previous generations. The Church feeds on happy and holy junk foods, spiritual Twinkies and cotton candy sermonettes.

     Actually, you can’t distinguish between the holy and unholy—all act like animals…pigs at the trough, slurping up the slop with relish, “Um, good!”.

     The Chaldee reads: “Their countenance is changed because of fatness. They have more than heart could wish” (Ps. 73:7). By fatness, or corpulence, the natural lines of the face are changed, or rather obliterated—“fat is where it’s at!”. Working on hog farms growing up, Americans remind me of what I saw, hogs, sows, piglets eating till they lie down. Another trait was to eat one another. It was food, you know.

     Verse 8 says: “They are corrupt, and speak wickedly…” Americans have become obsessed with vulgar language, the “F” word most loved.

     What caused America to abandon godliness? (—At least she KNEW about it. The Bible once was read and taught in schools, in government, at home, etc. Now, one can be jailed for this in certain places.) Revolution, dear ones, revolution. Revolution against the decent, not the decadent. This is not new, it was in the days of ancient Israel. Jeremiah 6:28 tells us “They (backslidden Israel) are all the worst kind of rebels and utter revolters against God…they are all corrupters.”

     The psalmist says that “...they (the wicked) set their mouth against the heavens, and their tongue walketh through the earth” (Ps. 73:9). The wicked (either non-Christian or backslidden Christian) blaspheme God, ridicule His will, His way, His Word. They traduce the memory of the just in heaven, and ridicule the saints that are upon earth. They criticize every dispensation of God. Hear them now curse God for the judgments He brings. Hear them rant and rave continually.

     Americans have become professional at mocking God and His Word. These spoiled super-consumers aren’t used to going without. No way! They want the Biggest-Best-Most NOW!! All these secular and religious whores have dined sumptuously on foie gras and truffles while millions eat one meager meal a day (maybe not even this; for I have been in nations where starvation is all too common).


Let It Be Known

SOUND OFF: “A cabal of greedy bastards has turned America, the pioneer of modern democracy, into a corporatocracy where a handful of non-human megacorps own our government, political parties, courts, schools and media. The opulent one-percent are sucking us dry even as they push us, debt-ridden and redundant, over the precipice. Only an insurrection against their monied despotism can save us now” (taken from Adbusters).

     Once-upon-a-time I believed that kind of rant to be coming from a crazed commie, but the truth is, it is the truth.

     America has become CRIMINAL and the Church is a bed partner. Seditious, treasonous, America is due for a REVOLUTION. Religious hypocrites and secular plutocrats are, in reality, bleeding America dry and driving her to an early grave. I wish I didn't have to write this, for that makes me sound like a raving commie. Well, too bad, it is nevertheless the TRUTH of the matter.

     Is it really illegal and unrighteous to “rebel against Hell”? Well, from these agents of destruction, masking their mischief, yes!

     Friends, years ago I personally broke with Americanism, the “God and Country” baloney that uses and abuses both young and old for whatever. I became, may I use the word “reckless”? for God and Jesus. Since when are we to WORSHIP any nation? NEVER! And since when did God set America us as THE SUPREME government…all lesser nations to fall prostrate in her presence?


Bribes and Not Bibles

THIS IS THE NAME OF THE GAME TODAY. Just about every popular preacher and every politician in power today accepts bribes. We know of preachers who have gone to witchdoctors, sold their souls to Satan for power and money—they enjoy both…for now! We as Christians should never grovel before such people. These “lords” may have power and money, but they DO NOT HAVE SALVATION.

     It is undeniable that America is WHOLLY CORRUPT. Being a friend to such a nation is hazardous to one’s spiritual health. The Bible tells us NOT to LOVE the world, nor the things in and of the world. Tell me why that 90 percent (I dare guess) of the professing Church of America does this? Being a “partner” to such villainy displeases our Lord Christ. The nefarious hypocrisy, the malevolent workings of darkness are odious indeed. Yet, Americans, for the most part, trust their religious leaders, their political leaders, and still believe that America is the home of God. Just give them “stuff and things” and everything will be okay.


Headlong to Destruction

PEOPLE COMPLAIN THAT I AM JUST TOO NEGATIVE. Well, maybe so, but what I write is true nevertheless. When we wrote about the whole hidden agenda of the Homosexual Movement in the 1980s, complaints were shot at us like missiles. We stated back then that the day would come for same-sex marriages, and queer church leaders would not only occupy positions of ecclesiastical authority, but they would push for equal rights, push for transgenderism, push for silencing their opposition...and so on. WAS I RIGHT OR NOT?!

     As rampant consumerism increased so has homosexuality (GLBTQ rights). While the mammon worshipers sold their souls to the lust of money, America has sold her soul to keep souls out of heaven at all costs.

     “The cancerous growth of capitalism will not end until all life on Earth is extinct”, commented one author/ editor. Well, Capitalism is not evil in itself, it’s who uses it and for what reasons. Money, the Bible says, is not evil, but the LOVE of money is the root of all evils.


The Moral of the Story

THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS THIS: A different world is possible, beyond capitalist reification, commodity fetishism, sexing ourselves to death, eating ourselves to death, lying our way into the very flames of hell fire. REPENTANCE! We need a religious and political moral turn around NOW!

     Americans must do more than eat-tweet-and retreat! Turning off the T.V./ computer for an hour, a day is not enough. We must give our lives TOTALLY and WHOLLY back to Christ. This despotic empire called “America” will not get better until the peoples get better. We need to find solace in God's higher law. The American idols we so love and worship, the ones Americans themselves enshrined must be crashed. Idolatry and adultery grieves God, therefore His Word grants us the right to revolt. Too long this nation has revolted against God, it is past time for all this to change. His Word puts us under obligation to ACT. Read His Word, see if He is pleased with a whorish nation, with rebellious bastards. It is time to rid ourselves of the idols, adulteries, the SINS, the parasites that occupy our time and energies.

     The acquisition of “stuff and things” must give way to the acquisition of HIGH AND HOLY THINGS. This is the beginning, the middle and the end of revolution.


[Study material has been adapted from its original sources.]