Part 1

Gen. James Green

E XPAND YOUR THINKING! Stop believing what the media and politicians (and even most preachers!) tell you. We’ve all been fed a pack of LIES—from pre-school, all the way to the grave—that America is GOOD, and all other nations are BAD. Those BAD GUYS need to be ERASED, and so, the harbinger of DOOM repeats itself over and over.

Anti-Christ is working overtime—the pay is great! This “spirit” of lawlessness was written about centuries ago: “…it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even NOW are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time” (1 Jn. 2:18). Antichrists rule the world today. It is THEY who make war against Christ, His Word, and HIS people. Not only are they in the world, but in the churches (these are “professors” of the faith who love the world, and its sinful pleasures, and DISTORT the Gospel of Christ, and its message of the Cross—placing themselves against Christ and His righteousness). The same holds true for political/humanist/secular anti-Christs. These political demons put on like they CARE for the peoples of this nation (USA) but in reality, have slavery, and even death!, in store for them. USEFUL IDIOTS!

America has a disease. It is called “Super-power-itis.” The “BLACK government,” is aka, “Secret Society,” and “Phantom Government.” “This historical curiosity is interesting because it offers an indication of the occult influences which surrounded the foundation of America and its development into a superpower,” writes historian Michael Howard in his “The Occult Conspiracy” (1989). The same line of thinking is stated by American occultist and writer, Manly Palmer Hall. Well, I’m not a historian, but there is NO DOUBT in my mind that the occult has played, and is playing, a great part in both politics and religion here in America. Secret societies and occult groups (guardians of ancient esoteric wisdom), have had, and still continue to exercise ,a strong and crucial influence on the destiny of nations—especially the USA.

But this in no wise puts God outside of things. NO! He knows ALL, He rules ALL (by this I do not suggest that He is part of the EVIL, He merely oversees ALL historical events).

I now read from one of God’s faithful Prophets—Jeremiah—who penned cpt. 50:25: “The Lord has opened His armory and has brought forth [the nations who unknowingly are] the weapons of His indignation and wrath, for the Lord God of hosts has work to do in the land…” The same also applies to His goodness.

When God wants to USE any nation, for any cause, He will!...even when nations/leaders are not aware that they are being used. But, don’t think that nations will not pay for their evil deeds. God only uses what is there. He, in no way, promotes evil; He uses what is already there. And payback (or blowback) may take years to come. This is the deceit of America: she thinks she will not give an account for her many “evils,” both at home and abroad.

The term “blowback,” was first invented by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for their own internal use. It refers to the unintended consequences of American policies. In other words, what America does may come back upon her. America’s imperialism (oh, let’s not use this word!), and her zeal to spread “Democracy” equals:

= expended EMPIRE

= projecting military power to every part of the world, and

= using American capital and markets to force global economic integration on its own terms.

We Americans are so used to hearing that the BAD nations must be brought in line (by US of course!!), so as the nation(s) may have “Democracy” we do. HA! America is a DICTATORSHIP!...maybe a soft kind, nevertheless, a real one. “The people” rule nothing!!...the government rules it all!!

The thought of demobilizing before our bills come due (—Trillions, with a capital “T”), is a real delusion.



HOW HAS it come to this? I mean, with soooo many “Christians,” and sooo many churches here in America? Simple: they have fallen asleep on guard duty. While the church went a whoring after the “good life,” the “Elitist Theory of Democracy” began to be preached LOUD and CLEAR…by the many antichrists. Of course this “theory” appeals to both Christian, and non-Christian—free speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion blah, blah, blah—the propaganda (can I use the “B” word here?—BRAINWASHING) tickled the fanny and fancy of all Americans: we are an “ELITE Nation,” let’s fight to keep it free, and at the same time, let us expand➔➔

This is pure unadulterated HOG POOP! This is nothing but the concept of psychological WARfare by the “shadow government,” and their “handlers,” using the President as a puppet in public, no matter what their idiosyncrasy (peculiar to an individual) make up is.

* Billy Boy (“Slick Willie”) Clinton’s thing was the opposite sex;

* the Bush’s was power/money;

* “pink darling” Obama’s thing is the SAME-SEX!

...Nevertheless, presidents work for the ELITE— with all their abysmally sick and psycho agendas.

Some of the best minds have been employed by the “E”: Lippmanns, Bernays, Lees, and even some of the “Founding Fathers.”



WELL, YES, for the invaded, but profit for the “E;” to them, it is Heaven on earth. Pushing this “Patriotic Idealism” off as “GODLY” is the height of evil. The BIG PUSH for this BIG LIE must be convincing in order to get the masses to support the imperialist aggressions worldwide. No matter how many die in the process (U.S. or other), “Democracy” must be the bait.

Not that our military is not courageous, they are, but I find it a SIN to use their willing souls to fight for the “rich men/ women” of the world—to get richer…and to kill innocent peoples in the process.

And with the present “psycho” as president, America’s policy now includes the spreading of universal abortion/homosexuality. Hey, you who don the uniform are NOT fighting for “God and Country,” you are fighting for “god and wealth.” While the carnage has mounted up over the years, what has America done to alleviate the pain, the loss, or the insanity?

This psywar on the American people has DISTORTED perceptions (which are crafted [like witchcraft] and maintained) and values. one for Those who craft this BLACK psyop are, I believe, mentally insane or another. The mis/disinformation campaigns that are deliberately misreported by another arm of this psycho-monster, have changed the way we view and perceive things.

In this nasty army of psychos are trained “information warriors and perception managers.” They:

~ orchestrate crises,

~ sell the lie, or lies, to the American public (like 9/11 etc.),

~ get anger at boiling point,

~ send in the “dupped troops” to do their (the “Elite’s”) DIRTY WORK (for Zionist Jews and many others).

The acumen and hubris of these sick people knows no bounds. Killing in the name of WHATEVER does not bother them.

Sadly, the patriotic church has been complicit in all this warmongering and sodomizing. Better REPENT church folks. This synergy—the shadow government, public relation firms, corporate media, military psyops, and church meddling, is going to cause ONE Hell of A BLOWBACK! Get ready!


Perception Management

BY THOSE who study such things, Perception Management is steeped in class warfare. The exploitation of WHOEVER by the rich and powerful is all too common. But to really be effective, the Elite prefers secrecy. Doesn’t the devil love darkness? He is the “prince of darkness” (Jn. 12:31; 14:30; 16:11; Eph. 2:2, etc). These plutocrats are the agents of Satan (the Rockefellers played a large part in America from the beginning).



Charity can be exploitative: give a little, get much back. In fact, the whole American system is exploitative. This is why when America needs to flex its military muscles...they always appeal to the church who is known for the “love and God and Country.” They give men and money freely. Better wake up church, you are supporting antichrists/the Anti-Christ.

Since war is repugnant to most believers, the psywar uses the “National Security” thing to brainwash the people: “Keep America Free; keep man and family safe—go to WAR against the tyrants and dictators.” It’s all about mindset and ideology by planting FALSE atrocity stories (like 9/11 etc.), stoking up FEAR/RAGE in the citizens, and calling on them to FIGHT for good ol’ democracy (which America does not possess).


Here is a case-in-point:

“THE PROPAGANDIST firm of Hill and Knowlton arranged an infamous staged op as a prelude to an assault against Iraq. A teenage girl, Nasriyah, cried crocodile tears and lied about babies being ripped from incubators by Iraqi soldiers. The false story moved American sentiment to back military action against Iraqi soldiers in Kuwait.” (This was before 9/11, I still have this on film).

Patriotism is the much-needed sentiment relied upon by most governments to attain their END against foes. Scott Noble’s film “Human Resources” goes into the aspect of psywar. Noble states that the unity among humans is thwarted by a state which uses “war” to accumulate power, and by corporations, to gain enormous fortunes. Money-honey, is the name of the game.


We The People

BY HOOK, OR BY CROOK, the American people are the target. “We the people” psywar elucidates on how people are pawns in a system set up in favor of the wealthy. This is a profitable slave system; “We the people” are the slaves.

Of course most Americans don’t perceive this. This is the whole point—to keep us blind to these facts.

One professor of critical Globalization Studies points out that we live in polyarchy: “a system of ELITE RULE.” Chomsky tells us that James Madison (framer of the U.S. Constitution [4th president]) designed it to protect the opulent from the majority. There is a lot that we don’t know about our “system.”

I, for one, believed in it most of my life (up until I was in the U.S. Army and Reserve for some years). But, I began to see a crack in the whole thing. God opened my eyes as He began to reveal to me the “real America,” not the “fake America” that I had grown up in.

There is an old saying: “You need poverty. Poverty is needed if you are gonna have wealth.” The brainwash job that Democracy and Capitalism are mutually exclusive is all part of the media’s relentless propaganda that upholds capitalism.



WE’VE ALL HEARD this saying. Well, it is basically true—at least in this subject matter. Knowledge is requisite to FIGHT propaganda and mis/disinformation. The world must deal with this menace; the church must also face it...hence this article.

Public opinion is important, at least in the world’s sphere. If it were not, then there would be no need for “perception management” (or “thought police”). It is the incessant/consistent/persistent propaganda and disinformation that creates a perception of reality. So, dear ones, when the Christian army went AWOL, we left the field of battle to the antichrists. ARE WE REALLY SURPRISED THAT CLASS, RACE, GENDER, AND RESOURCES ARE EXPLOITED TO MAKE THE WEALTHY AND POWERFUL MORE WEALTHIER AND MORE POWERFUL?

It is a shame, for believers in Christ are used by psychos. Someone is not awake. We can read a trove of information about all of this, but we’ve got to take ACTION to REVOLUTION. Not only is America infected with psyops/blackops, the sucking tentacles of espionage agencies have literally permeated foreign governments. Actually, America has become a huge I-spy-Eye. Their aim, or M.O.S., is to gather information and use it against nations (in a nice way of course!). But, if nations don’t like it, well, they can either go to Hell, or go to war against U.S. hybrid plutocracy. We have this dynamic duo (the shadow government, and the visible government) in place. It is stated by former CIA men that our rulers play a dangerous game when they grant significant influence to “spy” agencies. Two decades after the Constitutional Convention, an American Congressman warned: “If a system of espionage is established, the country will swarm with informers, spies, and all the odious reptile tribe that breeds in the sunshine of despotic power.”

TRUE! Remember, in the last few years, the U.S. government has wanted the American mass to SPY ON EACH OTHER. But, bigger than this, the U.S. government is SPYING on you, and I. There is an article in a religious magazine called: “Be nice. They’re listening (and taking notes).” It is no secret that the federal government has been, and still is, monitoring our every move—recording every phone conversation, reading e-mails, befriending us on Facebook etc...

Is there a way to effectively reduce the risk of governmental scrutiny? Yes! Shut up! But, since I have zero to hide, I’ll continue to blow the whistle.

“Big Brother” was feared even back when I was a hippie (in California). Big Brother was just about everywhere during the Vietnam protest days. But today, with the National Security Agency (NSA), spying has intensified. Even your psycho/homo prez, Obama, defended the NSA’s eavesdropping. He really did not like the “leaks,” nor the “leakers,” but ‘spying is necessary for a safer America.’ I haven’t noticed.

As the “man” infiltrated the institutions of American society, and government itself, this modus operandi is now so successful that the males don’t have to disguise themselves as much. They just claim to be “counter-terrorists” and we just smile real big and say “God Bless!” But one small problem, dear Christian, the U.S. government has classified the “Christians” as a “terrorists.”


“A Big ‘Thank You’ Big Brother”

IN WILLIAM Burrough’s “Naked Lunch,” he is quoted; “A bureau takes root anywhere in the state, turns malignant like the Narcotic Bureau, and grows and grows, always reproducing more of its own kind, until it chokes the host if not controlled or excised.” We here at ACMTC are very familiar with such things. You could say, “We learned the hard way.”


Oh, NO!!!

AFTER YEARS of study, I found out, with grief and dismay, that the U.S. was never intended to be a “Democracy”—it was designed as a “Plutocracy” (political system governed by the wealthy). While Capitalism has made many rich personally, it is the government of the rich that runs America (and the world—world bankers etc.). It is this satanic group of people who design and control world events (with God’s ever-seeing eye). Let us never forget that even our Bible speaks of evil rulers and conspiracies (write for our free magazines).

His Word speaks of evil world powers that were used for and by God unbeknownst to them.

If one was to get hold of National Security Counsel documents, one would find, without question, that illegal CIA operations include:

murders,                         assassinations,

sabotage,                        demolition,

theft,                                subversion,

torture,                            fraud,

drug-smuggling,             etc…


...all “fixed” so that the U.S. government can plausibly disclaim any personal responsibility. But, as God once told me, these agents of satan are only men, and men make mistakes: therefore, in some cases, plausible deniability is not plausible. On a very large scale, the 9/11 charade to get America deeper into the Middle East, has so many black holes in the story that a 9 year old can see through it (write for our 9/11 Disc).

There is a fine line between any given order, and the operation itself. Both try hard to keep them separate. In reality, neither part wants to be caught with the “smoking gun” or “paper trail.” Officials who write out “orders,” and agents who act on those orders, like to keep things separate. What history shows, at least up until today, is that there are mechanisms of keeping individuals in the dark, even those who participate in any given operation. The order comes from ???, put into a BLACK BOX, so if push comes to shove, the actor never really knows the designer. It is rightly pointed out that in the Manhattan Project (MP—the construction effort responsible for producing the deadly atomic bomb), 130,000 workers knew nothing about the END GOAL, save a small handful. The majority was kept out of the loop.


War Fever

AFTER STARTING this article, I received the following article (in a Catholic magazine). I was trying to relate to my wife how propaganda works, so I read the following quote:

“ It is a demonstrated and widely acknowledged fact that governments have gone so far as to deceive and even murder (or allow others to kill) their own citizens in acts of war or false-flag acts of terrorism. They have done this in order to provide to their own citizens what seems at the time to be a justification for their government’s own hidden designs of aggression.

There seems to exist a pattern in recent U.S. history in the triggering events that have led to war. In numerous instances, these triggering events—after having served to galvanize public opinion in favor of attacking other nations—have been discovered to be embellished with lies, or even to have been entirely fabricated.

The undisputedly false pretenses used by the U.S. to justify its invasion of Iraq in March 2003, claiming that there was an imminent threat to the U.S. and to the world at large from active weapons-of-mass-destruction programs in Iraq, form a tragic exemplar of the above pattern, and give solid grounds for suspecting that the U.S. government continues to the present day to attempt to deceive its own citizens and the world in this manner, by manufacturing occasions for war.”

It is a known fact that the U.S. war department works hand-in-hand with Hollywood in the promotion of propaganda, even to the twilight zone of sanitized murdering of leaders, and masses of people, who we deem BAD. Blood, guts, and gore are so common now because of Hollywood, and seeing actual killings taking place far away from our “Christian” nation has a de-sensitizing effect. “Those dirty bastards deserve that!!”


Media Blitz

BY AND THROUGH media blitz, a well-intentioned person, even a person who abhors violence, can become an unwitting party to atrocities. T.V. is a grand brainwashing machine (I killed mine back in the 1970's!). This whole “war on terror” is a false flag terrorist campaign run by the CIA and other bedfellows (especially Zionist Jews who want the U.S. to destroy her Islamic enemies). Believe me, I have no love for militant Muslims, but I know that there are forces that provoke this kind of insanity. The U.S. and Israel have worked at creating a strategy of tension—create a crisis, create the solution for the crisis, hence, TURN to your government for help…plead for more and greater security. Exactly! And so you lose more and more freedom. Look at America since 1991—almost a complete police state.


Fear Mongering

AS ONE senior political officer (USA) once said: “Scare the HELL out of the Americans.” When fear is employed as a tool for whatever, people will usually act and react the way the “planners” planned it.

Those who study the planners and the apparatus tell us that we are not governed solely by visible instruments of the state, or even the corporation. There exists, they tell us, “parallel structures” of power, networks, collectively called “deep state”…all to ADVANCE an ELITE agenda. Blackops and military aggression go hand-in-hand. We expect this in war, but they are also used upon the citizenry of nations for whatever reasons.

Personally, I DO NOT TRUST our government, nor do I trust 99% of our church leaders; both use “mind control” to get what they want. Both church and State (I speak of Politically Correct churches) have an incestuous relationship, and God certainly frowns on this. Look at how the State has the Politically Correct church promoting same-sex sex and marriage. Abortion (legalized murder) is supported by too many churches. And, it is the Politically Correct church that is pro-military (there are exceptions though).


Be Not Deceived

1 COR. 6:9 tells us: “…Be not deceived…” Paul puts forth a vice list that keeps one out of the Kingdom of God. Jesus puts forth His vice list in Mark 7:21 and 22, “murder” being one of the SINS that defiles a person. Saint John puts forth his vice list in Rev. 22:15, and mentions that both “murderers” and “liars” will be kept OUT of the Kingdom.

When any nation uses lies/murder (and any other SINS) to advance itself, BLOWBACK is in the wing. Murder, deceit, hubris, corruption, and many nuances of sin have brought America to the brink of implosion. The imperial overreach with such impassioned incisiveness has provoked the wrath of God. And don’t think for one moment that He will not execute His wrath, fury, and indignation upon the perpetrators, i.e., criminals who think they’ll go on forever.


Are You Outraged?

NOT REALLY. Hey, this is good ol “Christian” America. We don’t do such things…or do we? We have been led to believe that the FBI, CIA, etc. were/are U.S. friendly. Some within these systems are, but I believe MOST are ruled, and run by, the Elite. And I believe many real patriots have been blackmailed into working for these Elite demons in human bodies. The art of spying, the propaganda, and the blackmail is frightening (although I’m not one that is easily frightened). The “spy” programs alone purportedly fall under, what Kim Petersen (Counter-Intelligence) calls ECI—“Exceptionally Controlled Information,” and VRK—“Very Restricted Knowledge.”