To Articles by Dave MacPherson, Pretrib Rapture Expert

WE HAVE PERSONALLY KNOWN Bro. Dave and his wife Wanda MacPherson since the mid-1990's. We first met at our southern NM Mission (bordering Texas) where we spent the day together, did a radio broadcast and had good Christian fellowship. We met again in 2002 at his home in Utah where we visited all day and talked “pretrib rapture” talk. We have corresponded thru the years off and on.

     Dave spent over 25 years (up to the time of his book The Rapture Plot) in intensive research in the source documents and on-site investigation of early 19th century dispensationalism. He is considered by other Bible scholars to be the world’s leading scholar on the origin of the pretrib rapture along with its history of development. After reading all his books, the last published in 1998 called The Three R’s—Rapture, Revisionism, Robbery, I can say I find his work to be quite meticulous and unquestionably accurate...and no one of the pretrib camp has proven him WRONG!

     Dave spend 26 years as a newsman. This naturally brought him in contact with world dignitaries, presidents and notable persons/events. He is not merely a novice researcher/author. And we can say surely that God helped him on the rapture issue.

     In Dave’s 1975 The Incredible Cover-Up—Exposing the Origins of Rapture Theories (which combines two previously published books), he examines the origin and effects of this “loved” pretrib rapture theory. The Rapture Plot covers more ground, and I guarantee you, you will be “caught-up” in intrigue as well as disgust by what he uncovers—the dirty tricks that famous named preachers/teachers/authors/movie-makers pull off to promote their “PET” and “cherished” doctrine.

     With this said and done, we present several articles of interest (you had better be interested if you believe in a pretrib “rapture”!), some of which reveal how today’s leading pretrib teachers/authors tamper with Margaret Macdonald’s original (handwritten) account of her (rapture) “revelation” of 1830—the very “revelation” which spawned this whole “Pretrib Rapturemania.”

—Generals James and Deborah Green, 2010

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