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Rapture Articles

   Hallucination of Technicolor Proportions!!!


Selections from Rapture Book #1   


Introduction to Articles by Dave MacPherson  

 Deceiving and Being Deceived                          

Edward Irving is Unnerving                               

Turned from Truth to RAPTUREMANIA               Pretrib Hypocrisy!                                               

 The Rapture Index (Mad Theology!)                  

Selections from Rapture Book #2       


Pretrib Diehards!             

Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty

Appendix A: Recent (Mis)Copying

Meet the Lord in the Air       


Selections from Rapture Book #3   


    When Shall These Things Be? #1

    When Shall These Things Be? #2

    The Daniel 9.27 Debate (Part One)

    Pre-Trib Expert John Walvoord Melts Ice!


    Revisers of Pre-trib Rapture History

Selections from Rapture Book #4       


The Daniel 9.27 Debate (Part Two)

The Daniel 9.27 Debate (Part Three)

The Daniel 9.27 Debate (Part Four)

Pretrib Rapture & Demons