Retribution for Abominations


Gen. Deborah Green

P RAISE GOD. Welcome to Battle Cry Sounding. What a privilege it is to keep on serving, to keep on loving, to keep on obeying the One True God. The truth of it is that whatever we give to God, we will get back: if we don't give anything, we don't get anything.

And if we give terrible things to God by disobedience, by rebellion, by hatred, and by criticizing God's way, it will come back on us. But, if we give thanks to God and serve God with all of our hearts, and delight to do His will, and don't care what men say about us, but stay faithful and true unto God, it's God that will reward us.

Now, the name of this message is: "Retribution for Abominations." We're go be in Ezekiel chapter 7, and I'm going to be reading out of the Amplified version. And it's actually very exciting because we find out that God repays. And for the most part, this word "retribution" means: "deserved punishment for evil done."

And we also know that there's a good side to retribution—that it can be a reward for good done, because God has retributive justice, and He is just in all of His decisions and His judgments.

So, beginning in Ezekiel chapter 7, verse 1, it says: "MOREOVER, THE word of the Lord came to me, saying, Also, son of man, thus says the Lord God to the land of Israel: An end! The end has come upon the four corners of the land. Now is the end upon you, and I will send My anger upon you and will judge you according to your ways and will bring upon you retribution for all your abominations."

Now, when I was studying that, the word "abominations" caught my eye, because it doesn't just say "retribution for abomination" singular, it says "retribution for abominations" plural.

Now, if you look at the state of affairs in this backslidden land of America, you find that there is much guilt because of the abominations that are daily being committed by the populace, by the church, by the civil and political leaders, by the military, and by many of the systems within the economy that are practicing abominations in the eyes of God. In other words, they're just blatantly doing those things that God has forbidden.

Now, I thought about something: the whole homosexual agenda is attempting to put an approval, and claim it's of God, on a practice that is an abomination unto God. And not only is it attempting to put approval on, but it is attempting to bring in the re-education of the people at large, and the primary education of children, into indoctrination into perversion...forced indoctrination.

We definitely live in an empire that is ruled by a sottish, erratic, definitely mentally ill, pill-popping, schizophrenic, despotic fool personified, glorified. And we are ruled by an emperor who is very whimsical in his decision making process, and very addicted to golf and spending money. And so what we have to do is come to the revelation/the realization that FORCED INDOCTRINATION INTO ABOMINATION IS WHAT IS BEING PROPOSED AND ENFORCED.

Now, a lot of people say "Well, we're supposed to obey the laws of the land!” I have news for you: we're supposed to obey the laws of God first and foremost. And when indoctrination is being forced on a populace, we must find ways to protect ourselves from that indoctrination….because if we accept that, and we go for that, and we believe that, then we will get retribution from God for abomination.

So, we have that whole agenda which is an abomination unto God, we have abortion which is abomination unto God, we have the whole warfare scam which is nothing more than planned murder, and public-financed murder of people in other lands and nations, we have the whole perspective that we are the best nation on earth and everybody else needs to be under our governmental system and believe what we believe, and we are killing people to bring them into democracy and we don't even have it: we're under an emperor. We are literally an empire under an emperor—a dictator…and on and on it goes—the blasphemy/the abomination.

But in all of this, I was starting out to say: it spells one thing P-R-I-D-E!—an abomination unto God. So, we see that I could go on all morning about the abominations that are being committed by a so-called 'Christian' nation, and God is preparing, and has already unleashed, some of His retributions for abomination.

Going on here, it says, as God is declaring to Ezekiel: "This is what is going to happen, I'm going to bring their retribution for their abominations upon them." And it says: "And My eye will not spare you…" So, in other words, "Don't look for pity because you're not going to get it!"

And we have to admit that people abuse God because HE IS MERCIFUL. There are many people who call themselves Christian that abuse God every single day because of the side of God that gives pity, that shows compassion, and that bestows mercy. And God knows that this is in the human nature—He knows that people will whine around and carry on when the ax is ready to be put down, and hope for that pity/hope for that compassion—so they can commit their sins again.

God is sorely displeased with the abominable practices that men and women do everyday—knowing in their conscience that these things are wrong. And that is why He is saying: "And My eye will not spare you, neither will I have pity…" So He's saying: "Hey, wait a minute because I'm not going to make it open to you. I'm not going to allow you to get to my heart, I'm not going to allow you to make me feel sorry for you for the very sins that you are guilty of, for the very sins that are bringing my retribution upon you for your abomination."

So to me, I think we need to look at that seriously, because when God cuts off His compassion, that literally closes the door to repentance—to true repentance, as well as the false. So, it's not a good thing to push God to the extent where He says: "I will no longer spare you. I won't spare you, I won't have pity upon you." In doing that we are causing God to slam the door on the only thing that gives any of us a chance, and that is repentance. Because when we TRULY REPENT, we are given the opportunity to LIVE IN NEWNESS OF LIFE.

So, the point I'm getting to is, don't push God so far that He says: "The door's shut." Because you see that's what happened when Noah preached repentance to a vile, corrupted, and perverted generation: that year after year they laughed at him, they scoffed him, they made jokes about him…and all kinds of things. And every day he had to face that, but every day he had to put forth the call to repent, and every day they rejected it.

And then the day came that guess what? The ark was shut up, and nobody could get into the ark, and God did not hear their screams, their cries, their beseechings, their beggings, or their pleadings because the time came. And we must be aware that we can push God to that point—by our misbehavior, our misconduct, our obvious rebellion, and our hatred for the ways of God. So, let us walk humbly before God and not push Him, but be thankful that He gives us the opportunity to repent.

He says: "I will bring recompense for your evil ways upon you, while your abominations are in the midst of you [calling down punishment from a righteous God]; and you shall know (recognize, understand, and realize) that I am the Lord."

Now let's look at this in terms of our modern predicament that the majority of so-called Christians are in, in this empire. We see that it was evident that they were not making any effort to put away those abominations. So, we have the mainstream church, and the demonically controlled and national-policy controlled press advocating...INVITING THE HOMOSEXUAL MOVEMENT RIGHT INTO THE CHURCH.

It says "I'm going to bring retribution upon you while your abominations are in the midst of you [calling down punishment from a righteous God]..."

And then how about the pride, the strutting, and the boasting: "We are the biggest mega church!..." It's all pride, it's all exhibition about what man can do, and it's all a fleshly show. And God says: "Right when your abominations are in the midst of you, I'm going to get you!" With what? Retributive justice—retribution for your abominations. The more men and women flaunt their sins in the face of God, the more they literally call down the punishment of God.

We wonder why a few years ago that God was striking the 'heartland' of America? It's because He was giving them punishment for their abominations. And God hasn't withdrawn that side of Himself, He's simply saying: "COME ON, YOU'D BETTER REPENT, BECAUSE IF YOU DON'T, THIS IS WHAT IS WAITING FOR YOU." If God says: "It's time to repent," there's nobody that's ok. That means that each and every one of us has something that God wants repentance for. If nothing else, we can repent for the FILTH that has made its way into the so-called church and caused it to be an atrocity.

Going on it says: "[calling down punishment from a righteous God]; and you shall know (recognize, understand, and realize) that I am the Lord." It's a lot better to just let God have His dealings in our lives, let God be God, and admit: "Hey, I'm the fool, I'm the unjust judge, I'm the unrighteous one, I'm the idiot, I failed you, please forgive me Lord, and help me to walk uprightly." It's a lot better to go that way, than to have to have God totally devastate, destroy, annihilate, and just wreck havoc upon us—so we can finally wake up and say: "Did I do something wrong?" No...did you do something right? NO.

Then it says: "Thus says the Lord God: Behold, an evil is coming, [an evil so destructive and injurious, so sudden and violent, that it stands alone, not as a succession but as] only one evil."

…If you look at how ISLAM is: an emerging power in this country, and it is full of violence, it is full of darkness, it is full of great evil, and it is coming, and in many places it is already here, and some of these heartland cities have embraced Sharia law…but the thing duped americans don't realize is that [under Sharia law] an Islamic person can kill you because you are an infidel, and they will not be punished for murder, they will be rewarded because they have rid the earth of one more infidel, and women are worse than dogs that men can marry, abuse, and get rid of whenever they want in a 30 second divorce, as well as many other injustices such as fathers stoning their own daughters to death. So, it is extremism, terrorism, and a violent overcoming force that is already here. And God is saying: "I am going to bring this upon you."

And my husband was telling me how Putin, the leader of Russia is standing against some of the Islamic customs, and believes in outlawing them. But he was saying: "No, that will never happen here (in America), because Islam is a punishment for the backsliding Christians.” And the emperor has several Islamic terrorists in his administration, and is proud of it. And he is continuing to give allegiance to Islamic invaders, Islamic terrorist groups, Islamic planners and developers who are literally here planning the overthrow of the nation.

So you see, when God says: "Behold, an evil is coming," IT'S ALREADY HERE.

And it says: "An end has come! The end has come! [The end—after sleeping so long] awakes against you. See, it has come! Your turn (your doom) has come upon you, O inhabitant of the land; the time has come, the day is near, a day not of joyful shouting, but a day of tumult upon the mountains. Now will I shortly pour out My wrath upon you and finish spending My anger against you, and I will judge you according to your ways and will recompense you with punishment for all your abominations."

God does repay! He is the Master, and we are meant to be the love slaves of the Living God, doing things His way, knowing Him as He is. The thing is, people do not want to know God as He is, they want to know Him as some fairy-tale they have invented that justifies their secret sin, just like Santa-Claus and christmas, which is another abomination. SO, ABOMINATIONS ARE RAMPANT IN THE LAND, AND THERE IS RETRIBUTION FOR THE SAME.


Retribution for Abominations


Gen. Deborah Green

P RAISE GOD. Welcome to Battle Cry sounding. It is a privilege to be serving the Living God, it is a privilege to be born-again of incorruptible seed, and it is a privilege to be laboring for the furtherance of God's Holy Tribal nation. That is His desire for a people, rather than the desires of evil men with wicked agendas. We are living in a time when God is demonstrating abominations, and demonstrating throughout the earth His retribution for abominations.

Now, our text is found in Ezekiel chapter 7. And what we are seeing through this all is that the 'great' land of America is extremely backslid; it has done many things that are abominable in the eyes of God, and even exhibited those things proudly, it is a nation that is allowing the abomination of homosexuality to parade itself in the streets, and now it is taking over the mainstream churches and the so-called Christians are just in ecstasy over the fact that they have so much 'diversity.' That's nothing but a violent perverting of the truth and twisting in order that men can indulge their LUST FOR SIN, or simply voyeurism—where they want to observe sin in others and think about it in the secret crevices of their evil hearts.

So, God is paying back, and you might subtitle this message for America "RETRIBUTION FOR OBAMA-NATION." And that is exactly what the current emperor is over this nation—an abomination, and he is a cruel whip on the backs of americans...and particularly for the Christians because they've gone a whoring.

And God says it over, and over, and over in His Word, that whatsoever you make your false covenant with, whatsoever you go whoring after, whatsoever you love more than Him, or you choose above Him, that same thing will be a WHIP ON YOUR BACK.

Now, the current emperor (sottish child) of this once-democratic empire says he can sign anything into an executive order anytime he wants, and put it into action; and he is also scoffing, mocking, and making a parody of all of the things America once stood for.

My husband has told me that Obama actually mocks the military in all of their aspects of supposed defense of America, and the virtues of America, and he refuses to attend funerals of those who have died in action in the so-called defense of this country, which we know is another lie; but it's put forth as part of the machine. And, he refuses to honor them as fighting men, and on and on it goes.

But, that's all a part of the retribution for abominations. And the retribution, as I'm saying, has gone so far that we now have an emperor and an empire called "Obamanation." In other words, the nation is so far swept under the spell of this, I don't really know what you would call him: he's pink, he's Muslim, he's bisexual, he's obviously psychotic, he's a narcist to the worst degree, and he has hubris pride. My husband has taught messages on hubris pride and the profile is clearly there.

But all of these things that we can look at this individual and see magnified, are what? God's retribution for the abominations that the Christians have, first of all, committed, and secondarily, that the populace has likewise indulged themselves in. Because God looks upon what it is that men do, not what they say. In other words, they can say "Oh, praise the lord!," while they're praising other gods. Those praises don't reach God. If I'm saying to the Lord: "Oh, I love you Lord," and I have 15 other lovers before the Lord...I'm a liar. And that is what America has turned into: is a liar.

Now, the current emperor, as you know, he was born a Muslim, his father was a Muslim from Kenya, and most reports will indicate and validate the fact that he was born in Kenya, into a Muslim family, and that his mother left and took her newborn with her to return to Hawaii because she was displeased with the way that Muslim men treated their wives (plural), and there were other wives involved in that family circle.

So, the whole concept of infidelity comes natural to this individual. He also went to Muslim schools as a child because his mother, who was a well known international harlot, and traveled in circles of supposed sophistication, while really they were just communist in the making, and reeked of communist ideology.

Now, I read this before, that Obama's grandfather, on his Angelo side was a long-term socialist-communist, and literally when the young Barak Obama (who was Barry the Fairy), was under the tutelage of his grandfather, that he was around all of his liberal, socialist friends, and they steeped him in the rhetoric, and the schooling, of [the same] when he was young.

So, not only was he trained as a Muslim, his mother took up with an Indonesian Muslim, and he was sent to exclusively Muslim schools. And you know he had a lot of training in the Quran, because those children are required to memorize the Quran. And then he was put through the ideological training of his Angelo grandfather who trained him up in the socialist communist circles.

And then going on with that, he is a part of the global elite's plan to completely eradicate and do away with american Christianity and its values—the values of true Christianity that still remain hidden somewhere in the recesses of the books of the law that govern the nation. BUT, THEY'RE QUICKLY SEEKING TO ERADICATE THOSE THINGS AND TO BRING IN SHARIA LAW AND SOCIALISTIC/COMMUNISTIC PROCESSES THAT DO AWAY WITH ALL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, and individual morality—that you must take on the morality of the state, because otherwise you're violating the precious laws of the land.

Now, some Christians are such dupes they fall for that and say: "Well, that's what it says in Romans 13, so we have to obey the laws of the land." Hey, if Sharia law is locked on you, are you going to obey that law? When you really think about the terrorization that is locked in the Islamic faith, that terrorization is right here under the approval of the emperor, because the whole agenda of the global elite is to use the terrorization, the Islamic threat, the Islamic madness to bring in world-wide fear so that people will cry out and beg for one-world rulership!

So, all of this is brought together in a huge involvement of wickedness; but we have to face the reality that it's God who is allowing it, and even sending it, you might say, because men throughout this earth, and here in Obamanation, have rejected the righteous rule of the Lord. They have said: "Give us a king to rule over us, give us an emperor, give us anything!"

Now, there are a lot of Christians who believe that Barak the emperor is a Christian. But, he has simply picked up from his communist tutor that trained him in the earlier years of his adulthood, in his Chicago church, with a socialist agenda to tear down America, to hate white people, and the governing forces, and to pose as a Christian church for the 501c3 purposes.

So, we see that his (proven) bisexual behavior is covered over by the mainstream media, and that he is working at the communist socialist goal #26 (also see goal #25) which is "create the image that homosexuality is good, and therefore deteriorate further the morality, caving everybody in internally, because of the ravages of sexual sin."

So, we see that America is under the curse of God's retributive justice for the abominations committed. So, the homosexual and Islamic terrorism are the CONSEQUENCE of #1, the TRANSGRESSION of God's own people.

Now, as we go back to Ezekiel chapter 7, God is naming out unto them the retribution that they were going to receive for their abominations: the practices that were wrong before God, the behaviors that were wrong before God, and the things they had done, and refused to repent of, for the very things that were bringing God's absolute, maximum, retribution upon them.

Now it is in America, just as it was in Israel of old when men cried out for a king, and we know what that king proved to be: a whip on their back. The only solution is REPENTANCE REVOLUTION, and that is the cry that God is giving forth in this wicked, perverse, and vile generation—for all men everywhere. God promises that the ones that hear and obey will be guided in His way, and His way is the only way of hope; the way of man is the way of death.

The Bible says that: "For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption…" (Gal. 6:8). So, if you're toying around with the things of the flesh, when you should be minding the things of the Spirit, you will reap corruption. And what do we see in America? Corruption, corruption, CORRUPTION, mounting up to the very heavenlies—because men have flaunted their abomination in the very sight of God.

Going on in Ezekiel 7:8, He says: "Now will I shortly pour out My wrath upon you and finish spending My anger against you, and I will judge you according to your ways and will recompense you with punishment for all your abominations."

Now, the current emperor is not a Christian, but a puppet for the elite, a man with sympathy for Muslims and homosexuals, and has proved this by the things that he has passed in his administration. So to say that he is a Christian, is to put absolutely no value on the morality of Christianity, but [saying] that it is basically a "do as you will, free-for-all." He is not a Christian, but a FAKE, just like 90% of the pastors today.

And it says: "And My eye will not spare, nor will I have pity. I will punish you according to your ways while your abominations are right in the midst of you. And you shall know, understand, and realize that it is I the Lord Who smites you. Behold, the day! Behold, it has come! Your doom has gone forth, the rod has blossomed, pride has budded. Violence has grown up into a rod of wickedness; none of [Israel] shall remain, none of their abundance, none of their wealth; neither shall there be preeminence among them or wailing for them. The time has come, the day draws near. Let not the buyer rejoice nor the seller mourn, for wrath is upon all their multitude."

So, we see that when God brings His recompense, that His ways are perfect, and even the Lord's ways of Judgment are perfect, and the ventilation of His wrath is perfect. And we should never, when we see these things coming to pass, we should NEVER GROW CRITICAL OF THE LORD, BECAUSE THE LORD KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT MEN HAVE DONE AGAINST HIM. God is bringing retribution, and America will be ruled by cruel forces worse than the emperor...that is, unless God's people and sinners truly repent.

Going on it says: "For the seller shall not return to that which is sold, even were they yet alive. For the vision [of punishment] is touching [Israel's] whole multitude; he shall not come back, neither shall any strengthen himself whose life is in his iniquity. They have blown the trumpet and have made all ready, but none goes to the battle, for My wrath is upon all their multitude. The sword is without and pestilence and famine are within. He who is in the field shall die by the sword, and him who is in the city shall famine and pestilence devour. But those of them that escape shall escape, but shall be on the mountains like doves of the valleys, all of them moaning, every one in his iniquity's [punishment]."

So we see that we can't run from God's retribution. Why don't we give up man-pleasing? Why don't we give up all these filthy abominations and behaviors, and RETURN TO THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF ALMIGHTY GOD, the One who is holiness revealed?

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