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General James Green, Aug. 26, 2011


IN THIS ARTICLE I WANT to explore “tolerance” and “intolerance” within both “straight” and “gay” camps; the threat to traditional marriage and the family; what men say and what God's Word DECLARES on these issues.


To Start Off—

ONE (LIBERAL) PROFESSOR of theology and a leading spokesman for Evangelicals (for Social Action) stated: “Most legal scholars agree that if gay marriage receives the sanction of law, ‘gay rights’ will be pitted against the rights of religious freedom—and, more often than not, WILL WIN. Gay activists will argue that government cannot ‘subsidize discrimination’, and the courts will generally agree. RELIGIOUS INSTITUTIONS WILL FIND THAT FREEDOM TO PRACTICE AND EVEN SAY WHAT THEY BELIEVE ABOUT SEXUALITY AND MARRIAGE WILL INCREASINGLY BE RESTRICTED.” Well folks, we are there NOW!!

     The article from which I quote is quite lengthy and covers some major social points. However, this professor’s ambivalence is worrisome to me. Never does he quote a Scripture (O.T.—N.T.). Strange, for a minister who has been in the ministry for decades. In his article he rebukes Christians for being too Biblically Correct, other times for being Politically Correct. Never does he, for the sake of a non-Christian, tell what the Bible says on the homosexual issue (I speak of gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgender-queer, i.e., GLBTQ beliefs and practices). He keeps his arguments basically within the secular / social camp. This is needed since this is where the “culture war” is being fought, but leaving out what the Bible says on these issues leaves the homosexuals, not God's Word, as protagonists (leading characters).


Anti-Gay Religious Right

WE HERE AT ACMTC do not belong to any Church organization / denomination, nor do we belong to any, I mean ANY political movement. We stick strictly to God's Word for what we believe, teach, preach and write.

     I have before me part of a blog taken from the Director of Intelligence Project; it reads as follows: “No one is trying to force Christians or others who believe that homosexuality is wrong to abandon their beliefs. But believing that the Bible says homosexuality is a sin is an entirely different proposition than lying about gays molesting children or suggestion they should die. Surely, we can all agree that when any minority is demonized and attacked, it damages all our hopes for a civilized society.”

     This anti-Bible Director uses “Anti-Gay Movement Fuels Hate Violence” as his title for his anti-Christian, anti-Bible/God article. While he comes on as a “concerned” person for both Christian and GLBTQs, anyone can discern that he and his organization disparage God's Written Word. His article is in substance the antithesis of what he is trying to say. His abnegate is clear: “We need to STOP those religious fanatics at all cost…enforce the Hate Crime Bill to its fullest!”

     Note his words, “But believing that the Bible says homosexuality is a sin is an entirely different proposition than lying about gays molesting children or suggesting they should die.”

     Do gays “molest” children? Do they have “filthy habits,” as he stated in his full article? Are they “perverts”? Do they “convert” children to gay sex? YES!!!to all of the above. I don’t think this guy has a clue as to what really goes on within the homo community, or he himself is LYING! Get serious guy, what do you think these people do? I’m sure even the liberal professor I quote would disagree with you and your anti-Christian crusade.

     Why doesn’t this Director research the VIOLENCE within the GLBTQ community—violence that often leads to DEATH among the “pink lovers.” I grant you more violence is done among themselves than what the straight community does against them. We’re not just dealing with “name-calling,” e.g., “queer” / “fag” / “pervert,” we’re speaking about real violence, even death.

     Our Director brought up Matt Shepard (as they all do), who was murdered in 1998 in Wyoming. That was a tragic event. We do not ascribe to violence, nor do we try and provoke it, but it is out there.


Isn’t It Funny…

THAT OUR LIBERAL professor and our Intelligence Director fail to mention the dozens and dozens of violent cases (on record, mind you!!) whereby gays/lesbians cripple and murder one another. Our Director guy writes: “Statistics gathered by the FBI have only served to confirm the violence that homosexuals face every day. Analyzing 14 years of hate crime data in this issue, the Intelligence Report found that gays and lesbians are more than twice as likely to be attacked in violent hate crime as Jews or blacks; more than four times as likely as Muslims; and 14 times as likely as Latinos.”

     Isn’t it funny that a Director that monitors such things as “gay-bashing”/ murder against the GLBTQ community, here he never even mentions the dozens and dozens of “gay-bashing”/ “murder” among themselves—THIS IS BIAS, DEAR ONES!! THIS IS OMISSION!! THIS IS UNFAIR!!

     May I offer to my readers a case and point of Charlene E. Cothran, founder (and former lesbian activist) of VENUS Magazine, (and one of ACMTC’s friends out there), whose “lesbian lover” was MURDERED by another jealous “lesbian lover” some years ago. Would you find our liberal / anti-Christ writers mentioning this? Was it in the news? (See our free “Gay Way” booklet series for more info.) NO! Why? Because they would have us (and every one else) to believe that only “straights” attack gays. HA! Better do better homework, friends.

     Today, ex-lesbian Charlene Cothran, now a Christian (YES! LESBIANS CAN CHANGE!!) heads up The Evidence Ministry Inc., helping other GLBTQS out of that death culture. This is love, dear ones, not hate!


Teah Wimberly

BELOW IS JUST one more of the dozens and dozens of accounts where “gays,” not “straights,” do violence:


     “TEAH WIMBERLY WAS FOUND GUILTY OF MURDERING THE TARGET OF HER SAME-SEX CRUSH, AMANDA COLLETTE. Amanda Collette became the ultimate victim of homosexuality when Wimberly shot her in the back at school. As the Miami Herald reported, ‘Collette, 15, a star dancer on the school’s hip-hop dance squad, had rejected romantic advances from Wimberly in the days before the shooting.’ Minutes after the shooting, Wimberly cried in a call to the 911 operator: ‘I didn't want to kill her so I shot her in the back…I just wanted to give her the pain she gave me.’

     Regardless of what other factors were involved in this tragedy, it is not unreasonable to assert that Collette would be alive today were it not for the modern GLBTQ activist movement, which aggressively seeks to mainstream sexual deviance and immoral gay / lesbian ‘relationships’ as normal and acceptable—most tragically among young people.

     Yes,...there was a time in America when young women did not have to worry about sexual harassment and sexual advances from other young women. And the GLBTQ movement is first and foremost to blame for the rising number of youth who are embracing homosexual behaviors and considering destructive ‘gay,’ lesbian, bisexual, or ‘transgender’ self-‘identities,’ at younger and younger ages. We ask you to pray for the families of both Collette and Wimberly, and pray for the Christian conversion of Teah Wimberly as she awaits sentencing.”

     I think our Intelligence Director is playing DUMB. The FBI has plenty of “hate crimes” on file that have nothing to do with “straights.”

     I believe in telling the Truth about all this. It is unfair to point out all the faults of the Religious Right (and those who just believe God's Word on this issue—like us), while neglecting to point out the hatred, bigotry, intolerance, among the GLBTQ persons—this is ludicrous and obfuscating.

     A trait among those who oppose God's Word (but really act like they don’t) is using circumlocution—talking around the point—they are afraid to do exegesis on the O.T. and N.T. Scriptures that condemn homosexuality et al. No Scripture is given by our liberal Professor (although he takes the middle-of-the-road position) nor by our Intel. Director, who mentions the Bible but doesn’t show his readers proof one way or the other on how God feels about this SIN. These and many others just circumnavigate (sail around) the main issue: Is homosexuality a SIN or not? They find reason to circumvent the main issue.


Setting the Record Straight


     Let me remind my readers of this one FACT—GOD'S WORD WAS BEFORE THE FOUNDING OF AMERICA! And people like our Dir. of Intel. says things that are both cruel and illogical, these pro-GLBTQ advocates enjoy a measure of spiteful satisfaction while acting oh, so innocent. They act like contemporary America was before God's Word. Ones like our liberal Prof., who play both sides, use the Bible (out of context of course, if even used) to show their opposites that they are wrong (the title of his article is Bearing Better Witness, which he believes that evangelicals need to rethink what they say and do about gay marriage…knowing full well that Biblical marriage has always been and shall always be, marriage between one man and one woman—PERIOD!


The Debate

I WON’T BORE my readers with all that has been said and done over the last ten years—there are tons of articles, both pro and con, on this debate.

     Mr. Professor writes: “Even a state such as ours, which does not use the law to promote or discourage particular religious beliefs…..has a huge stake in marriage. It is not simply a religious issue.” Really, Professor? What kind of issue is it then? The whole “gay marriage” issue is over how marriage is defined: who (Who) defined it?


Legal and Moral

MOST PEOPLE ASSUME that if something is legal, it is moral—or at least not immoral (at least Americans have thought along these lines). Does “gay marriage”, promoted by and endorsed by either a state or the nation, make it moral in God's eyes? Remember, God's Word came before the founding of America. And what is legal soon will become normal—this is exactly what the “gay agenda” is shooting for, NORMALCY. Forget God's eternal marriage standard!


Marriage Law / Children

GOD'S WORD DECLARES: “And God blessed them (male/female), and said to them, ‘Be FRUITFUL, MULTIPLY, and FILL the earth…” (Gen. 1:28). We all know what is being said here— procreate, have children, fill the earth, something male homos and female homos CAN’T DO!!!

     Genesis 2 gives us the account of the forming of man (2:7) and his responsibility within Eden (2:8-17). Verse 18 tells us that a help-meet (mate) is intended for the man. Verse 21 tells us of the rib from which his help-mate was formed, verse 22 tells us of the complete forming of woman. Verses 23-25 tells that God approved of man-male / woman-female, then marriage, their unity, i.e., “one flesh.” There is NO mention of a homo wedding, let alone a homosexual creation—“We’re created this way!!” stuff holds no truth.

     Our Prof. says, and rightly so, that “marriage law is a crucial way in which the state promotes the sound nurturing of the next generation of citizens.”

     Prof. goes so far as to say that legalizing “gay marriage” would weaken the connection between marriage and procreation—and the connection between biological parents and their biological children. So far so good. After rather a long history lesson, prof. writes: “…we must truly repent of the deep, wide spread anti-gay prejudice in evangelical circles. We must ask forgiveness for our failures of love and concern and stop elevating the sin of homosexual practice above other sins.” Note that last sentence, “stop elevating the sin of homosexual practice above other sins.” Here is where he stands in the middle of the road…without a Bible in hand, only humanistic love.

     Jesus says in His Word, “If you LOVE me, keep my commandments.” Is acceptance of homo practice showing love? Does God's Word approve it? God's Word is CLEAR on this issue, His Word is the antithesis of man’s word.

     Why doesn’t our prof. give us Biblical proof. Note his words, he is speaking of accepting homosexual practice (which some of it is filthy to say the least!), not the homosexual as a lost person. This we do, we work with any and all who are of the GLBTQ camp. We pray for them, actually lay hands on them when they come to our prayer booth. We have converted gays / lesbians in our group.


Genesis Account

ALTHOUGH GENESIS 1-3 does not speak directly to the issue of homo practice (or orientation), chapters 1-3 do supply us with a general understanding of human sexuality, set within the broader context of the LORD’S purposes at creation. These 3 chapters would be the perfect place to find the creation of any one or all of the GLBTQs. Genesis 1:26-28 refers ONLY to one man / one woman—heterosexuals! This is the creation order forever. I challenge any one to prove to me when and where God created homosexuals. Prove to me, from Scripture, when and where He changed the complementarity of male/female anatomy. Show me when and where sex is to be used as “enjoyment” only, and not for procreation. And don’t think we heterosexuals don’t enjoy sex (in a God-blessed / God-ordained marriage); we do, but procreation / population is ordained by God. Tell me how the homo camp can do either of these (unless they’re bisexuals; but I’m referring strictly to male/male, female/female sex).


2 = 1

“THEREFORE A MAN shall leave his father and his mother and become attached to his woman/wife, and the two will become one flesh” (Gen. 2:24). The sexual union of man / woman in Godly marriage (not state-sanctioned), of two complementary being, in effect makes possible a single/one, composite human being.

     On the other hand when a man/man “marry,” they make up a one/one composite; the same for woman/woman. This is stupid!

     And a Godly marriage is just not for governmental benefits, nor for sexual pleasure ONLY—as it is with “gay marriages”—but for childbearing.

     Mr. Professor makes a good point in his article: “The Massachusetts Supreme Court said that the state is indifferent to family structure. When Canada legalized same-sex marriage, it tossed out the definition of a ‘natural’ parent.” This is the only logical thing the courts can do, because they assist in BREAKING God's eternal Creation / marital law. This is sheer REBELLION—anti-Christian!


Under the Gun

YOU THINK HOMOSEXUALS aren’t hateful? They are responsible for the Hate Crime Bill. April 23, 1990 Prez George H.W. Bush signed the Hate Crime Statistics—-hate crimes against homosexuals and perceived homosexuals have now become a matter of national concern. They have become just as bad (sometimes worse!) as those they “claim” hate them—HA!  These “pinks” are full of hate and will punish any and all who will dare oppose their godless / anti-Christ / anti-Christian agenda.

     All this “gay defamation” has come under attack from the whole Homosexual Movement (HM). Name-calling has been classified as HATE! But it’s ok for them to call us “homophobic”, “queer-bashers”, “psycho-bigots”, etc. they get away with defamation all the time.

     In 1992 democratic candidate (for Prez) Bill Clinton was in support of gay / lesbian rights, so the Big Push to “normalize” the SIN of homosexuality and elevate the homosexuals got under way. Now your Prez Obama has gone “crazy”, caught the “pink disease” and panders to the homosexual agenda so much so as to place the rest of the country’s needs on the back burner. Now he pushes for transgenderism. And he is being pressured by the queers (oops! I mean gays!) to bring the hammer down on their opponents, even to the way one thinks.


Not Politically Correct

IN WRITING THIS article, I’m not trying to be mean-spirited, but truthful. The term “queer” has been used among the sodomite camp for years. The Old English “cwer,” meaning “crooked,” not “straight,” or the British slang “quare,” meaning “unusual,” were first used. As far back as 1910, a subset of gays preferred to call themselves “queer,” meaning “strange.” You might want to look into historian George Chauncey’s Gay New York book that explains the overlapping and ever shifting lexicology of men who had sex with the same sex—men who adopted a feminine style in mannerisms and odd sexual behavior called themselves “fairies.”

     “Trade” were masculine men who pursued effeminate men (see 1 Cor. 6:9, the words homosexual / homosexuality / effeminate are found in various versions). And “queer” was used by men who categorized themselves as “different” because of their affection for members of the same sex, regardless of their effeminacy or masculinity. It wasn’t until the 1930s - 40s that all these terms began to be eclipsed by the term “gay” (happy?). By the 1950s the term was used by heterosexuals of queers, although some preferred to stick with the term “queer” within the homo-community.

     By the 1980s, “queer” made a big comeback. In 1990, a subset of the gay/lesbian movement started Queer Nation (in NYC). Their first incendiary tract was called “Queers Read This,” which we all know was a poke at the straights. The tract contained “I HATE straights.” So, Mr. Intelligence Project, YOU MAKE A BIG ADO ABOUT SOMETHING YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT.

     Queer Nation has become known for its irreverent strategies (like using “Queers BASH Back” stickers in public places). If straights are caught doing such things they will be arrested. So, our “protect the poor persecuted homos” folks ought at least to be fair in their reporting. They also have stickers with “Queer Nights Out” to post in nightclubs / malls / etc. “Queer,” they say, is inclusive of GLBT peoples. They also say that the word “gay” does not always define them—many are unhappy or ungay (?). I’ve met dozens and dozens of them: some we’ve cast demons out of, some were healed of AIDS by our prayers (God's power, not ours). Some left the queer way of life and got married to the opposite sex. It is sheer HATRED to tell these misdirected, troubled and hurting people they can’t be healed.

     Now we have Queer Theology being taught by our queer Christian (oxymoronic!) professors. Many of these “Christian” theologians are nothing but misotheist eruditionists. Their Biblical exegesis is nothing short of insanity. Many are outright feral in both word and deed. I argue with them. They are yet to produce ONE verse out of the entire Holy Bible where homosexuals are created by God, honored by God, blessed by God. Give me ONE verse. I can produce at least one dozen verses where God calls homosexuality / sodomy a sin, an abomination, unnatural, etc.


Is Sodomy a Sin?

ACCORDING TO THE homosexual camp, NO! According to the bleeding hearts that support their “pink rebellion”, NO! Since I have already put together 10 Gay Way booklets, I don’t need to rewrite any of my articles. But I will answer our liberal professor and our misguided / misdirected Intelligence Director.

     Remember what Mr. Intelligence Director wrote: “But believing that the Bible says homosexuality is a sin is an entirely different proposition…” Maybe this guy never cracked a Bible, I don’t know, but he is dead wrong here!


Leviticus 18:22 / 20:13 Laws

THIS IS A good place to start. One should read the entire chapters above (one should also read Judges 19:22-25—the rape of the Levite’s Concubine; read Gen. 19:4-11— the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah). LEVITICUS 18:22 and 20:13 prohibit same-sex sex, under the penalty of DEATH (see 20:13 for proof). Note how the Amplified Bible reads: “If a man lies with a male as if he were a woman, BOTH men have committed an offense—perverse, unnatural, abhorrent and detestable; they shall SURELY be PUT TO DEATH; their blood shall be upon them.” This ought to settle the issue forever how the LORD feels about sodomy.

     Our critics argue that homosexuality is no greater than any other sin. Wrong! Remember what our Professor said: “We must ask forgiveness for our failures of love and concern and STOP ELEVATING the sin of homosexuality practice ABOVE OTHER SINS” (my emph.). First, at least this professor says homosexuality is a sin. Right! But he is dead wrong about “other sins.” Just about every book published by any GLBTQ author brings up the Holiness Code (Lev. 18-20) where prohibitions are listed: Incest, adultery, sex with an animal, sex during a woman’s period, idolatry/ child-sacrifice, turning to those of the occult, cursing father / mother, eating of unclean foods (20:25) etc. The last I deal with in our “Gay Way” booklets—the “food argument.” Both homos and pro-homos throw this at us, saying, “See, the sin of sodomy is no greater than the sin of eating unclean foods.” Really? Even our liberal professor uses this, without giving any Biblical facts to back up his non-Scriptural statement.

     I have found that lesbians use the “food argument” more than gay men. Most of these lesbian authors / teachers / preachers etc. fall back on super-lesbian Dr. Virginia Mollenkott (I’ve written on her contribution to the “Christian” gays. Her exegesis is common, as usual, misreading / reinterpreting God's Word etc.) Just about all “Christian” homosexuals misread and misapply those “won’t-go-away” Scriptures that denounce their sex-idolatry, they call them “clobber Scriptures.” But they use the same Scriptures to “clobber” us with their “pink-perverted” twistings.


I Challenge You

GO THRU LEVITICUS 18-20 carefully, pick out the prohibitions, both heterosexual and homosexual ones. Make a list. While it is true that homosexuality is not particularly singled out (not even lesbianism, you’ll find these ladies condemned in Romans one), but you will find that same sex-sins carry the death penalty. Therefore it is sheer foolishness to lump death-oriented sex-sins with that of eating certain unclean foods or that of mixing of fibers for clothing, for men, a certain way to shave etc. Show me where God placed the death penalty on eating unclean foods, wearing mixed garments etc.

     There is no need for us Christians to apologize or explain or persuade or justify calling sodomy / homosexuality (et al) an ABOMINATION, this Word is Biblical. Remember what our Intel. Director said: “No one is trying to force Christians or others who believe that homosexuality is wrong to abandon their beliefs.” HA! This is EXACTLY what this guy and the whole Homosexual Movement is trying to do. They don’t practice what they preach; they call us “Bible Thumpers”, “Homophobic” if we dare to quote Scripture. They are LIARS!! Their intent is to DESTROY Christianity (genuine) and promote sexual promiscuity….even to preschoolers. This is satanically sick!


Homosexuality / Swine Eating

THESE “CHRISTIAN” homos throw a strip of bacon on our plates and tell us, “In God's sight, both swine’s flesh and homosexuality are the same!” Says who? While eating swine was prohibited for the Jews, it certainly did not carry the death penalty. And don’t even try and throw at me, “one kind of sin is just as bad as any other sin; all are equally bad.” Get serious here. The Bible clearly lists “greater” and “lesser” sins (even Jesus did this in Jn. 19:11; Mt. 5:19; Mt. 23:23).

     In our “sin” list in 1 Cor. 6:9-10, adulterers / homosexuals can’t be placed on the same level as drunkards, thieves, cheats etc., although they all will keep one OUT of God's Kingdom (v 10). And may I add here that vs. 11 tells us that some of the Corinthian Church had been among the vice / sin list in vv. 9, 10— BUT they had been washed clean by the atoning blood of Jesus Christ! They did not carry their vices/sins into God's Kingdom!!! But what do we see today? Homosexual gays-lesbians-bisexuals-transgenders-queers— all in Church PRACTICING their (idol) particular brand of sex-sin. No repentance. No change. NO CHANGE!!

     God did not prescribe for pork-eaters to be executed, but He did for adulterers, homos, etc.; and I don’t read where this penalty for the latter was ever revoked. We can thank God that most countries don’t enforce this (some Islamic countries do), for not only would all unrepentant sex-perverts be executed, but all heterosexual adulterers, etc., would have the same fate.

     How can people not see the incongruity of mixing pure Biblical Truth with pink-perversions / white-perversions?


Candace Chellew-Hodge

IN HER BOOK, Bulletproof Faith, this arch-lesbian (which I critique in our “Gay Way” booklets) uses the “pork-shrimp argument.” She also reminds us “dummies,” who do not know how to read / interpret the Scriptures, of what the O.T. Law says about murder, adultery, divorce, oath-breaking, revenge, treatment of enemies, etc.; but she fails to mention anything about homosexuality! Why? She thinks that this sin is not sin. Somehow God, feeling oh, so sorry for those poor “God-created-me-this-way!” folks changed His mind about their sins, but kept it for us sinful heterosexuals. Can you imagine calling one a “Christian adulterer”, like a “Christian homosexual.” This is so common these days that most believe that there are such creatures—created “special” for God's Kingdom. Hey, what about “Christian fornicator”? Why not? But with the U.S. Gov. now behind the HM, opposition to homo practice is DANGEROUS.


Major Threats?

YES, THERE ARE several major threats to heterosexual marriage. Before the “homo crusade” became alarmingly a “Pink Revolution” of the cutting edge type, adultery and divorce were the major threats and causes to traditional marriage / family. There is no doubt that “Christian” divorce is as great as non-Christian, sometimes, even more. Shouldn’t the Christian Church be alarmed over this? “Well, maybe” is usually the answer. We can’t blame this on the HM, can we? Cheap and fast divorce is all too common. This is a world-wide epidemic, mind you.

     Now we have the “gay” thing that is redefining marriage / family…using litigations to effect social change. With the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) lobbies on the front line of battle, they recruit news and entertainment media, aiming (with intent to hit the bull’s-eye) to influence public opinion—this is being done with expert skill (to kill opposition!) the courts, the media, the Church. These “pink revolutionaries” are out for blood (fig. speaking). They demand “dignity.” Dignity???!!! Since when is sticking one’s penis into another man’s butt (or animal) “dignity”?!! Since when is ramming objects into women’s private parts “dignity”?!! My wife happened to be working at the largest hospital in Sacramento, CA, in the 1980s, and she says dozens and dozens of “gays” had rectum surgeries, some died in the process—all in the name of “homosexual freedom.” Dignity???!!! Poking a penis into a man’s / woman’s mouth (for bisexuals) is “dignity”?!! Eating human waste (as do some) is “dignity”?!! Pissing on one another is “dignity”?!! Get serious, you guys!


Liberal Tolerance

LIBERAL TOLERANCE in both camps is destroying marriages and the family unit. Really, you “straights” are just as guilty of “sinning” as the homos. Heterosexual sins are so common these days, no one even writes against them. What’s the problem? Liberal tolerance. Frankly, HETEROSEXUAL SINS AND HOMOSEXUAL SINS ARE PROHIBITED IN SCRIPTURE; THE ONLY DIFFERENCE IS THAT ONE (HETERO) IS NATURAL AND THE OTHER (HOMO) IS UNNATURAL.

     It is rather hypocritical for the hetero camp to point at the homo camp if the hetero camp is living in sin. If we are hypocrites, our credibility is worthless. While I believe in God's Word for marriage, it is rather stupid for non-Christian straights to get away with pre-marital sex, adultery after marriage, etc....and very little, if nothing, is said. It is even worse for “Christian” straights to be guilty of the same...and very little is said here, too.

     We have always taught against BOTH homo SINS and hetero SINS. SINS ARE SINS. When we touch the “Christians.” they throw at us, “Don’t judge us, just love us!” stuff. When we touch the homos, they call us “gay-bashers” and “homophobics.” When we touch on child molesters, they tell us to “mind your own business.” When we touch on polygamous marriages, they shout back with “The O.T. promoted polygamy.”

     I realize that what I write is Biblically-oriented. Secular views abound. But I firmly believe, IN THE BEGINNING GOD LAID THE LAW DOWN FOR SEX, MARRIAGE, AND FAMILY. I believe His way is the BEST WAY. Of course, you are entitled to your own opinion. But even nature is against homosexuality. God made pairs, e.g., man/woman, and they are biologically different (i.e., complimentary). Homosexuality violates His Creative Order. Man/man, woman/woman = same-sex clones; it is impossible, IMPOSSIBLE for them to reproduce naturally. If it’s not true, tell me how the world has been and is populated?

     Same-sex intercourse is beyond or in excess of nature in the sense that it transgresses the boundaries for sexuality both established by our Creator and transparent in nature. More specifically: Only women possess the complementary opening for a male, a point confirmed by the procreative capacity of male seed when it enters the vagina and into the woman’s womb. This is what Romans 1:26-27 refers to, that is, “women did change the natural use into that which is AGAINST NATURE: likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one towards another…” Natural sex is the only right sex (one should study the Greek words para physin and kata physin).


In Closing

THIS DEBATE IS ENDLESS. It is argued that “gay” couples want to have, and deserve to have, such basic rights as straight couples. This is not the real issue, but only a surface one; the real issue is: “IS HOMOSEXUALITY RIGHT IN THE SIGHT OF THE ONE WHO CREATED MAN / WOMAN AND LAID DOWN THE ETERNAL LAWS FOR SOCIETY?” I can maybe see the need for rights and safety in a purely secular society, but America was founded upon Godly principles, therefore when this nation strikes them down in favor of “human rights” (as opposed to Godly rights), “human feelings”/“pleasures” etc., we’ve gone too far. Homosexuals were already “doing their thing” here in society. They already had unions, why marriage? If God's Word forbids it, making something “legal” by human law won’t change a thing. HOMOSEXUALITY IS A SIN, WILL ALWAYS BE A SIN, THEREFORE THOSE GUILTY MUST CHANGE AND BE BORN AGAIN (see John 3). This will place you in God's favor, not disfavor.

     And for you, straight sex-violators, you will go to hell along with all other lost souls. Your church won’t save you.

     If the gay community’s real, hidden agenda is to legitimize and normalize the homosexual lifestyle, they will become a new kind of terrorist that America must deal with. Can we legitimize and normalize adultery, fornication, theft (“hell no” says the IRS!), lying, murder, (well, abortion is baby murder, but I guess they don’t count), fraud?

     Redefinition of marriage and family will destroy any society. Keeping same-sex illegal is the RIGHT and SANE thing to do. The same goes for heterosexual sins: we should cry out against such sins. Making something as dangerous as same-sex marriage illegal is not discriminatory any more than keeping rape and other crimes illegal.

     It is our duty to oppose what God's Word opposes. It is not up to the Christian to take the law into our hands; this is the State’s job. But when the State opposes God's law, we must continue to oppose both State and lawbreakers.

     I realize this sounds Nazi, but God's Word is supreme, not America’s.



[Study material has been adapted from its original sources.]