Gen. James Green

(Jn. 7:23; Eph. 4:26)

T his article is not written in anger!....It is written in fury—though not, I trust, in blind fury. It is a DELIBERATE ATTACK upon all those who have, in times part, and presently, befouled this nation for the HELL OF IT (as stated in the Congressional Record, Jan. 10, 1963, by A.S. Herlong, Jr. of FL in the US House of Reps. with UNANIMOUS CONSENT support of other involved members of Congress).


Sabotage Tactics

THE “POWER ELITE,” who actually CONTROL this nation called America, are a sorry bunch of anti-Christs that run and rule the family, state, and Church through LIES, DECEPTIONS, and TERROR, not the TRUTH! These men and women worship VARIOUS (DEMON) GODS/GODDESSES. One thing they all have in common is believing in, and adhering to the Great Plan, i.e., the humanistic esoteric and mystical orders collaborated in using America for a “world-changing” experiment in enlightened self-government and religious liberty. Communism/Socialism are merely a part of this DESTROY Biblical Christianity from all quarters of this nation.

Within this sinister plot, using tactics of sabotage, is found many Secret Societies, along with apostate Christianity (e.g., “Churchianity”). Personal ambitions, liberated by the new code of “freedom,” began to dream of supremacy. Their goal is to replace America’s God with their god—Satan! It isn’t that blunt, but it is there. Biblical Christianity rejects paganism in any form—“we love the sinner, but hate their sin.” Therefore we recognize the Esoteric Orders as Satanic. We reject the idea of embracing One World Religion, or a universal philosophy. We, who are: born-again, Spirit-filled, directed, and controlled, are custodians of Biblical faith; therefore, we contend for it (see Jude 3).



THOSE WHO are members of the Orders of the Quest, have drawn from the ranks of the Church, by deceit, have been, and are being used as agents for this satanic Order/Quest. The Bible warns us time and time again about such false teachers and prophets that would draw the ignorant into their camp. I have lots of articles already written along these lines.

As I write, the Secret Societies are engaged upon a broad reformation of world-educational concepts: it is called “Political Correctness.” It is everywhere! This brings me back to the 45 current goals of the Communist party in America. They were designed to DESTROY America by “Culture Change” (listen to your pink/black Prez Obama who uses the “C” word a lot [change!]). This is WHY the current presidency is trying hard to undermine/destroy the US Constitution and the US Bill of Rights. These still give the American citizens the right to worship God and have their say, but this is coming to an we all can bear witness. Their PC trash is now pushed as LAW (see our DVD’s on “Satan vs Christ’s Revolution”)!! When one goes through these 45 goals, one will see that almost 100 percent of them are now in place...while the Church sleeps on.

These satanic vandals are well-organized, like found in Eph. 6:12 (see our 4 “Spiritual Warfare” booklets—free). Not only are they well organized, but also well financed...and $$ makes more $$, plus greed!



YOU BET!! Not because I enjoy pointing the finger and calling names, but because there is SO MUCH muck. We’re being suffocated by it.

Not only have these (plus too many average $$ hungry Americans) people turned America into a physical slum, but also into a spiritual slum.

American suburbs are interminable wasteland, the atmosphere, water, and land is polluted beyond use in certain places. The junkiness of industries that do the polluting raise $$ for these people...seemingly with no end in sight. The natural beauty of America is just fading away...the same holds true for the spiritual; all pre-planned mind you.


Christianity=Turned into Churchianity

ALAS, the very core of America—believing in a personal God—is being attacked without mercy.

The mad men/women who hate God and His Bible (and me!), are out of sympathy with those of us who still care enough to PROTEST! Satanic behavior corrupted by false values resents anything that is pure and lovely. The Socialists and Satanists (SS) are champions of progress through constructive change, as long as that change is unholy: Destiny and Mysteries must WIN, for they are on the side of the Great Plan.

HA! God has a Greater Plan, dear readers, which will win out in the end (read Revelations). No matter how much the (true) Church/Ekklesia is defaced, demolished, or mocked in America, the true believers will live on!

Yet, it would be unfair to place on the SS all blame for advocating/promoting destruction of this CULTure heritage. Too many Americans, both pagan and “Christian,” aid and abet these workers of evil.



THE LATE Robert S. Kerr of OK, on the floor of the Senate of the United Sates (1955), spoke about “esthetics.” After all, isn’t America a “free” country? In the name of esthetics, in the name of culture (he pronounced it “ass-thetics”), he said:

“It will be a grave day in this country when we reach so high an ‘ass-thetic’ pinnacle that men are willing and deprive citizens of their vested rights...What kind of culture [is this?]...It is the kind of culture one can find in Russia. It is the kind of culture Hitler went down the drain trying to implement in Germany...”

The US gov. (along with various branches of local and state) are in session, encouraging ALL to come under the PC flag (fag) so as the desecration of America will be final. They work overtime to discourage those of us who wish to preserve the lost remaining godliness (God forbid!) that Christianity brought to these shores.

It has become a sanctified principle of our democracy, of course, that HE/SHE MUST BECOME A GOD-HATER IN ORDER TO BE VALUED U.S. CITIZEN. And to oppose this PC BULL! is to put oneself in harm’s way. This is not macabre in any way; this is truth.



THE GREAT initiate-teachers have offered their very own souls (to Satan) as channels for the distribution of falsehoods. These channelers, be they state-craft, or priest-craft, don’t mind selling their souls for the sake of the “imperishable democracy,” for they, along with their glorified sages, will become a fact in the mortal sphere.

You see, genuine esoteric associations have always required that disciples prepare themselves for their required service. It used to be that the Church did this. But time has proven that the “soldiers of Christ” have retired from the fields of battle. Hey!, it is not time to RETIRE, but to REFIRE!

Keeping the Great Plan requires dedication, sacrifice, and loyalty. These great words are used to portray God’s disciple/soldiers. The principle test of existing religious/mystical organizations is, therefore, their practical acceptance of collective responsibility. Laziness frustrates the legitimate program of universal enlightenment. Great work and great loyalty is the social alchemy which produces the universal plan.

Manly P. Hall, author of “The Secret Destiny of America” wrote: “The esoteric tradition, first embodied in its adepts and later incarnated in the whole body of humankind, brings the kingdom of heaven to earth.” He goes on to explain: “A regenerated human society, unfolding under the disciples of the mysteries, fashions the Eternal city, which bears witness to the laws of heaven.” He then asks: “who shall deny that this vision of things possible to man is the noblest and most wonderful of human dreams?” He finishes with: “And who shall deny that man has within himself the power to make his dreams come true?” (p. 250).

If we put this into Biblical terms, we, who believe in miracles, can see this. But, you see, Satan puts it into men’s minds—but when all has been said and done, will not come true.


Ghettofication of Christianity

THE CHURCH of God, i.e., the universal body of Christ, is meant to be a “glory” to God, not only personally, but each Ekklesia. Item #27 of the 45 goals of the commies states: “Infiltrate the Churches and replace revealed religion with social religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a religious crutch.” This has successfully been done. There are commies among us. In fact, a former female commie official became a Christian and wrote how she placed over 1,500 commies in Christian Churches to infiltrate their leadership, and turn their teachings, both Protestant and Roman Catholic, into communist teachings.

The Congressional Record for Dec. 9, 1987, revealed an FBI report on Soviet Active Measures in the U.S. The section called “The Soviet Campaign to Influence Religious Organizations” stated:

“It is clear...that the S.U. is increasingly interested in influencing and/or manipulating American Churches, religious organizations, and their leaders within the US...” (see James W. Wordner, Unholy Alliances (note p., 1996), p. 175). This report went on to say that “a campaign of disinformation” was in use (Ibid, p. 175-76).

The “ghettofication” of US cities is a reflection of a widespread tendency to “trash” national life (even all the graffiti we see is part of this mood). Move up to 2014 and we see humans all graffittied up (calledtattoos), sloppy clothing, unkept bodies, and using fowl language—all part of the communist goals.

All this ghettofication starts in the schools and ends up in the colleges/universities. Items 17 and 18 speak of this. Item 17 reads: “Get control of the schools.” Item 18 reads: “Gain control of all student newspapers.” By doing this, “Political Correctness” is taught/published. THIS IS MARXISM IN DISGUISE (see our Rock N Roll discs on what PCism is).

Item 20 pushes for the capturing of the media/press: this naturally controls the mind/mood. Also, #20 speaks of getting control of book-review assignments, editorial writings, and policy-making positions. Then, #21 speaks of gaining control of key positions in radio/TV/movies. With this, true patriotism, Christianity, moral laws etc. come under attack...and are destroyed.

Item #25 is currently on the offensive: “break down cultural standards of morality by promoting porn and obscenity.” See it everywhere NOW in America—do it! Then comes #26: “Present homosexuality, degeneracy, and promiscuity as normal, natural, and healthy.” Zap! It is here and it is QUEER!!


Once Upon A Time

AMERICA ONCE strived for glorification: NOW, ghettofication. While certain cities have tried to “clean up” their environments, the moral pollution grows thicker each year.

Once upon a time, it was declared: “It is within the power of the legislature to determine that the community should be beautiful” (US Supreme Court, Nov., 1954). I was 9 when that was said. Can you remember when America was a very different place to live? There were laws restricting profanity, nudity etc. Now they are everywhere.

“Freedom” of taste knows no bounds today. Luxury and indulgence was very uncommon among most preachers etc., but now there are hundreds, and maybe even thousands that are rich off the Gospel. Did Jesus live in luxury and indulgence? NO! What had happened? Lust and greed➞ two devils that basically rule the church today. Now “legislated evils” compound themselves. The pursuit of happiness, liberty, and the good life has literally bankrupted America morally. Self-restraint has disappeared—“Release the Beast” is in vogue.

By-and-large, the church has FAILED to set an example of self-imposed restraint, an example of quality rather than novelty.

I wish that the morbid things I’ve written were not true, but the 3 units: family, state, and church, are MORIBUND units! These three units should be leaders, but, at present, are instead, performing acts that further destroy (kill!) future generations. In HOT pursuit of self-indulgence, with that “mean ol’ God” out of the picture, men/women/children are free to express themselves in any ol’ way they wish.

I’m sure the Order of Quest is very pleased indeed. America is merely a caricature of the mess that is Politically correct in America.

Will the epitaph on America’s monument read: “Twice Dead”?



THE UGLIFICATION, and ghettofication of “America the Beautiful” nears completion. That is, unless God STOPS it.

Line upon line, year after year, the enemies of righteousness work to dethrone God and throne satan. This is an incontrovertible fact. We have accepted all this as the inevitable silt/filth for years. But, God’s Word helps to force us to look about on our daily pilgrimage from one inflammation of the retina to the next.

Unless the Christians WAKE UP, and STAND UP, the desecration of the USA will continue as planned. Sadly, many so-called “Christians” are in cahoots with all these transmogrifying experiments: whether intentionally or not.

The despair, fear, inertia, apathy, seething frustration, and latent terrorization—PLUS a massive accretion of UGLINESS that sometimes defies belief—this is the image of our “One Nation under God” today.

What makes things even WORSE is that we KNOW that those in power—the rulers—are enemies, not friends…their minds are mere junk-piles of trash. It is time...past time, to stop being naïve and idealistic. The enemies are not at the gates, they have set up shop in the country!

Americans have lost the art of seeing and hearing. Most no longer care, or no longer care enough.We should care enough to tell the truth—even when men hate the truth. It matters to God; therefore, it should matter to us.