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The Wrath (ὀργή) of God

Part 7

General James Green

W E’RE not ready to leave Hell/Damnation yet. This TRUTH NEEDS to be PREACHED and BELIEVED once again in this land of America. Ever since Hell has stopped being preached, Hell on earth has increased. Haven’t you noticed?

Christian leaders have gone from BAD, to WORSE, to ABYSMALLY WORTHLESS! Some have become tyrannical and inordinately rapacious, being hand-in-glove with political antichrists — the SWORN ENEMIES of Christ and His true Ekklesia…hatching out secret designs to undermine and overthrow Christianity. This “principal plague” of this nation has captured huge numbers of the religious/political brigands whose sole intent is to bring in Socialism/Communism.

Both religious and political leadership is plundering and murdering (e.g., robbing by way of tithes/offerings—taxes, etc; murdering souls by lying to them, killing their desire to serve the Lord Jesus only!). The audacity of such, especially religious leaders, surpasses those whom Jesus rebuked in Matt. cpt. 23.

In politics there are bribes and seditious practices, making the masses accomplices. Within both Church and State, there are those who ostentatiously parade their filth in God’s face, branding any and all who do not go along with their brigandages to be “HATEMONGERS,” “UN-AMERICAN,” “BIGOTS”! These enemies of Christ cover up their enormities with a false “love”/”peace” garment. With NerObama in power, PINKNESS has become the color instead of Red, White, and Blue. These men/women in power are literally “tormented” and “terrified” with those who have the guts to call sin SIN. But God has had enough! Disastrous inundations and catastrophes are now stalking the land … nowhere to hide! Comets, eclipses, meteors, perihelions, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, droughts, national unrest etc.

As I write, America is in a state of agitation; bloodshed is increasing: ominously so. But both religious and political leadership proceed with their usual artifice…killing souls (by religious means), killing the unborn (politically) with exquisite cruelty…all the while, the pre-trib-rapturists try to rekindle that unBiblical false hope in the hearts of the churchites, who have lost just about ALL HOPE itself.

Christianity has been shifting away from the Bible for a long time now. I’ve personally watched it go from BAD to WORSE in my 42 years of service. Now, the church itself, has declared its “Declaration of Independence” from God—the “Day of Emancipation” is here, they tell us, savoring its pleasures in SIN. Now, multitudes comfort themselves in their REBELLION— this REVOLUTION against God’s Will-Way-Word. The day of DAMNATION HAS ARRIVED!! Look at these religious/political fools, strutting about in hubristic pride, no restraints on their vile/lustful passions.

The current state of affairs: MISOTHEIST, SCREWED IDEOPHRENIA — madness characterized by disordered ideas! ... subordinated— NOT to the will of God, but to the devil himself. Their grandiose vision of a New World Order is nothing short of a nightmare.

Glutted and bloated, Americans proceed onward towards their own DAMNATION…revels and carousals, sexual perversions, licentiousness, wrangling and rivalry…onward toward the pit…the “spirit of damnation” stalks this nation called America. But the religious/political propagandists would have us believe that ALL IS WELL! Like HELL all is WELL! God is angry with America. His Wrath is kindled.


To HELL with “Judge NOT!”

YOU EXPECT US TO TOLERATE all your intolerance, but we will not !! The time has come, and now IS, that God (and we here) will walk upon your non-judgmentalism. All your good-hearted religious/political hubris cloaked in your phoney morality sickens God (and us). If you people called “Christian” don’t get off your fat, lazy, behinds, and get to the front lines, you’ll find out too late just how far you are from God. Trash all your moral aberrations and pick up the sword of the Spirit and go to WAR! Get out of the “Politically Correct” mind-set and join yourself to God’s “politically incorrect” army. Today’s “church” does not need to be drastically overhauled, it needs to be destroyed! Jesus never told us to build churches—we ARE the Church, AKA, Ekklesia of God. All this gross extortion and self-enrichment by officials will not be overlooked by God. All this sycophantic flattery of leadership must come to an end. All your leadership prowess means nothing to Him.

America is nourishing within its midst what is KILLING her—a vile spirit that cannot, and will not, bend to God’s Spirit, which eventually will bring some sort of cataclysmic overthrow. What we have is a protracted war between the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of Arrogance.

All the above has also caused an outburst of apocalyptic fervor—movies depicting the end of the world, the rapture, the doom of civilization! This should awake the “sleeping saints” to gear up for soul-winning, stimulate a great stimulus to evangelistic/missionary enterprise. Not so… uninstructed, untrained souls (in church la-la land) have dug their trenches deeper, too afraid to face the enemy; all the while being convinced that they are a guide to the blind, a light to those in darkness, a teacher to the misinformed. The church in America is like a toothless lion, roaring now and then, but never biting.

To purify America from every taint of Biblical Christianity has become a fetish in political circles. Thus the tension of this antichrist atmosphere is terrific. Believing in the Holy Bible, the way it is, not the way these “God don’t judge” sissies would have us to believe, has become seditious, dangerous to America’s health.

With Political and Religious Correctness growing, believing in the Bible is classified as outmoded—America wants more astrologers, soothsayers, prognostications of the Doom of God, and, His BULLY rule over us (America). But at this juncture, God is also on the move, destroying, punishing—His Wrath, fury, indignation is seen in the shaking and quaking of the earth. We witness the ANGER of God everywhere.


Orge — Thymos

HERE ARE THE TWO STANDARD WORDS for “anger”/”wrath,” as taken from the Greek Dictionary. Although these two words significantly overlap in meaning, there is also the distinction that orge/ὀργή seems more characteristic of Wrath or anger that leads to sin and destruction, and thymos denotes a kind of passion. We also have parorgizo/παροργίζω which means “to anger” i.e., “enrage,” “provoke to wrath.” Here is another Gk. word—orgizo/ὀργίζω which means “to provoke or enrage, be angry, wrath.”

The two most frequent words are apollymi, which denotes a process of “perishing” (see our Hell booklets), and apoleia, the “destruction” that results from it.

Next, most frequent, are phtheiro and diaphtheiro: words that imply a corruption leading to destruction. Also used are luo (“break to pieces”), katargeo (“render ineffective or powerless”) and olothreuo (“complete destruction”). Be aware, context must prove decisive for how these meanings are used.

We’ve already went thru many, many, texts on how orge is used (see Heb. 3:11; 4:3, both quotations taken from Ps. 95:11). Whereas the original psalm has God speaking (as does Heb. 4:3), in Heb. 3:11 the extended quotation of Ps. 95 in Heb. 3:7-11 is attributed to the Holy Ghost (Spirit).

1 Clement 39:7; Job 4:16-5:5 is quoted, with destruction said to be the outcome of those who experience God’s WRATH.


Bad Theology

AS ALREADY SAID, there are both good and bad theologians/scholars. C.H. Dodd, a recognized theologian holds to, and contends that, “anger” IS NOT a quality that is associated with the Lord in the NT. It is beyond me how even a pseudo-scholar can miss the number of so explicit/implicit forceful passages.

An all too common trait among today’s contemporary preachers, teachers, theologians/ scholars is their misuse/abuse of unpopular texts—like the anger/wrath texts, the Hell texts, the abstaining from sin texts etc. They, to get and maintain popularity within the church universal, and within secular society itself, prefer eisegesis, not exegesis. Some, like Brian McLaren (the darling of the Emergent Church), Rick Warren, Joel Osteen and hundreds of others refuse to even use certain texts altogether. Warren frankly says he doesn’t care what the Bible says, he’s going to have it HIS WAY. And, of course, we have baby-boy Osteen who smiles real BIG and makes the public confession that what God’s Word says and what he believes (and teaches) doesn’t matter. Really?

Ok, back to work here. Rev. 16:19 and 19:15, where two nouns are used together, (“fierceness”/”wrath”), in Rom. 2:8 we find two nouns together (“indignation”/”wrath”).

“Wrathful anger” is found in Ignatius Eph. 11.1, the only major passage in the apostolic fathers, who speaks of fearing the wrath to come and loving the grace that is present. Although Biblical language is often hyperbolic, it is thus so to emphasize the context.

Some have a really hard time when Jesus (the meek Lamb) is depicted as the (not so meek Lamb) in Rev. 6:16, 17. This seems to be oxymoronic—the “Wrath of the Lamb.” But this is consistent with the use of figurative language in Revelation. There should be no problem here, for the “crucified Lamb” has become the “risen Lamb”…ready to make WAR !

In contrast is Rev. 12:12, which depicts the devil, “having great wrath” (thymos). And in Rev. 14:10 we see an angel threatens wrath (orge) upon all those who worship the beast. Scholars (like Stanley E. Porter, Ph.D. Prof. of Theol., London) say that “thymos is probably used in distinction to orge, representing its more passionate as opposed to judicial dimension” (Dict. Later NT, p. 1239).


Punishing Dimension

THIS DIMENSION was developed in the apostolic fathers (see Hermas visions 3.6.1; 4.2.6) with the same sense as the Biblical writers.

If one cares to check out the many ways “thymos” is used in Revelation, the parallel texts use “orge,” sometimes together.


Destruction Dimension

THE LANGUAGE OF DESTRUCTION is consonant with, even consequential, to what is said of Divine Wrath—“…and thy wrath is come... and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.” (Rev. 11:18, diaphtheiro).

Heb. 1:11 contrasts the fact that heaven and earth will PERISH (apollymi), with God remaining. But this Gk. word is never used in the way that is suggested by those espousing annihilationism, but “perish” (ἀπόλυμι) means “to mar” (like a vessel that has a defect—so it can’t be used). Here is a breakdown of “perish”:

a)  of things, Matt. 5:29, 30; Lk. 5:37; Acts 27:34 (R.V.), “perish” (in some texts pipto, to fall, as A.V.); Heb. 1:11; 2 Pet. 3:6; Rev. 18:14 (R.V.), “perished” (in some texts aperchomai, to depart, as A.V.);

b)  of persons, e.g., Matt. 8:25; Jn. 3:15, 16; 10:28; 17:12 (R.V.), “perished” (A.V. — “is lost”); Rom 2:12; 1 Cor. 1:18, lit., “the perishing,” where the perfective force of the verb implies the completion of the process of destruction (see Maulton Proley., p. 114); 8:11; 15:18; 2 Pet. 3:9; Jude 11 (see also “destroy”).

The next 4 Greek words may be considered:

Sunapollumi (συναπόλλυμι), which denotes “to perish together,” Heb. 11:31;

Apothnesko (ἀποθνήσκω) denotes “to die,” Matt. 8:32, “perished”;

Aphanizo (αφανίζω), “to make unseen” (a, negative, and phaino, to cause to appear), in the passive voice, “perish” in Acts 13:41 (R.V., marg., “vanish away” — but not annihilated);

Diaphtheiro (διαφθείρω), “to corrupt” is rendered “perish” in 2 Cor. 4:16, A.V. (R.V., “is decaying).



WE FIND THIS GREEK WORD often used, such as in James 1:11 (perisheth); 1 Pet. 1:7 (perisheth); Rev. 18:14 (pass away); 2 Peter 3:6 (perished); 2 Pet. 3:9 (perish). These last two verses show both God’s wrath and His pleading for repentance. 3:6: the ones in Noah’s day “perished” in the wrathful flood waters; 3:9 = God did not want this, but the sinners refused to repent, thus, “perished.”



HEBREWS 10:39, “But we are not of them who DRAW BACK unto PERDITION; but of them that believe to the SAVING of the soul.” “Perdition”=”destruction”=apoleia. Rejecting the Christian faith, dear ones, is the sure way to INCUR DESTRUCTION. You may think you’re getting by, but not so, you will reap what you’ve sown. Hermas Similitude’s 6.2.4 warns that the result of spiritual death is eternal destruction (apoleia).

The author of 2 Jn. 8 warns his readers lest they LOSE what they have accomplished (apollymi). For the author of 2 Peter, the ungodly face judgment and destruction (apoleia), especially anyone who distorts the teaching of Paul’s letters (2 Pet. 3:7, 16).

The same fate of “Divine destruction” awaits various unbelievers, such as revilers (phtheiro; Jude 10), those in the rebellion of Korah (apollymi; Jude 5, 11), blasphemers (phtheiro ; 2 Pet. 2:12) and the whore who corrupts the earth (I count most churches as being in this class — Rev. 19:2).

All this is to be contrasted with Jesus, who, as God’s Christ did not see “destruction”/”corruption” (diaphthora; Acts 2:27, 31; 13:34, 35). Second Clement emphasizes, at several places, that it is Christ, who as God, is responsible for the salvation of those who are perishing (apollymi; 2 Clem. 1.4; 2.5, 7; 15.1) and that it is the responsibility of believers to help to save them (2 Clem. 17.1, 2). It is appalling how FEW “soul winners” there are considering the countless churches that literally cover this land called America. Even pastors are too cowardly to have altar calls; to do this, he or she would have to use the word “sinner,” and this is not politically or religiously correct today. Oh, no! Just tell the damned sinners that you love them and that God loves them—DON’T EVER tell them that they are UNDER the WRATH of GOD! To maintain your status as “a loving man of God!” you’ve got to play the “seeker-friendly” game. And you surely DO NOT, at any cost, tell a sex pervert that God HATES their ABOMINATIONS !!! My God ! You might lose your 501(c)3 tax-deductible status!! Just tell them that God created them THAT WAY, no need to repent, just enjoy the blessings of God. This will bring in more offerings, and of course, more queers of every sort.


Destruction Continued

DESTRUCTION, in some contexts, is spoken of in abstract fashion (2 Pet. 2:1, 3), where even though the author offers OT examples he says that destructive heresies such as denying the Lord bring impending destruction (apoleia).

There is NO WAY to avoid the texts that point to God as DESTROYER, along with LAWGIVER and JUDGE (see James 4:12 = “There is ONE lawgiver, who is able to SAVE and to DESTROY…”) In other words God is merciful and wrathful.

In Heb. 11:28 God is shown as the DESTROYER (olothreuo), in Rev. 8:9 His angels DESTROY (in His behalf, and at His command) (diaphtheiro).



“FORASMUCH then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise took part of the same; that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil” (Heb. 2:14).

Our text says that the death of Christ renders powerless (katargeo) the one with the power of death, the devil.

Christ became flesh and blood in order to die a human death in order to destroy our enemy ! Christ Jesus had to share man’s bitterest defeat—DEATH! On the other hand, that glorious defeat brought us salvation/eternal life and at the same time crowned Him with glory and honor (v. 9). This became a win-win event for Christ and His true people; a lose-lose event for the devil!

So, when Christians (true ones!) die physically, death does not mean separation from God (as in the case of sinners), but eternal access to Him. Amen!

First John 3:8 speaks of Jesus as being able to DESTROY (luo) the works of the devil. In the apostolic fathers, it is more common to speak of the devil/Satan as the “agent of destruction” (see Herm. Sim. 6.2.1, 2; Barn. 20:1; not found in the parallel of Did. 5.1).


Headed Towards the Finish Line

“WHEREFORE SEEING we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God. For consider him that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself, lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds” (Heb. 12:1-3).

Employing a stirring athletic metaphor (as James does in 1:12), our texts challenge all those who contemplate quitting (or have so!) the Christian race/life, to renew the vigor. We have a “cloud of witnesses,” e.g., “cheering crowd” in our favor. Don’t be FOOLED, only the ones who cross the “finish line” will make heaven; quitters go to Hell! Endurance, my friends, endurance! We have a saying around here in the camp, “Don’t retire, but refire!” ENDURANCE IS A (THE!) CHAR-ACTERISTIC MARK OF A CHRISTIAN IN THE NEW TESTAMENT. The key Gk. word that conveys this point is hypomeno or hypomone. Basically, it means that the Christian life gains opposition that must be met by SPIRITUAL RESISTANCE. Far from what we see today. “Christians” today kiss the devil on his lips! The second word is makrothymeo or makrothymia, which also encourages endurance (“patience”), views endurance as a quality of personal relationships. It is not a response to opposition as much as a voluntary act of love for the enemy (this is a real hard one!).

These two words require a whole writing themselves, so I’ll make it brief here.

Heb. 12:3 points to Jesus, our captain in war, not only as the brave and courageous soldier for victory, but also as one who was willing to suffer and die for His troops. How many “Babylonian pastors” have these traits? HA!

Well, we’re going to be put to the test of godly endurance in these days of darkness. The day of (many) anti-christs are here! Fear, death stalks the land … and America has brought this upon herself.

James 1:12 (my name, by the way!), continuing under the banner of 1:2-4 (repeating the 3 key words: “endure,” “trial,” “test”), makes endurance under trial the primary goal of the Christian soldier—if we endure till the end, we PROVE our love for Him.

God, the Judge, is watching and judging our performance. In centuries gone by, treason was punishable by DEATH! Now look at today’s church, full of traitors, kissing the devil, hopping in bed with demons—ONE BIG TREASONOUS MESS!! Do you churchites really believe that God will accept you in light of what is written in this article?

Revelation (the book) was written to solidify the faith of believers faced with severe persecution (possibly from the government—may we also see this coming from Obama’s reign of satanic power??), clarifies “overcome” / ”overcomer” as a term of identification with our commander-in-chief, Jesus Christ the Lord, when it uses the term both for Christians who endure (Rev. 2:7, 11, 17, 26; 3:5, 12, 21; 11:7; 21:7) and for Christ Himself persisting against the EVIL of the world (Rev. 5:5; 6:2; 12:11; 17:14; also Jn. 16:33).

Rev. 3:21 sets out this identification when it states that the one who OVERCOMES (“overcame”) will receive the blessing of a throne.


I don’t think I’m being overly critical here—just take the good-long-look at today’s churches/the churchites, can we really tell them apart from the world? Be honest with me, can we? The “church,” as we see it, and know it today, represents a religious brothel more than a house of God/houses of God. Pastors are no better than pimps; the churchites = working whores/ whoremongers, making “pastor” fat and rich.


At Last, The Finish Line

I HAVE CHOSEN Micah chapter two for my finishing touch.

“WOE TO those who devise iniquity and work out evil upon their beds! When the morning is light, they perform and practice it because it is in their power. They covet fields and seize them, and houses and take them away; they oppress and crush a man and his house, a man and his inheritance.

Therefore thus says the Lord: Behold, against this family, I am planning a disaster from which you cannot remove your necks, nor will you be able to walk erect; for it will be an evil time. In that day shall they take up a [taunting] parable against you and wail with a doleful and bitter lamentation and say, We are utterly ruined and laid waste ! [God] changes the portion of my people. How He removes it from me! He divides our fields [to the rebellious, our captors]. Therefore you shall have no one to cast a line by lot upon a plot [of ground] in the assembly of the Lord.

Do not preach, say the prophesying false prophets; one should not babble and harp on such things; disgrace will not overtake us [the reviling has no end]. O house of Jacob, shall it be said, Is the Spirit of the Lord restricted, impatient, and shortened? Or are these [prophesied plagues] His doings? Do not My words do good to him who walks uprightly?

But lately (yesterday) My people have stood up as an enemy [and have made Me their antagonist]. Off from the garment you strip the cloak of those who pass by in secure confidence of safety and are averse to war. The women of My people you cast out from their pleasant houses; from their young children you take away My glory forever. Arise and depart, for this is not the rest [which was promised to the righteous in Canaan], because of uncleanness that works destruction, even a sharp and grievous destruction. If a man walking in a spirit [of vanity] and in falsehood should lie and say, I will prophesy to you of wine and strong drink, O Israel, he would even be the acceptable prophet of this people! (Micah 2:1-11, AMP).

Micah could very well be describing America, the political/religious (evil) powers at work. My main point is v. 3: “therefore thus says the LORD: ‘Behold, against this family I am PLANNING A DISASTER from which you cannot remove your necks…’” and v. 6: “DO NO PREACH! God is not telling His prophet not to preach (as in the RSV; KJV says, “do not prophesy,” both are correct), it was the false prophets saying that.

Micah 2:1 speaks of the “wealthy” who were so interested in EXPLOITING that they were unable to sleep at night. The Spirit of God has in times past, told us these same things, referring to all these money-grabbing perverts like: the Copelands, B. Hinn, Tommy Barnett, J. Osteen, M. Cerullo, B. Cerullo, Fred Price, Joyce Meyers, Pat Robertson, the Crouches, etc., etc. These kings and queens have built for themselves lavish lifestyles that make the devil blush! And look at those rich political perverts, dozens and dozens of them—blood money!! They never seem to have enough. Did Jesus live like this? Did the apostles? NO ! This is one reason WHY God is angry with America.


Evil That Kills!

WE CAN SEE this “killing” on every hand here in this wicked nation; NOT ALL KILLING IS PHYSICAL. Premeditated evil; the kind which is deliberate, intentional, fathered by a conscious purpose and full awareness of both the “pleasurable” consequences to the doer, and the “painful” consequences to the victim. Both BIG NAME religious figures and BIG NAME political figures (your demented prez wants to lift the spending ceiling totally off America’s wealth — no LIMIT to SPENDING!!).

America and Americans are blind (on purpose, of course), given to irrational anger and greed and lust, going BERSERK if anyone crosses them. It matters not if these gross sins are done under the guidance of purpose or by impulse, they are the same in His eyes; the offenders WILL BE PUNISHED. Each is held morally liable for what they have done. While America justifies the MURDER of her unborn, she is repulsed at the MURDER of those 20 children killed by a young gunman at Sandyhook, CT. (Dec. 2012). They may say, “He did not know what he was doing,” therefore easing the pain a bit. But what about the abortionist? He/She KNOWS what they are doing, yet not a word from the U.S. Gov., the left, the liberals, the whores, the whoremongers, and too many religious leaders. Is something wrong here? Oh, what BIG FAT HYPOCRITES !!!

In verses 1 and 2, Micah stated His (God’s) charges against the wicked people, he BLASTS those of the “Wall Street” of Jerusalem, perhaps near the “Palestine Stock Exchange.” Not only were the religious/political corrupt, but those in the economic sphere. In a day when wealth consisted largely of real estate, these wicked unscrupulous people had a mania for acquiring houses and lands…resulting in seizure, theft, and violence. Seems like history has repeated itself over and over thru these centuries.

Take note dear readers, those of you who think the LORD is love, love, LOVE!: “I DEVISE an EVIL” (KJV). I like the Amp. Bible much more: “I AM PLANNING A DISASTER.” This “family” (v. 3) refers to the exploiting classes of Jerusalem (JerUSAlem) who were glorying in their day of opportunity. But that ol party-pooper Micah proclaimed to them that they were DUE for an EVIL TIME !! Using the figure of a yoked ox (v. 3), Micah told how these corrupt people would soon find themselves under a yoke of BONDAGE (e.g., slavery of exile).


Woe To Them!

“Woe to them that devise iniquity” (v. 1), says the prophet. God will turn the tables on them, He will “plan a disaster” for them. And this is what He is now doing here in America. ALL THESE DISASTERS ARE OF GOD, DESPITE WHAT THE FALSE SHEPHERDS/PROPHETS ARE DECLARING. You wicked Israelites have devised an evil of plundering the upright; I (God) will plan an evil for you of PUNISHMENT for your evil conduct. God did what He said He would do. Tiglath-Pileser literally ruined that kingdom, and transported the people to Assyria, under the reign of Hezekiah, king of Judah; and Micah loved to see this catastrophe, (see v. 9).

Before this happened, the evil people told Micah, “Prophesy/Preach ye not.” They did not want a prediction of more evils. Neither do Americans want to hear what God has to say to them in this hour. They love their Joel Osteens, their Kenneth Copelands, their Jan and Paul Crouches, their Rick Warrens, their Benny Hinns and on and on it goes, “DON’T PREACH TO US!!!”

The backslidden church LOVES their FALSE shepherds, prophets (for profit!), kinky worship leaders (tattoos, piercings, full of sexual vice). They have their men and women of God who tell them “All is Well.” They love their sleazy prophets/ prophetesses prophesying plenty—these CHRIST-LESS WORLDLINGS, who have got into the priests’/prophets’ office by ungodly means, and who leave the people UNDISTURBED in their UNREGENERATED state, are better received than a true man/woman of God (who proclaims the truth). Well, let’s just see who is right in all this. Let’s just see if the “Blessings of God” continue to roll. Let’s just see if America gets better. Time will tell.

Micah said in 1:9: “For her wound is incurable; for it is come unto Judah; he is come unto the gate of My people, even to Jerusalem.” They have filled up the measure of their iniquity (like America). The desolation and captivity of Israel (10 Northern Tribes) shall first take place; that of Judah (2 Southern Tribes—Judah/Benjamin shall come after).

Judah was threatened with the invasion of Sennacherib, but it never transpired. But Judah never stopped sinning, even after seeing Israel ruined, she later was put under God’s WRATH, FURY, ANGER by the king of Babylon—destroyed, taken captive.

With all this said and done, don’t you think it wise to get right and stay right with God? He is ANGRY ! Micah points out some of the things that angered God (besides what we’ve seen in chap. 2): “graven images,” “hires” (e.g., public PROSTITUTION which = $$ given to support priesthood! — kinda like the prostitute churchites of today, working for the pastor pimps!), and “idolatry” (1:7).

I pray that whoever reads this booklet will ponder its contents. Unless this nation REPENTS and TURNS back to God, God WILL CONTINUE TO POUND America. Is this what you want, America? WHY DO YOU WANT TO DIE ?