Their Revolution

Gen. James Green

T HE “ELITE” revolution will collapse if we refuse to buy into what they are selling: their anti-Christ ideas, their version of history, their wars, their nation of inevitability, and their political correctness! Remember this: we may be sheep being led to the slaughter, but we can REBEL like Hell at any time. They certainly need us more than we need them. Another world, another country, and another life are not only probable, they are possible WITHOUT THEM!!

How long, dear people, will you allow these wicked perverts to rule your consciences? This “Elite”-led war Cabal to conquer the whole Middle East (and beyond) with your hard-earned $$, while pandering to Israel (Zionism), is pure fool-hardy on your part. This PLANNED AGGRESSION/ TERRORISM in the name of “War Against Terrorism” needs to be STOPPED...stop believing in it, period! Their goal is nothing less than world domination in perpetuity. Got it?? No! I’m not a paranoid Illuminati-Conspiracy theory freak. In fact, I am not paranoid in the least. I am AWAKE, ALERT, and AGGRESSIVE in the war against the BIG 4 (see Eph. cpt. 6). “For the weapons of my warfare are not carnal, they are certainly mighty (Spiritual) thru God to the exposing and pulling down the enemies strongholds” (2 Cor. 10:4). And merely fanning fear won’t accomplish much—except produce more fear.


STOP EATING and drinking at the table of the enemy. Get a life! Get Christ! Regular doses of (dis)information about that “Bad Guy” (Putin) only poisons the spirit. Be filled with the Holy Spirit! We all should know (by now!) that the corporate media is run/ruled by the “establishment,” and parrots the LIES/MISINFORMATION, DECEPTION and MANIPULATIONS that each regime regularly spews out (carefully selected sound bites). Now we’re made to believe that Russia is coming to GET US! again (sigh!). Well, to make heroes, we need to make villains.

American Way?

WELL, DEAR ONES, this American way has changed over the years. Not too long ago, America stood against homosexuality, abortion, gambling, and drugs the American way promotes all the above with glee! America used to preach “Democracy,” but now we all know that we are now promoting “Imperialism.” Terrorism, freedom, democracy, and free enterprise etc., have all taken on new forms…they are “CULTS.” One can naturally conclude that “freedom”= “subjugation;” “democracy”= “Imperialism;” “terrorism”= “USSA” (United States Socialists America). Actually, we all now live in an “ARTIFICIAL AMERICA”…lots and lots of distress of miasma, and suffocating hubris: “I pledge Allegiance to the Fag,” monumental megalomania that reaches high Heaven and the depths of Hell. “America the beautiful”= “America the ugly,” a subhuman/demonic malaise that is putrid to smell. The WHOLE of America is rotten: family, state, and church.

This has happened before, you know. Isaiah wrote about the “sickness” of ancient Israel—read cpt. 1:1-7. Check this out: “From the sole of the foot even unto the head there is no soundness in it; but wounds, and bruises, and putrefying sores…” (v. 6). Those “wounds” and “bruises” were caused by God’s punishment upon Israel for her sins. One must be blind not to see the wounds and bruises that America has received over the say, last 10 years alone. Will we push God to utterly forsake us? We need to, no, We MUST, REPENT of our personal and national sins.

Listen UP!!

ALL OF AMERICA’S “unrivaled” power will not save us from God’s punishments (that we so much deserve). The “American Way” is a CULTure that assumes that the hallmark of FREEDOM is freedom from those “crazies”/ “terrorists” who rule with clenched fists. Hey! look again…look within. The unseen-power-players have, over the years, engineered an apocalyptic foreboding—America will be attacked and (maybe) be destroyed IF We DON’T…and so fear stalks the land and meanders DEEP within the American psyche—“we’ve got to go to war!!!”

Sure, there could be a global catastrophe (WW3?), but meanwhile, the workers of evil (which are called by many names) work at bringing America down, down, down…cutting away at her Christian faith (I’m not implying that America was ever “Christian;” but she surely adhered to Biblical principles as much as any nation ever did). THESE WORKERS OF WITCHCRAFT/PRIESTCRAFT HAVE BUILT UP THE SPIRIT OF FEAR; built upon unrestful crescendos that ebb and flow like the restless sea. Yes, the Bible does speak of such future events as well as past ones.

Conquer, or be conquered! This is the spirit of Americanism. One historian put it like this: “…with the current US imperialist ‘war’ that is seen as an updated version of the old colonial racial war against non-Western peoples.”

The Twin Towers Lie

I’VE ALREADY written/spoke on this subject. In short, this Twin Towers Lie is now being last! We might ask the (Zionist) Jews: “Who told Israeli workers at the Twin Towers to stay home Sept. 11, 2001?” And anyone, ANYONE!, who might have the guts to ask this question will be charged with being anti-Semitic. HA! Stand up, and don’t shut up! They (along with the devils within the U.S. gov.) brought down those towers to “go to war” (again!!).

If we’re gonna point fingers and call names, we’re gonna have to point to the above—Imperialist USA/Israel. And this will certainly anger the ADL. No apology necessary!

It Is Well Known…

ZIONISM IS a form of racism. It is a political ideology that hides behind the Jewish religion and the Jewish people, while performing its negative tasks for imperialism. A favorite game of the Zionists is to drop the label “anti-Semitic” on anyone who opposes Zionism, or upholds the Palestinian’s right of self-determination; many world leaders see it this way. And I need to add this: ZIONISM IS ANTI-CHRISTIAN. Anyone who challenges these dirty-fighters receives sarcasm hurled at them. Their whole goal is to rid the world of any and all who oppose them, or, use any and all for their end game. I am not saying that Zionism is the only devil at play, but it is a major player.

Amiri Baraka (a black poet) wrote “Somebody Blew Up America.” In 2002, Baraka was named poet laureate of NJ, but that poem got him into a heap of trouble with the ADL (Anti-Defamation League). Within that poem he asked questions:

“Who knew that World Trade Center was gonna get bombed/ Who told 4,000 Israeli workers at the Twin Towers/ To stay home that day/ Why did Sharon stay away?”

The ADL knew these lines imply that the Israeli gov. had prior knowledge of that event…and so, Baraka was DEMONIZED.

And if Baraka is right—and he is!—then America/Israel MURDERED nearly 3,000 persons on 9/11/01, plus the number murdered when America invaded Iraq to this day. Is it a sin to question a government’s propaganda?...To them, YES! This “War on Terrorism” has turned into a huge multi-faceted delusion. This is Zionism/Imperialism/ Fascism/Communism/Socialism at work…united in the “war” effort to repress the collective speech/struggle of the people. IF THEY CAN’T SUPPRESS US PHYSICALLY, THEY WILL USE THE PROPAGANDA ASPECT TO DECEIVE AND DIVIDE.

My point of this writing is not to generate hatred to the point of violence, but to inform you NOT to support the (already) rich and powerful. While the Zionists have used the Jewish Holocaust (I do not believe the 6 million number, may be half that), we do cringe at what happened to those people. You see, invoking the Holocaust to discuss 9/11 and its aftermath serves a specific strategic purpose (as some are aware of); it provides a compelling justification for war against any people who can be depicted, however erroneously, as Nazis. Oh, we’ve had this thrown at us many times. I’ve been called Hitler more than a few times.

While it is true that Jews have suffered violence, discrimination, and death at the hands of others, the Zionists use this to divert the attention off the “why?,” on to the “we’re not going to go through that again.” And so, it is a sin to question the Zionists, therefore they go about doing their dirty work to exploit, terrorize, and murder. There is no doubt that America/Israel had planned the 9/11 Holocaust. I believe Saudi Arabia was in on it as well. To criticize American/Israeli policies is as bad as to curse God.

Fear of the Jew

“HOWBEIT NO man spake openly of him for fear of the Jews” (Jn. 7:13).

The “fear of the Jew” is not new. The Jews in Jesus’ day sought to murder Him because He pointed out their sins. When it was known by the common Jew that Jesus was the target for destruction by the ruling Jews, they feared.

Their unwillingness to talk openly about Jesus for FEAR of the JEWS stands in contrast with Jesus’ willingness to teach/preach openly to the Jews. Although He did proceed with caution, even withdrawing form Jewry at times, nevertheless He never stopped short of finishing His mission: to die for both sinning Jews and lost Gentiles. With this in mind, we must preach to the “lost,” i.e.: contemporary pagans, backslidden “Christians,” and even Talmudic Jews, Marxists, Muslims, Illuminatists, and other Leftists.

Jewish Nihilists/Zionists

THEODORE HERZL, initiator of Zionism, wrote the following: “I believe I understand anti-Semitism which is a very complex movement. I see it as a Jew, but without hatred or fear. I recognize what in anti-Semitism is rude jesting, vulgar jealousy of métier (trade or profession), hereditary prejudice; but also what can be considered as in fact legitimate defense” (The Jewish State, 1895 [q. 13:121]).

I believe most Jews reject satanic nihilism of militant “Jewish” atheists and their propagating a destructive immorality, paganism, and an anti-religious outlook. Blood Jews (which may be hard to find these days) are no doubt different from the Khazars who rule Israel (e.g. Ashkenazi Jews=Zionist Jews). These Khazars are JINOS (Jews in name only, as Rabbi Antelman coined them). Our old friend (now deceased) Ratibar—Ray M. Jurjevich, Ph. D. (Diplomat in Clinical Psychology), who worked with many Jews of his day, coined the acronym SNIMAJ for Satanic-Nihilistic Minority Among Jews. It is these “Jews” who conspire to overthrow Christianity. Jesus confronted Jews of His day that were Jews in name only (see my other articles), but were devils…and He told them so!


“MORE THAN a hundred plus years ago, Bakunin observed in the revolution, i.e., nihilistic ‘Jews’ the same destructive attitude towards their critics. (He must have known that it was a small section of Jewish bankers and their Leftist, Illuminati stooges who wielded power, and not the Jewish rank and file. He, however, omitted that fair consideration and was carried away by customary leftist hatred of genuine, i.e., religious Jews, which was fully expressed in Marx’s anti-Semitism.) A man of tremendous courage and dedication, the leader of the anarchist movement,…Bakunin wrote in his Study of the German [Communist and Socialist] Jews:

“I know in expressing with this frankness my ultimate opinion of the Jews, I expose myself to enormous danger. MANY PEOPLE SHARE IT, BUT FEW DARE TO EXPRESS IT PUBLICLY, for the Jewish sect…constitutes today a veritable power in Europe. It reigns despotically in commerce, in the banks, and it has invaded ¾ of German journalism, and a very considerable portion of the journalism of other countries. Woe, then to him who has the clumsiness to displease it!” (taken from Jurjevich’s “The Contemporary Faces of Satan,” p. 29).

Friends, this is what controls America right now: Jewish financiers and nihilists. It is a fact that these “Zionists” allowed their people (Jews) to be murdered by the Nazis in order to gain world sympathy so as to gain control of Jerusalem in 1948. So, why would we be shocked at 3,000 plus dying in the 9/11 scheme?

This country is run by atheistic, communistic, clandestine operators who work against Christians and other religions. Currently they are USING militant Muslims (who pose as moderates!) to infiltrate and dominate this nation. These “Jews” are, in reality, anti-Semites. Rabbi Antelman was quoted as saying: “Once anyone embraces these [antinomian, nihilistic] ideologies, he ceases to be a Jew, by being a Jew only by birth or becoming a Jew in name only.” What he is saying is that they are no more Mosaic Jews (if there are any today) than Nazis were Christian Germans, or that the Crusaders were Christians.

Militant Jews Subverting Christianity

SECOND PETER 2:1-3 tells us a lot: “But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of. And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.”

Today we have Jewish Christophobes and Islamic Christophobes who work together against the church. Worse yet, we have “Christian” Christophobes (e.g., the Emergent Church) who work within to gut out the true body of Christ (like what Peter is writing about in the above texts).

The “synagogue of Satan” (see Rev. 2:9), which St. John saw opposing Christ’s work, has continued its satanic activities thru the centuries, both in Jewish and Gentile rejecters of Christ.

Save Yourself!

I’LL CLOSE with a quote from Peter (to the first Christian converts, Acts 2:40): “Save yourself from this corrupt generation.” REPENTANCE REVOLUTION IS WELL UNDER WAY. Let us repent personally and nationally. We’ve got enemies within and without. We have anomic “Jews,” and “Gentiles,” i.e., opponents of the moral and Christian order, who represent one of the columns in the Anti-Christ’s army—“Bad men all hate the light and avoid it for their practices should be shown up” (John 3:20).

It is time, PAST TIME, to speak up for Christ, not reluctantly, but boldly! We must preach the Good News to ALL, not just a select few. We no longer need to “tolerate” sin; we need to condemn it. We need not “tolerate” deceivers like Joel Osteen—Have your best life now BULL!! This self-deluded, pseudo-religious cult leader (Joyce Myers is his counter-part) needs to repent. Hell has enlarged herself. Nor do we need to “tolerate” this psycho-sicko Obama, who pushes “gayness” down America’s throat…who arms ISIS while pretending to fight them. We need not “tolerate” any of these religious whore/pimps who push immorality and have a fascination with their own egos. It is time for CHANGE!