Time For Change...


Those who have been following ACMTC teachings and those who are part of ACMTC know that over the past 2-plus years we have made both economical and physical changes.

     Several years ago, we decided to put a hold on physical training (i.e., allowing trainees to live at Fence Lake, NM; so we have been real busy posting much of what we teach up on the Internet). This has relieved us economically. We have been encouraging any and all who want to do Christ-centered missionary work (anywhere in the world) to STUDY OUR MATERIALS. We still try to send out our materials (free) as the Lord supplies, and we have been blessed with people who have been willing to help us in this area.

     The second major change is that we have established several other places (in other states) — that can represent the Lord’s Calling for this generation of need. So, not everything goes and flows through Fence Lake (for example, we work personally with the Arizona people, mostly the Native American tribes).

     If you are one of those who desire to be joined with us, realize (1) that we are NOT a 501c3 church organization (see my articles on “Aggressive Christianity” posted on the front page of our website), (2) we welcome you to study our websites (we have many sites under different names — contact us for more info.), and (3), DO WHAT YOU CAN IN YOUR AREA. We simply do not train at a centralized “Headquarters” as we have in times past (since 1981).

     As you know, there is a contumacious spirit that plagues “Churchianity” and opposes (TRUE) Christianity. Times are hard for the (TRUE) believers of Christ. We all must fight this spirit of contumacy — within our own flesh if it rises up; without us; and even within our communities of (TRUE) believers.

     The fields of Africa and Asia are still growing and going — but the spirit of Babylon Churchianity is ever contending for souls (for HELL!!), everywhere.

     This “LOST” generation is preoccupied with “stuff and things,” not occupied with preaching/teaching the Gospel of our RISEN LORD. Those who “profess” to be “Christian” are in need of REPENTANCE. May God help us from maligning the Gospel (Good News!) and His Name (Christ Jesus THE LORD) by clothing souls with glitz and glitter and so-called earthly “dignity” (forgetting that Christ was once crowned with CRUELTY, but now with GLORY). We MUST keep ourselves clean and keep the Gospel pure. Therefore, LET US ENDEAVOR TO PRACTICE THE 3 D’s: Dominion — Discipline — Deliverance. These 3 are FOUNDATIONAL to ACMTC.


     When inquiring, please be patient. We (Generals Jim and Deborah, and staff) have a FULL workload. If a junior officer corresponds with you, keep in mind that we are short on staff and split several ways now ... but we will respond to your requests and questions (eventually).

     We are currently throwing our full weight into Christ’s Call of the hour: REPENTANCE REVOLUTION — calling ALL men and women, boys and girls, to REPENT. The world is in ONE HELL OF A MESS: VIOLENCE is WORLDWIDE.

     Wounds are INEVITABLE in this war! (Trust me, we’ve got scars to prove it!!) Yet the Call, the Command, the Commission is UNMISTAKABLE “Go ye, therefore, and TEACH ALL NATIONS...” (Matthew 28:19). The goal is stated. Thus the responsibility falls upon those of us who take it seriously.

     We’re not called to build churches but to preach and teach REPENTANCE. There are plenty of churches; we need Biblical EKKLESIAS.

     Okay. Now you know. We’re stretched thin, but this is God’s purpose that we may reach more souls. Our goal has NEVER been to accumulate numbers (— for tithes — as in most churches!) but to

“Take Jesus to ALL the World.”

     — Gen. Jim, October 2015