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“We Are Ambassadors”

(PRESBEUO, G4243, 2 COR. 5:20)

General James Green

A MBASSADOR IN THE GREEK means: “Act as a representative (fig. preacher)."

Paul the apostle of Christ wrote: “Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God” (2 Cor. 5:20). What great honor is given the Christians that they should be commissioned to GO FORTH in the NAME of CHRIST JESUS! Not only this, but what great POWER supports us in this Gospel/ ministerial work, being assured of His presence.

Oh, how much Gospel work (so-called) is done in the name of mere men/women/church organizations and denominations...no power, no Holy Ghost glory, just Churchianity! Is it any wonder that the world is growing darker, and the church is getting more worldly?

All Are Called

THERE CERTAINLY ARE appointed ministries/ministers in the body of Christ, as Eph. 4:11 points out: “It was He who gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers” (NIV), but the average church-goer is under the false assumption, “Let the preacher do it!” I’ve got good news for you, WE ARE ALL CALLED TO BE AN AMBASSADOR FOR CHRIST, ALL OF US!


Official Messenger

A BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIAN is an official messenger of the King of kings. This should be obvious to the world’s people, for a true, I mean a genuine, Christian (not a mere Churchite), should “not be conformed to this world.” This is the irony of Today: MOST “Christians” are more conformed to the world than to Christ! What are we to do with Romans 12:1, 2?: “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God” (KJV).

And, what are we to do with first Peter 2:9?: “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light” (KJV). The word “peculiar” (KJV) means, “far above the ordinary.” This means that the genuine Christian is set APART, and set ABOVE the world’s people and the world’s order. From this exalted position, we are to proclaim the Gospel message to the world; and the genuine ordained ministers (Eph. 4:11) are to prepare the SAVED for God’s service.

But today’s church leaders merely USE the saved to pay their salaries. The T.V. evangelists and others rape and rob God’s children for their personal enjoyment and livelihood. This MUST STOP!!


Building Up or Falling Away?

I GUESS JUST ABOUT every generation could be called a “crisis,”—i.e. a great falling away from the Christian faith, instead of building up the faith. “Falling away” simply means that the people of Christian faith turn away from their faith and begin trusting other things. The Republicans think that getting rid of the Democrats would automatically turn this country back to God...that is a real myth! The Democrats think that if they got rid of their enemies—the Republicans, that things would be better for America.




Listen, it is only TURNING FROM our sins, and TURNING TO GOD IN REPENTANCE that will set things aright.



Denouncing idolatry and adultery, both naturally and spiritually, will set things aright in God’s sight.

Why do you fools look for some president to set things right? Obama is called: America’s HOPE, the Messiah, and the Savior...how utterly stupid! Jesus Christ the Lord will set things in order IF the people will honor, worship, and obey Him and the Bible.


Straight, Not Crooked

MATTHEW 7:14 speaks of the “straight and narrow,” but Americans love the crooked way, and this includes the majority of professing “Christians.” Churches today are full of UNSAVED members who BLINDLY follow and trust their church doctrines and programs, but have never been born-again. These same folks, along with carnal Christians (sinning believers), set their hearts on pleasing their flesh nature, not denying/crucifying/mortifying the deeds of the flesh. Tell me, how can God use a people like this?

Some may even have a form of godliness, but deny the Spirit’s power; they trust their religious organizations, please men and not God, and compromise the Word of God. These “religious” dupes are captured by the lusts of this world, although they may adhere to partial truths of the Bible. This is not ambassadorship!

Preaching partial truths won’t do the job either. Like the Pharisees, they are offended when they see others laying down their lives for the Gospel, and hear other parts of the Bible being preached/taught. We could label these religious folks the First Peter 2:7, 8 disciples.


Fearful and Not Faithful

HERE WE HAVE a large percentage of church folks who are more fearful than faithful. The smaller percentage of Christians could be labeled as the Acts 8:4 soldiers: “Those who had been scattered preached the Word wherever they went.” Even persecution can become a stepping stone...but most think it is a stumbling block. Why? Because they LOVE their own lives more than Christ.


Christ, God’s Ambassador

SECOND CORINTHIANS 5:19 tells us that: “...God was in Christ, reconciling the (lost) world unto Himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation.” Verse 18 tells us: “...who hath reconciled us to Himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given us the ministry of reconciliation.” What we have is this: GOD THE FATHER➞JESUS THE CHRIST➞SAVED BELIEVERS➞WORLD IN NEED OF SALVATION.



RECEIVING GOD’S FORGIVENESS and redemption, the “new creature” (v.17) becomes the divine work of the All-wise, All-mighty Being. Then, a total change of heart, soul, and life takes place under the preaching/teaching of the Gospel, being affected by the power and grace of God...this is Biblical salvation; and salvation must ever be of the Lord. Therefore, men and women should apply to Him…for service.



HAVING GIVEN JESUS CHRIST the Lord to die for sinners, they have, through Him, access unto God; for His sake, and His account (not ours!). God can receive them; and it is only by grace and the Spirit of Christ that the lost and sinful nature of humans can be changed. It is sheer foolishness to bring the lost into any church organization/denomination merely for “body count”...they must be born-again (see John cpt. 3) and reconciled to God. It is BY and THROUGH His sacrifice that God can be propitious to them. Joining a church will never take the place of a personal and living born-again experience.


But General Jim...

YES, YES, I KNOW you think if we really preach/teach the Biblical Gospel without fear and without compromise, we will make things worse, not better. WRONG! THE WORLD, MY FRIGHTENED FRIENDS, IS WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO COME ALONG AND TELL IT LIKE IT IS!

The truth is, we’ve compromised God’s Word/standards so long now that we think there is no better way to do it. WRONG! The right way to do it is without fear and compromise.

One editor of “Creative Commons Movement” wrote: “Super-powers rise and fall. Under better management, our nation (the U.S.) might perhaps, have risen for longer. Under visionary leadership, it might even have been a force for shared prosperity, genuine democracy, and peace.” Now put that into the Christian realm and it reads the same. The key words here are “visionary leadership”—something that neither the church or Political camp knows of, or has.

Just why has America fallen? Because Christ has not been preached in a genuine way, nor lived in a godly way. When the world no longer has a “guiding light,” as it were, the world’s people stumble and fall in darkness.

When the church has grown cold, blind, and sinful, where does this leave the blind and sinful?...the blind leading the blind!


Tell Me Honestly—

YOU TELL ME honestly now, if the U.S. government would have spent as much time, energy, and money on putting out the Gospel Good News as it has spent on, say, just war alone, tell me if the world would not be a better place to live? Tell me if things that plague mankind would not be far less? But, for lack of vision, and obedience to God’s Word and desire (for ALL to be saved), the problems are exacerbated.

The question now at hand is HOW, not WHETHER, our reign will end. Will we humble ourselves, or will we go on in national pride and suffer MORE of God’s judgments?

Instead of spending Billions (spelled with a Capital “B”) on a useless war in Iraq and other “war zones,” would the U.S. government even consider spending that $$ on teaching people the truth of Islam that compels the Muslims to fight for Allah by waging Jihad? The answer to that is in their very own Quran (write for our info-packet on Islam). NO! The U.S. Gov. would rather fight and fight and fight... and the patriot “Christians” go along with this satanic vision.


Church and State

THESE TWO have become bitter enemies—even enemies of God!

The simple Gospel—the grand object of it, is to make a complete change in men’s minds and manner (or lack of them!); but the FIRST OBJECT is the removal of ENMITY from the heart of man, that he may accept the gift of salvation that has already been provided for him by Christ’s death and resurrection...the enmity in the hearts of men/women is the grand hindrance to his/her salvation. We can’t shoot it out, nor bomb it out, it must be “LOVED” OUT. Jesus came to save lives, not destroy them. Luke 9:56 explains: “For the Son of man did not come to destroy man’s lives, but to save them from the penalty of eternal death…” (Amp. Bible). Why hasn’t this been preached by our Bible believing pro-country folks? Why haven’t the “Christian” presidents taught and practiced this? There is no profit in it for starters: War= Big money!


Would America?

WOULD AMERICA relinquish its national pride for Christ’s sake? It hasn’t yet. This war-mongering has only taken America into a deeper quagmire of problems. This is not to say that this would stop Islamic terror, aggression, and expansion, but it is to say that the pen could become a weapon more lethal than carnal weaponry. Why can’t we expose the Quran for what it is—THE WAR MANUAL for Islam? THEREBY, WE COULD HELP THOSE CAUGHT IN THAT FALSE RELIGION TO FIND FREEDOM IN CHRIST.


What a Responsibility!

TO BE AN AMBASSADOR for Christ is a great responsibility, yet so many fake it by living in church-land rather than in Christ. Our religious pretensions will never be adequate to reconcile the lost to Christ.

We are to be His personal representatives, full of the Holy Spirit, but so many in this generation live in spiritual poverty, overtaken by many, many sins of the flesh. Can one trapped in sin save another trapped in sin? Can an idolater/adulterer free one from the same bondage they are in? Are not men and women of the world idolaters and adulterers (plus more!) in need of repentance?—but the church is guilty of the same sins! The Prophet Ezekiel was told by God: “Son of man, these men (God’s people!) have set up their idols in their heart, and put the stumbling block of their iniquity before their face: should I be inquired of at all by them?” (Ezek 14:3). Will God be inquired of today by such “religious” people? NO! And were not the “religious” Pharisees in the same condition during the earthly reign of Jesus (see Matt. 23)?...do we not behold even WORSE today? Yes! Jesus asked the Pharisees: “Why do ye not understand my speech? Even because ye cannot hear MY Word” (John 8:43). Why cannot those who claim His name UNDERSTAND what His Word tells us? BECAUSE OF PRIDE AND A THOUSAND OTHER SINS.

Again Jesus said: “...This people honoreth me with their lips, but their heart is FAR FROM ME....” (Mark 7:6-8). Oh, you see these ones everywhere, doing the deeds of demons, yet claiming to be oh so Christian…building great works, performing for $$, acting oh so holy, yet full of deceit and demon seed!!


Sleeping Saints

THE CHURCH of Christ is mostly sleeping today, but when God is moving by His Spirit, sleep flees. This ought to tell us that there is no genuine Spirit movement among the backslidden churches...sleep on sleepyheads.

Is the world crucified unto you, or is it fascinating? Do you hunger and thirst for godliness or godlessness? A true ambassador of Christ will walk before the Lord in purity of heart. Could we see a First Peter 1:14-16 troop today? Yes, if the people of God would not fashion themselves to the former lusts, but seek holiness! then we would see a different world—a world with more light and less darkness.


Pride and Greed

PRIDE AND GREED are literally killing millions. We don’t need “Bigger” and “Better” churches, we don’t need taller Towers of Babel, we don’t need more ministries named after their founders, but WE NEED SOLDIERS OF LIGHT.


Glorified Whorehouses

THE PROPHET HOSEA wrote these words: “Harlotry (whoredoms) and wine and new wine take away the heart and the mind and spiritual understanding” (Amp. Bible). In case you don’t understand what Hosea was writing, he was writing what I’m writing: God’s people were guilty of sex sins, drinking etc...these took away their hearts and minds from the Almighty God. There isn’t much difference between ancient Israel and the new Israel—the church.


Don’t Deny It!

IT IS TRUE, too true that today’s churches are merely commercialized whorehouses—an evident vice which seeks to exact a tremendous toll upon the pleasure seekers called church members. Come now, what else could we compare the modern church to?

Red-light districts are where pimps, whores and whoremongers congregate. Literally, we have gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender churches all across this land. What is the difference between the whorish heterosexuals and the homosexuals? Both red-light districts have licensed prostitution. Was not ancient Israel guilty of this very thing? Yes! Do a Bible study on what idolatry and whoredom really are...see if what I’m writing about is not true.

You may argue that the homosexuals are real sex-perverts! Yes, but spiritual perversion is just as damnable. You may argue again that the homosexuals spread AIDS. Yes, but the church spreads spiritual AIDS... Both hetero and homo prostitutes are diseased, both of these red-light districts are illegitimate in God’s sight...and it is inevitable that diseases spread.



“IF YOU’RE GONNA make love, wear a glove.” This cute slogan sounds good, but go and visit the graveyards, the hospitals, and the rest homes...see if condoms helped.

Bluntly speaking, most Babylonian church members are infected—naturally and spiritually. AIDS, Syphilis, and gonorrhea (venereal disease)-infected harlots and male prostitutes, are on the rise. Even the medical establishment is telling us that the medicines for AIDS are not having positive effects anymore. Why? SIN! SIN DEAR ONES, SIN! PROSTITUTION MUST BE DENOUNCED ENTIRELY!

Pimps (church leaders) don’t really care about their prostitutes...money is the name of the church game. What can we expect when churches stimulate the people with Rock music, sexy ladies, and studish men putting on shows? This arouses sexual appetites, unrestrained drinking, drugging, etc. Now we have pierced and tattooed prostitutes (degenerate souls) that are bathed in “God loves you” BULL by their greedy pimps. Mental and physical corruption, yea, criminal to the core!


Whorish Youth

SINCE THE CHURCH mothers and fathers have given themselves over to whoredoms and wine, so the children. The “Christian” youth of today remind me of a pack of wild dogs—nothing is off limits, nothing is sacred, nothing is respected...NOTHING! There is no doubt that we, of the “60's Revolution,” helped to give birth to what we see today. I repent!

Practical application of genuine Christian principles is rarely, or never, even applied. Why should the youth do it if the church elders won’t do it? In fact, many elders have regressed to adolescence. What, say fifty years ago, was called “pagan,” today is called “spiritual/moral!” IMMORALITY IS THE “NORM” and there isn’t any good reason for maintaining wholesome moral character. After all, “we’ve got to look and act like the pagans to win the pagans,” so goes their sorry excuse.

The other week my wife and I were at our post of duty at our market place prayer booth, and we were walking to one set of outdoor toilets when we came face to face with a group of “Christians” doing aerobics to rock/rap music. There were some in that group who were at least pressing forty! Tell me, what effect does this have on pagans—girls and women in skintight blue jeans fornicating with the wind to worldly music? No preaching, no calling the lost to Christ, just dancing to loud music. This was the way YWAM, does the “ambassador” thing! This is now the norm. Where do we find in God’s Word to put on carnal (even vulgar) displays to get His Word out?


Hands Tied!

YOU SEE, since the elders have regressed to childhood, this ties the hands of today’s youth in regard to personal morals and trooping up for ambassadorship. “Just act stupid and worldly!... Some way, some how God will get the lost saved.” Really? I didn’t see one lost soul respond to YWAM’s “show.” But, we pray for some times over 100 to 150 people a day, seeing miracles of healings, deliverance from demons, salvation etc. many come back and witness to us what God has done for them.


Same Ol’ Song and Dance

AND SO THE SHOW GOES ON!—easy money pimps and dumb prostitutes playing the “sucker-game”!! Religion is a BIG BUSINESS, and the clergy profits on the blood of the prostitutes. Where are the true ambassadors of Christ? They are “out there,” but in smaller numbers.

Remove the commercialization from religion, and the profits plummet. If the modern progressive church were to allow God’s sword (that cuts!) and fire (that burns!) in their midst, there would be no pimps, prostitutes, or profits.


Truly Amazing!!

IT IS TRULY AMAZING how hard these “church Pimps” work at building up THEIR grand whorehouses! Even “mega churches” and the metropolitan churches multiply in sexy splendor with all their gonorrhea and syphilitic kings and queens.


Savage Pollution

THE MODERN PROGRESSIVE CHURCH, which I so nicely call the “Stinking Rotting Corpse,” goes on with its savage pollution: no genuine salvation, all damnation. And the War Cry from these religious savages is “be tolerant, be loving, and be understanding!”...all are vehemently advocating a non-preachy and a non-Christ-centered Gospel.

Their relentless attacks on those of us who want to see true living ambassadors of Christ are savage, and demonically so. “Disease and damnation are no reason to give up our whoredoms” they tell us. But their shame has become their acclaim to the world’s approval.

God’s “set of regulations” has guided Christians for centuries; now, in this generation, all has changed: right has become wrong, and wrong has become right. But, these time-tested regulations clearly tell us how we’re to carry on in this miserable life…by keeping a RIGHT relationship with our God.

Amateur to Professional

YES, DEAR READERS, the church has grown from “amateur” to “professional” in sinning—thanks to the liberal backslidden clergy; now the average churchite is crippled by LACK of true Christian reasoning and a definite purpose in life. Simply put, we are to love God, and love our fellow man. If we truly love God, we want the best for our fellow man: to be adequately fortified against immoral inducements. BUT WHEN THE CHURCH TEACHES OTHERWISE, WHAT CAN WE EXPECT EXCEPT DISEASE AND DAMNATION?

Expel the Wicked

“WHAT? ARE YOU SERIOUS?” Yes! Paul the apostle, and ambassador of Christ, made this clear in his indictment against a sinning church member in 1 Cor. 5:13. He dealt with a sexually-sinning church member that refused to stop transgressing or repent: “Expel the wicked man from among you.” Such sin contaminates others. Why is the homosexual community so plagued with AIDS and STD’s?...disease spreads...and kills!

How long will the modern church tolerate six-sins?...the diseases?...the devastation?

In case you didn’t know, sexual promiscuity is contrary to the law of God, and of nature—even if it is on a so-called “mutual” basis. Diseases are physical retributions due to promiscuity. Spiritual death is a spiritual retribution due to spiritual promiscuity. This SIN eventually dominates a person/people to the point of slavery—absolute submission to its every immoral beckoning. Not only this, but they will hate God’s messengers, and His message of Repentance.


This “sex-can’t-hurt-me” mentality is nothing but a powerful blitzkrieg of self-destruction. Why do you want to die? REPENT AND REFORM. SEEK GOD. Pray that you can become a true ambassador of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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