“Who Is Your King?”

This is the question General Deborah asked when delivering October 4th’s message to America. She cut absolutely NO SLACK in pointing out America’s state of affairs. We all here think she put forth one of her best preachings ... condemning the U.S. Military for its ongoing MURDER Campaign, the medical establishment in its PROFIT-DRIVEN INSANITY, the GLBTQ “Pink Jihad” against its very own members and against Americans who DISAGREE with their ODIOUS agendas, and the RECREANT, fun-loving- profit-making, soul-killing HUBRIS Church that LOVES THE WORLD more than the Savior, Jesus Christ.

         America, dear readers, is in a MORIBUND, FLUMMOXED, TERRIFYING state! The solution to the RED, WHITE, and BLUE pollution is “Bloody Revolution” ... the Blood of Jesus cleanses us of ALL sins ...

         Join us in God’s Repentance Revolution. Time is running out!!

(running time: 74 min. NO frills but plenty of chills! Some will call “Who Is Your King?” RUDE and CRUDE. So be it!