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 of a Nation
Gen. James Green

Their Speech and Their Deeds are Against the Lord!

Text: Isaiah, chapter 3

S OMEONE had sent me a short, but pointed, article about the judgment upon America. The writer was quoting from Isaiah chapter 3. His title was, "He's (God’s) Giving Us Gutless Leaders and Effeminate Men." He had a picture of yours truly—Obama!! Big "O," as he is sometimes called, is, in my humble opinion, the epitome of both a gutless leader, and an effeminate man (male). This sissy-la-la, America's Commander-in-Thief, is a direct opposite to Russia's V. Putin—a man with guts— who has enough sense not to cater to the GLBTQ sickos.

"O" is a smiling "X-Factor hopeful" who loves to SPEND America's $$; as fast as it can be printed. This unprincipled politician is more womanish than mannish. Some even believe that his wife is a transgender! This prez of yours loves to play golf, and play with America's psyche…“let's get ALL America QUEER!!!

Our writer writes: "I think en masse, societal distancing from masculinity and the systematic wussification of the male image in a puerile environment of political correctness (PCism) is more than just a flighty phenomenon. I think it's a divine judgment." CORRECT!

I've been saying this ever since "O" was placed in the presidency BY GOD! (see Tribal Call, Issue 59, pg. 50 for The Word of the Lord given the day after the 2008 presidential election. God calls this effeminate male "a weapon of mass destruction" that will be useful in the hands of God against America!). Only time will reveal ALL the damage this girlish-boy leader has done. HE (SHE) IS A JUDGMENT UPON A NATION THAT HAS GONE A WHORING ON GOD.

Look, dear ones, at this nation's EMASCULATION. Even the "tough" marines are becoming more sissified, "gays," "lesbians," "bi-sexuals," blah, blah, blah. Big "O" has even lifted the ban on animal sex in the military (maybe this is part of his "thing"??). The military is currently being morphed into a "kinder" and "gentler" club in one sense (sexually) and into a more brutal killing machine (driven by fiends that have orgasms watching the blood flow).

Your Commander-in-Thief even wants to make the Marines wear girly covers (pink?), exalt metrosexuality throughout ALL America, and masculinized ALL females who can kick a** while the males weep.


God was FED UP! with backsliding Israel. I'll trust you will read this whole chapter—this is happening right now, right here in America.

Verses 1-15 speaks of the DOOM of godly rulers…because of the nation's rebellion against the authority of God. Hello! Vss. 13-15 are a reproach directed to the rulers themselves and accusing them of plundering the people committed to their charge. Hello! Jerusalem/Judah had become so corrupt that nothing but JUDGMENT would straighten things out. Hello!

Verse 4 is very telling: "And I will make BOYS their princes, and with CHILDISHNESS shall they rule over them—with OUTRAGE [instead of justice]." Enter Obama! This political hubris dastard, who loves chicanery, is raising up a "pink" entitlement CULTure in place of a Biblically Correct nation that once feared the name of the LORD. All MASCULINE traits are being shunned by both church and State officials. Now we are seeing spineless leaders, vapid (lacking interest in a nation’s welfare) narcissists, elected to office=United States of Emasculation!!

Oh, how these feminist-Nazi women love this…the obliteration of strong, principled, God-fearing men get booted from office, from home rulership, and from church leadership. They cheer it on, this emancipation, this new "freedom." Hurrah!!!

Isaiah chapter 3 is a picture (for us) as to what may happen if we do as ancient Israel did. It is a lurid and brutal picture of the chaos that awaits a state, a nation, a people which in their rebellion/pride/corruption is beyond salvation.

Has America reached this place? YES! The Amplified Bible says that "I will make boys their princes." The KJV says, "I will give children to be their princes and babes shall rule over them."

With profound insight, the Prophet Isaiah points out the dependence of a human society upon its key members, how quickly it will collapse into chaotic and helpless anarchy when left (godly) leaderless. Look at the social ruin this nation exhibits. What used to be against the law (esp. sex sins, gambling, and abortion [murder!]) are now RULING FORCES; no longer are people dependent on God's Word or His principles — the nation has rejected His Divine Rulership! When the bedrock of a building (nation) is removed, that building will come to ruin in a great storm.

A society (any nation) where those in authority have no feeling (vapid) of responsibility—to God or country—is defenseless against the enemies' onslaughts.

Because Israel rejected God's authority, He removed "the mighty man, and the man of war (who was appointed and anointed by God), the (godly) judge, and the (godly) Prophet and the prudent, and the ancient (with wisdom)" (v. 2).


Isaiah begins the chapter with, "behold, the LORD, the LORD of hosts," or "The Sovereign LORD of hosts" (as in 1:24; 10:16, 33, etc.). He recognized the LORD, The Almighty overruling power of God—ha'adhon, "The Supreme Lord" when judgment is/was to be pronounced.

It was the LORD who "doth take away from Jerusalem and from Judah the stay and the staff" (v. 1). The alliteration attempts to reproduce the effect of the Hebrew use of "stay"/"staff," in masculine/feminine forms, to suggest "every kind of prop and stay," everything on which man rests the weight of his life.

When men/women no longer desire God's laws ruling over them, or those who uphold the same, He will take them away.

Look around you, Americans, where can we truly find a real man or woman of God these days?...in church, or in politics? what do we have as "America's Pastor"? We have wussified Joel Osteen who is effeminate in every way. We have his blonde wife who (behind the scene) rules! The same goes for America's political "pastor" —Obama— a boy in a male (not MAN!) body who is every bit effeminate (who, too, is subject to wifey-poo!).

One Bible scholar wrote this in 1956 : "It would be untrue to conditions in Western civilization to attempt to establish any close parallel between the situation in Israel as Isaiah saw it and that which exists in the Western Hemisphere. Our social order, despite its need for reform, is still basically sound."

Well folks, that was before the Homosexual Agenda, the Communist Agenda, the Islamic invasion, the legalization of murder (abortion), the legalization of gambling, the legalization of prostitution, the legalization of same-sex marriage, the lifting of many, many bans that denied the infusion of corruption in this society, etc., etc.

Take a good long look at the Peter Pans and Alice in Wonderlands we have in power today: CONTUMACIOUS to the core. Not only rebellious, but flummoxed, hubris, abysmally sick, idiosyncratic mephitis, reptilian, dastardly and bastardly, obdurate, and parsimonious, i.e., miserly in genuine love and compassion.


He and his (her?) administration are a plague to America. This overweening cry baby wants ALL nations of the world to embrace "gay rights." He demands that all this Bible thumpin' about homosexuality being a SIN! to CEASE and DESIST!...or else!! He demands that ALL nations of the world to become VACUOUS as he is, that is, DEVOID of intelligence, just plain ol STUPID!

Well, now, dear Americans, you don't have far to go, do you?

Men and women used to have some common sense. Not any more. Dull and dumb is the vogue. Political platforms and church pulpits are now occupied with masculinized women (bitches/witches in britches) and effeminate sissy-la-las (who wish they, too, could have cycles!). Pimps fill the leadership positions…making gain of you prostitutes. Nothing but "Your Best Life Now" will do for these egotistical perverts who sport earrings, wear soft clothing, and can't comb their hair (if they're not shaved bald!).

Corrupt politicians—unscrupulous religious demagogues, have become merciless exploiters of the poor and needy (but give breaks and favors to the rich)…who are demon-possessed businessmen/women without conscience, who take "all the traffic will bear," moneylenders who bleed their victims white—they are in every state/city in this nation called Amerika—poisoning its life and eating into the very foundations of the social/religious/economic order.


Isaiah describes the "daughters of Zion" as being "haughty and walk with stretched forth necks and wanton eyes…" (v. 16). The men have been taken away, replaced by silly boys who rule like tyrants. Now regarding the women, Isaiah likens the wanton women as a "STINK" (v. 24). The women were the personification of the city itself.

If you care to examine the Scriptures for yourself, you'll discover that three of the greatest Hebrew Prophets found themselves in sharp opposition to the wanton/luxury-loving women of their people (see also Isa. 32:9-12; Amos 4:1-3; Jer. 44:15-30).

It is often said that feminine morality is the surest criterion of the morality of a people and of an age. Watch out, Hilary Clinton has her eye on the next presidency—this masculine lady will carry the immorality beyond that of Barack Obama. The pride of the men were their armies, their valor in fighting, building great cities, large ships etc. The pride of women showed itself in the luxury and ostentation which had become the sole objective and standard of fashionable women, contemptuous of others and indifferent to the human cost of the privileges they enjoyed. The roles are a bit SWITCHED today—the males are more prone to "dress up" in feminine clothing. The witches are happy in britches, sporting tattoos and piercings, lifting weights, taking martial arts classes, and using the famous 4-letter "F" word.

Check out v. 17-24, if you will. This brutal language of Isaiah (God-inspired) would make most today FAINT!

So, both an effeminate male-hood and a degenerate womanhood can and will corrupt a nation. Is anybody listening?

In 11 blistering verses, Isaiah pillories their vanities, their ostentations, their vulgarities. These SINS were the RUIN of their homes/families/nation.


This is certainly a PLAGUE in our time, as was in Isaiah's time. Where have all the MEN gone? Some are still here, but not so public. Now, we have effeminate "lads" along with masculine "dykes" who lead…mostly. MEN of godly (or genuine manliness) character, integrity, strength, are shunned by today's whimsical narcissistic "significant others" who prey on the people. The "stay and the staff," e.g., "the support masculine, and the support feminine" are no longer here for the weak and small. What happened to Israel was God's removing of His people from Jerusalem/Judah to Babylon. 2 Kings 24:14: "He (Nebuchadnezzar) carried away all Jerusalem, all the princes, all the mighty men of valor,…" In their place, God gave the remaining people "boys"/"lads" for their princes. This was fully accomplished in the succession of "weak" and "wicked" princes, from the death of king Josiah to the destruction of the city and temple, and the taking of Zedekiah (last king) by the king of Babylon.


Verse 9 is very telling: "The show of their countenance doth witness against them; and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not. Woe unto their soul! for they have rewarded evil unto themselves." In other words, backslidden Israel was so bent on their iniquities that their faces showed it. Their countenance showed the wickedness of their hearts (for more of our teachings on the sin of Sodom, write for our "Gay Way" series). Unlawful sexual relations, envies, hatreds, malice, malevolence, murders, thefts…all announce the presence of Satan, not God!

The "once people of the Most High God" now reflect the countenance of their adopted father—SATAN. Impure propensities are particularly legible upon the face, especially the eyes. THEY GLORY IN THEIR INIQUITIES, AS DO AMERICANS TODAY.


Verse 12 tells us that children and women are in rulership. Not just females and young boys, but evil devils who "lead thee, cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths" (v. 12). That Hebrew word "err" means "pervert," "disturb" and "trouble" (noshim, instead of nashim, women). Hard-hearted women and punk kids rule! Sound familiar?


Now that I've presented the "Bad News," the "Good News" is, and God spoke this to us this morning (Nov. 14, 2013): eventually, America will regret their chosen pusillanimous path, their lacking godly courage to "fight the good fight of faith" (1 Tim. 6:12).

But, in the mean time, we've got to continue to sound the Battle Cry…call for REPENTANCE…stand in the gap. It is truly sickening to see boys morphed into sensitive little girls and the other way around. It is sickening to see "ministers" bow their knee to the Political Correctness CRAP in order to avoid persecution/prosecution. It is more sickening to see a nation, which once adhered to God's laws, continue to trash them in the name of "freedom." Hard-hearted Jezebels and weepy Ahabs blow off traditional values and praise the freakiest transmogrifying CRAP known to humankind (can't use "mankind," ol Jezebel will pitch a real fit!!).


All this "Pink Bull" and "PC CRAP" needs to be flushed down the toilet NOW. It may be a gravy train for most, but I WARN you, God is not mocked. The ABSURDITY and ILLEGALITY of this government (political and religious) will eventually be CRUSHED BY GOD. Amen!

Both the political and religious cons are no better than the dark age priests, prophets, alchemists, witches—rattling gourds and kissing crosses. The whole operation is to legitimize evil…where ALL will be classified as "disordered." All this manufactured "pinkness" is psyche sickness. In other words, a DECLINE and DISINTEGRATION of godliness underlie the acceptance of insanity. Hello!

Any nation who MURDERS its own—via abortion—deserves God's worst judgment. Any nation which celebrates sexual perversions will, WILL receive His judgment.


Political and religious leaders are always fishing for more victims in order to make fishers of them. These P/R "guardians of human life" never tire of fishing. The GLBTQ camp is fishing day and night in order to "hook" potential perverts. The religious pimps push their enslaved prostitutes into the homes, the churches, the streets, in order to make them RICHER!

America has become ONE BIG WHORE HOUSE…and with it, plenty of pain, confusion, and death. The military complex recruits murderers for the politically rich and sick. When they are finished with the young boys/girls who were promised plenty of bloody gore and glory—who cry like babies at our prayer booth here in New Mexico, because they have MURDERED both women and children in the name of "God and Country." We pray for dozens and dozens of them. Tormented, depressed, life screwed up, totally and completely—when uncle Sammy is finished with them, they are thrown aside like unwanted garbage.

Isaiah finishes chapter 3 with, "And [Jerusalem's] gates shall lament and mourn [as those who wail for the dead]; and she, being ruined and desolate, shall sit upon the ground" (v. 26, Amp. Bible). Bye, bye mighty men, virtuous women, obedient children—welcome to the United States of Obama!!

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