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Dear Bigots,

I get disgusted every time I read one of your “holier than thou” pamphlets. I am GAY and a Christian. You people are the “sick” ones, not we of the Metropolitan Community. Get some love to your lives.

           - Anonymous


*     *     *


Dear Anonymous,

          Thank you for your attempt to justify your abomination! “Gay” is what the Bible (not the Generals!) calls sodomy. There is NO such thing as a “Christian sodomite” (homosexual/lesbian or any other sex pervert). God created male/female to be in his likeness and image, not male/male or female/female. It takes a male and female to procreate and build societies. Homosexuals cannot. PERIOD!

          God demands holiness, not “Gayness”. But in an age in which we live, I realize that the line of distinction has been severely blurred, almost erased. Even in the modern Church itself, holiness is a feared, even despised word and practice—to homosexuals and heterosexuals alike.

          Too many of our churches have gone queer! They have accepted those who are ACTIVELY involved in sodomy behavior. Then we have ranks who are just homosexually oriented (i.e., having a homosexual preference yet may not be homosexual). In any case, this should not have gotten inside the Church doors.

          I wish not to get into a lengthy discourse on this subject, for I have written many articles, even booklets/tracts on this subject, as our “Gay” friend well knows (write us for those FREE materials!).

          We have worked with homosexuals (males/females) for years, but we refuse to accept the false notion (lie!) that God “created them that way”. Did He also create adulterers (male or female) to do their thing? and fornicators? and all other sinners to do their sins too?

          I realize that many trapped within the Gay Movement are sincere about God, but we’ve got to help them OUT, not seal them IN. I am by no means “homophobic” as many claim. I just know what God’s Word says about this ABOMINATION. I realize that this Bible word (“ABOMINATION”) is not politically correct (PC), but I don’t give a hoot about all this PC BULL!

          Where the liberal Church folks miss God is that they play psychological games with these lost souls. Sure, these souls hurt deep down inside—don’t we all at times? But to cover a gross sin or sins is not helping matters. Why not give a sound, I said SOUND Bible teaching to these “Gay Christians”? Don’t get sidetracked with the “genetic” and “hormonal” explanations for their problems. DEMONS!—this is the root cause, dear ones. “Scientific evidence” is pretty faulty, to say the least.

          The “scientific” approach is full of confusion and discrepancies among the “experts” out there. Metaphysics vs. morals is an endless, pointless game played—what we are...what we do! There are sundry theories trying to explain “internal” things like WHY all the psychological fears, anxieties, inhibitions, blah, blah, blah. Psychologists are just as confused as their befuddled clients!

          I have seen many “sex” problems dealt with thru deliverance—casting out demons. The Bible clearly tells us to CAST OUT demons in Jesus’ name, not COUNSEL OUT demonic problems. The mighty name of Jesus Christ the Lord, coupled with the power of the Holy Ghost, can liberate captive souls.

          As long as we tell these poor sodomites that God “created them that way”, we literally seal their fate in Hellfire! Too strong for you? Better get used to Bible language. And, I will add here, we can’t blame everything on the Devil/demons. They are real, but men/women can resist if they are not totally possessed. Blaming the Devil for evil actions is not going to help one get FREE. Action must be taken. Excuse-making is a pitiful way to attack the problem.

          Nuff said—

          General Jim

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