by H.A. Maxwell Whyte

JESUS was the only begotten of the Father (John 1:14) and His body was formed and fashioned wonderfully in the womb of Mary His mother; but the LIFE that was in Jesus Christ came alone from the Father by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, this life which flowed in the veins of the Lord Jesus Christ came from God. No wonder He said, "I am the LIFE." God imparted His own life into the Bloodstream of Jesus. Adamic blood is corrupt and was carried by Mary, who declared that Jesus her Son was "God my Saviour" (Luke 1:47). Mary was the chosen carrier of the body of her Son, but all the Blood came from God. I do not know how many categories of human blood have been catalogued by medical science, but I do know that the "Blood type" of the Lord Jesus Christ was entirely different. The Blood that flowed in His veins was perfect, for it was not contaminated by Adam's sin which brought sin and sickness into human blood.

If Adam had not sinned, he would not have died. But by his sin, he introduced death into the human family. The human body, therefore, became subject to corruption and decay, and death ultimately comes to each one of us. It is at the time of death that the life that is in the blood takes its departure with the spirit and soul of man.

Jesus Christ has no sin in His body, but He allowed Himself to die for the sins of a sinful humanity. He gave the perfect life that was in His perfect Blood to redeem poor mankind who carried death in their bodies -pure Blood for imperfect, contaminated blood. Life for life, for the life is in the blood. This is why Jesus is described as the last Adam. God sent Him to earth in the likeness of sinful Adam, but with pure uncontaminated Blood in his veins. God sent Him so that He might shed that pure Blood of His for the life of humanity. It is highly important for us to understand that the category of Jesus' Blood was different. Peter rightly describes it as "precious blood" (1 Peter 1:19). It is not possible to evaluate the Blood of Jesus by human values. It is priceless. It is God's price for the redemption of the whole human race.

A great miracle takes place when a man trusts in Jesus and accepts Him as his personal Savior. Immediately, a great cleansing takes place, and the sin that is in the blood stream is purged. "For I will cleanse their blood that I have not cleansed: for the Lord dwells in Zion" (Joel 3:21). When we receive Jesus, the Bible declares that the heart is cleansed by the Blood of Jesus. This may be more literal than some would dare to believe. If the sin which is in our blood stream is purged and spiritual filth is washed out, then certainly the very heart which pumps the blood may be spoken of as being cleansed. By the miracle of salvation, we receive both eternal life and the divine health of the Son of God. The greatest disinfectant in the world is the Blood of Jesus Christ. It carries the eternal life of God in it.

In this connection it is interesting to note that Satan's nickname Beelzebub means "Lord of the Flies," or "Prince of the flies." Dead blood will quickly attract to itself flies, which will breed corruption in the coagulation blood; but the Blood of Jesus has exactly the opposite effect: it repulses Beelzebub and all his demons. When you put the Blood of Jesus on something, or place someone or something under the Blood by faith, Satan will flee because the Blood of Jesus is alive. The life is in the Blood. So, do not underestimate the power of the Blood of Jesus. In Leviticus 17, we read, "For the life of the flesh is in the blood: and I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls: for it is the BLOOD THAT MAKETH AN ATONEMENT FOR THE SOUL." The Apostle, therefore, made no mistake when he wrote, "Without shedding of blood is no remission" (Hebrews 9:22).

Some people say that it is enough to have just the name of Jesus. But this is not so. We need the Name and the Blood, for the life is in the Blood. There is power in the name of Jesus only because He shed His own Blood and offered it to His Father, who thereupon gave His power and His authority to His Son (Matthew 28:18). This same power and authority is given to all believers (Luke 10:19), but it only becomes operative as we honor His blood.

When Jesus died upon the cross, His own Blood was shed and sprinkled by Himself as God's High Priest on behalf of the people. He was crucified at the time of the feast of the Passover, the feast the Jews kept to remember the time when God said, "When I see the blood I will pass over you" (Exodus 12:23). At the very time when the jews were celebrating the first exodus, Jesus was making atonement for the second exodus. To all who will believe in this sacrifice and the efficacy of His precious Blood, there is an exodus from sin and the penalty of sin, which includes sickness. Jesus sprinkled His own Blood and fulfilled the following types: on the altar (the cross) (Exodus 24:6-8); round about the cross (Exodus 29:12-16); on the High Priest's garments (Exodus 29:20-21). Jesus' Blood was sprinkled seven times (or the number of perfection) (Leviticus 4:6-7); on the bottom of the cross (Leviticus 4:6-7); on the side of the cross (Leviticus 5:9); round about the cross, i.e. on the earth beneath (Leviticus 7:2); sprinkled before the tabernacle seven times (Numbers 19:4). This last was fulfilled in that the cross and the hill of Calvary were within sight of the temple in Jerusalem, for Calvary was outside the city wall. All these Old testament types were fulfilled in the crucifixion of Jesus, who made Himself our Passover, our vicar, our Savior, and our Blood sacrifice. His Blood alone covers our sins.

If we honor the Blood of Jesus Christ, the Father will smile upon us with forgiveness and cleansing. But this must not be a dull theological honoring, but a continual, active and vital embracing of His Blood. We do not offer our own works; we offer only His Blood. When God sees the Blood of His Son, which we offer as our covering, pardon and plea, God does not see our sin at all; He can only see the covering -the Blood. Therefore we understand that "It is the BLOOD that maketh an atonement for the soul" (Leviticus 17:12).

The Life of God is in the Blood of Jesus, thus, we can not be surprised at the strong reactions from demonic spirits. As soon as the Christian takes the precious Blood of Jesus on his tongue and sings it, talks it, or pleads it, the devil gets terribly disturbed. The devil understands the power of the Blood of Jesus, and he has done everything possible to blind Christians to this truth. Many of the people today who are Christians in name only, will have nothing to do with what they call "a slaughterhouse religion." Theirs is a religion without the life of God in it, and the devil has no objection to our participating in this kind of religion. But as soon as we honor the Blood of Jesus IN AN ACTIVE SENSE, we stir up demons to a fever pitch. It is like fire in a hornet's nest.

It is surprising that so little has been taught about the Blood and so little is known about the activity of demon spirits, even within the Christian church. No wise Christian would dare try to cast out demons without faith in the Blood of Jesus. As Christians living in today's exceedingly wicked world our only hope and salvation is by walking continually in the Blood of Jesus. The fact is that Jesus' Blood says something to God. The Blood cries out to God, "Our sin is covered! The penalty is paid!" We are redeemed.


Dear Jesus, I come to you with all the sins I've committed and I beg you to forgive me. I confess that I am a sinner and that I cannot save myself. Please cleanse my body, soul and spirit with your precious blood. I need your help and I ask you to come and live in my heart. I want to serve you, obey your commands and do what is right. I want to live for you everyday, please lead and guide me by your Spirit into righteousness. Thank you Jesus for hearing and answering my prayer. Amen! Read the BIBLE!


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