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From the Mailbag...


Dear parents in Jesus,

          Greetings to you all in the Name of the Lord. I got the materials you sent to our Ministry. May God bless you amazingly. I was reading through some of those materials this morning with my wife and we now concluded that you are the ideal leaders of our time. I weep in my heart at times for the state of the church but I thank God for your words of encouragement, your determination and the exposition of the truth, nothing but the truth.

          Please, I am involved, fully involved in the Deliverance Ministry. Please, send as many Prayer Cloths as you can to me. By the grace of God, none of your materials will be sold since my goal is to get to heaven!!!

          If there are other materials like CDs, DVD, magazines, book that can be of help for and to us, kindly send them. We shall be praying for you often by the grace of God. Oh, how we love you all. May God strengthen you to the end. If I do not see you here in the world, I shall surely identify you in heaven.Halleluyah!!!!!!!!! God bless you .

Joshua O.
Christ Militant Mission


Christ Militant Mission

Dear Brother and Sister,

          Battlefront greetings from all here at ACMTC Headquarters.

          Thank you for your letter. It is good to know that there are still true soldiers of Christ out there that have not bowed the knee to Baal or kissed the Pope’s ring!

          It is a sad state of affairs when the Church is more concerned with materialism than missions. Our methods, motives, message, and mission should be “Christ-centered”, not “self-centered”.

          It is not only our commission but our pleasure to supply the troops out there with lots of ammo—videos, cassettes, booklets, and tracts—FREE of charge.

          True New Testament evangelism must function thru methods and means. It is folks like you and millions of others that make the difference. We have found in our years of service that many in the Church are Word/Spirit malnourished—many die!

          We may have good methods and means but we MUST submit all to the guidance of the Holy Spirit whereby the “lost” and the backslid in heart are convicted enough to get converted.

          Of course all our outworkings must also be rooted and grounded in God’s love, not just inflexible procedures, like those of so many dull and dry churches in this hour.

          Lord knows that we need more anointed and appointed men/women, in this hour of compromise and complacency. We need more preachings (Gk, kerygma) and teachings (Gk, didache)—preaching brings salvation to the pagan, teaching brings moral instruction and exhortation.

          Jesus, our War Captain, wept over the sins of Israel (as you mentioned weeping over the state of the Church), but He also rebuked Israel for their hardness of heart. Of course this second thing Jesus did was not popular in His day, neither in ours.

          The Church is so sissified and backslid today that the Biblical doctrines of Judgment and Hell find no place in their preachings/teachings. Only a brave few do it. Praise God for the few!!

          Churchites just can’t grasp “love” and “wrath” together—they just want “LOVE”. The truth is, God’s love is also His wrath...to try and get the erring believer or believers back to Him. Preaching judgment and Hell in bygone days brought more conversions to Christ than all the “love” preaching does today. Read your history books.

          Soul-winners were Bible-thumpers—no sword or fire, fewer converts.

          Yes, we’ll ship you a mailbag of materials for your warfare and welfare—

          In the War for souls,

      General Jim

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