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Dear Gen. Jim,

           Greetings to you and all ACMTC. It’s been a long time since I wrote you. I used to listen to your various radio messages back in the 90's. You sounded the Battle Cry loud and clear. I’ve heard your messages about conspiracies and conspirators, but haven’t heard much on that subject since. Don’t you believe that they are still out there? Would like to have some of those old tapes.

           Daryl, USA

* * *

Dear Daryl,

     Answering your question may take some time. Yes, I believe conspiracies and conspirators are still “out there”—even multiplied! I personally would rather spend our radio time focusing upon the Gospel and warning both the pagan and the backslid Christians of the consequences of their actions (or lack of actions).

     Although I have not spent too much time on the conspiracy/conspirators subject, I now take time to introduce to my readers, in print, some thoughts here.

     The Bible speaks of conspiracies and conspirators and even uses the words “conspiracy”, “conspirators”, and “conspired”. In fact, the pattern of conspiracies has been one of historical consistency—conspiracies of monarchical evils and evil dictatorships, wicked alliances and partnerships, fraternities, ideologies, etc.—all skillfully and covertly designed to “take over” someone, someones, some place or some places. Even Liberation Theology is thrown in there: it uses “religion” in a most dangerous, devastating, “novel” way. I do not have the time to go into all this, nor do I want to go into all these dark and devilish powers; but let me put forth a Bible study that will speak for itself.


Scripture Declares

“But I know thy sitting down, and thy going out, and thy coming in, and thy raging against me” (Isa. 37:28).

     Broadly speaking, the text above is a general declaration of the Divine Omniscience (God’s All-knowing nature). Specifically, Jehovah God kept the Assyrian king, Sennacherib, in His sight, following the king’s every imagination and maneuver. So, God is intimately acquainted with the thoughts and actions (or lack of actions) of us all—ALL!

     You see, God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit sees, knows, and hears ALL. Nothing is hid from them—no “secrets”, no conspiracies. Sennacherib’s evil plans, purposes, plots and undertakings were under Divine observation, even under Divine control, until the hour of retribution. So things go today. I need not watch. God watches. We can be “watchmen/women on the wall” as God directs us to be so, but let us not neglect other duties. The 90's were full of “watchmen” who got too involved...and now you never even hear of them.


Workers of Iniquity

They have existed since Cain killed Abel. We humans may not know what is going on in the dark, but these workers of iniquity cannot hide from the omniscience of God. To this end, all their wicked cunning tactics and strategies are in vain.


Men’s Best Attempts

With all the latest detective systems and tools and effective organizations, with all of men’s best attempts, it is yet absolutely and morally certain that a whole world of dark deeds remains undisclosed and looming.

     On the other hand, how many “secret” sins do professors of Christ conceal? Secret sins abound in and out of the Church—but God SEES ALL, dear ones, He SEES ALL!


Truth Persists

“Fear them not therefore: for there is NOTHING COVERED, that shall not be REVEALED; and HID, that shall not be KNOWN” (Matt. 10:26, Jesus speaking).

     The WHOLE of the Scriptures consistently and solemnly points this out. “Can any hide himself in secret places that I shall not see him? saith the LORD. Do not I fill heaven and earth? saith the LORD” (Jer. 23:24).

     There is NO PLACE TO HIDE! His presence is in every place at all times, so He is the witness of ALL men’s/women’s actions (or lack of actions). Job 34:21 states, “For His eyes are upon the ways of a man, and HE SEETH ALL HIS GOINGS.” Jeremiah 16:17 declares, “For mine eyes are upon ALL their ways: they are not hid from my face, neither is their iniquity concealed from mine eyes.” Ezekiel 11:5 reads, “Thus saith the LORD: Thus have ye said, O house of Israel; for I know the things that come into your mind.” Are you convinced yet?


Masters of Crafts

“Each system, staffed by masters of their respective crafts, has to exert itself to the best of its ability to outwit the rival”—Avro Manhatton. You see, conspiracies and conspirators work against each other or can work together. If against, the objective is to penetrate each other’s intelligence apparatus thru espionage. Those who dare to dissent are usually killed or tortured. It is the nature of conspirators to do such things to those who get in their way.

     Satan is the master of “masters of crafts” (witchcraft), and he knows more than mere men (but the Almighty controls even him and his evil demons). Man’s cleverest attempts to disguise himself, pales in comparison to Satan, this master of evil (I give no glory to the Devil, but this is a Biblical fact!).

     Since Satan is so wicked and cunning, it is no surprise that his agents are too. “Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their work (craft!) (II Cor. 11:14-15).


Satan: Behind ALL Evil

Satan IS the great deceiver (Jn. 8:44) who uses evil men as his agents (and sometimes good men too, because they are ignorant of his devices). We have many teachings on this subject. Satan and his demons get humans to act out his evil plans—SIN! The prevalence of men’s sins testify to this centrifugal satanic force. It works from “invisibility into visibility”, from the unseen spirit dimension into this material one, and it is compelled by devils to undermine all that is good and peaceful. All the unequivocal signs of the evil times are manifest.


Nothing Is Hidden!

Men of sin think they will pass unnoticed in the “immensity of the cosmos”—they think they will never be called into question by anyone. Hardly! Friends, there is NO infinite space to escape the ALL-SEEING EYE and PRESENCE of the omniscient Almighty: He fills all, Heaven and earth. And we may sooner expect to elude or avoid the scientific law of gravity than to free ourselves one iota from the grasp of God’s ALL-EMBRACING, SELF-EXECUTING moral law, which inherently and inevitably asserts itself in our world. Every soul will give an account to the Lord.


The LORD Rules Supreme

God sees, knows, and hears ALL: He rules SUPREME. No evil is hid from Him. In fact, God uses evil men when He decrees it. Take Isaiah 10:5 for example: “O Assyrian, the rod (weapon) of MINE ANGER and the staff in their hand is MINE INDIGNATION.” Verse six says, I will send him against an hypocritical nation, and against the people of MY WRATH will I give him a charge, to take the spoil, and to take the prey, and to tread them down like mire in the streets.” Even though the king of Assyria was used as a weapon in God’s hands, he was unaware of it.

     This striking prophecy of Isaiah set God as “the LORD of history”, as it is said, “with great distinctness”. For it shows how God rules over all, good and evil, and thus rules history. Here the LORD used the Assyrian king and his army to carry out His own sentence which was pronounced against Judah (for her great sins!). However, as I said above, just as the rod with which a master chastises his servant is unconscious that it is but an instrument, so the pagan Assyrian king was unaware of the broad, overruling Divine purposes that his pagan conquests were serving. Thus the king became “intoxicated with conquest” and presumed not only to “bestride (straddle) the world in pride” but asserted that the Holy God of Israel, the One True God, is a helpless idol.

     So it is today. The Lord carries out His judgments upon mankind in and through evil conspirators, dictators, and their “tyrannies”—that is, when He deems it necessary—and all the while these men presume to be in divine control of the world. Other times, evil men act out their own intents, but even in this, God sees all.


The Rod Punished!

When Assyria had served the LORD’s purpose—to punish His very own backslid people—Assyria did suffer the penalty of her gross impiety and loud, vain boastful arrogance (see Isa. 10:8-11).

     When the LORD is finished with one, He turned to the other: “Wherefore it shall come to pass, that, when the LORD hath performed His whole work upon Mt. Zion and on Jerusalem, I will punish the fruit of the stout heart of the king of Assyria, and the glory of his high looks” (v. 12). Why? Verse 13 and 14 tell us why. Read it.

     All this conspiracy stuff is not really hidden. God knows about it—ALL of it. There is no doubt in my mind that the Lord has used such evils as a whip on sinning men’s backs, even so today.


Even Though Men Think...

Men may think that they do this or do that, plan this, plan that...but men can go only so far. The Assyrian king thought in his wicked proud heart to “destroy and cast off nations not a few” (Isa. 10:7), but God ultimately turned things around. Be assured that man’s unbridled lust for conquest is only temporarily used and is certainly limited by Yahweh God. Sooner or later, men come under His judgment.

     For centuries, evil men have arrogantly conspired to rule the whole world. This of course causes concern in one’s foreign policy or defense strategy. And the plots are still here today. The devastating possibility of nuclear war unnerves many in this hour, yet only God holds the key to man’s existence. The ultimate power in the universe is God Almighty, and He can prevent anything. However, men may provoke Him to ANGER in which He may allow such devastation.


Men and Nations

Men and nations are, I said ARE the agents of His purpose. They are free to love Him, hate Him, serve Him, defy Him, etc.; but the sovereignty of God’s justice is not at the last to be manipulated, hindered, or mocked by mere men. The end belongs to God alone—to the omnipotence of Almighty God. And God can and does use the “movement of humans” for the accomplishment of Divine ends. You can count on this.

     Neither Assyria nor any other ancient nation nor any modern country or conspiracy has power unless permitted. If the Lord wants to raise up a horrifying, ruthless and brutal movement to be “employed for the scourging of a delinquent people, race, nation” or whatever, He will do just that. History tells horrible tales of tyrants from the long past, from short times ago, and even of those in the making now (those not yet a finished part of “history”).


“The Eternal Who Surmounts”

The Eternal God surmounts (“stands atop of”) ALL things in wisdom, love, power, etc.; and mere men have unavailingly sought to be ALMIGHTY GOD! The absolute supremacy of God in human affairs is the “remnant idea”, the idea that remains or “survives”, from Genesis to Revelation.

     Not all judgments or visitations of God are violent. They may be totally unseen, or silent, even unknown, and yet they are still as inexorable as the steel sword or devastating bomb of physical war. Diseases, famines, floods, fires, earthquakes, droughts—they all can be used for His purposes. The Word of God is packed full of diverse poignant illustrations of what happens to sinful men and nations who anger Him.


But General Jim...

I’m aware of those who deny what I write. But just because we do not always see outward destructions, like what Assyria and Babylon did to Israel and Judah, yet a nation, even a single person, can be destroyed within: the process of decay can set in, the abandoning one’s faith in God can happen—all that was good and honorable is slowly consumed away, WASTED! It can be like a mighty, tall, strong tree, when it is eaten away at the roots by termites, it falls.


Diabolical Pacts

The culture war being fought right here in America is designed to destroy all morality, extinguish all remnants of true Christianity, tear down the structure of the family unit, etc., etc., and there are not too few diabolical pacts behind it!

     Some attacks are frontal, like the homosexual movement (the movement for same-sex unions and marriages), which threatens the whole marriage thing. Some assaults are subtle, offering “fashionable philosophies”, “unity in diversity”, etc. (i.e., New Age and Political Correctness stuff). There are plenty of strange “methodologies” out there being pushed while true Christianity is being branded as “outdated” and “narrow-minded”. “Positive Thinking” and “Possibility Thinking” have replaced God’s time-tested Word—ALL in the name of “Christianity”. The list is really too long to comment on.

     I see all this as God’s way of “trying” to wake up the sleeping Church. If she doesn’t awake, put on the whole armor and go to war, we’ll find ourselves being completely overtaken by the dark forces of evil. We’re not too far from that now.


Political and Religious Perverts

These perverts are selling America down the river, as the old saying goes. What a ghastly, obscene history is that of secret diplomacy! Fraud and deceit have become “fine arts”, which, after having been practiced through the ages, they have attained a disastrous perfection in our sick generation. This is all because the Christian Church has not kept her first love—she has not contended for the truth nor fought the good fight of faith. The Church has, just as did Israel of old, gone a whoring after pagan gods and goddesses. In so doing, evil and evil men have quickly filled the void, and this, in turn, has cost the lives of literally millions and millions of souls thru the years. Don’t forget, one can die morally as well as physically.


Gilded Slaughterhouses

Both religion and politics are killers! Churches and political buildings are gilded slaughterhouses! Don’t think I’m crazy: they kill souls as well as bodies. Read your history books (i.e., the good and true ones). They tell of the dark secrets of satanic conclaves (that many times pose as pro-God!). But such sinister activities are NOT HID from the Almighty.

     With all this PC (Politically Correct) re-imaging of the Gospel, should it surprise us that the Church is on its way to HELL? Some of the things now done in the name of “Jesus” and “God” are nothing short of sorcery and witchcraft.

     With all these “positive thinkers” behind pulpits and educators’ desks, is it any wonder that the Human Potential Movement is taking stupid churchgoers into a “high self-consciousness”? Higher self? The Bible tells us to mortify, crucify, and deny SELF! Well, the whorish Church of today is simply left to ambitious tyrants who make small (some large!) fortunes off of lies.


Predatory Beasts

The political and religious arenas are packed with them. But take heed: all their predatory stratagems will prove to be their own destruction (remember Sennacherib?). “Because thy rage against me, and thy tumult, is come up into mine ears, therefore will I put my hook in thy nose, and my bridle in thy lips, and I will turn thee back by the way by which thou camest” (Isa 37:29). The brutal, boasting “military buccaneer” was ignominiously returned home, and died there!


God Knows!

He knows the hearts and minds of ALL men—He knows about all these conspiracies to overthrow HIM! Some religionists and politically correct idiots have charismatic personalities which they ostentatiously assume to make them have superior morality. This fools most dumb folks. Yet with all their fake, “grandeur performances”, they never deceive our God! NEVER. Isaiah 66:18 says, “For I know their works and their thoughts: it shall come, that I will gather all nations and tongues; and they shall come, and see my glory.” Sometimes God’s glory is in the form of His wrath, His judgments.


God’s Surveillance

Superior to man’s ways, the Lord’s surveillance over individuals, thrones and empires never grows outdated, obsolete or inefficient. Thus men and nations will always be justly judged by God’s universal and eternal laws—judged either by their violation of or obedience to them. The LORD possesses a book of remembrance. All men are naked before Him (homos may like that!). No one can hid their sin/sins (read Psalm 7:9).


Cover of Dark?

Our God has nocturnal attributes in the sense that He “sees in the dark” as well as in the light. Evil men with their evil ways, think they can conceal themselves, and they steal out into the gross darkness and act with much impunity. But “the footsteps of our phantom God” are more silent than our own. No darkness, cove or concealment can hid us, no disguise can enable our falsity, fakery or foulness to deceive God’s divine vision, to escape His righteous avenging hand.


Without the Dark

As stated before, some conspiracies are head-on or “open”, that is, “without the dark”. One author wrote, “When Comte was elaborating his New Religion, he felt the need of a substitute for the discarded doctrine of the divine omnipresence (everywhere) and omniscience (knows all), and so he enjoined as one of his fundamental maxims, ‘Live without concealment.’” In other words, he combined the concept of omnipresence and omniscience into his maxim. Indeed, LIVE WITHOUT CONCEALMENT! There you have it. Bold and fearless.



Biblical Christianity introduced the concept and reality of retribution. It is regarded by some as “profoundly original”. I personally believe this. Some pagans are familiar with an idea that the committing of small or great crimes, or the omitting of small or great duties, may cause them “reprimand” in the hereafter, but their immature understanding exercises very little influence over their daily lives. The Bible teaches it clearly: that ALL men will give an account to God for their works or lack of them.

     Today, small or great sins or crimes scarcely elicit even a serious comment from anyone—because there are so many sins and crimes committed, who even takes notice?! Trust me, the Bible teaches eternal/everlasting condemnation beyond the grave (write for our two free HELL booklets). If more Christians would believe and teach/preach this Bible FACT, we would see a better world. If Christians would keep their lives IN CHRIST!, evil would become unthinkable in the Christian Camp, and this in turn would affect the pagan world. The thought of doing evil would neither come as an enticing surprise nor an irresistible seducement.


One Who Watches

The Omnipresent One watches—not over the wicked (in the sense I am speaking of), but over His own people for safeguarding, as Job 23:10 testifies. The Psalmist also tells of “divine shadowing” and of the Almighty who is conversant with the Psalmist’s “downsitting” and “uprising”and even “all his ways”, and he speaks with delight of this great fact, not with disgust. Psalms 139:5 says, “Thou has beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.” Praise God! The Lord always watches over His own. As I have traveled this world in the course of His business, He has protected me from much trouble, sickness, even death. The same goes for living here in America—we’ve had lots of enemies who would LOVE to see harm, even death, come my/our way, but God has kept us. God is GOOD TO US! Amen!


The WAY of the Just

Isaiah 26:7 states, “The way of the just is uprightness: thou that act upright dost direct (level) the path of the just.” I have personally found this to be true, time and time again. Not that we don’t have to tread on unlevel and treacherous paths: we certainly do, and we have. And we have had and have conspiracies against us...but He sees us through them all.


In Closing...

We may always confidently persuade our “head and heart” of God’s Divine forbearance and clemency, particularly when we remember the ultimate perfection and constant protection of our Lord’s love. If we walk uprightly, we should not fear the all-knowing observant gaze of our Saviour, for His overshadowing ways are not always austere (severe) and threatening to His own, but they are directive and encouraging and instructive. However, if we live in “sweet deceit”, we can always expect the opposite. Amen.

~General Jim

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