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Defending Our Faith

by General James Green


CHRISTIANITY, BIBLICAL CHRISTIANITY is taking a real beating worldwide. Attacks from all quarters are being executed. The truth of the matter is that Churchianity, not Christianity, should be the selected target. But the world does not differentiate between the two.

     True, Biblical Christianity certainly will cause HELL on earth for the demonic, yet mere Churchianity has acted in such un-Christian behavior that the world is sick and tired of such hypocrisy. As for me, I will BE and REMAIN a defender of TRUE Christianity, no matter the cost. And there will be a cost. After all, the Bible clearly teaches that “...all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus WILL SUFFER PERSECUTION(2 Timothy 3:12, NKJV). It seems strange to me (not really though!) that the sinning Churchites receive very little persecution. They can commit gross sins right in God’s face and seem to get by with it ... at least for now.


Disproving Gross Calumnies

THIS—PERSECUTION—IS NOTHING new, for others in other dispensations of time suffered at the hands of persecutors—even from within their own ranks. Sound familiar?

     History tells us that to “Justin Martyr, who flourished about A.D. 150, belonged the honor of heading the series of apologies whose works are extant [still existing], viz [namely], Tatian, Melito, Athenagoras, Theophilus, the author of the Epistle to Diognetus, who all belonged to the second century and wrote in Greek; and Tertullian, Minucius Felix, Arnobius, and Lactantius, who wrote in Latin, and Clement and Origen who wrote in Greek, during the third century. While Christianity was WINNING its way to recognition in the Roman Empire, these writers tried to disprove the gross calumnies current about Christians...” (from The Apology of Aristides).

      Jerome (died A.D. 420) tells us that Justin Martyr was a philosopher of Athens who retained his philosopher’s garb after his conversion to Christianity, and that he presented a defence of the faith to Hadrian at the same time as Quadratus, who was recognized as a great apologist for the faith of the Bible.

      Eusebius, in his History of the Church, written during Constantine’s reign, A.D. 306-337, has a chapter (book 4, chap. 3) headed “The authors that wrote in defence of the faith in the reign of Hadrian, A.D. 117-138.”


The List Could Go On...

DEFENDERS OF THE CHRISTIAN Faith have always been on the front lines of battle. So it is today! There are some real men and women of God (not mere Churchites) who defend the faith with their very lives. We praise God for these warriors.

     We, like they, try our best to enlighten rulers and magistrates unto the real character and conduct of the soldiers/disciples of the Christian faith, and also, as Aristides states, we endeavor to commend Biblical Christianity to “the cultured among its [Christianity’s] despisers by showing that it is philosophy as well as revelation.” I would like to add “revolution”, for God’s truth will revolutionize your life in Christ Jesus. Amen.


What Are You Doing?

BY THE WAY, WHAT are you, dear readers, doing for the faith? We can’t just play “Church” and expect to make disciples of the nations (Matt. 28:19). Biblical Christianity is not a human philosophy, for it is Divinely revealed, so it cannot be lived on a mere human plane like the realm of Churchianity.


From Christianity To Churchianity To Polytheism

OH, THE DEVIL IS sly. He moves slowly but surely!! Look at the Church in America—full of hypocritical professors of faith that have many gods they worship. This in turn has had a most disastrous, horrifying effect on morality . . . and morality is “on the SKIDS”!


What We Need

WHAT WE NEED TODAY is more faithful and devoted professors of Christ. Sure we’ve got “mega-churches” full of the backslid and unconverted alike, but few, FEW real Bible-believing born-again Spirit-filled and Spirit-led Christians. Jesus has become just “another god” among the gods of Churchianity. Most church leaders are no better than sleeping dogs who cant bark. Like so many that have fallen from their throne of glory, the jokers called “Church leaders” are laughed at by the world.


Balaam’s Ass

BALAAM’S ASS WAS MORE anointed than most church leaders of today! In fact, the ass was even used of God whereas most church leaders today wouldn’t know the Spirit’s anointing if it bit them on the butt!

     Biblical Christianity gives an impulse and power to live godly in Christ Jesus. So what power are these “dumb dogs” under?  You tell me.


 “The solution to this stinking pollution is Heaven’s sent REVOLUTION!”


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