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“What The World Needs Is Love”

[from an e-mail sent to the Generals:]


            I’ve read your articles, listened to your radio broadcasts and must admit that you live up to your ministry name—Aggressive Christianity. However, it might not be a bad idea if you two warriors for Christ could speak on love a little more. I realize that you dutifully stand in the gap but what the world needs is love, not harsh words. Too much of your teaching and preaching, I feel, is aimed at the Church, and not the evil outside the Church. This is merely my personal opinion. Irrespective of the age we live in, love should be the compelling force.

           Sure, immorality is on the rise, even in our churches, but this is no reason to go overboard as your pointed sermons tend to do. If you two would tone down your sermons and writings, I think you would win more people to our Savior.


A Friend


Our Comment:


Dear Friend,

          Looking at the deranged lives and the society of his contemporaries, Bishop Joseph Butler (the author of The Analogy of Religion, Natural and Revealed) surprised one of his friends by asking this: “Might not a nation, as well as an individual go mad?” I don’t know what his friend answered, but I have no doubt that a WHOLE nation, or at least a very large part of it, can and has gone MAD!

          I can look back over my shoulder, say, some 30 years ago, and see that America is rotting, stinking with “moral nihilism and spiritual decadence”, which, as one Christian psychologist says, “is a DEMONIC MALADY!”

          My old author friend, Ratibor-Ray M. Jurjevich (who died several years ago), once wrote, “‘Satanic’ and ‘Satan’ in a psychological context are simply a shorthand term denoting animal crudity and insensitivity in: human malice; unbridled sexuality, with perversions or without them; intemperance; grossness; spite; and hedonism...” This is where people are living today.

          Other psychologists, quite a few, as a matter-of-fact, have showed over a wide range of valid experience, that “MORAL DETERIORATION is closely correlated with MENTAL DISTURBANCE.” Some argue (Christians, of course!) that SIN and SINFUL behavior are basically “personality malformations and emotional illnesses.” You, my readers, may not agree with this, but we all must agree that America has grown more and more ILL (sin-sick) as the years have gone by. We must agree that America is a land of moral darkness that is littered with dying and dead churches. Moral cynicism and sexual perversions (like the Homosexual Movement), plus now the militant Islamic threat, is all rather sickening—at least to me it is.

          DISINTEGRATION is rolling right along, and the Church has become impotent to deal with crooks, crazies, addicts, psychotics, neurotics, liars, cheats and every other “kindly weirdo”, as they say, for she (the Church) is full of the same. The clergy is cynical, indecisive, politically correct (not Biblically so), refusing to preach against sin or tell people they are going to Hell for their actions (or lack of them). They themselves spend too much time enjoying the sights, the sounds, the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah!! Is this not a DEMONIC MALADY?

          Rejection of Christ overtakes the lives of many souls who all have their conclusive reasons for being the way they are—indifferent or just outright hostile. They all join the marching armies of Satan heading for HELLFIRE! Infected with “self love” they despise God the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Church. Even folks within the Church despise the truth of God’s “cutting edge”.

          We’re not being negative, dear friend, but truthful when we “STAND UP FOR JESUS!” If the Battle Cry is not Sounded, who will prepare for war? In fact, just what are you doing to really prepare anyone for the coming of our great King? Are you just one more armchair critic that spends more time discouraging people like us than encouraging people to go forward for Christ? At least 90 percent of our critics have a preoccupation with intrusion into others’ lives, failing to get their own in gear and GO forward in Christ.

          Jurjevich made a right conclusion when he compared the issues of natural nosology, etiology, epidemiology, immunology, pharmacology, hygiene and surgery to correlating issues in the spirit world.



Nosology—description of symptoms and syndromes (or groups).

Etiology—causes or sources of diseases.

Epidemiology—mass outbreaks of contagious sickness.

Immunology—bodily defenses against invading noxious agents.

Pharmacology—medicines given to cure or prevent maladies.

Hygiene—preventative measures against sickness, creating healthy bodies, resistant to infections or deterioration.

Surgery—removing the diseased tissues.


Was not Jesus called “the Great Physician”? He was...and He is.

          I find it utterly shameful that ministers are nothing more than glorified babysitters for spiritually diseased church folks. No wonder this country is sick, nigh unto death! The human soul is a seriously weak system that is subject to every kind of deadly spiritual disease and sickness. To let men scoff at the disease of SIN, like church leaders do, is to let that scoffing soul DIE!

          We cannot serve two masters, dear friend. “He who is not with me, is against me, and he who does not gather with me scatters” (Matt. 12:30—the words of Jesus Christ). All this “love” baloney is nothing but a cop-out to avoid living uprightly in daily obedience to His Holy Word and divine standards.

          Not being WITH CHRIST means one is unavoidably with Christ’s enemy, Satan! Does that cut you? Does that burn you? If we are not denying self and dying to self, we are subject to demonic infection and infestation.

          The Church’s greatest sin, I believe, is self-reliance, being independent of God, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Self-will, self-centeredness, self-love, self-idolatry, and the like, are all maladies brought on by the denial of God’s Word, particularly in relation to the SIN problem. Any preoccupation with “SELF” can be considered a sure demonic intrusion into one’s spiritual life. Immersion in worldliness, which is where most “Christians” are living today, flies in the face of Jesus who clearly taught us to DENY the world, DENY self, CARRY our cross, whatever the cost, and FOLLOW after Him.

          If we would maintain good spiritual health, warding away sin-sickness, the Church would collectively be a much brighter light to a greatly darkened world. By exercising in the things of God, maintaining strong spiritual disciplines (see the Greek word “askesis”), the Church would and could be the great ARMY that it’s called to be. (“Askesis” is denying sinful habits and attitudes. How do I know this? Read Matthew 18:8-9 where Jesus speaks of this principle, giving us the remedy for better spiritual health—“spiritual surgery”).

          WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS, ESPECIALLY THE BACKSLID CHURCH, IS TOUGH LOVE! It needs “the sword that cuts and the fire that burns”.

          You would think with all the “love” that is presented as “God’s love” in the churches, that the sin problems would be cured; but the opposite is true. In fact, allowing the sin-sicknesses/diseases to go unchecked has embarrassingly disgraced and dishonored the Great Physician.


“All this ‘love’ baloney is nothing but a cop-out to avoid living uprightly in daily obedience to His Holy Word and divine standards.”


          The blatant betrayal of Christ and His Word, in and among church people, sickens even the world’s people.


—General Jim


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