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Quashing Allegations

[An e-mail sent to the Generals from AFRICA:]


Dear Generals,

Warfront greetings to you in the name of our saviour Jesus Christ. I hope this note finds you well. Well, I had the opportunity to get into your website and had an opportunity to read an extract of someone quashing all the allegations that have been leveled against you as an evil cult. Without saying much I want you to know that our prayers are with you and I know the devil will never win. However, I also want you to know that it pains us to realize that people are so tireless in their desire to destroy your true and undiluted gospel. Many so-called churches love compromise and disdain anyone who stands for the truth, it is the same everywhere and such people are very popular. We will soldier on no matter what. God bless you.

          Yours truly

          Soldier Question Ndou

Our Reply:



Dear Soldier,

Thanks for your prayers!

     MS and her lying criminal attorney, Robert (Bob) D. B., have literally been trying to DESTROY this work that the Holy Spirit started in 1982, and they have done so without success, of course—Thank God! Their second lawsuit launched here in NM is one full of FRAUD. But this is “normal” with our enemies.

     The destroyers’ chief objective is to TEAR and WEAR US DOWN, preferably by spreading lies, deceit and mistrust, emphasizing lots of “negatives”.

     Since MS and Bob B. decided together to DESTROY God’s Holy Tribal Nation, they gathered to themselves a small army of unhappy people like themselves. Disgruntled people confirm the old truth of the “misery loves company” axiom.

     Bob B. claims to be a “cult buster” and cult “expert”, titles he rewarded to himself after we chose to default in the first lawsuit (they did not win a court battle!). Nothing like crowning own’s self with deity! And poor MS is Bob B.’s dupe that plays the role of “They hurt me!” Boo hoo! And Bob B. always has the right answers for the media, the inquirer, whose mouth is permanently opened.

     MS and Bob B. now have plenty of facts to give answers to since we’ve posted our Px2 Files. For the first time since the original lawsuit in 1988, the whole world can read for themselves MS’s evil devised tales of horror!

     The 17th century Jesuit priest, Baltasar Gracian wrote, “Truth is abhorred by the masses.” Over the past 20 years, concerning this fraudulent case, we’ve found his words to ring true, especially with the news media—they took sides with MS and Bob B. against ACMTC without any evidence. Even when we presented concrete truth, the media either lied or twisted it in favor of their camp. In turn, the masses abhorred the truth and loved deception.

     Rather than loving truth (as MS claimed in her handwritten letters to us during her supposed “captivity”), she turned around to make true that which she loves—LIES!! But this dangerous and delusive practice of loving lies will lead one into ruination. She created in her own mind what she would like to believe (i.e., her abuse at our hands) rather than the way things really were.

     There is a popular humorist who once remarked, “I have abandoned the search for truth and am now looking for a good fantasy.” This pretty well sums up what MS and Bob B. are all about.

Nuff said.


Gen. Jim



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