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The Desultory Way!

by General James Green


WE’RE LOOKING FOR “RELIGIOUS FANATICS”!—not those who are desultory, that is, those who aimlessly go from one thing to another. We’re looking for those blood-bought, water baptized, Holy Ghost filled, Word-loving “RELIGIOUS FANATICS” who will let the sword cut and the fire burn, who will allow the sword to penetrate where’er it may enter in. I am speaking of God’s sword that is sharper than any two-edged sword and can slay the man of sin!

        We here at ACMTC have no fear of being too radical, for such are the true followers of Christ. We have no fear of losing friends or making foes; we seek only to please Jesus, and as His sword cuts and His fire burns, we leave the consequences totally to Him.

        Away with the desultory way and the poor souls that accomplish little to NOTHING for Him! The way we see it here, if you don’t have “Gospel fire”, you’ve got “Hell’s fire”. We intend to let the fire of God BURN THE HELL OUT OF US!!


Any church or religious organization that allows their members to remain in a backslid state is of the DEVIL.


        The Holy Ghost longs to see ministers ON FIRE, parents and children ON FIRE, editors and theologians ON FIRE—ALL should be ON FIRE!! Let the FIRE fall! Oh, Lord God, bring the burning and blazing, hot and hotter—so HOT that NO rebel sinner, no formalist, backslider, hypocrite, church sodomite, adulterer, alcoholic, pill-popper, or anyone else can live and breathe in the WAY of PENTECOSTAL FIRE!

        The ease and sleaze of this wicked age is truly sickening. Dead and bleached dry bones fill the polluted mausoleums called churches. NO FIRE! NO LIFE! Only “strange fire” and “fleshly life.” Conscience-seared hypocrites sit in the pews while the mortician delivers his or her farewell address. This is church. This is “The Desultory Way”. Preachers, so-called, jump from one dead thing to another, never fulfilling the will of God. They are always looking for crowded churches, large audiences, and attentive hearers with itching ears, but refuse to let the sword or fire come in their midst. Do we hear men and women, or even boys and girls cry out, “Lord, save us, we perish!”?


“One fragment of His blessed Word

Into thy spirit burned,

Is better than the whole, half heard,

And by thine interest turned.”


        Jesus was and IS a radical! Every Word He spoke was brought to a FIERY, BURNING focus! Go to www.Bible@drybones and read about all those who were ON FIRE for God. Read about Sinai’s thunders crash; its lightenings flash! Oh, if we could hear and see the PENTECOSTAL THUNDER AND FLASH in today’s pulpits where there’s so little of the prophetical and apostolical power of God! Where is the electrifying power today? Where is the power to get demons and devils to scream, “Have you come to torment us?” YES we have! A thousand times YES!!

        Perfumed preachers (perverts) of today have “agreed to disagree” with the Holy Ghost FIRE. They have agreed with Satan himself and let their congregations GO TO HELL. Stiff necks! Stiff knees! Hard hearts! They are making agreements with the “unfruitful workers of darkness,” never reproving them. Should God’s people make covenants with devils? with evil men? with rebels?

        The devils that run the compromising churches today are at ease—no fight from the church folks, NOT AT ALL. “All is well,” they say. But the Word of God says you’re ALL going to the LAKE for an outing—the LAKE OF FIRE, DEAR BACKSLIDER—FOREVER!!

        As men and devils fornicate in the very presence of the Almighty, angels weep! They have much to weep over. God’ s Word is being perverted, misconstrued, and falsely interpreted to uphold the most impudent, barefaced iniquities. You fools have forsaken salvation, having made a covenant with death, and with Hell you are at agreement, having made lies your refuge, and under falsehood have you hid yourselves. DON’T BE FOOLED, FOOLS! Thus saith the LORD, Your covenant with death shall be annulled, and your agreement with Hell shall not stand! (See Isaiah 28; write for my new teachings, “Covenant with Death” 1 & 2, given April 2006.)

        Feeble-mindedness has become the “norm” in and among the churchites today. Where do you stand in all this, dear readers? He or she that refuseth instruction, despiseth his or her own soul; but he or she that heareth reproof, getteth understanding. Sadly, the sinning churchites venerate “The Desultory Way”, never allowing the Spirit of God to establish and settle them. These feeble-minded dupes even idolize today’s wicked preachers and evangelists because of the leaders’ supposed “greatness”. Are you one of these dupes? Did you know that idolaters are classed with “dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers...and whosoever LOVETH and maketh a lie” (Revelation 22:15)? You practice idolatry and you say you’re going to Heaven? You love all sorts of sins and you think Heaven will be your eternal home? Sorry, dear Gospel haters, covenant breakers, there will be no internet with porn in Heaven, and there will be no drugs, alcohol, worldly music, movies, televisions, radios, shopping malls, or ANY of the million-and-one things you spend your time, energy, and money on! Those things are part of your life and you say you’re going to Heaven? Did you know there will be no mixed audiences—no “saints”(?) and sinners sitting in church together for entertainments—and no cushioned or glass pulpit, nor will there be any mega-churches with fashionable choirs (with homosexuals, lesbians, transgenders, transvestites, fornicators, adulterers, or any kind of sex fiend). Sorry, dear backslider! There will only be HOLY FIRE and the HOLY REDEEMED alongside God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, along with multitudes of holy angels. There will be so much holiness in Heaven that Heaven would be HELL to 90% or more of today’s church crowd!



“Not entertainment, and not sorrow,

Is our destined end and way;

But to act devilish, today, tomorrow

Will find us walking the desultory way.”


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