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Dear Generals,

I am truthful when I say that I have been blessed a few years ago before I had the internet to discover you on shortwave radio during humble circumstances. Today, I rediscovered you through WWCR links. The whole atmosphere of my home changed within minutes of playing those powerful messages from General Deborah on my home computer. Of course, until I viewed your website, I would not have used the term 'Generals' or knew what you stood for. Thank the Lord that I didn't need such a luxury to know your hearts. I already knew you were genuine and loved the Lord based on listening to your messages on shortwave radio. You uplifted me and gave me encouragement in some very tough and lonely times. Now I have knowledge of what you stand for and agree with it 100%. It's rare to find people of God standing as an army in this age (last days). I skimmed over the troubles you've had and I'm not surprised about the attacks you have received. I was in the military and have read scripture of our walk with the Lord being compared to being a soldier of Jesus Christ. Sometimes I get the unction from the Holy Spirit that I should show the same discipline and honor toward God as I did in serving Uncle Sam. Sometimes I search for military manuals and etc. online to help me be a better man and then I try to transfer that to being a soldier for Christ. God gives us so many examples of how to translate our devotion from the world to Him...it's unreal. Being a soldier, a father, a mother, a king, a leader, a follower, a servant, a bride, a bridegroom etc. are just a few of the worldly pursuits that give a glimpse of God's government. But much of the church is asleep, lazy, undisciplined, unwilling to make sacrifices because an honorable purpose just doesn't feel good enough.

I work at a hospital and work to the best of my abilities that God gave me. But I get no appreciation for it. Hard, honest work matters little there. Well, I'm tired. I just worked night shift. I desire to trust you for fellowship since I feel you are in God's will. I don't trust my heart in going to churches out here, even though I live in the Bible Belt. I admit I have issues that may be causing this opinion. I long for the return of Jesus and know we are in the end times. No one around me wants to talk about it. How sad!

If and when you have the time, I would be interested in receiving an anointed prayer cloth that you kindly offer against demonic oppression due to financial woes, depression, and lust (God's role in my life is to be a godly man).

Thank you,

Eli Allen

North Carolina, USA



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