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Gen. James Green

FINALLY, Maura Schmierer confesses! After 26 years of boo-hooing over her supposed “lock-up” for 10 weeks (other times she claims “6 months!”) by the mean ol’ Generals Jim and Deborah Lila Green, asking 20 million dollars in damages. Now, Maura Schmierer (aka, “Peanut-butter Princess”) claims she was NEVER REALLY LOCKED UP! Well, we’ve been trying to tell you folks out there that she, and her lying lawyer—Robert (Bob) Blasier, made up this tall tale to get rich and to destroy ACMTC, the Generals in particular.

Her latest attempt to set the crooked straight comes from her March 30, 2013, statement on her website. Let me quote her:

“Before I received the 1.2 million judgment against ACMTC in the late 1980's, the judge looked me square in the eyes and he said, “but you were free to leave; you weren’t locked up,” as I’d clearly stated in my deposition! ‘In my mind I was a prisoner; I was afraid to leave,’ is all I had to say. I never claimed I was physically locked inside there, it’s more like I was physically locked out! Under dark clouds of deception I honestly thought I was under god’s judgment, that I was a rebel, not because I immersed myself in sexual sin, as they now claim, but because I really didn’t want to be there. I wanted my life back, my family back, my freedom back.”


I won’t even bother commenting on her other babblings, for they are untrustworthy as well.

What does she mean, “I never claimed I was physically locked inside there [the 6x10 “cold, damp, dark, shed”!]?” Need I remind you, dear MS, that your WHOLE lawsuit was launched on the BIG LIE that we (ACMTC/mean ol’ Generals) LOCKED YOU UP in “the shed,” feeding you 6 peanut-butter sandwiches a day, no bath, no water, keeping you isolated from your kids, blah, blah, blah.

We have presented 11 DVD’s exposing Maura Schmierer’s “Peanut-butter Princess” story of HORROR. Note how she starts out with her refutation of our exposure: “My name is Maura Schmierer. Regarding ACMTC / Healing after psychological and spiritual abuse.” Healing? All you’ve done over the last 26 years is boo-hoo, lie and tell BIGGER LIES, getting your daughter to lie for you (against us). Well, we do advise the public to view the Dr. Phil show (Sept. 21, 2006). Dr. Phil opens up with saying, “…Maura says her WORST PUNISHMENT was being locked in a windowless shed for 10 weeks with ONLY stale peanut-butter sandwiches.” On this show, she claimed herself it was for 6 months!

Maura Schmierer, under oath, SWORE that she was locked up for 10 / 24 weeks. She also states the same on National Geographic TV, and the Bio episode (2012 / 2013). She really is disturbed at our Px2 Files (and our Px2 Files Trilogy). She has this to say:

“I am nudged—as if by a very patient voice within—to halt all knee-jerk reactions in response to ACMTC’s Px2 files—before they ignite a negative affect. Truth be, I sometimes peak inside those so-called files, but I rarely read them. GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT, is how I see it. Sick in, sick out. Health in, health out. Life, I think, is that simple.

My lid’s on to aggression and to name calling, and I choose to NOT lie. ‘Liar, liar, pants on fire?’ Really?”

“Liar, Liar” is our exposure of both her and her bleach-blonde daughter, Rebecca, who teamed up the second time (on National Geographic) with “MOMMA MAURA” to hopefully (in their “IMPRISONED” minds!) put an END to us! HA! Actually, that show was a BLESSING for us. Bleechie told the National Geographic audience what we’ve been trying to get across since 1987:

her mother was NOT really “HELD CAPTIVE” (in the shed by the mean ol’ Generals).

Well, “dear daughter” blew the cover off “dear mother.” THANK YOU!

Her latest attack (and self-defense) came when she told her pathetic story ONE MORE TIME of being held captive in the shed—

adding lots of JUICY stuff about “child abuse,” which never was mentioned to the press, nor was it in her original court filings.

Check this out:

“These four—as well as a few other religious diehards behind their doors—are the ones I bring into question. I can’t see inside people’s hearts, as Deborah Green claims to be able to do, but I’m guessing that there are more than a few current ACMTC members who are as miserable as I was when I was in there. They live within a prison, not a literal prison with bars and locks, but a MENTAL PRISON WITH BARS AND LOCKS [my emph.—Ed.], and a prison with few windows to see out of.”

Here she goes again, denying what she has BOLDLY STATED FOR 26 YEARS—that she was PHYSICALLY held captive. Oh, the TV/Newspapers loved this: “they locked me in a shed and never allowed me to see my children” stuff. Now, not a word of the shed. Why, Maura? People finally caught on that you are a BIG FAT LIAR? Yes!

Where have all your “friends” gone? I know of no one (who once was part of the “Mommylon Corps”) standing with you. They know, thank God, that you just fabricated this “HORROR” story out of REVENGE (and a 20 MILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT helps!!)

Finally! Maura tells at least a half-truth— she was NOT actually LOCKED UP, but only mentally. Good for you. Why not tell the WHOLE TRUTH?—you were asked to leave because of your sexual misconduct. Why not come clean?

Now, ACMTC presents: “FINALLY!” — Px2 Files DVD #12. Let us just see if dear Maura Schmierer “never claimed I was physically locked inside there (the shed).” Let us get her quotes, not ours.

One last quote here: “…I honestly (?) thought I was under God’s judgment … not because I immersed myself in sexual sin, AS THEY NOW CLAIM…” As we NOW claim? HA! This sexual misconduct was CLAIMED AT THE GET GO. Please request our Px2 Files Trilogy—see if the claim was not from the beginning—on TV, in the newspapers (I have most of the articles from those days: back then, she merely CLAIMED “spiritual adultery.”

MS, you may try and fool the ignorant, but your TV appearances / newspaper quotes back up our claims, not yours. EVEN YOUR SON SAYS YOU’RE A BIG LIAR. And, your daughter knows it as well. Please explain now why you’ve changed your 26-year-old lie—being physically locked up—to being ONLY in a mental prison? We’re all waiting.

Confession and Repentance are in order: first to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; and then to the Generals and the two others named in your vicious/fraudulent lawsuit; then to your criminal lawyer Robert Blasier; and then to the judge in Sacramento; to your New Mexico lawyer, Mel O’Reilly; to N. Mexico’s judge, Camille Olguine; to all the TV / newspaper / radio reporters who reported your “shed story”; to all your ex-allies in your “dirty war”; to your 2 sons and three daughters; to Dr. Phil and his TV crew whom you lied to; to both National Geographic and the Biography channel—who aired your lies; to all the people who believed your made-up tale in order to DESTROY US. And, to yourself for being used of the devil. Only when you do this will you experience “healing.”

 — Gen. Jim.

When one wades through her Testimony Under Oath (TUO), listens to or watches her TV shows and reads the many newspaper articles purporting her LIES, one will quickly see how she claims to have been physically imprisoned, and at other times only mentally.

For instance, in Letter #5 (written while in the shed), Maura Schmierer wrote: “but I’m behind bars.” On the Dr. Phil TV show she exclaimed: “…There was a shed in the back yard [of Ft. Freedom]. I was ORDERED to move into that shed …No bathroom, shower for 6 months.” The Sacramento Bee Newspaper reported this (1988) also: “…For 6 months, she [Maura] said, she was not allowed to bathe or have any hot water … she did not have access to a bathroom.”

Under oath, Maura writes: “How can I adequately describe the MENTAL TORTURE of what was to my mind SOLITARY CONFINEMENT for 6 months?” Now hear this: “…It was literally like a nightmare…” and: “…I used to spend hours peeking through a crack in the door of the shed watching my children in the yard. I felt like I WAS IN PRISON.”

What are we to make of all this? Now, she denies being locked inside the shed at all. She had to admit, in front of the TV cameras (on the Dr. Phil show), that the shed door was not locked and she could have left at any time!


Now, For the Record

The following numbered excerpts are taken directly from the March 15, 1988, plaintiff’s allegations — COMPLAINT FOR DAMAGES: a) Intentional infliction of emotional distress; b) Deceit; c) False Imprisonment, and d) Negligence [see our DVD #12] submitted by attorney Robert Blasier.

First off, excerpt (#12) states the following: “After plaintiff’s ‘judgment’ on or about Jan. 10 (1987), defendants (the Generals) ordered plaintiff to move away from her family and into a workshop (in compound) with concrete floors, a toilet, and a sink with cold water only (actually there was a shower with HOT and COLD water in there!)…”

(#16) “At or about the end of Jan. (1987), defendants ordered plaintiff to move from the workshop [the “chop shop” was the real name] into a wooden shed in the back of the compound. The shed was approximately 5x12 ft. in size [see our Px2 Files trilogy for complete details of shed — it was not 5x12!)…the shed was wet and had no windows or toilet facilities.”

(#17) “Defendants ordered Plaintiff to live in the shed for a total of two and one half months (10 weeks, which she sometimes admits to, but she tells the TV audiences 6 months!)…plaintiff and the additional female [something MS never talks about—HAVING A ROOMMATE!] were provided only a tin can to use as a toilet (again, she never even admits to the tin can). On occasion during this period of time, Defendants ordered [note how many times Blasier uses “ORDERED”] plaintiff ‘confined to quarters’ in the shed for up to four days at a time [Maura always made it out that she never left the shed for 6 months—DECEIT? Yes!].”

(#18) “…Plaintiff was not provided with sanitary napkins and had to forage for old rags… [What? Where? She was locked up all this time according to HER version of the story!).”

(#20) “In March, 1987…defendants told plaintiff and two other female members that their husbands were divorcing them for ‘spiritual adultery’ [Ha! this is what she told Bobby boy — she was dismissed from her captainship because of ADULTERY. Leave off the “spiritual” part).”

(#21) “After…one of the other females in the shed ESCAPED [my emphasis]…” HOW DOES ONE “ESCAPE” IF NOT ACTUALLY LOCKED UP? The truth is, she left on her own free will! (Note: Blasier gives detailed accounts of Maura’s other residences she lived in, not just “the shed” for 10 or 24 weeks; see #22 and #23)

(#25) In July, 1987, defendant Jim Green ordered plaintiff to LEAVE (emphasis mine) the compound permanently…” MS tells everybody that she ESCAPED! The National Geographic TV show was called “How I ESCAPED from a Cult.” Deceit!

(#27) “As a proximate result of the acts of defendants, plaintiff has suffered extreme emotional distress, humiliation, mental anguish [all lawyer talk to solicit pity and, of course, $$, lots of $$] and has been injured in mind and body…” What injuries? There is no record of a medical examination, no psychological evaluation by anyone in the whole of Sacramento, CA!!! Not even ONE police report on this event. NOT ONE!

(#28) “The defendant’s conduct was intentional and malicious…in that defendants systematically mistreated plaintiff physically [HOW???], mentally [HOW???], and emotionally [HOW???]… Defendants deprived plaintiff of nutritious food [really?]” See Px2 Trilogy where Maura only wanted peanut-butter sandwiches to eat; she said she was getting FAT and needed to lose weight. She never tells about her and her son eating meals, the same meals ALL ACMTC members ate.

Continued: “Defendants acts were done with a wanton and reckless disregard…therefore plaintiff is entitled to punitive damages in the amount of five million dollars.” Not bad for a made-up story—and Mr. Lawyer gets his BIG share!!

Now, Mr. lawyer goes into his “deceit” rant (#29-35). One good thing he did for us was to describe in detail Maura’s work. But, she claims that she was “locked up” for 6 months. Other times, she admits to working outside “the shed.” Poor Maura, so confused.

(#34) Lawyer makes mention of Maura’s injured body (by working at small jobs?). But she never once made mention of any physical injury all these years. Why? No record!



Now we get down to the real issue at hand: was Maura held “captive” for 10/24 weeks, or not?

(#37) “From on, or about Jan. 10, 1987, to on or about July 1987, defendants RESTRAINED [emph. mine] plaintiff against her will by force or threats of force in that defendants compound was locked each evening to prevent anyone from either entering or leaving without permission.” This sounds like Nazi Germany, Bobby boy.

Continued: “Defendants further restrained plaintiff…implied to her that physical harm would come to her…if she left the compound.” Harm? We wanted Maura to leave, not stay, for she was a BURDEN to all of us, especially the Generals.

(#39) “As a proximate result of defendant’s FALSE imprisonment [emph. mine], plaintiff has suffered extreme emotional distress, mental anguish, and has been injured in mind and body…” Hey, produce a psychological / mental / medical report, Bobby boy—we would like to know WHO examined your client, the date, and the results. NOTHING!

(#40) “The defendant’s false imprisonment of plaintiff was intentional and malicious… defendants systematically mistreated plaintiff physically…” This is very interesting, Bobby boy, Maura NEVER, EVER mentions this “physical mistreatment.” If you mean not proper nutritious food, you’d better take it up with Maura herself, she requested to receive less food. But, ACMTC food was not lacking in nutrition. And Bobby boy was ASKING FOR 5 MILLION FOR FALSE IMPRISONMENT—an imprisonment Maura now denies.



From #41 - 46 Mr. Blasier rants about Maura not having a nutritious diet, sanitation facilities, and a suitable place to live. Well, remember, we sent her home to her natural parents before all this; she literally BEGGED to return to Ft. Freedom. She even admits this. So, how do you figure we did her wrong? Even with her choice to live in the shed: she used the shower, sink and toilet in the workshop right next door. Why do the both of you fail to mention this? Oh, 20 million dollars, I forgot!

(#44) “…Plaintiff was not allowed to bathe or have access to hot water for approx. 6 months.” Too bad, Bobby boy, Maura mentions (under oath) that she took baths, washed clothes, ate at mess hall, saw her kids etc. PARADOXICALLY, SHE DENIES THE SAME.



I want to leave our readers/viewers with excerpts from Maura’s son, Steven, who calls his own mother a LIAR! (Note: check out Steven’s previous letters to us.)

“…just so you know, I am no longer communicating with my mother (Maura) and I’m going to be in a rather hard and threatening situation come April (2013), but this is life…” Compassionate Maura obviously kicked her own son out of the home at last!


Maura SIGNS:

“I declare that: I am the plaintiff in the within entitled cause; I have read the foregoing civil complaint [Since Blasier is a criminal lawyer, why a civil suit? All the complaints are “criminal” in nature. Well, because they have zero proof of their accusations.] for damages and know the contents thereof; based on my information and belief, all matters contained therein are true. I declare UNDER PENALTY of PERJURY that the foregoing is true and correct to the best of my information and belief and that this verification was executed on March 10, 1988, at Sacramento, California.”

Read Maura's actual words claiming that she was never locked up HERE. Quote was taken from Maura's website.

Read the follow-up to Maura's confession article HERE. Her new-found CONFESSION vs. her original court documents!

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