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“It’s Time for



WHEN GOD’S CHURCH goes into a “spiritual slump,” as she so often has, time and time again, God will ALWAYS quickly sound the aggressive WAKE UP CALL! Don’t you, dear churchgoer, feel like it is time, yea, past time, for God’s people to wake up to the blasting cry of God’s long-sounded alarm? Don’t you think it is time to heed the wake up call?

          Each age has its true warriors and wooers: that is, each age has its true Christians who are engaged in the Spirit war at hand as well as leaders who just woo their congregations into spiritual and physical passivity. Many Christians are content in just “playing church” while others are aggressively pressing into uncharted ways in the Spirit. Unorthodox? Certainly, according to definitions of men and the laid-back Church that does absolutely nothing real for God!

          Do you sincerely feel (and know!) that the Church in our dark age has completely fallen asleep? Do you feel that it is our solemn duty to awake the fast sleeping saints? One Christian author wrote this: “Revivals, renewals, restorations— personal and collective—are among God’s vehicles to rouse His Church.” May I add AGGRESSIVE REVOLUTIONS?

          Do you feel (and know!) that Revelation 3:15 fits today’s Church? Today’s sophisticated (i.e., by man’s standards), intellectualized, polished, politically correct, padded-pew, glass-pulpit, mega-church Churchianity has totally fallen asleep—into the DEEP, DEEP SLEEP OF SIN!! The only solution to the stinking pollution is Heaven-sent (scent) REVOLUTION!—A BLOODY REVOLUTION (Jesus’ blood cleanses from ALL sin!).

          Will the powerful moving of God’s Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, shock you if He moves in a perhaps unconventional way? What would you (or will you) do when the Spirit moves in an unfamiliar, unorthodox way? Will you move with Him? Or will you hang on to your liberal or conservative manmade traditions . . . and miss the great, outstanding “move of God”? I know MOST church-folks will be reluctant to accept anything beyond their comfort zones. Most of the stale “status quo” will be sneeringly suspicious of anything that doesn’t fit into their tiny box of preconceived notions.

          Do you want or do you need to be re-filled or filled with the Living Holy Spirit of God? Do you want the real “victorious Spirit-filled life” available in Christ Jesus the Lord? Or are you just happy living in the “impossibility camp” while being ever fearful of those who have chosen to live in the “possibility camp”? As for me and my house, we will press on into our new “crisis experiences.” We will press the battle! Thank God!

          Want to be a Pathfinder? a Jesus Freedom Fighter? Then write for our free REVOLUTIONARY materials. It is time to AWAKE out of the “sleep of death” and Join the Army that sheds no blood! God’s Spirit is wanting to fully penetrate and permeate your heart with a fresh in-filling.

          This Church age reminds me of Isaiah 6:9-10, where it tells us that God commanded the prophet Isaiah, “Go, and tell this people (backslid Israel), Hear ye indeed, but understand not; and see ye indeed, but perceive not. Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and convert, and be healed.” What does that mean? It means that the Lord can be so sick of your rebellion, your folly, arrogance, hardheartedness, stiff-necked stubbornness and proud attitudes that He will allow you—an individual, or a nation, or even the entire Church—to go into full apostasy, and allow you to not even perceive it. This, my dear reader, is where the religious are living: they are apostate and don’t even know it.

          Jeremiah was sent by God to his people and clearly reported that “a conspiracy is found among them.” Yes, a conspiracy against the Lord! The people had turned BACKWARDS and REFUSED to hear the plain Words of the Lord. Ezekiel was sent by God and the people vehemently hated him too. Instead of receiving God’s Word, the people foolishly strengthened the hands of the wicked and they would not repent or obey the Living God.

          Does this all sound terribly familiar to you, reader? Gross apostasy, false doctrines and the love of materialism are being widely promoted by Spirit-haters, impudent and arrogant blind guides who are always working by the wicked power of the flesh! Do you think it’s time for Revolution?

          Let him who hath an ear, hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to the backslid children of God.

                 —General James Green

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