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Let There Be LIGHT!

by General James Green

April 01, 2011


Genesis 1:3

IT HAS BEEN ASKED, “Should living in the Light be our highest spiritual goal?” Well, be careful, for there are perhaps as many ways to be LOST in the “light” as in the dark.

     “Light” is portrayed in most religions of the world as “the birthing force of the world”—like we find in Genesis 1:3. There are many myths about the source of light, but we Christians know for sure that God the Father is not only the source of light, but is Light Himself (1 Jn 1:5). Not only this, but Jesus Christ the Lord is also Light: “There it was; the true Light [was then] coming into the world—the genuine, perfect, steadfast Light—that illumines every person” (Jn 1:9; see also Isa 49:6).


Toward the “Light”

IN OUR DAILY LIFE, as in the immensity of the created cosmos, each seed that grows toward the light begins in the dark.

     Myths and traditions abound around who and what is “Light.” Both religious and secular philosophers speak of “the light of consciousness” along with “the psychological shadow as the repository of human evil.” They explain that the light and shadow of consciousness are not good and bad in themselves; they are simply aspects of the visible and invisible.

     Light = tremendous potential for GOOD. Darkness= tremendous potential for EVIL!

     We find the above piece of wisdom in many indigenous myths/traditions. I’m not going to get into all this with you, but let it be said that the God of the Bible is represented by both blessings and cursings.


Since This Is True...

ATTRIBUTING NATURAL DISASTERS, DISEASES, wars, etc. to God (He allows them and promotes them!) puts the messengers and the message on a collision course with today’s PC (“politically correct”) culture which is driven by the darling philosophy of humanism.

     The idea that a “loving” God would DARE to correct and PUNISH definitely sets the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of man on a collision course—the God of “Light” vs. the god of “darkness.” Therefore, God’s judgments are simply dismissed as “irrelevant” because “Scripture itself is on a collision course with contemporary society.” Today's PC culture “forbids” such barbarous things to be attributed to a “loving” God, like that which just happened to Japan, AND WHAT SHALL HAPPEN TO AMERICA, not counting all the judgments over, say, the past 20 years that have taken place in America and around the world (—God’s judgments go all the way back...centuries and centuries and centuries back...).


The Scriptures

DO WE APPROACH GOD'S written Word with the intention of trying to get it to support certain current “politically correct” or “religiously correct” trends/ideas such as “God don’t judge anymore!”? Or do we let His LIGHT illuminate our darkened minds, letting Scripture be our guide?

     If contemporary trends and authentically interpreted Scripture conflict,

which side will you choose?

     I know many ministers/ministries who do not believe in healings, casting out devils, or prophecy; some even doubt that there is a satan; some say that Christ’s Blood isn’t strong enough to forgive sins; and many certainly refute the “HATEFUL” idea that GOD PUNISHES! But all their false ideas are “mere facile rejections of Scripture.” And their unfounded rejection of plain Scripture is increasingly hostile, arrogant….as they try to “correct” the verses they don’t like! Isn’t that nice of them?

     Their key idea is that God's Sacred Scriptures are NOT inspired (cf. 2 Tim 3:16-17; Jn 20:31; 2 Peter 1:19-21; 3:15-16). Yet if we do not believe in His inspired Word, what CAN we believe in? MEN? HA! The men (authors) whom God employed to write, made use of their “powers” and abilities, being “moved by the Holy Ghost,” so that with Him acting in and thru them, they, as “overshadowed” writers, consigned to writing everything and ONLY those things which He wanted—and there is ample evidence in what they wrote that the God of Light, Love, and Life warns, corrects, punishes!

     Since when has God changed His mind about setting things aright? When did He change His mind to look away while men sin?



BOTH CHURCH AND STATE (in America) use this undermining element to weaken the masses. PC pundits coupled with liberal theologians overextend their “critical approach” to Holy Scriptures in a way to undermine the CERTAINTY and CLARITY of the LORD’S/Lord’s Word as it is authentically interpreted by honest scholars and anointed men and women of God.



BEHIND THE WIDESPREAD HESITANCY to make UNEQUIVOCAL AFFIRMATIONS of Biblical/Christian Truth, lies an actual HOSTILITY to the idea that Biblical Truth CAN BE KNOWN CERTAINLY and taught/preached AUTHORITATIVELY. It’s FEAR—not reverential fear of the LORD/Lord, but fear that one has to give up his/her liberal sinful ways and adhere to God's Holy Ways. This FEAR produces hostility towards God's message—to live wholly Holy—and His messengers. Am I not right?

     One scholar put it this way: “If there is any orthodoxy today, it is liberal secularism....As a result, many people try to hold on to the forms of religion while avoiding a real show-down with unbelief...”

     Both religious and political “preference” MUST ALWAYS be subordinate to Biblical Truth. I believe this!



YES, THAT’S RIGHT. THE phony Christians are literally addicted to an atmosphere of religious/political ambiguity...not receiving God's Word as God's Word the way it is meant to be received.

     The PC thing, the religious-liberal “thing to do” these days IS TO REDUCE BIBLICAL TRUTH TO THE LEVEL OF PERSONAL OPINION: “Oh, I don’t think God would judge nations, allowing people to die so shamefully (like we see in Japan, Haiti, etc.).” This kind of thinking drains God's Holy Word of purpose.

     The JUDGMENTS OF GOD are expressed in many and various ways. He makes preliminary and partial judgments whenever and however He pleases. And I must add: WITHOUT our consent!...with the consequences being, in the BIG picture, eternal REWARD/BLESSING, or eternal PUNISHMENT/CURSING. (Write for our FREE Judgment and Hell booklets!).


History Proves—

GOD JUDGES PERSONS, GROUPS, and nations, both pagan and “Christian.” These judgments are the inevitable, natural unfolding of the “fruits” of UNRIGHTEOUSNESS and REBELLION. Romans 1:20-25 is a good place to go to prove my/His point.




     The time of constant warnings is over; the time for wrath is upon us. The deafness to God's warnings and blindness to the “signs of the times” will end in disaster for many!!


“I Don’t Believe This!”

YOU WILL, UNBELIEVER, BELIEVE sooner or later that God is fed up with the pride and rebellion of men!

     The Old Testament records, which are many!, show that the Almighty GOD JUDGED the unfaithful Jews’ syncretistic and wicked accommodation to SINFUL and prevailing (PAGAN) cultures of the day. Read it for yourselves (Ezek 5:5-9).

     There is no doubt in my mind that the so-called “Church” of today is just as guilty of similar accommodations. Only a denier of facts cannot see that the prevailing secular/sinful culture of our day HAS BECOME THE DOMINANT FACTOR IN THE BACKSLIDING AND RETREAT OF GOD'S PEOPLE, especially in Britain and the USA. The accepted assimilation of “Christians” into mainstream America is a FACT that cannot be refuted. The HOT PURSUIT of material success (i.e., “stuff and things”), the acceptance of homosexuality/lesbianism/ transvestitism/transgenderism, even abortion...the playing NASTY with the New Age Movement and secular humanism ALL SPELL DISASTER.


Sex and Prosperity Perverts—

THEY ARE EVERYWHERE, AND on the rise. We have a plague of sexual permissiveness, lax spirituality and political activism (election of phony Christians and/or secular ones). We’re not taught to do such things in God’s Word.

     But men think they are in the “light” when they do such things—this is the FALSE LIGHT spoken of by Paul in 2 Corinthians 11:13-15; Jesus warns about “wolves in sheep’s clothing” (Matt 7). Many did “good” things in Jesus’ day but were rejected by both Jesus and God the Father for being PHONIES!


God's Word

IT IS THE LIGHT that we’re to follow, not some lesser “lights.” TO HELL with “reflective theology” (that promotes a humanistic way); TO HELL with “dialogue.” God's Word is THE CALL to ALL for obedience and a changed life. Only by and thru the authoritative teaching/preaching of His Word are we acceptable. Jesus taught with authority, not like the backslid and blinded scribes of His day (see Mk 1:22). “If the trumpet gives and uncertain sound, who will come for battle?” says Paul in 1 Corinthians 14:8.

     “Muddled messages” and “misquoted messengers” are a burdensome plague to the whole Body of Christ. The “trumpet sounds” of today’s teachers/preachers are SHEER CONFUSION; men retreat rather than charge because of the uncertain trumpet sound!



HOSTILITY TOWARD CERTAINTY, CLARITY, and authority, shows itself BIG TIME in both the (liberal, recreant) Church and State. Perverters of Truth sleep not, for they are ever busy finding or discovering ways to prove God and His Word “incorrect.”

     “Perpetual uncertainty is an intellectual posture quite congenial to contemporary, secular culture. All Truth is suspect,” writes one author who sees the need for reform.



IT IS TRULY AMAZING how the “Christian” homosexuals (GLBTQ) “search for truth,” WHEN GOD'S WORD DECLARES THE TRUTH ABOUT THEIR SINS! More and more books are being written by male homos and lesbians to “prove” God's Word is “vague” on their “sex issue” (write for our MANY FREE booklets on this vital subject). They even throw in “scientific” statements to supposedly “prove” God is “wrong” (and many times they FLAT OUT LIE!!! about their so-called “scientific” findings, misquoting and misrepresenting information; besides, “scientific” statements/findings are not like God’s eternal moral Laws—immutable—but are ALWAYS SUBJECT TO CORRECTION BY FURTHER SCIENTIFIC FINDINGS!). So, within their “PINK” camp, the spirit of uncertainty and tentativeness and AMBIGUITY are VERY BIG common characteristics.

     Since CLARITY and AUTHORITY (God's) are the sure foundation of the TRUE Church of Jesus Christ, liberals cannot develop a right relationship with the Lord Jesus and His genuine Body of Christ; hence, we have Light vs. darkness.


Trust Me...

I’M NOT UNSURE OF God's Word, my own identity with Christ Jesus, my mission in life, its destination (Taking Jesus to ALL the World!) or it’s route—the straight and narrow. The “broad way” is for fools!


Are You In the “LIGHT”?

WE ARE CALLED TO be the “Children of Light”; therefore we are to bear testimony to the Divine Light; if we don’t, the world will continue to grope in gross darkness.




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