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Many Enemies!

[from an e-mail:]


Greetings in Christ’s name. You people must be doing something right to have so many enemies against you. After viewing the antagonistic TV program [Sept. 21st, 2006], it left me with both anger and depression. I quickly went to you people’s webb page [sic] and read for hours. I didn’t come across anything that seemed anti-Bible or deceptive at all.

           Forgive me, but I’m not one that could live communally as you folks do, maybe I’m too selfish?

           Your Spartan lifestyle is rare indeed, especially in our age of “church couch potatoes”. But why try to destroy your community for the way you live and believe?


           Bro. Rick M.


Our Comment:

Lies and Liars

HOMER WROTE, Hateful to me as are the gates of Hades, is that a man [or woman] says one thing and hides another in his [her] heart” (Iliad, IX, 312).

          Those ones whom have set about to destroy ACMTC, all have one distinguishing feature—LYING! Lying has become a way of life for them. Lying can be direct, head on, or it can be indirect, covert. “Sometimes lying,” as one Christian author rightly wrote, “takes the form of withholding the truth.”

          In MS’s original testimony (under oath!) she lies time and time again—outright lies! On the other hand she also withholds much that could have been said, neglecting to mention certain important truths. This is DECEIT. This is a despicable form of lying. This kind of lying where one withholds information is cynical and obviously meant to maliciously deceive.

          You see, creating DECEPTION or a false image through intentional mislabeling has become a way of life for our enemies. Calling us a Bible-based ministry and then calling us an “EVIL CULT” is intentional mislabeling to create a twisted image.

          Jesus rebuked the Pharisees and Jews in His day (read Jn. 8:44) for this very reason. Such people like the Pharisees use deception to spread their lies, and in turn, those lies (hopefully for them) will be accepted as truth (see my article on “Pathological Antagonists”).

          The basic principles of the immoral are to “dupe others into believing that right is wrong and wrong is right” and “things are relative and change with the situation”. Thus, dear readers, in their twisted way of thinking, most sins are justified, even right at times! We might label this kind of morality as “situation ethics”. This gets the offenders off the hook with God’s Word, at least they think so, and its nothing short of DIABOLICAL!

          The chief instigators, MS and her lying lawyer, Bob B., are of supreme moral worth, that is, in their own estimation; and over the passing years we’ve seen dozens of stupid people applaud their immoral behavior. These people acquiesced to MS’s and Bob B.’s false assurance, unto their own damnation, though.

          Crafty corrupters are not new—the New Testament repeatedly warns against them. Today this practice of deception is almost considered NORMAL. Indeed the stampede to stamp out any and all who still hold to Biblical truth—the teaching and preaching and practicing of it—has greatly escalated. Still the “interlocking of the liars and the deceived” is nothing short of a gross ABOMINATION!

          Be it known to all my readers, THE WICKED SHALL NEVER ESCAPE THE ALL-SEEING EYE OF GOD. Their unsympathetic attitude towards people like us is clearly seen and expressed in their malicious intent to destroy a people. They frantically work around the clock to rally support for their “moral cause”, but in reality, their goal (besides destroying us!) is to abolish eternal truths which condemn liars and deceivers. They hope to get any and all to be tolerant towards their gross permissiveness and unbridled hatefulness. They hope to find “dupes” to agree with their sinful proclivities and readily pursue their own lifestyles as they desire—all outside the morality of the Bible.


—General Jim


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