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MS, Bob B. and Rick R. ought TO GO TO PRISON!

[an e-mail sent to the Generals:]


     Greetings to all your soldiers at H.Q. Company.

     There is no doubt in my mind now that MS, BB, and RR ought to spend time in a Federal prison for their conspiracy against you people. Reading through your Double P Files I find myself enraged at such un-Christian things leveled against your ministry. How in the world did the Superior Court of Sacramento, CA, accept/allow such bigotry, lies, slander, etc. by MS? Have our courts gone MAD??

     Your friend,



Our Reply:


  MAD? YES! 


Dear Rob,

     Good to receive your letter. We’re getting lots of the same kind of questions you asked.

     For MS to put such hideous contradictions and blatant lies in court—UNDER OATH!—and for the court to accept them, is a sure sign that the American court system HAS GONE MAD!! Even a grade-schooler could see that MS’s Testimony Under Oath (TUO) was farfetched, yea, a conspiracy to DESTROY us.

     Bob B. must have really thought that he had us destroyed, never to protest their evil deeds, to allow his angered dupe, MS, to write what she did.

     And for Rick R. to promote MS’s insanity all these years is nothing short of MADNESS too! This evil trio and their many deceived operatives need not only to go to prison but to a mental ward! They have made a business of sticking their noses in our business. They speak of “freedom” yet they deny us our freedoms to practice what the Bible teaches. These parasites feed off of our life’s blood—“Blood Suckers” usually have no life of their own.

     These parasites extract any godly virtues from innocent people who join their “depersonalizers” corps. In turn, the “innocent” people become hateful, full of bigotry, and set about to SLAY any and all who stand with ACMTC. BUT WE WILL NOT BE DESTROYED! We intend to “keep on going on” in the war for souls. Thank God!

     These anti-ACMTC people play on prejudice to get support. They victimize anyone who sees thru their gross MADNESS.

     The bigotry of MS and gang has NO PLACE in a society dedicated to freedom of religion, press, speech, etc. It is time the public learns the truth about their insidious trio. We will have four booklets available in the future for all to read for themselves—all with lots of photographs.

—Gen. Jim


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