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Greetings to the Generals and all members of Life Force Teams worldwide,

I was happy to have my Life Force Team certificate last year from the ACMTC communications by Lft. Col. PETER GREEN. Thanks to the Lord! I am grateful to God that I am able to start a Life Force Team of dedicated soldiers of God with me in my area, Bunkpurugu, in Ghana northern region.

At first I thought that it world never work without finances. Again I thought that it would be difficult beyond control due to what people told me. But when I went to the Lord one Day with those who accepted to become soldiers for the soul rescuing business for God, we saw that God has greater things for us. To the Glory of His Name we are about thirty dedicated people of God and we will never turn back even if we should be torn into pieces. We will still work hard to send the Gospel and RESCUE THE PERISHING SOULS WITH THE HEAVENLY DEW OF GODS HOLY WORD. We are ready to fight for souls. In the book of Ephesians,6:12, the Apostle Paul tells us about the spiritual battle. I want to encourage every soldier to get aggressive and let us go on the mission journey together for souls. Though the beginning may be tough, we will seek the face of God and he will make things possible.

At this point I want to request for Aggressive Christianity materials to stock our mini Library where the soldiers will be equipped with the Word of God for service. We need Bibles along with videos and cassettes to help us evangelize effectively.

My vision is to realize an Ecclesia community as a mission for spiritual revolution in Ghana to the Glory of Jesus Christ the Revolutionary. To this end I wish ACMTC well and with all my household will serve Jesus and remain faithful to our calling, being strong members of ACMTC. I also wish all Life Force Team members worldwide well in JESUS' NAME. AMEN!

Matthew Yosah




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