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Aiding and Abetting


General Sir,

           You people are full of surprises! I say this after reading “The Other Side of the Story” posted on www.judgmentismercy.info.

           If true, and why shouldn’t it be, that posting ought to show up all the people who aided and abetted the woman [MS] who sued you. The info. you produced for your readers really shows up the alter ego of [MS].

           I look forward to reading all your post.

                                                    In expectation

                                                         and anticipation,

                                                                    Rob S.


Our Reply:

Narcissism / Alter Ego

Dear Rob,

          Battlefront greetings from Combat Zone NM!

          We are celebrating our 20th year in this “dirty war” this Jan. 2007. We have lots of good evidence to post for all to review and decide who are the real culprits.

          MS’s alter ego reeks of self-love, self-importance, even self-pity; she has delusions of grandeur and extreme megalomania (a sick form of egotism!). To put the icing on the Devil’s food cake is the obvious narcissism, which is the bed partner of alter ego.

          MS over the years has played the role of “poor little me, the ‘cult’ abused me”. But as we put forth concrete evidence to her and her lying and criminal attorney, Bob B., it doesn’t take one with a high IQ to see right thru their diabolical scheme to DESTROY God’s Holy Tribal Nation, of which we are a part.

          Both of them, MS and Bob B., have spewed forth choice expletives when their “horror” story is questioned. Both of them could be labeled “enfant terribles”.

Nuff said.

Gen. Jim

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