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From the Mailbag...
Dear General Deborah,

          Glory to god! It is always so good to hear from you and I praise God for the privilege to know you and learn from you. You and your husband are spiritual nuclear missiles to satan's kingdom and whatever God takes you through will only serve to beneifit His Kingdom. Please know that you are loved and appreciated and are lifted up to God in prayer daily. I want to be numbered with you on the day God the Father passes out rewards in Heaven so I continue to press forward in my studies and pray that I will become a vessel of honor like you and your husband. As you go through each trial don't forget that Blessings, Honor and Glory are yours and whtever suffering you may experience is nothing compared to the rewards you will receive now and especially on that great day in Heaven. Thank you for your service to the body of Christ. Words cannot express all that is in my heart so I can only pray that the Holy Spirit will show you how valuable and loved you are. You have helped bring me back to Life in Jesus and for that I will be eternally grateful along with multitudes of others your ministry has reached and touched. May His Grace, Joy and Peace cover you as you continue in His service.

Love and Blessings,
Your Sister in the Lord,


Nuclear Missiles

Dear Cissy,

          Thanks again for writing us. We are really blessed to know that God has restored you back to your first love. We at one short time in our service to God decided to “take a vacation” on God. Sheer HELL! We were, like you, overwhelmed when God in His tender mercies rescued us from our self-appointed “vacation”.

          We have learned and are still learning that each soul is precious to God. This is why we work hard to win souls to His Kingdom. In an age of specializations, departmentalized/mechanized occupations (in Church), we just don’t feel too loved. But we’re not to depend upon the arm of flesh, but rely upon the Holy Spirit.

          Thanks for taking the time to write us. You are aware of all our trials/tribulations/persecutions—thanks for your prayers. One old-timer once said, “Don’t let adversities get you down, except on your knees.” I always remember this when Satan and His demons (demons in human bodies!) launch vicious and hateful attacks.

          With the mounting tides of wickedness, the tides must be met by extraordinary means. We need to raise up a Spirit-filled/anointed army of specialists (Green Berets) to engage these spirits of darkness.

          We’re not sure we fit your description of “spiritual nuclear missiles”, but at least we’re out on the forward edge of the battlefront. We do get weary at times. I remember what one man, whom I believe was George Whitefield, said: “I’m not weary of being of the way but weary in the way.”

          If the devils can marshal their attacks, so can we...and we do! By God’s mercies we have seen literally tens of thousands of churches/organizations/ societies, etc., form up into fighting forces all around the world. WAR—this is the name of the game “out there”. Sadly we have lost some good men/women in this resistance movement, but we know they have joined the ranks of the cloud of witnesses of Hebrews 12:1.

          Give our regards to your husband.

          On the frontlines,

          General Jim (writing in behalf of General Deborah also)

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