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Hello ACMTC,

     FINALLY! Finally we hear from you. I’ve searched the net time and time again for any info. on your group. Of course there are plenty of negative things to whet one’s appetite. I’ve searched and searched (in vain) to find any kind of rebuttal, refutation or comment from your side against the numerous articles, websites and message boards that are out there.

     UNTIL I ran across what Brad Shanks wrote (Open Letter) for all to read. It got me thinking, “Why haven’t these people ever posted refutations or arguments against all these (evil oriented) accusations?” Now, finally, I found on your website, in your “from the mailbag” section, some things to contemplate.

     After reading up on the Dr. Phil show (slanderous to say the least!) it seems that MS has a side to her that the public isn’t aware of. Now I see why you people didn’t get into a “mud slinging” war with her. She seems to be expert at concealing her true motives (your destruction?) along with eliciting pity from her audience.

Anyway, I look forward to reading more of your articles.



PS: I think it’s time MS ought to REPENT and leave you alone!


* * *


 Pathological Antagonists


WHEN ONE TALKS ABOUT THE MODUS OPERANDI of pathological antagonists, one must take into consideration several important factors, as you will see.

     We have and are experiencing the malice of such a “pack” of rabid dogs, who have nothing better to do than growl, howl, and bite at our heels (while we march onward and upward in the Lord!). Yet keep in mind that God is the head over ALL, I said ALL things concerning His people.


Acquitting and Condemning

The wise saying of Proverbs 17:15 pretty well sums up our dear pathological antagonists: “Acquitting the guilty and condemning the innocent—the LORD detests them both.” We’re not, I assure you, the only ones who are being attacked by the “pack.”

     Whether things fall into the political, economical, social, or spiritual, the modus operandi of pathological antagonists is usually the same. Their “modes of operation” may be understood by the following information:



How does one or ones make something unacceptable and discredited in the eyes of the general population?


1. Propaganda!

In our case, propaganda invoked media manipulation through radio, TV, printed page, and word of mouth. For you must discredit your selected target group or individual as being evil. Almost every time the slander comes forth, the things being said will be on the basis of non-substantive evidence. This phenomenon of discrediting a group or individual can certainly be verified by both research and experience. Read the newspaper articles written against us—lots of non-substantive evidence: just lies, gossip, hearsay. These things are “intentional”, of course. It is up to the propagandists and the media manipulators to get the undiscerning, unsuspecting populace to BELIEVE them.


2. Criticism!

Criticize your target over and over, making the populace to imagine these people or this individual is evil and a “serious threat/problem to society”. Use internet networking, phone calls, written letters, personal gossip, and so on. Also, marshal pitiful/sympathetic support for the person or persons who have been “hurt” by the selected target. Make up BIG, OUTRAGEOUS LIES!! This in turn makes unsuspecting and innocent people begin to wonder whether the pathological antagonists have a genuine report. This method of criticism works well until, as we have done, one produces concrete evidence to counter the lies.


3. Hype!

You hype any and all who will be stupid enough to join your pathological antagonistic ranks. Get the media on your side. In turn, they will get the population on their side. And in turn, they will try to get officials to take action in order to “purify” the “evil”. This has actually worked all over the world.

     Most of these poor souls who make up the untrue stories, know they must work thru recognized authority structures—e.g., police, attorneys, courts, etc.

     Hype up the “horrible evils” committed by your selected target. Be convincing! (We’ve seen some make utter fools of themselves by “hyping” too much!)


4. Demonize!

Demonize your selected target. Wasn’t this the favorite tactic of the “religious” of Jesus’ day—to demonize and demoralize Him?...even calling Him Beelzebub! “But when the Pharisees heard this (about the demon-possessed man being healed, v. 22), they said, It is only by Beelzebub, the prince of demons, that this fellow drives out demons” (Matt. 12:24).


* * *

     But not all is dark. The Bible states in Luke 6:26, “Woe to you when all men speak well of you, for that is how their fathers treated the false prophets.” We’ll say “AMEN!” to this—we are SAFE!!

     Birds of the same feather flock together. Our enemy’s camp is full of gossipers, slanderers, talebearers and vicious character assassins who certainly hold high opinions of themselves.

     Mark Twain once said, “A LIE can travel halfway across the world while TRUTH is still getting its boots on!” A great Baptist minster once said, “Believe not half you hear; repeat not half you believe. When you hear an evil report, halve it, then quarter it, and say nothing about the rest of it.”


* * *



One Dr. who studied the profile of pathological antagonists wrote this about them: “A very mean-spirited disposition [in our case, a falsely humble female, yet controlled by a venomous serpent!]...they are destructive [in our case, one who playacts oh, so “loving”]. The damage that they want to inflict is intentional and deliberate. They are not out simply to disagree [i.e., prove us wrong, expose us!]...they want to inflict pain and damage persons...for them, their plans have priority over all other programmes...these people or person are deceitful, masters of manipulation [Feel sorry for me! I’ve been hurt by these “evil” people/group], accusing others of THEIR OWN atrocious deeds [through lawsuits, etc.]...experts at twisting facts...maybe mentally disordered; but they do not yield to patience or [Biblical] love, nor do they honor human decency...they sometimes are persuasive and charming religious assailants...able to present themselves as pious, devout and spiritual...who is doing this destructive work for the benefit of the Church or something else...they can convince naive church members [or pagans] that they are raising legitimate issues...they hide among their allies of opportunity [like crooked lawyers]...Clinically speaking...they may posses distinct personality disorders...borderline paranoid, narcissistic...They’ve learned how to distract, confuse, LIE and SEDUCE to do harm to the vulnerable...they have surrounded and insulated themselves with a whole array [an army] of defense...justifications for their actions...They firmly believe that what they are doing in harming and terminating a minister [or any selected target] is the right thing to do...it is the will of God [i.e., the god of this world]...” (Dr. Guy Greenfield in Wounded Minister).


*    *    *

Satan’s Serviceable Tongues

Wagging tongues—a CURSE! A curse! We have, thru the years (and praise God!) become the “BUTT of CALUMNY”. One minster, who was such himself, made the statement, “I have long ago said farewell to my character.” Apparently our enemies have never read Titus 3:2, Ephesians 4:31, Psalm 101:5, or Matthew 7:12.



“‘Blessed’, General Jim?” Yes, dear readers, Blessed are you (me) when men/women hate you, when they exclude you and insult you and reject your name as EVIL because of the Son of Man (Jesus). Rejoice in that day...For that is how their fathers (also pathological antagonists) treated the prophets...Woe to you when all men speak WELL of you...” Again, we’re SAFE!


Misinformation and Disinformation

Misinformation and disinformation bring serious deterioration.

     The arguments of pathological antagonists are usually founded upon little or no evidence whatsoever. Misinformation and disinformation are technically classified as “falsification”.

     To “misinform” is to give wrong or inaccurate information, but not necessarily by a purposeful, fully aware intention. “Disinformation” is purposed wrong information.


Character Murder

...is not new—it is old as time. Let me say with all honesty, the sword, the fire, the hammer, are instruments that make us...our Christian character, that is (although I may not like the process!). Persecution and affliction can either make or break a vessel. Trials and tribulations are God’s means to purify us, mold us, equip us with inward strength and real courage. God’s Word and Spirit tries our hearts, our way, our motives, etc.

     God wants a people that have been tried by fire, a people who will come forth out of the furnace of affliction, out of the lions’ den, thru the Red Sea—with a genuinely noble character. And they shall be rewarded. As for the other side, the enemies of God’s purposes and people will also receive their just reward—HELLFIRE, everlastingly! The Bible says so, not just General Jim.



Luke 17:3 says, “So watch yourselves. If your brother (or sister) sins, rebuke him (her), and if he (she) repents, forgive him (her).

     As you stated, dear brother, in your letter, “MS ought to repent.” We’ve prayed for this for over 25 years.

     We followed Luke 17:3 and took action to the sin problem that caused such a nasty reaction over the years. Because we did not wish to get involved in a legal court battle (over her lawsuit), we all decided to default, turn the other cheek, and move on. Sadly, she, as you can read, purposed herself to become a pathological antagonist. So goes the war!


False Mouth

Proverbs 6:12-14 is worth repeating here: “A naughty person, a wicked man (or woman) walketh with a froward mouth. He (she) winketh with his (her) eyes, he (she) speaketh with his (her) feet, he (she) teacheth with his (her) fingers. Forwardness is in his (her) heart, he (she) deviseth mischief continually; he (she) soweth discord” (KJV). Another translation says, “...a wicked man (woman), is the one who walks with a FALSE MOUTH.” A FALSE MOUTH “distorts or twists truth for one’s own (evil) purposes”.

     Also, in Proverbs 6:16-19, there is a list of six things the LORD hates: a lying tongue, a false witness, and one who spreads strife is listed among them. This clearly describes the “pack” of vicious dogs that growl, howl and “snap out at swiftly moving feet”.

     I don’t desire to carry this reply over its limits. Let us simply realize that Proverbs is a handbook against pathological antagonists. And while there are enemies that are malevolent in both their intent and in effect, we know that there are certainly degrees of meanness. In the case at hand, this female antagonist possesses an utterly insatiable lust to drag out her own sad problems into the public arena for any and all to see. This is nothing short of having nothing better to do with one’s life. Her supposed mistreatment from our group is one long saga of unhappiness! Where is the healing of the Lord? Where is the forgiveness (even if we did do such cruel things to this pathetic lady)?


Attention Starved!

Usually, what we have personally found in all this stuff in question, is that most troublemakers are personally failures in their married/family life and/or are failures outside the church or group. By making up pitiful stories, such as in our case, they can and WANT TO BE IMPORTANT—THEY WANT SOME ATTENTION. They, as the old saying goes, “have a personal axe to grind.”

—General James Green

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