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Arise, Dive In, Take Action!

RISE UP!! It is time to TAKE ACTION!! God is MOVING, His Spirit rivers are flowing and pouring out upon all who will receive them, and so, Satan and his evil demons are working hard to bind up souls. Whose side are you on—God’s, or Satan’s? Who do you obey—the Spirit of God, or your own religious mind and demons? I ask this: How long will you professing Christians hide your eyes from the HORRORS that plague men, women, and children every day? How long will you let the youth in this nation and other nations go untrained in the ways of Spirit Warfare? Do you even know anything about Spirit Warfare?

     Today, young boys and girls are viciously attacking people and are being attacked by people. Violence now rules. Death stalks the land. People, don’t you care? I’m talking about eternal souls here, most of whom will spend their eternity in burning flames . . . and you, where will you go when you die?

     America’s hands are smeared and dripping with the blood of more than 50 million slaughtered un-born babies. Maybe your hands are stained, too? Have you repented?

     Men and women in America are overlooking the murder of their own helpless infants. It’s obvious that they don’t care about their own youth. Nor do they care about young souls in other parts of the world. While American men and women are paying doctors to rip, tear, and shred their babies’ flesh, the Islamic extremists and Communist anti-Christs around the world are torturing and murdering millions of young souls. While the American churchgoers jump around to their favorite “Christian” rock’n’roll, rap, rave and dance music, the true Christians in other nations are facing imprisonment, torture, mutilation, and death, simply because they believe and follow Jesus Christ the Lord. Does any of this disturb you? DON’T YOU CARE ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BESIDES YOURSELF? Caring means taking action.

     The United Nations and all other supposed “peacekeeper” groups are really doing nothing to help. Wars and disputes never end. Barbaric crimes are committed every day, day after day. Bitter hatred swirls in the minds and hearts of so many individuals. And the youth are caught in the middle of all the mental, emotional, and physical chaos. It’s more than tragic. Therefore, you professing Christians have absolutely no excuse to sit around and do nothing. The only proper counteraction to the filth is to repent, follow the Spirit of God, and spread the Gospel.

     We here at the ACMTC offer the youth a challenge to DO SOMETHING FOR GOD instead of just living for themselves or for the world and the Devil. Won’t you join us in the war against evil? Why wait? Why hold back? Why not jump in to the rivers of Jesus Christ, the rivers of life, the rushing current that is crashing against the evil forces that are destroying our children’s souls?

     Those who commit wicked crimes against humanity need the loving Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. How can we just stand around while human beings are systematically butchered? How can we enjoy ourselves while helpless children are rent to pieces like slabs of meat? It’s graphic, it’s true, and the questions apply to you!

     Everyone should be REPULSED enough—and every true Christian should be invigorated—to fight against the wickedness that is covering the youth. Yet I must ask, have you first fought against the evil that lies within you? Have you been delivered of demonic strongholds that bind up your life? Write us to receive a free packet of ACMTC materials. No matter how old you are, you can enter the work of Christ and help distribute information to lost souls everywhere. If want to join us in the war for souls, you can contact us through e-mail or by a written letter. Arise, and GET MOVING! Help us educate this nation and all other nations that lie in gross DARKNESS!! Help us win souls! Onward, soldier of Christ: it is time for some real spiritual warfare! Amen.

            —General James Green


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