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sleeping Christians!


THERE IS A WAR GOING ON! Not only a WAR but a REVOLUTIONARY WAR! On the evil side, this WAR is being fought and seemingly won by the anti-Christ and anti-Christian factions within and without the so-called Church. Yet God will ultimately triumph over all.

     The Perversion Movement has picked up momentum and is attempting to invalidate the historical marriage covenant through “gay marriages.” Next, these perverts will be after the pre-teens and even babies to satisfy their sinful lusts! Prostitution, orgies, homosexuality/lesbianism and molestation were a part of ancient pagan religious ceremonies. Will modern history in America, and elsewhere, continue to open up to the arena of the infinite—where everything, even unthinkably gross sin, is “sacred”?


Will you sleepy and sleeping Christians lie and let Moloch devour another generation?


     In this present generation the world at large is in a culminative crisis. Men and women are totally abandoning unto the beast-nature of man. Militant Islamic terrorism, militant homosexual terrorism, plus militant military terrorism together spell TROUBLE!! It is very obvious that promoters of these three forms of terrorism are deplorers of revolutionary violence, and they are daily revealing their self-identification with their obsessively carnal ideologies: that is, they are continually showing and demonstrating how violently carnal their beliefs and practices are.

     But what about the professed Christians, the so-called people of God? Where is the polarization of forces? Where are the spiritual warriors who stand against all this promotion of sin and carnality? Oh, you might point out to me the “right-wing radicals” who are making noise out there. Yes, they make noise—and that’s all. Take away their government tax deductible 501(c)3 and you’ll see and hear much less of them.

     Actually, the so-called Church is way behind in its ability to wage the war against this ever-growing fanaticism of terror. We need HOLY TERROR. But, then, this will take real Christians living the true, genuine Christian life. This is something MOST WILL NEVER CONSIDER, let alone do.

     We hear much today from the “spellcasters,” pardon me, “newscasters,” about the possibilities of apocalypse: a worldwide military/revolutionary onslaught with potential ecological annihilation. America is expecting some sort of apocalyptic attack and/or a cosmic explosion in the heavens. People are anticipating something that will infuse FEAR upon the world’s societies. (Some are trying to purposefully cause an apocalyptic/fantastic event to infuse fear and gain world domination!) As for me, I can envision the world choking on religious vomit and gagging on political excrement. These two are very real destinies to which this present generation is leading us. The satanic principalities are so deeply entrenched within this nation (and world) that it will take a true-blue dedicated, consecrated, separated, SPIRITUALLY MILITANT people of God to expel it.

     Desperate and Extreme. This is what is needed, for indeed, desperation and ultimate extremes are the only things that will awaken the sleepy and sleeping “Church.” Until men and women awake from their dream-worlds and face this existence of satanic evil all about us, the “Church” will know defeat very painfully.

     The very forces of HELL are sucking the American society into the dark world of the abyss. We don’t need any more “Take America Back” crusades, but an authentic, Holy Spirit move that literally shakes the sleeping “saints” out of their comfortable beds of ease and sleaze. The “Church” must recover its separate-from-the-world identity, an above-and-beyond stance that tells the Devil and his demons “NO!”

     Disaster is a looming shadow that covers most of this present world. Rebellion and idolatry MUST be abandoned for a re-exploration of the “old paths” of God. Jeremiah, the prophet of God, was told by the LORD, “Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the OLD PATHS, where is the GOOD WAY, and WALK THEREIN, and ye shall find rest for your souls” (Jeremiah 6:16).

     Can we not see and hear the restless souls all about us? Vexed souls! Tormented souls! Depressed souls! Oppressed souls! Addicted souls! Damned souls . . . on every block, in every city, in every state of this union. Restless souls in the country; demented souls in the cities. We preach and teach, “WALK IN THE LORD’S OLD PATHS,” but the people respond, “We will not walk therein” (v. 16).

     Our ministry has been sounding the trumpet for over 23 years, both with our Battle Cry Sounding radio programs and Battle Cry Sounding publications. Yes, as Jeremiah 6:17 tells us, “Also I set watchmen over you, saying, HEARKEN TO THE SOUND OF THE TRUMPET. But they said, We will NOT hearken.”

     You see, most professing Christians are just too lazy and fearful to walk in the old paths of righteousness. They are trapped in a rebellious objectivity and are alienated from the reality in Christ. They live in some sort of foggy mysticism, a proven path of illusion, which has led them to a deterioration of spiritual and even common sensitivity. In turn, they can do nothing but oppose the will of God, no matter what they say or do. They live in a fantasy—a Hellbound destiny.

     You see, self-love turns one into a self-made idol to be praised, loved, and worshiped. Natural Israel fell into this time and time again. That is why she experienced so much divine chastisement. Self-love that remains without repentance invokes the WRATH of God upon individuals and nations alike.

     Jeremiah 6:28 speaks about Israel, saying, “They are ALL GRIEVOUS REVOLTERS (evil revolutionaries), walking with slanders: they are brass and iron; they are ALL CORRUPTERS.” Instead of fighting for the LORD, they fought against Him. So it is today. The religious hypocrites fight against the Spirit and Spirit-people of God.

     SIN does begin on an individual level, but we must acknowledge that SIN expresses itself in a more wide spectrum as it influences society and even the entire cosmos. SIN does not just alienate the individual but provides for the alienation of entire societies as it has outreaching effects on others. SIN’S oppression becomes a societal oppression, therefore, and so the sinner himself is overcome by his own SIN while he affects others in the process. So SIN is a plague.

     Friends, unless the Body of Christ universally faces this SIN issue head on, the bigger, worldwide WAR will not be won. Moreover, with willful SINS inside the camp of the LORD, even the professed Body will become entrapped and thereby alienated from Christ Jesus and their eternal reward in Heaven.


The only liberation from SIN begins in the grace of God.


     The Church needs to articulate what SIN is and go to WAR against it within its own ranks. We need to ascend from the natural into the supernatural. We need to seek our true destiny in the Kingdom of God.

     What about you, dear reader? What will you do? More to the point, what are you doing? Do you want to be called what the LORD called backslidden Israel—“reprobate silver”? (v. 30).

     It is past time to amend our sinful ways and doings (Jeremiah 7:3). If we don’t repent and reform, God will cause His Holy Terror and Anger to overtake us (v. 19). We can’t lie in bed and wait for some radical renovation of the world to begin our warfare. NO! We must be the avant-garde of a repentant people whom the LORD can use as weapons in His hand.


STOP looking for the “sweet by-and-by” and face the “nasty now-and-now”!! FIGHT SIN!!


     Revolution/Liberation must not be seen in a carnal sense. True REVOLUTION must usher in God’s Spirit Order, His Kingdom, His will, in and on Earth—NOW! This goes without saying: This Kingdom of God MUST take root in our earth, our heart, our life.

                         —General James Green


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