by General James Green

Missionaries and mercenaries, revolutionaries, war and warriors! It is imperative that we blood-bought, spirit filled Christians properly understand the cost of discipleship, soldiership. It is time for the Lord's camp to separate itself from the unclean thing(s). 2 Cor. 6:14-18 It is time, past time, to REVOLT, to make REVOLUTION against compromise and sin!


"A change or movement that involves the OVERTHROW or REPUDIATION of an existing government, political or religious system, and the establishment of a new one in its place. A radical change in the form of government or constitution, to change fundamentally."

Brothers and sisters, soldiers of the Lord's camp, it is time for a change...a drastic change. It is time to REVOLUTIONIZE the ranks of God's army. Undoubtedly this type of radical action will certainly cause REVULSION among many. I dare say that too many in the Christian ranks will either hold back or draw back from becoming true SPIRIT REVOLUTIONARIES!

It is time to purge our ranks of lazy and compromising "Christians" so-called. Money-hungry pastors and cheap entertainers who prey on God's people must be shut down. Away with the pretty boys and overdressed lust queens that parade themselves in God's holy house. It is time for true solidarity and true soldiering. Away with phony softness and niceness, let us embrace hardness as good soldiers of Jesus Christ. 2 Tim. 2:3-4 While in times past we have waited for the embrace of "oneness" from those we presumed to be fellow soldiers in Christ, incomprehensibly to us, those who were embraced were instead our enemies! Yes, we have drank of the betrayal in Judas's cup.

It is time to separate ourselves from "churchianity", for she has explicitly abandoned all moral and ethical standards, remaining Christian in name only. We find that in her ranks it is no longer considered inherently wrong to play both sides... playing the harlot! All forms of worldliness and love for the world are considered legitimate if they serve to enlarge her borders and enrich her treasure house. And when opposed she will persecute the righteous unto death.

Should we remain in the old corrupt government and try to reform her? I say not, for she will not be reformed. We must form a new government under the divine and direct commanship of our King, Jesus Christ. In doing this we must make radical moves, shake the dust and let God institute a new order. Even the world talks about a "new world order" sure enough, for God desires a new order. God desires a REVOLUTION to take place in the ranks of Christianity. This "avant-garde" must come forth as the Lord so desires. As true Spirit Revolutionaries, we must willingly forsake all earthly loves, embracing the doctrines of separation and discipline as unquestionable standards by which we can guide the actions taken for the transformation of Christ's subjects.

"Fear thou not; for I am with thee, be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee, yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness." Isaiah 41:10 God has spoken it, we must believe it. Our greatest enemy is FEAR!! Fear will cause us to stay in the "safety zone" (the sick zone). The righteousness of God, this most beautiful substance, is our source of inspiration. A Christian without Christ's guiding hand will be no revolutionary. Godliness is our moral and spiritual force, our doctrine is the Holy Word...spoken and written.

We shall reign with Christ in the coming ages, but today we must wage the war! God works with a long range plan to conquer all the earth, but His short range plan includes each generation of His soldiers. How can the "church", so called, conquer for Christ if she is conquered? Let us not be deceived, the modern church in our time is wrapped in the grave clothes of death and bound in the prison house of SIN! Yet, she does not see herself as such, oh no, she sits as a queen ruling her subjects. Her intentions may seem "God oriented", but ACTIONS betray intentions and speak louder than words. Right? She speaks great swelling words about her righteousness, yet her sins tell on her. Can we fellowship such a church? I say NOT!!

The most telling development has been the rejection of the spirit and the embracing and enthronement of the flesh. The Lord is not pleased with a FLESH army. He wants, yea demands, a SPIRIT army!! He will not have an army of dead letter and religious works, but one of living, burning, SPIRITUAL POWER! What are we aiming for when we speak of conquering for Christ? We who are of a sober mind desire to see the glory of God manifest; #1) -in our own lives, #2) -in the world. We want to conquer our inward enemies and take prisoner the souls of the world for Christ. We don't need political power or carnal weapons to do this, we need the power that comes from holiness and obedience, we need SPIRITUAL POWER! The Holy Spirit desires to conquer, to liberate and to educate the souls of men. The Holy Spirit desires to eradicate SIN.

Men are bound by SIN. We are living in an age in which the whole human race is proclaiming freedom of conscience. Yes there is much freedom, but remember, fleshly freedom will not free ones spirit and sould from the death grip of evil. As I now write, the "church", in the past sober and God-fearing, is throwing off and away the last of its godly standards. We are in the midst of a new revolution, a revolution AGAINST GOD! The war against Christ is being waged in such a way that it does not appear to be what it is. The programs designed by the antichrist agents in government offices are in reality active persecution against the righteous. Even today, multitudes of our fellow soldiers are tortured, cruelly oppressed and left to rot in prisons around the world, yet, according to the globally controlled, manipulating media, persecution does not exist and there is yet full religious freedom.

Paradoxically, governments permit, even fund, abortions and the protection of AIDS carrying homosexuals (two forms of murder), they are infested with corruption of every type and work hand in hand with organized crime, yet at the same time they continue to use God's name as though they still serve Him. This type of double standard is crucial for ideological indoctrination. We're beginning to see through the hypocritical veneer. We're beginning to realize that we are under ATTACK! The enemy is quite smooth and slick at disguising the various ways in which governments attempt to curtail the influence of true Christianity in society, as well as undermining the Christians' commitment to their beliefs, leaders and institutions. More and more Christians are persuaded to turn their children over to "mandatory" public indoctrination (education) instead of instructing them in the righteous ways of our God. The results are devastating. For too long now I have witnessed the determination of pro-abortion, pro-sodomite church people to confront, divide and undermine true church leaders who maintain an orthodox (biblical) faith and mission. The enemy uses these DUPES as revolutionaries to attack and destroy the church from within.

We can only look for the revolution against Christ to grow to world-wide proportions. As we face the increased suppression of free speech and expression of beliefs we need not be fearful, for God will have His speakers and demonstrators DESPITE THE LAWS OF MEN!! The day will come when it will be unlawful to preach against sin. The enemy's greatest concern is to get God's people confined, neutralized, and then totally eliminated if possible. This is why the call for REVOLUTION is being sounded. We must counter-attack, not with weapons of the terrestrial (guns), but of the celestial (spirit). We're looking for a few good soldiers who will FIGHT! We're in this war together. "If one member suffers, all suffer together; if one member is honored all rejoice together". I Cor. 12:26

In closing, let us encourage ourselves in the Lord. Separate ourselves from all worldliness and known sin, consecrate ourselves more fully to the task at hand. This is the call and this is the REVOLUTION! Let us heed the call and obey our commander Jesus Christ.

Are you tired of a dead church existence? Are you sick of the once a week, song and dance routine? Are you being told the TRUTH by those who call themselves "Men of God"? Why not get bold, why not get radical, why not go ALL THE WAY FOR JESUS!! What are you waiting for, the "rapture"? Souls are slipping Christless into Hell all around you, what are you doing about it? We offer a wide range of newspapers, booklets, tracts and tapes to equip the Christian soldier in the war for souls. Write us today for more information about how you can join the SPIRIT REVOLUTION!

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