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We Should Not Be Ignorant Of
by General James Green

ONE OF OUR KEY DEFENSES against Satan's attacks is being sharply aware of the enemies' continual--I do mean CONTINUAL!--effort to gain an advantage over us and to lead us away from sincere, AGGRESSIVE devotion to Christ and His calling. Paul the Apostle speaks of the Devil's agenda in II Corinthians 2:11, stating, "...lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices." Paul was dealing here with forgiveness versus unforgiveness, but the list of things that Satan uses against God's people is extremely long.

In our day we have the humanistic "love gospel" that decries the true Christian rule of repentance. It says, "Don't judge me, just love me." This generation is being swept directly into the BELLY of HELL since Christians are preaching only "love" and are denying a person or persons the chance to sincerely repent of his or their sins.

Damnation alone has come from all this "love" preaching and circulation of "love gospel" literature that is WHOLLY exclusive of real Biblical morality and spiritual principles. The young Christians of today, too ignorant and lazy to know better, help spread this irrational, lopsided, satanic gospel. And Satan is oh, so helpful in their humanistic mission! For, as I said, so-called "love" and "compassion" are literally depriving guilty lost souls of having their sins forgiven and cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ the Lord.

Christians in this modern Church-age have openly enlisted themselves into the deathly ranks of infidelity and have fallen for Satan's devices by embracing this looming force of humanistic love. Here, my dear readers, is a power which threatens to become more and more formidable than you or I think. Already it has begun to brashly display some of its ghastly features--like despising God's judgments, for one--and its adherents are always boastfully declaring their predictions and anticipations of sure triumph.

This force is not limited to the religious arena but has found its slimy place among the prevailing political and social orders as well. Of course, this is not really a new thing, in one sense. Agencies that promote "let's help the poor," or "have compassion on the diseased," and so on, have been around a long time. Lots of people claim to "help others in need." We here at ACMTC call this "playing God [i.e., trying to be God] to the world."

Am I against helping people? No. We do our share--as we are led by the Spirit. But we are very cautious to not overstep our God-given responsibilities and we are very careful to not enter into false works that cover up people's sins!

In the "great storm of conflicting opinions," we see that humanistic force is making different religions and various ideas gather together on all sides, all around the world. It may easily be foreseen that unless our aggressive Christian vigilance and Spirit-led exertions are increased in greater degrees to expose this false gospel and false-compassion syndrome, infidelity--not Biblical Christianity--will be the predominant power and it will sweep millions into the inescapable BELLY of HELL! And with this will also come the complete overthrow of all that is most valuable to those of us who love God's Word and principles of operation.

There are many so-called Christian organizations that will not preach against the sins that have caused MOST of these calamities to befall mankind. Such compromising organizations teach us to just "feel sorry" and "give," but never, never point out the cause of the problem, namely, SIN! I guess we're supposed to just pity the dreadful effects SIN has upon both men and nature.

Have you ever considered that God has the right to PUNISH? And should we go about UNDOING His punishments? Are we bigger than God? There is a time to help and pity, but not every time. Some persons and nations have their punishments coming because of their sins, and we should not interfere.

Aside from their rushing to every known disaster and giving physical aid, the professed Christians' ongoing "compassion" for the whole Homosexual Movement is totally out of hand. Too many evangelical and fundamental Christians are teaching and preaching sheer heresy thru misinterpretation of God's Holy Word. For instance, there are Christians who are boasting about the latest sickening movie "Brokeback Mountain" (a story about two homo cowboys). I expect the world to promote such a thing, but not the professed Christians! This trend of false compassion from among too many church folks is what greatly angers God. It ought to anger any blood-bought, born-again, Spirit-filled believer who loves God's Word THE WAY IT IS! Request all of our writings on this subject of Homosexuality/Lesbianism, and read for yourself and see if God promotes sodomy in any way, shape, or form.

Take note of just one church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA). She says, "'Brokeback Mountain' will break your heart--and open it up...to practice COMPASSION." Compassion? True compassion would be to tell ALL sodomites and company that they are going to HELL if they do not repent of their vile abomations. General Jim Green doesn't say this, God's Word does!

Going on here, the ELCA also said, "It's about the heartache of two Western cowboys whose love for each other over the course of several decades can only be expressed in secret. Much more than a film about yearning, it reveals the pain of hidden and split identities. The characters incarnate the basic human needs for wholeness, fulfillment and a true love who accepts you as you really are." Pure TRASH! This is the "force" I'm talking about. "Feel sorry" and "have compassion" on homosexuals! I do, and I do preach the truth about them, and to them. GOD HATES SODOMY (write for our free materials and read it for yourself). Do I have "homophobia"? No. I owe it to the LOST to tell them the truth. The truth is that practicing homosexuals (males/females; all sinners in the sexual perversion category) will NOT enter Heaven.

The ELCA is only one of many denominations which allows practicing lesbians and homosexuals to serve in pastoral and other leadership positions. Modern churches are simply backslid. The celebrating of perversion is as old as time, but in our day and age, it is a worldwide plague. Perverts are idolized BIG TIME today. Yet STD's are taking their death toll; and then, of course, this gives the Godless Church another reason to have "compassion."

All this promoting sin stuff is just the force of Satan's devices at work, "chipping away," as they say, so that over a period of time, people will not be able to tell the difference between the clean and the unclean. This, in turn, will force the public to accept vile sin and sinners, and make the public tolerate and even legalize all anti-Christ and anti-Bible filth. The force of humanistic "love" and "compassion" is a destructive, anti-Christian ideology, and the sick cultural and political elites who propagate it will certainly answer to God.

So we are now confronted with a question of vital and paramount importance: "How can we Christians most effectively resist the forceful encroachments of this anti-Gospel power? Can any plan be devised to combat all this evil?" Yes! Contend for the truth and refuse to capitulate. GET SOME AGGRESSIVE HOLY GHOST GUTS TO YOU, CHRISTIAN!

We need to, we MUST, raise up a new breed of aggressive Christians who will have their minds imbued with the unshakable power of the Holy Ghost and be regulated by and controlled by Gods' immutable Word. This will challenge the wicked enemy of truth; and God's holy angels of war, ordered from "on high," can eventually "carry the warfront off the battlefield."

To linger in the dreary shadow of fear, defeat, and indecision is utterly ruinous. It is unwise, my dear comrades, to delay another year. Get radical, get revolutionary! The solution to this stinking pollution is Holy Ghost Revolution! By God's grace, I'm doing my share. But your procrastination is allowing the satanic force to grow and swell into a uncontrollable torrent, which will, I said WILL!, SWEEP AWAY ANY REMAINING BULWARKS THAT CAN PRESENTLY OPPOSE IT. Have we forgotten all the Biblical examples of those who welcomed in a destructive flood of evil? Spirit-led reason and vigorous expediency must be used NOW!

One of the BIGGEST problems in Churchianity is the leadership itself. Leaders promote such liberal thinking and doing, speaking soft, effeminate, compromising tones of false love and "compassion" that literally undermine the Holy Bible. It's not that there aren't plenty of sermons preached, but that the sermons are un-Spiritual, not Spirit-guided or anointed--they reach the head but not the heart! The "politically correct" BULL has been given preeminence over truth and hides the truth, espousing evil lies.

Shall we wait to be completely overtaken by the scorching flames of the final conflagration before we move aggressively against this prevailing evil force? It sure appears that people have chosen to do just that. But has not the Bible already proclaimed and has not inspiration loudly declared that "the field is the world" and "it is ripe for harvest"? Are we not already commissioned to "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel"?

True love and compassion have no boundaries in the Spirit. So, we don't wait until another terrible disaster falls before we act, but we act as though there will literally be no tomorrow. Certainly, we should always seek God before we go or act, to be completely sure it is His perfect will and timing. Yes, it is always His will to preach true salvation, but caution should be made before running off to help every disaster victim, sick person, and so on. The "victim" may be under the judgment of God. Jesus loved, but in that love was Godly correction, even severe punishment.

Theologically, we all understand the Cross (John 3:16), but few perceive Jesus' sober dealings with both the unsaved and the saved. Love necessitates wrath at times--even death! Love produces wonderful miracles but also demands cursings.

The Cross of Jesus stands as God's striking evaluation of sin. In order for man's sin to be pardoned, Jesus had to be crucified (John 3:14; Acts 17:3 echos this). This is the soberness of real Christianity.

We live in an age when religious men are ignorant of both Satan's and God's ways. Yet if Christians would sincerely walk in the Spirit (Galatians 5:16), they would not fulfill the lusts of the flesh, and they would perceive the ways of God. One common lust of the flesh, no doubt, is to "play God"!

I get Christian newsletters and publications sent to me in the mail that do nothing but tell about all the disasters and horrid persecutions around the world. Most all of these publications show awful pictures that are used to elicit pity towards the "victims" and anger towards the persecutions. Nothing wrong with telling about persecution. However, little to NO space is ever used for teaching the readers anything about the saving Gospel. Relief aid is their biggest propagation, not the Gospel of Christ. Contributions are usually always tax-deductible, so the readers can give $$ and have their personal tax write-offs from the government--without personally having to do any more. Every new crisis or disaster (that God sends to warn and punish people!) is followed by fresh "plea" letters, immediately sent out to you and I to beg our HELP! "This could not be done without YOUR HELP, dear giver," they say. Thus, God brings disasters and religious man follows up with his "love" and "compassion" for those whom God punishes.

Not every case is the same, but the MAIN reason for most of these "Help" ministries is to get people to feel sorry for the victims. No preaching against sin in their writings! NO! They may offend their contributors who may be unsaved or of another denomination or of another religion.

I'm looking at one magazine in front of me that has a picture of a man standing in front of his crumbled-down house. The caption reads, "Earthquake Emergency Fund." The writer goes on to let us readers know that his "Christian" agency has raised up $$ already to help rebuild houses. Of course, the earthquake caused HUGE destruction . . . and he needs your $$ to help restore what God's nature has done. Has the writer ever considered that God sent that earthquake because of the people's (in this case, the Hindus' and Muslims') sins?

The news "Project Update" finishes with "...in the longer term help is needed to assist people in rebuilding of their lives." NO word of the Gospel here. The article goes on to say, "If you would like to help with this NEED, please send a note 'Earthquake Fund' along with your gift." Forgive one for asking, but where in the Bible are we commissioned to rebuild houses, or towns, or cities, or even countries for the pagans? Where are we ever instructed to give $$ to help in such ways without preaching or going on the Great Commission? Magazine after magazine all follow the same pattern, promoting the same theme: you give, we become "partners," and together we "play God"!

Jesus was a man of compassion and mercy, but He DID preach, not only His Gospel, but He also REBUKED both the sin and the sinner. Yet in our age this is unnecessary, for we may offend the Hindu, the Muslim, the Buddhist, the Roman Catholic, the PAGAN! We must collect (beg!) $$ from lazy Americans (or whomsoever will give) and fly around the world (at their expense) and give handouts to those "poor" victims. Pitiful indeed.

Here in our area (in Indian country) we have Christians coming from back East (U.S.A.) to build or repaint Indian homes or do some task of "love" without even sharing the Gospel. They laught at us when we ask, "Did you tell them (lost sinners) about Jesus?" NO! Their headquarters forbids this! This is the "PC force" at its finiest!!

Let me end here. I suggest that you read God's Word and receive it as it is--without perverting it according to the standards of humanism. (Also, see the Words of the Spirit prophecy for March 21st, 2006, to become more acutely aware of God's dealings and His perspective of humanism.)

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