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Satanists Need Saving


[The following typed letter was recently sent to the Generals:]


Dear General Jim and Deborah,

The past seems to be haunting me. Before I turned to Christ for salvation I was a sinner like you wouldn't believe. I was actually a member of the Church of Satan. Recently, Dr. Herman V. B., an old colleague of mine back in my sinful days, caught wind of my affiliation with the Aggressive Christians. Enclosed is the letter he sent me. Would you please respond to these evil, evil, devil worshippers with some of your literature of the Holy Word? I would—and maybe they would much appreciate it. There is still time for these evil souls at the Church of Satan to be saved.

     God bless you and all the wonderful work you do,

     Brother Don D.



[Here is the letter Don had received from his old colleague:]



RE: Don D.

We at the Church of Satan are sad to learn that you have chose [sic] the path of weakness. By worshipping Jesus Christ you are denying yourself and choosing to disregard the strength Satan has given you. You are now nothing but a weak minded Christian—what a shame. Even without you, the Church of Satan is growing stronger everyday [sic]. We are now sponsoring a sexual re-education drive which has been wildly popular in converting thousands of New York City youths into a homosexual lifestyle. We also sponsored a drive to recycle bible paper into something a bit more useful—toilet paper. We have also created our own pornographic film studio—-in which we make homoerotic films involving barely legal males and their geriatric counterparts in hot, steamy, sweaty sodomy scenes. We have also formed the AGI (the Anti-God Internationale) in which we hope to synthesize all the evil ideologies of the world (Nihilism, Communism, Homosexualism, and our ideology—Satanism) into one cohesive anti-God ideology. So Don we don't give a f--- if you joined some weak Christian group. We are going to make Satan triumph in the end.

Hail Satan!

Dr. Herman V. B.


Our Comment:


     Isn’t it enraging that so-called Christians will waste countless hours, days, months and years fighting us—and other Christian groups—while saying nothing against prevailing evils such as the Church of Satan! While “Christians” fight and hate the Spirit of God, they allow incredible perversities to run rampant in their cities and towns, without even passing out one tract to those involved in such evils or praying one prayer for the salvation of souls.

     Indeed, WE WILL PASS OUT TRACTS AND WE WILL PRAY FOR THOSE IN THE CHURCH OF SATAN that they would stop worshipping the destroyer of their souls and choose rather to come clean with God, get saved and live their lives for the only true Strong Master and Savior—Jesus Christ the Lord. We refuse to sit back and do nothing while innumerable vile sins are being promoted and practiced in the world.

     Come clean with God yourself, start doing something for God, pray for the real wicked souls ALL AROUND YOU, witness to them, and stop fighting against God’s Holy Tribal Nation.


     —the Generals



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