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From the Mailbag...


(The following letter was written to General Deborah but General Jim responds.)

Dear Prophet Deborah,

My husband and I went to see you out of curiosity here in Las Vegas. I was thrilled by your boldness to proclaim God’s Word and also the prophecies that went forth.

My husband didn’t feel the same sentiment, for he was raised in a church where women weren’t allowed to preach or teach. He also said that you had a “manish” feel to you. I think what he felt was God’s holy anointing upon you.

We are a small group of Christian women here in “Sin City” trying to do gospel work. We need HELP! Thank you for setting up a women’s corps. here, and I heard also in Reno too. Every kind of sin known to human kind is on exhibition in this sin-sick city.

Also, thanks for all the free literature you offered to the audience. After seeing and hearing you, and several other of your girls, I know you must be hated. Pray that my husband will support me in this new work.



P.S. We’re praying that you’ll come back again and spend a longer time with us. Pray about that would you?



Dear Darlene,

We appreciate your letters. Let me take to comment on your husband’s assessment of my wife. His comment about her being too “manish” is not new. I’d hate to put in print some of the things she’s been called!

What your husband saw and felt was the “militant” anointing of the Lord, not General Deborah herself. He is just a depiction of SO MANY men out there in churchianity who feel that women have no place in the ministry. This attitude is as old as time. N.T. women changed all that.

Nevertheless, I firmly believe that some women have no right or business being in the ministry. Not because they are female but because they do not meet up to N.T. Bible standards. The same holds true for men.

I’m sure she left some of my booklet, “Women in the Ministry #1” there on the tables. More are forthcoming. Maybe your husband ought to carefully read all that is presented in book one. What I stated on the cover, “Church history is full of misogynistic leaders who have taught that women are inferior to men and relegated to lifetimes of spiritual imprisonment and fruitlessness.” holds true even today.

I cover the famous scriptures like I Corinthians 14:34, 35; Galatians 3:28 and I Timothy 2:11,12, plus lots more.

The truth is women in the early N.T. church played a prominent role in its development—prophecy, prayer, teaching, personal instruction, testimony, hospitality. Divinely assigned leadership in the home and church were an asset, not a hindrance, UNLESS it was from the wrong kind of women (like Jezebel mentioned in Revelation 2:20-23). True, church platforms have been provided for evil and corrupt female teachers and preachers, nevertheless we shouldn’t throw out the baby with the dirty bath water! This has become a crisis today.

Maybe the Jezebel of Revelations wasn’t a real person (maybe she was), but whether the person was a male or female, a metaphor or not, their behavior was indicative of Jezebel’s character (see I Kings 21:5-29).

It is the Spirit’s business whom He anoints and appoints—not men’s. In fact, has your husband ever read this scripture: “But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.” I John 2:27

You see, the “anointing” of the Holy Ghost counteracts the deception of false teachers (the context of v. 26). This verse tells us that it is neither male or female, but the anointing upon one or the other that makes the difference. I don’t think in all my 36 years of ministry I’ve ever heard this verse taught by a misognyist.

We have seen literally thousands of women’s groups rise up under the anointing of the Holy Ghost. When we first went to Malawi, C.Africa, our (male) host told us that women and children didn’t have souls!! This actually happened! Now we are seeing women all over Africa come out of their prison houses of misogynistic teaching. At the same time we are seeing a rise in Jezebel/feminist/lesbians who are literally taking over churches. This problem was Paul’s concern, John’s concern, and also my concern. Shame on these sissy men who allow this ugly transformation. Thanks for listening.

In His Service for Life,

General James Green

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