General James Green

The time is NOW! Not tomorrow, for the soldiers of Christ to attack with vengeance. I am not talking about military campaigns, but attacking the evils in our society that hold men, women, and children in bondage. It is time to be aggressive, not passive, for the gospel of Jesus Christ aims both to DESTROY SIN in the individual soul, and in society as a whole through the power of the Holy Spirit. I am not speaking about being a gloomy pessimist, bemoaning the decay of family, state, and church, but instead banishing sinful practices from the Christian camp universally and locally. This is what we should aim for, this glorious warfare should be fought here and now, in the present generation.

The outlook for the whole world at this point in time is for most very frightful, but this should not keep us from waging the war. Let the propagandists and prognosticators say what they will... we will wage the war against fear. Fear is a major enemy and stronghold that must and can be defeated. We should fear God, not the signs of the times. We are not to sit back and wait for some "rapture" to take us up and away as so many foolish are hoping for, waiting until the millenial triumph, when health, holiness, and happiness will abound in the earth.

Rapid fire, fire away with gospel power, fire upon fire! What the world needs is the Sword that cuts and the Fire that burns. Christ came to rescue souls. This warfare, dear Christians is Spiritual, "For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God, to the pulling down of strongholds, casting down imaginations and... bringing into captivity..." (2 Cor. 10:3-5)

Our warfare against the visible physical forces is rooted in the spirit world, ruled by Satan and his demons (Eph. 6:12) What we need is "Spirit Power" from on High. Fighting such elusive targets as "the war against drugs" will always fail until we get to the root of the problem (the sinful desire which brings forth addiction to drugs). This goes for just about everything. And yet, many shall reject the life-line that will save them. We must deal a death blow to passions, lusts, addictions, etc. As Christians, how can we effectively wage the war if we are not in right standing (of His righteousness) with God? We must be resolute in focusing our minds and hearts on Christ rather than on worldly things. (Phil. 3:19; Col. 3:2) We must resolutely refuse all the world has to offer; " not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father..." (1 John 2:15,16)

When we will love our neighbors as ourselves, the causes and effects of sin will be sought out and the remedy applied as far as possible --seek, strike, and destroy. God knows we have in this generation such a spirit of unconcern for serious warfare against the demonic realm amongst those who are professing Christ. The "church" is basically a mockery, being turned away from Christ as the head and center focus. The focus of today's church is the love of self. What is the result of this unconcerned behavior and attitude towards the true values of God? Most of those who claim they are believers are actually in bondage to sin and the devil as much as the people of the world. The rich and comfortable life is favored, rather than the consecrated life of dedication to the Lord. Many prefer to pursue the feasts of taste and music, money and entertainment, where "sweet moods of pensive thought" soothe the minds of those who spend their time and waste their lives in the trivial and meaningless rounds of church parties and social gatherings. Such ones are unworthy in the profession of faith, for they desire the world and it's glory rather than to live the life of self denial that our Saviour has called us to. With many, church has become only a social club and entertainment center, a place where gossip and other tales are exchanged, with no conviction nor change effectuated in those who attend such exhibitions of vanity.

The Revolution is at hand, carrying within it the elements of revival and reform necessary to motivate and bring forth a true change in those who will hear what the Spirit of God is speaking in this generation. The word of God declares that the people of God are the salt of the earth (which means they are meant to fight corruption --sin) and the light of the world (which means they are meant to invade darkness). Therefore, when God's people fail to remain as the salt and the light, as now, it is the time to REPENT before God and cry out to Him. When you will cry out to Him, He will awaken your sensitivity to the immediate needs and situations which are a grief to Him.

Believers who are living in a compromised, backslidden state, are responsible in many aspects for the creeping and overwhelming tide of darkness and corruption which has come upon the earth. So long as those who are saying they are His, but doing nothing about it, continue in such a stance, darkness only increases and men and women perish in their sins. But when those who know Him will press into Him and receive His strength and life flow, then they will begin to stand against the horrid flow of evil and turn back the iniquity which desires to flood the entire earth. Christians must not be afraid to lose their lives, for Christ gave Himself and those who are truly going to be His will give themselves likewise. And, they will not be afraid to call out the sin in their own lives, and the lives of their brothers and the lives of the sinners who are perishing under the weight of their wretchedness. True love will empower a Christian to speak the truth that souls may be freed from the chains of sin. False love will gloss over the very wickedness which is destroying the present and future generations.

Some are clothed in the filthy religious garments of false love, headed for damnation themselves. They gleefully damn others likewise under the false assumption that God will be pleased in their gooey religiosity and coverings of falsity. Others, seeing full well the evil that has come upon the earth, have taken a passive stance of "no action reaction" declaring that "God predestinates the end of all men", therefore, they are excused from fighting the good fight, they are excused from praying or even witnessing to souls who are perishing. In fact, they are like "spiritual hitchhikers, just along for the ride" with no input other than their bodies in the vehicle. Such ones do not feel any need to love their neighbors as their selves, for as long as they believe that they themselves have the full assurance of salvation that seems to be the only real need they are able to perceive. Yet, these same ones are quick to hurl names against those who are laboring in the great harvest of souls, crying out that such laborers, struggling to rescue dying souls, are "militant fanatics and fire breathing zealots", while they themselves live in total compromise, comfort, and complacency. They are those ones who will love to be seen of men and declare the membership in thus and such church, while their stone cold hearts do not carry the Lord's burden for souls, much like the religious hypocrites Jesus exposed!

Fire away! Get revolutionary, get radical for God. When the enemies (the devil and his demons) throw fire, return the fire of the truth aimed at the heart of sin. Do not yield to the opinions of carnal men but stand bold for God, give the devil no rest in oposing his campaign of destruction. Counter assault with the Truth, the Light, the Way --JESUS, declared as He is.

The entire scheme of things as they are all cry out for change, the family (or disintegrated family, the church, and the state) all need revolutionary change. No need to weep over the way things are if you won't do your share to bring about the change. Yes, we must weep, but we must also be willing to stand and declare the truth, to make the necessary changes in our own lives in order to be true and burning witnesses for the Living God. To simply whine and complain is not the answer, but serious repenting, consecration, dedication and determination to see our God reign will begin the revolutionary flow which will sweep men into the great river of the Living God. It is indeed sin to say we love Him, yet we do not share His burden, nor His desire for souls, too many are only concerned at maintaining the religious status quo which is full of hypocrisy, fraudulence and apathy. Let us be willing to come out from among such things and come into the Lord and as we stand in His counsel and hear His words of fire, then we too will be empowered to declare Him as He is, even unto the ends of the earth.

If you are motivated to do something, many things, or all things that He desires, then write to us to receive a free ammo pack which is aimed at exposing the enemy of sin in all of it's disguises and at empowering the Christians to fight. Put away your excuse book, your little toys, and your life of ease, put on the full armor of God, and take up your spiritual weaponry. Even so-called "Christian" nations are guilty of spiritual shipwreck and consequently the loss of lives is heavy as many sink or are washed away in the great sea of iniquity. This is the time to face the condition of the times, the lives, the souls dying. This is not the time for board meetings, and theoretical discussions over theology, the ship is sinking, souls are drowning and dying, the death toll is mounting. This is the hour to enter into the revolution, the great battle for the souls of men, women and children. Even this day, yield over to the Commander, the Lord Jesus, and He will lead you onward into battle!!!

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