by General James Green

Christians of the world, in the name of our loving captain, we greet you in this great war for Christ. Together we stand in formation to salute and accept the great commission we are called unto. We have been on many a campaign before but we are faced with a more numerous host of foes which necessitates a renewing of our covenant in the Lord's Army. To salute our commander-in-chief, to place our lives willingly into his hands as we begin a new war campaign against sin. We cannot live in past exploits and accomplishments or be plagued by past failures. We must, now, seek to be refreshed, renewed, rekindled in Him.

Before us is a world gone mad, troubles and tribulations plague all mankind. Many have given up hope, we must renew their hope. Many have joined the ranks of our enemies, we must win them back. Many have no direction or vision, we must point them the way. Many will refuse to be helped--we must learn not to let this get us down. Many of the enemies which plague men are the result of their own actions and choices. If a man or a nation plays with fire, they're going to get burned. If a man or a nation play with a scorpion, they are going to get stung. The winds of great tribulation are blowing upon the earth. We are awed by their cruelty. But, let us hearken, for the trumpets are sounding the battle cry is being blown and God is heralding those who will listen to Him. The clouds of witnesses which surround us are beckoning us to move onward as soldiers. Dominion is the challenge we must accept to overcome the temptations and evils that damn a man's soul. If we have gained the knowledge of how to fight against the tide of evil, we must teach others the same. This is a war, not of flesh and blood but of the unseen principalities and powers which maneuver men and nations. This war is a Spirit war, a war between the powers of good and the powers of evil.

Our Calvary captain cries, "Charge, take the offensive." Thank God, we are seeing thousands upon thousands taking up the Battle Cry. They are charging head long into the enemies ranks--taking those who were Satan's slaves and freeing them to live for Christ. They are declaring war upon the enemies in their own lives as Christ commands them. These are the triumphant ones who are participating in the conquest of the ages. Like the great warrior, Joshua, as said in Joshua 14:12, "Now, therefore give me this mountain." To them, "the mountain shall be theirs" (Joshua 17: 18) Believing isn't enough, faith isn't enough. Good intentions aren't enough, WE MUST HAVE BATTLE ACTION! With Christ in the lead, we can take any enemy that seems formidable to us.

Fear is a formidable foe that has prevented many a victory that would have been ours if we would have attacked fear. Exposing and fighting against fear strengthens our spiritual muscles. Look at the weaklings in the churches, look at their pale faces, shaky hands, and wobbly knees--war frightens them. Why? They have refused to join the army of the Lord. They therefore live in fear behind their denominational walls of fear eating their compromise pudding. Some will talk about war but they will not fight for the Lord, instead, they will play church and pretend that they are fighting when in reality they are playing arm chair counselor and refusing to stand for the Lord. These ones are untrained and fearful, trembling and muttering while yielding themselves to the enemy because they fear to stand strong for the Lord.

These untrained and fearful ones will never know the victory which they could have had if they would have stood. These ones are the because through the fear they bow devils prey, to the enemy's control through fear and intimidation. Their sick and lukewarm condition makes Jesus sick. (Rev. 3:16) The devils even lose respect for these "softie-simply cowards.

Soldiering for the Lord means standing strong in the face of fear--taking over the threats of the devil and not bowing to his intimidations. This is the hour to soldier up for through that we will find God builds His strong spiritual muscles in us and brings us into submission to His power. He is the KING OF KINGS AND THE LORD OF LORDS and through Him we shall prevail.

There is great joy and benefit is standing and fighting for the Lord and His righteousness. When we stand for Him, He gets all the glory! ONWARD & UPWARD SOLDIERS!

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