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“When the Son of Man


General James Green,   May 13, 2011

“I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?” — Luke 18:8, KJV.


SOME YEARS AGO there was a “prophet” who prophesied that ALL evil would be taken out of the earth! This man was invited on all the BIG TIME “Christian” TV shows and radio shows to “tell this to the world.” I, for one, called him FALSE! I stated that when the date for this to happen would come, his (false) prophecy would be proven falsethat day came and went...and evil is still here.

     Believe it or not, there was a certain “End Time maiden” from Arkansas who promoted this man with all sincerity (and even claimed he was a true prophet!), and after the “all evil be gone” date came and nothing happened, she STILL told her people and wrote in her newsletter that “all evil” indeed DID DISAPPEAR! I wrote her before this date expired and warned her that the Bible nowhere states such a thing will happen (before the re-Creation of the new heavens and earth). She just went ahead and kept promoting this silly notion. And as I said, after that date came and went, she still refused to admit failure. Friends, this silly stuff is still going on today.

     Currently we are awaiting May 21, 2011 for the “rapture” to take place, as prophesied by a Christian man from Oakland, CA. I have a tract based on his teachings which declares, “Judgment Day! May 21, 2011—The End of the World, Oct. 21, 2011.” I have video footage of one of the numerous buses traveling America that has this same thing written on it (one particular group out of Pennsylvania, who uses Camping’s materials, has advanced this traveling-around-bus thing).

     Well, this will make the 4th time that Harold Camping has falsely prophesied the “rapture / End of the World.” The tract I have states, “These dates can be trusted entirely because they came right out of your Bible.” The author of this tract, E Bible Fellowship, PA, states that they “have no affiliation with Family Radio (Oakland, CA — Harold Camping’s outfit)”; they simply use Camping’s book, “We Are Almost There!”, for their reference and date for the “rapture / End of the World.”

     Well, I’ll state it once more: THERE IS NOT GOING TO BE A PRE-TRIBULATION RAPTURE TAKING PLACE IN MAY OR AT ANY OTHER DATE. What they construe as the “rapture” is really the “resurrection / translation.” No one knows this date. But this writing is not about a “rapture” or about a “Great Tribulation” that follows, but about when Jesus DOES come back the “second time.”


Find Faith?

THIS IS scary folks. Luke records Jesus’ Words: “Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, SHALL HE FIND FAITH ON THE EARTH?” (Lk 18:8b).

     Back up a second. If “all evil” has been taken out of the earth, what is all this stuff all about us? Moral evil, even unbelief is SIN! And giving in to sin takes us out of our Christian faith. Just what did Jesus mean in the above verse?

     Jesus’ question in verse 8 indicates that as the time for His Final Return draws near (NO DATE GIVEN), evil will become so dominant that many in the “Church” will FALL AWAY from genuine Biblical faith (see Matt 24:11-13, 24; 1 Tim 4:1; et al.).

     And we are also told that the Gospel must be preached unto all the world before He comes again. Friends, we live in a time when many have still not heard the (true) Gospel—they have been told of “Churchianity,” not genuine “Christianity.”

     To what extent will the Gospel of Jesus Christ (not our pet denominations or organizations!) spread? We have no promise from God on this point. Our Lord does assure us that His Gospel will be preached throughout the earth in testimoniumillis, as a witness to the earth. But He gives us no assurance that this will result in the conversion of the whole world, as some teach today (especially backslid / recreant people like “Rev.” Rob Bell, “Rev.” Brian McLaren, and others of the Emergent Church Movement, e.g., those under Universalism).


Evil Will Persist!

ONE THING we can all count on, EVIL AND SIN WILL PERSIST THROUGHOUT ETERNITY: it will persist till Jesus, the Righteous Judge takes His True Ones into His Heavenly abode FOREVER; it will exist in HELLFIRE FOREVER, for those there carry evil/sin with them. And don’t you believe for a moment that HELL’S FIRE will be extinguished and the unrepentant/lost sinners will finally be annihilated. This is another FALSE TEACHING from the liberal, backslid, recreant, apostate, professed “Church.” I have many FREE audio/visual/printed materials on this subject of an ETERNAL HELL.

     Make no mistake, there will be evil spirits and damned souls who will be separated from God’s eternal blessing FOREVER.

     Punishment, an evil which becomes in some measure a good by restoring the balance of justice, remains “evil” in itself. When the LORD declared, “I form the light, and create darkness; I make peace, and CREATE EVIL: I the LORD do all these things” (Isa 45:7), He wasn’t referring to moral evil, but physical evil (look up the Hebrew word ra for a complete definition).

     Physical evil (ra) can be good; it can, if endured for God’s sake, save us from other sins, for punishment is designed by God “for man’s redemption or rescue from sin’s domination.”

     In the BIG picture, the central point of N.T. teaching on the subject of “evil” is obviously the redemption of the world by the suffering and death of Christ, who took our sins (moral evils) upon Himself (see 1 Cor 6:20; 7:23; 1 Tim 2:5-6; Titus 2:13-14; Heb 9:12; 1 Pet 1:18-19; Rev 5:9; Jn 1:29; et al.).


“Faith on Earth?”

THIS IS the question. Looking at the present generation (some believe it to be the LAST!), one can really identify with Jesus’ question (Lk 18:8b). At the horrid height of worldliness, wars, unbridled sex, love of ungodliness, etc., we feel like a “beleaguered garrison (of Christian soldiers) in a very HOSTILE land” rather than a conquering army of the Lord Jesus. I hear of fellow Christians surrendering to the enemy every day. I hear of numerous AWOLS. I see the so-called “Church” compromising the little remaining genuine faith for the world’s favor. The backsliding is maddening, yet very real in this generation.

     But faith, dear one, is ESSENTIAL for our survival: lose it and we’re LOST!!


Enemy At Work

THERE IS no doubt that the American Church is losing much of its Biblical faith. Oh, “religious motion” is still there, but true heart faith is slowly but surely slipping away. “Refusing evil and choosing good has been replaced with refusing good and choosing evil.” God’s laws and standards are looked upon as a burden, not something to take seriously in this generation.


Road Signs

ANY MAN, group of men or nation who destroys most or all road signs would be counted as crazy, but this is what is transpiring right before our very red-white-and-blue faces! God gives the Christian plenty of road signs in order to make it to Heaven, safe and sound...but in today’s mindset that matters not—American “Christians” will get there THEIR WAY!! Every law that is beneficial for one’s well being is being expunged.


Speed Limit

MEN ARE RUSHING headlong into HELL (the very FIERY ABYSS that most church-folk have now dismissed as a “fluke”), avoiding all speed limits, embracing all dangers; while the Gospel of Christ is traveling at a snail’s pace, for (should-be) Gospel workers are just “too busy” to count this Commission (Matt 28) seriously. But, really, speed is no real test either way. “It is better a man inch along—but go in Jesus’ name—than go Hell-bent on a jet plane!” If a man does stand fast (sure), though he may seem to be a lone voice crying in the wilderness, it’s better than losing one’s faith and becoming an Emergent Church misotheist (God-hater).

     Jesus is coming someday. The question is not if the Son of Man comes, but when He comes.

     When one loses his/her faith in their Savior, they have lost their salvation. Personal apostasy = PERSONAL DAMNATION.


God’s Judgments

AS GOD is pouring out His wrath, fury, and indignation worldwide, many are losing their faith—they just can’t believe that a “loving God” would do such things. Well sweetie, you had better believe it, for He IS doing such things. Evil men, sinful men, have provoked this “loving God” to punish the world. The problem lies not with God, but with us; most have been wrongly taught about a “non-judgmental” God who winks at men’s sins (such a God does not exist). Better re-read your Bible...and QUICK! This misconception is the main reason why “Christians” are losing their faith. It’s real sad that so many have been taught the “puppy-love Jesus” stuff, for in the days of apostasy, every believer needs Divine protection. If you are out from under His protective hand, you can very well suffer at the hands of His wrath.

     As evil religious men go about, trying to prove that God’s Word is full of inaccuracies, a mass of myths and fairytales, we are to hold fast our profession of faith. These demons-in-human-bodies say what they say in order to justify their PET SINS!


N.T. Faith

THE NEW Testament conception of faith includes: 1) “a fully convinced acknowledgement of the revelation of grace”; 2) “a self-surrendering fellowship (adhesion) unto God”; and 3) “a fully assured and unswerving salvation in Christ.” Biblical faith sometimes refers to an acknowledgement that a certain statement is true (Mt 21:25), and sometimes to a definite commitment of one’s soul into the keeping of Another (Jn 5:24). In Acts 8:13, 26:27, and James 2:19, faith refers merely to an intellectual assent to certain facts; in Acts 15:11, to a dogmatic belief that “such and such” is the case (believe—faith—faithfulness).


Tickled “Pink”!

EMERGENT CHURCHITE Phyllis Tickle, author and speaker (a feisty APOSTATE in her senior years), wrote in her ridiculous book, The Great Emergence, “...uncertainty became the only fact that could be accepted as fact, not only in the popular mind, but also in large segments of the academic mind as well...Enter the warriors, both human and inanimate, who will HACK the already wounded body of sola scriptura into BURIABLE PIECES!”

     This “warrior” is good at her word—she helps in HACKING God’s HOLY BIBLE to pieces with all her evil, criminal, iconoclastic might.



TICKLE, MCLAREN, Bill, Tufty, Sweet, Young, and dozens of other authors, speakers, etc., all attack sola gratia—salvation by God’s GRACE ALONE. This Biblical word (“grace”) is missing from Emergent writings, which claim to be very much “Christian.” If this word is ever mentioned at all, it is never in a Biblical context—it is not as the basis of salvation from SIN thru Jesus Christ the Lord; in the Emergent lexicon, “GRACE” means “inclusiveness.” WOW! What a revelation! Just what do they mean? They mean that God is “SAVING” society and the environment “thru the moral example of Christ.”

     Samir Selmanovic wrote in The Emergent Manifesto of Hope a chapter called “The Sweet Problem of Inclusiveness,” saying that “Whatever the meaning of ‘salvation’ and ‘judgment,’ we Christians are going to be saved by grace, like everyone else, and judged by our works, like everyone else.” In other words, “GRACE” is “all inclusive”: i.e., ALL will be “saved” (Universalism). NOWHERE DO WE FIND THIS CONCEPT IN OUR BIBLE. I’ve already wrote a long critique on THEIR pet, and false, “proof text” that supposedly supports the idea that ALL will eventually be saved.

     McLaren agrees with Selmanovic and has DECLARED WAR ON THE BIBLE...to REDEFINE and DECONSTRUCT much of it. HA! Go ahead, FOOL!—see where you end up!

     These boastful and prideful fools actually believe Jesus to be the misinformed authority figure of the N.T.



SOLA FIDE is salvation by FAITH ALONE, apart from works. The EC-ers hate this. Dr. Paul M. Elliott cites Emergent Churchite Randy Woodley, one of the contributors to An Emergent Manifesto of Hope, who tells us what “faith” is. Under “Restoring Honor in the Land: Why the Emerging Church Can’t Dodge the Issue” (p. 299), Woodley quotes liberal Theologian Walter Brueggemann as saying that “land is central, if not the central theme of Biblical faith” (the EC-ers speak of “land” in reference to environmental issues and works). Really? We are all waiting to know HOW these LAND WORSHIPING folks will work out Biblical faith. Through the “salvation” of Indian lands “stolen” by the “white-eyes”?

     What we have here is Biblical faith being “worked out” apart from the work of the Lord Jesus. Tell us, Emergent Churchites: Just where do we find the N.T. telling us that faith consists in fixing up or repairing this SIN-CURSED earth? The worship of environmentalism is pure NEW AGE GARBAGE. Not that we shouldn’t take care of God’s wonderful earth; but human souls—something the EC-ites couldn’t care less about—are what Jesus suffered, died and arose from the dead to rescue, not the earth. I would love to see these dreamers repair this sin-cursed earth. If men did not sin on the earth, the earth would and could heal itself.

     Matthew 28:19 and 20 is the Christian’s Marching Orders: Go into ALL the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and WIN SOULS for His Heavenly Kingdom—not try to rearrange the fallen kingdoms of men on earth—how stupid indeed! Well, these EC-ites aren’t so bright anyways.



WHAT OF solus Christus, salvation through JESUS CHRIST ALONE? Well, I warn you, get ready for some vile, foul, blasphemous BULL being said about our Savior.

     McLaren, in his blasphemous A Generous Orthodoxy, devotes several chapters to this subject.

     McLaren does not believe Jesus is God (I have a long series just on this subject of Christ’s Divinity). He uses Biblical words (at least some!), even Bible quotations to describe Christ (e.g., “the image of the invisible God”; “the image of God”; Jesus is the “Son of glory”; etc.), BUT Brian’s definitions of these terms are not the Bible’s. Don’t be fooled, my friend: these EC-ites have very little good to say about the One who died for them. One thing is sure: they refuse to say, Jesus is God.”

     They also hate the maleness of God; they tell us that “God is not a male.” McLaren explains: “The masculine Biblical imagery of ‘Father’ and ‘Son’ also contributes to the patriarchalism or chauvinism that has too often characterized Christianity...‘Son of God’ is not intended to reduce or masculinize God...” (A Generous Orthodoxy, pp. 83-84).

     These male wimps hide behind the skirts (well, pants!) of the feminists. They cower behind people like Virginia R. Mollenkott, a lesbian Christian (oxymoronic!) who helped in the translation of the Inclusive Language Lectionary (ILL), produced by the National Council of Churches (PUKE!). ILL is their holy book that addresses God in feminine terms. One might want to look up the New Age group called the Cosmic Study Center that advocates the portrayal of a non-sexist deity (changing “God the Father” to “God the Mother and Father”).

     Super lesbian Mollenkott served on the misdirected committee to make the ILL, and was its editor. She was also a consultant for the NIV translating committee.

     Mollenkott holds workshops called “Gay, Lesbian and Christian.” She writes and speaks of her SPIRIT GUIDE (not the Holy Spirit!) and her contact with the dead (a practice strictly FORBIDDEN by Scripture!). She also plays with I Ching and Tarot cards (WITCHCRAFT!).

     So, we can see that the EC-ites pander to sex perverts and perversions. In Mollenkott’s book, Is The Homosexual My Neighbor? (a question which I answered in an article called by the same name), Mollenkott talks about her lesbianism and monistic beliefs in a FEMALE GOD. And to make one SICKER, that book received favorable reviews in (Billy Graham’s magazine) Christianity Today.


Mocking What Christ Has Done

AFTER I finish this article, one can see what it means to love one’s faith in God / the Son / the Holy Ghost / Scripture / etc. Furthermore, when I call the Emergent Churchites “RECREANT,” I do so out of all sincerity—they have LOST their faith, God’s grace, and their ONLY Savior, Jesus Christ.


“Jesus: Savior of What?”

THIS IS how chapter 4 starts out in McLaren’s spiteful, BLASPHEMOUS book. This petulant liberal author mocks those (me!) who claim that “Christ died on the Cross to save individuals’ souls from everlasting damnation.” Paul M. Elliott, in The Trinity Review (No. 293, Copyright 2010, March - April 2010), notes the following:

*       *       *      

     “McLaren makes it clear that when he uses Biblical terms such as ‘reconciliation’ — ‘evil’ — ‘repent’ — and ‘forgive-ness’ he has nothing like the Bible’s definitions in mind.

     By ‘reconciliation’ he means the reconciliation of oppressed social classes and their oppressors, and the reconciliation of those who differ theologically under the umbrella of inclusivism — not the reconciliation of sinful men to the holy God through the blood of Christ.

     ‘Our evil’ is ‘the oppression of the poor and disadvantaged’ — not the sin nature and the eternal death sentence passed on to the entire race through the Fall of Adam.

     The ‘consequences we deserve’ are societal and environmental consequences here on Earth — not eternity in Hell.

     ‘Repent’ means making society and the physical world a better place — not turning from sin to faith in Christ, or ongoing repentance through the operation of the indwelling Holy Spirit.

     ‘Forgiveness’ means forgiving each other of our injustices — not being forgiven by God, the One offended in all offenses, based on propitiation of His wrath by the blood of Christ.

     These things, not what the Bible actually teaches, are what McLaren and his fellow Emergents claim the Bible means by ‘words like savior, save, and salvation.’”

*       *       *      

     The kind of faith Luke 18:8 is referring to was not just an assenting faith or belief in God or Jesus (i.e., that they are real), but a genuine faith, a faith that, as the parable says, is a “continual coming” to God (v. 5), pleading your case. When Jesus returns for those who cry/pray unto Him day and night (v. 7), He will put an end to their distress, suffering and persecution received at the hands of a HOSTILE and EVIL world, and He will take them unto Himself (Jn 14:2-3), then administer His final justice and WRATH upon the wicked (1 Thess 5:2, 3, 9).


Persevering Faith

THIS IS what Luke 18:1-8 is all about; not about a head-knowledge, static, inactive faith, but an



kind of faith...“calling on God that justice may be done and His righteous cause triumph completely and forever”—unlike the LIBERAL-BACKSLID-APOSTATE kind of faith that seeks to re-image God the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit, and reinterpret the sacred Scriptures for their selfish ends.


Faith and Evil

SOME, ACTUALLY a growing MANY, want to believe that God and evil are worlds apart. Not so. God uses evil when necessary, as well as good. There is no moral evil in God, but He must deal with it in His creation.

     It is therefore of the utmost importance that it should be shown that “the existence of evil is compatible not only with the existence of God, but also with His love for His creatures, which is the central point of our faith” (see 1 Jn 4:16). Chastisements from our loving God are necessary. Punishment will often correct one’s rebellious behavior—this is the reason for it. When one grows unbelieving in God’s (evil) measures to keep us from departing entirely from the faith, one can apostatize.

     God’s Word issues urgent warnings concerning the possibility of apostasy, designed both to alert us “to the deadly peril of abandoning our covenant relationship with Christ and to motivate us to persevere in FAITH and OBEDIENCE” (see Heb 3:12). And please don’t give me that ol’ lie, “Once saved, always saved.”



THE QUESTION is, “Will Jesus find genuine Biblical faith on earth when He returns?” Take a good look at the liberal churches of today—mingling with all kinds of sin and sinners (not to evangelize them, either!); condoning and practicing same-sex marriage being the ultimate!

     Growing cold in our faith, drifting slowly away (Heb 2:1-3) and falling away (6:6) are not possible without WILLFUL SINNING against the Holy Spirit (Mt 12:31). At this point, God may use evil to prevent more evil.


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